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Monday, September 5, 2022

What Actually Drives the De-Population Agenda

 By Anna Von Reitz

It’s not what you think. 

It never is. 

The Sons of the Devil are constitutionally unable to tell the truth about anything. 

So they weasel around spinning tales about climate change they engineer using advanced  geo-engineering they keep hidden from the public they are supposed to serve. 

And then they use this phony self-created “climate change”  as an excuse to levy new and ever-more oppressive taxes and claim ever-more coercive control over every aspect of life. 

Left to them, our cows would wear diapers and gasoline would cost $100 a gallon, and it would all be nothing but a commodity rigging scheme to guarantee maximum profits for minimum product to the oil companies. 

Think about it. 

What would EXXON prefer? 

Selling a hundred gallons at a buck a gallon, or one gallon for a hundred bucks? 

See now what Joe and Hunter Biden are actually doing and who they are doing it for? 

Same old crappola, same players, same motives.  Solomon was right. Nothing changes until we change ourselves. 

Until we wake up and wise up we will continue to be the goats for these “special interests”. 
Burisma, the shutdown of Nordstream, all of it is one big pile of deliberate commodity rigging to squeeze the last penny out of consumers who are helplessly dependent on gas and oil. 

And the double-speaking sanctimonious hypocrites are doing this under the guise of saving the environment in the name of Big Oil. 


And all your billions going to Ukraine are just propping up this same scheme. 

Certain facts remain, folks. Oil companies are always going to soak you if they can. Doctors don’t make profits off of healthy people. Mercenaries don’t make money off of peace. 

And the government — what government there is —- makes its money off of lying to you and scaring you. 

Most of you have heard about Med Beds and all the new medical tech just waiting to be released, cures for cancer, regeneration therapy, and so on. 

Have you thought beyond the superficial facts to what it means if we all turn the clock back by thirty years? 

That’s right, Jethro. 

It means that a whole lot of other people have to die and still more can never be born. 

The elites are right now making sure that all the old, the already sick, the very young, the mentally incompetent — all those “useless eaters” — bite the dust.  Their immune systems are being compromised so that they die from all sorts of different causes but they die in ever greater numbers.  44% more deaths overall and climbing— to date. 

And that, dear hearts, is what is going on. There’s the in-crowd “destined” to live “forever” and the out-crowd destined to die of artificially induced immune suppression. 

There is a reason that Dr. Fauci, the leading expert in AIDS research, was put in charge of this. 

Homosexuals were not effective enough as agents to carry and spread the AIDS epidemic throughout the General Population.

So the Vermin had to come up with a way to infect more people without alarming the herd. 

It’s always easier to kill people if they think you are saving them, instead.  

They will all line up like good little cows and volunteer. Lord Pirbright learned that in Africa many years ago in the world’s first Concentration Camps. 

Having been shamed, guilted, misinformed and importuned under color of law, the victims can always be blamed because they volunteered. 

Wake up, World. Smell the carnage. They are clearing the stage for the next Act.  

There is a reason that otherwise sane people are buying into the hype and nonsense of the UN Depopulation Agenda, even though current numbers prove that we are in the midst of a natural population collapse in all the industrialized nations worldwide.  

Quite simply, the Perps are motivated by the idea that they are part of the Chosen few who are going to live eternal charmed lives at the expense of all those silently condemned to die. 

 As most of them have lived egocentric lives of unearned privilege, this narrative sounds good to them. 


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Clif High Narradigm

 By Anna Von Reitz

You know I love Clif High— but, like all of us, he makes mistakes from time to time, especially when the material under consideration is deliberately confusing and a bit off his beaten path. 

That’s my evaluation of his recent thought piece called “Narradigm”. 

There are profound differences between The United States —- unincorporated, The United States, Inc., the United States, and the United States, Inc, and the United States, INC. 

I get confused sometimes and I have been threading through this stuff for going on fifty years, so….. no wonder that people get constantly confused by the word maze, even very astute and intelligent people. 

That said there are some things that I would like to bring forward and stomp on so that they can be put to rest before they cause more confusion and damage. 

The first is the simple observation that our country has never been bankrupt. 

Only corporations are eligible for bankruptcy protection so any time someone starts talking about bankruptcy you know that they are talking about a corporation and not a nation, not a country. 

If everyone knew that little tidbit we could do away with half the confusion and set aside the idea that our country is bankrupt when in fact we are talking about the bankruptcy of a foreign corporation that is bankrupt and doesn’t deserve bankruptcy protection —- but that’s another topic, isn’t it? 

And even that foreign bankrupt corporation wasn’t formed in 1871.  That’s another blind alley.  

In 1868 the British Territorial Government formed a commercial corporation in Scotland and called it “The United States of America, Incorporated”.   

This is the Scottish Doppelgänger that impersonated our Federation of States and hacked into our credit after the Civil War. 

A few years later, 1871, the Pope’s Municipal Government attempted to follow suit, but the legislation was shot down and the Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874. 

They did eventually incorporate a commercial corporation called “the” United States, Inc., and the Muni Government has incorporated a vast plethora of official-sounding corporations ever since, but the Act of 1871 was stillborn. 

It stands as proof of intent to defraud and change the nature of the Parties to the Constitutional contracts — mostly to secure bankruptcy protection for the foreign shareholders— but the Act of 1871 didn’t go anywhere. 

It would take another seven years — 1878, before they accomplished, in a piecemeal fashion, parts of what they hoped to do in 1871. 

So everyone can stop beating the Act of 1871 like a dead horse and move on to study what brought us to the famous moment in 2015 when Mr. Obama bankrupted the UNITED STATES, Inc. 

They have been trying to impersonate living Americans as franchises of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electric Utility ever since.

Some people really do believe in magic. 

Another point I want to stomp dead— the idea that we, Americans, are subject to The Law of War. 

It’s true that the U.S. Army has occupied this country — illegally—since 1863, but that does not mean that their Employers and Allies are subject to The Law of War. 

The “Enemy” back then and ever since is the foreign population of Municipal citizens of the United States.  

Just imagine the U.S. Army putting down the Federal Civil Service for insurrection and you will have a far more accurate picture of what has gone on here. 

The two foreign Federal Subcontractors have been fighting each other for over a century and a half—- at least, on paper, but as for their American Employers, we were contractually held harmless by President Andrew Johnson and that has never changed. 

It couldn’t change because, once again, they had to legalize their illegal actions by providing contractual remedy.  

As a result, Americans are owed The Law of Peace, not The Law of War. 

The problem has been that the American people were left in the dark about all this while our public employees operated under a cloak of secrecy to feather their nests, usurp upon our lawful government, and defraud their actual employers in Gross Breach of Trust. 

Because we were never told any of this history, we didn’t know that our lawful government had yet to be Reconstructed.  And we didn’t know that we were being misrepresented “as if” we were both U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States when in fact we are neither. 

We are simply Americans, members of the General Public, who never participated in the Civil War at all.  

Now that the facts have been laid bare, we have taken the appropriate and determined action to identify ourselves and record and publish our political status and correct our run amok foreign subcontractors. 

As the “federal” subcontractors are all foreign commercial corporations, we occupy a completely different jurisdiction and stand apart on the land and soil of this country. 

And we are not subject to our employees either in war or at peace. 

Finally, I wish to drum home the fact that the so-called “American Civil War” wasn’t actually a war, so technically no Law of War could ever apply to members of the General Public. 

Congress never declared any such war and no formal peace treaty ended it.  The Muster Rolls show that all the soldiery fought as mercenaries employed by foreign commercial corporations that were under contract to provide us with “good faith” service. 

The American Civil War was fraudulently misrepresented to the Public from the start and it all remains steeped in illegality, lawlessness, breach of trust, and fraud to this day. 

Mr. Lincoln was not our American President. He was not a valid Commander in Chief. He had no authority to issue Executive Orders except to his own employees.  And most especially, he had no “Emergency Powers” allowing him to set aside one jot of any Constitution owed to Americans and substitute the Lieber Code, aka, Hague Conventions, instead. 

Now that you know what the actual problem is and know how and by whom you have been abused and defrauded you can’t “unknow” it. 

Every American reading this must get up on their hind legs and make tracks to object to this ongoing fraud and illegal mercenary warfare taking place on our shores. 

Every American reading this, especially those who have sworn to protect the Constitutions our actual Government and People are owed, must take action. 

The proper peaceful and lawful action is to join your State Assembly which is already in Session and exercise your guaranteed right to Self-Govern. 

Those things occupying Washington, DC, are nothing but foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing “essential government services”.   It’s time that they and the foreign Principals responsible for their existence and run amok operations were made aware of their contractual obligations. 

Go to: and get going today


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