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Monday, January 11, 2016

Retraction or Clarification - Paul Stramer regarding Stewart Rhodes.

To whom it may concern (anyone who has read this blog) about Stewart Rhodes.

On January 6th I published an article written by Anna Von Reitz where she accused Stewart of "being engaged in Controlled Opposition", and that Stewart "actually works for" a corporation implying the one masquerading as our federal government.

I have known Stewart for years, and actually met him at a Republican Convention in Helena when I was a State Committeeman for Lincoln County, and a bit before he started Oathkeepers if I recall correctly.

Anna's opinion at the time was NOT my opinion, and never has been. I do NOT believe Stewart has any motives that are not honorable. I have seen him take the heat that most patriots are taking from the left and a lot more heat, that most of us don't get.  I told Anna that on January 7th in the following words.

"I have known Stewart since way before he started Oathkeepers, and he is NOT WORKING FOR THE OTHER SIDE. He has gotten rid of his BAR card.
 He is right in  that he has NOT accused you of being on the side of the enemy, which is essentially what you did to him.
 We need to exercise way more patience than that, or how are we going to attract God's Grace to help us win this thing for America?
 I fear that now I will never be able to convince him to take another look.  So now what?
 God have Mercy.

Idaho 3% Militia Group with Historical Action to Defuse Oregon Standoff

Videos (2) – Introduction by G.R. Clark

Suggested and resourced by Patricia Badish
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History has been made! A militia group (Idaho 3 %)has moved into the Oregon standoff situation and represented the Pacific Patriots Network in a historical first. 

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