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Monday, January 11, 2016

Another New Record for first time visits to Judge Anna's website.

Weekly Stats Report: 4 Jan - 10 Jan 2016     These totals are just for one week.


  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 2,068 1,817 2,651 2,452 1,752 1,849 2,268 14,857 2,122
Unique Visits 1,779 1,572 2,314 2,153 1,465 1,535 1,965 12,783 1,826
First Time Visits 1,385 1,178 1,842 1,622 992 1,086 1,410 9,515 1,359
Returning Visits 394 394 472 531 473 449 555 3,268 467


  1. Hi Judge Anna I been posting your information here in Benton county where they have us in serious hostage situation with the masonics all running the city councils and county courts.
    I am really hoping by me posting the truthful sources the locals here will START to reform and arrest the "pretenders"
    Wishing your family the very best and thanks for all the long hours you have put in to help us all Sherry Elizabeth

  2. I have been re-posting everywhere I go on-line... the truth has reached the "tipping point." One more post oughta do it... ;)

  3. Thanks for your help. The truth is getting out to millions now. These posts get re-posted to many sites and lists every day.


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