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Monday, January 11, 2016

Retraction or Clarification - Paul Stramer regarding Stewart Rhodes.

To whom it may concern (anyone who has read this blog) about Stewart Rhodes.

On January 6th I published an article written by Anna Von Reitz where she accused Stewart of "being engaged in Controlled Opposition", and that Stewart "actually works for" a corporation implying the one masquerading as our federal government.

I have known Stewart for years, and actually met him at a Republican Convention in Helena when I was a State Committeeman for Lincoln County, and a bit before he started Oathkeepers if I recall correctly.

Anna's opinion at the time was NOT my opinion, and never has been. I do NOT believe Stewart has any motives that are not honorable. I have seen him take the heat that most patriots are taking from the left and a lot more heat, that most of us don't get.  I told Anna that on January 7th in the following words.

"I have known Stewart since way before he started Oathkeepers, and he is NOT WORKING FOR THE OTHER SIDE. He has gotten rid of his BAR card.
 He is right in  that he has NOT accused you of being on the side of the enemy, which is essentially what you did to him.
 We need to exercise way more patience than that, or how are we going to attract God's Grace to help us win this thing for America?
 I fear that now I will never be able to convince him to take another look.  So now what?
 God have Mercy.

At the top of this blog is a paragraph stating  "You will find some conflicting views from some of these authors. You will also find that all the authors are deeply concerned about the future of America. What they write is their own opinion, just as what I write is my own." 
I added that language partly because of this situation, looking to the future, and I also added the following:
 "Please keep the discussion about the issues, and keep it civil. The administrator reserves the right to remove unwarranted personal attacks. Use the golden rule; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
I meant what I said. So I am removing the offending lines from the article.

Another point I want to make is that Stewart has not said anything publicly about Anna Von Reitz, and I believe has some legitimate concerns about the security of his family because of her opinion of him in that article since it went far and wide. 
On January 8th Anna seemed to concede these points when she wrote to me "Anyway, the world moves on and I am willing to accept your judgment that he is a good and honest patriot......"

Stewart is right when he wrote to me today the following in part "Well, I have said nothing whatsoever about her publicly, so the lack of civility is all on her side, so far as public statements go."  He is right. He has NOT written anything for publication in reply, and I admire that greatly. To me it proves my point that he has a thick hide and knows how to take the heat for America. I was very happy to hear he has dumped his BAR card.

On January 8th, partly in response to this situation, but about the whole patriot movement in general, I published the following article.

I stand by what I said in that article, and I will try to live up to my own advice by saying here and now that I wish I had taken issue with what Anna said about Stewart before sending it out.  We need to STOP the name calling and stick to the issues. Our enemies love it when we disagree.

I am now asking Anna to please print a retraction on the points above, and I am also asking her to refrain from personal attacks of other patriots, especially ones that have not criticized publicly what she writes, especially those who have never written anything about her publicly at all.
I highly value most all of her work, but this I can't agree with at all.

Stewart has asked for a public retraction, and this is my feeble attempt at doing that, and by the way is the only public retraction I have ever made.

I will attempt to spread this apology to the same degree that the article went out and more.

I have to say at this point that I am sick about this. None of us are perfect or get it right 100% of the time.

It is sometimes said in America that we have the "right to our opinion", but really we have the responsibility to see to it that our opinion is right. I am accepting that responsibility right now for publishing someone's opinion that I personally thought was wrong, thinking it's their opinion, not mine, and hope Stewart will realize my error in judgement and forgive me for it.

Nothing like this will happen again in published articles on this blog if I have any say in the matter, and I do.

Paul Stramer


  1. When we keep our eyes on the prize, the restoration of the republic, we can't go wrong...

  2. Thanks for the update Paul. I met Stewart when he traveled to Boise. He is an great man. I am glad to hear that he got rid of his BAR card. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. How do we get proof that he is not a Barred Attorney now?
    Thank you

    1. I don't know. I have never tried to look somebody up that way.

    2. Is the definition of "controlled opposition" a fraud? Really I had no idea that Anna was accusing Stewart of working for the lawyer's guild in secret. I guess my vocabulary is lacking. Is "controlled opposition" a politically correct term to protect the feelings of a secret agent?
      By the way I am not robert fredric.
      thank you

  4. New Jersey had a phone number to call. I think I got it from the Bar Association. Call them for the number. You give the name and they will give you their number. I just did a search online for new jersey and found New Jersey has a new online list.
    I would imagine every state has to have a similar service to see if an attorney has a BAR card number. Find out what state he is in and call them. Simple?

  5. Thank you Paul. You are a decent, stand up man. And I value your friendship.

    God bless and be safe.

    Stewart Rhodes

  6. I believe there should be a retraction from Anna Von Reitz regarding the misunderstanding unless she has proof of the latter of course. I understand Anna to be a stand up forthright individual who will ultimately do the right thing.

  7. I received this from Stewart Rhodes this morning. Thank you Stewart.
    "Paul, thank you for doing that. It speaks highly of your character and decency, which I have never doubted till this unfortunate incident. But you have done the stand up thing, and I am impressed.

    And I apologize for any harsh words I may have aimed your way, even indirectly. I am so worn down sometimes from all the crap thrown my way no matter what I do or say and while I just try to do what I believe is right for the cause. I am not perfect, and I make mistakes all the time, but the only man who doesn't make mistakes is the man who does nothing, and that is the worst mistake of all. You, like me, are a man who cannot just sit by and do nothing. And in that we have common cause, even if we don't agree on everything.

    Truly may God bless you and yours,


    And feel free to publish that if you wish"

    My response:

    Thank you Stewart. I have never doubted your dedication to freedom. It's really unfortunate that fallen human nature gets in the way some times, but the only thing we can do when that happens is admit our faults and get up and try again.
    So count on my help for your next security operation, and in the mean time feel free to write on my blog in any comment section after any article, or not, it's up to you.

    May God Bless all of us at all times, because without Him we are nothing, and without his true Christian Charity and Divine intervention we can accomplish nothing good.

  8. There is way too much suspicion and accusation in the movement to bring back our true law and the Constitution. IF ANYONE IS GOING TO ACCUSE ANYONE OF COLLUSION WITH WHAT I CAN ONLY CALL DARK FORCES, THE BURDEN OF PROOF LIES ON THE ACCUSER. That person must present evidence and not just accusations. To do it differently shows just how programmed we have become by divide and conquer strategies that keep us fighting among ourselves and getting NOWHERE because we sabotage each other as much as the dark forces sabotage us! This is becoming much worse as days go on. If we want to go by the rule of law, we must provide evidence as a practice in or out of court.


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