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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

In the Interests of Preventing Mass Chaos

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, more distributions in the individual accounts have occurred, and more functions are being added as we go. I understand how frustrated many people are as we continue to make our slow progress, step by step and day by day, toward the new world we are ourselves constructing. 

As discussed last night, we have a double duty to perform, in that we are building the infrastructure of a whole new system at the same time limping the old system along until we can safely transition. 

Imagine yourself on an old three-masted sailing vessel that is decrepit and about to sink.  It is taking on water at an ever-increasing rate and nothing but constant manning of the bilge pumps is even keeping it afloat at all.  You fear for your life and your life's savings, your history, and everything else. 

But tied up alongside your wreck is a brand new ship and the crew of this ship is communicating with the crew of your ship, to build gangways and tie-offs to allow the transfer of you and your goods and the cargo to the new vessel. 

The work seems slow, but it progresses, and some lucky souls have already been brought aboard the new ship. Some have already been able to transfer their luggage over. 

What you are seeing in the growth and progress of your accounts is just one bit of what is happening in the background to save and restore your natural estate, body, mind, and soul.  

Be glad, cheer us on, help any way you can.  

The old ship was a nasty place to be and you won't regret its passing to the bottom of the sea, because everything of value that it carried will be saved. 

Be patient and be encouraged by our steady progress and know that step by step and bit by bit, we are putting all the pieces in place to save everyone. 

Anna Maria


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International Public Notice: The Power of the State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

Even in a simple General Assembly, without having the other parts and "pillars" in complete array, the State General Assembly has immense powers, because the State is the sovereign power in this country.  

The instrumentalities, like the Union of States called The United States, and The United States of America, our Federation of States, wield the "mutually shared powers" by agreement of the member States, but are not sovereign entities in-and-of themselves. 

The true wheelhouse of power and voice of the people of this country is vested in their American State of the Union. 

As we have been at pains to explain throughout, there are three populations in this country and they are by no means of equal political status.  

This is owing to the fact that two of these populations, though born here and raised here, have adopted foreign citizenship.  

The Citizens of the British Territorial United States have adopted U.S. Citizen status, which makes them indentured servants of the British Monarch.  

The citizens of the Municipal United States have adopted citizenship of the United States, which makes them slaves of the Pope. 

Americans, by contrast, who adopt and claim their birthright political status, are not citizens at birth, and cannot voluntarily adopt State Citizenship until they are at least 21 years of age. 

This is not the only difference. 

Americans can own land in this country.  British Territorials and Municipal citizens cannot. 

Americans are owed every jot of the Constitutional Guarantees and the Law of the Land.  British Territorials are owed the Law of the Sea.  Municipal citizens are basically owed nothing and are in abject slavery. 

Since 1865 there have been many efforts to reorganize the American Government properly, with varying degrees of success. 

Today, we have fifty (50) legally and lawfully correct American State Assemblies populated by Americans who have reclaimed their birthright political status, recorded it in public, and published it; having properly established their own identity and natural political status, and having formed their General Assemblies in each State, these Americans, when acting as State Citizens, are Foreign Sovereigns with respect to both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States. 

There are now fifty General Assemblies populating and holding all fifty(50) States. Each of these Assemblies holds General Jurisdiction over air, land, and sea. 

In September of 2020, the State Assemblies in those States which were enrolled as States prior to the Civil War, conducted a roll call vote to formally enroll all the States that have entered Territorial Statehood during and after the Civil War.   

This enrollment vote carried unanimously and was made retroactive to the date that each State entered Territorial Statehood and became eligible for full Statehood.  

This enrollment of the Western States as States of the Union was inclusive of Alaska and Hawaii, and effectively removes all the prior Territorial State Trusts and States of States in favor of the actual and complete State which holds General Jurisdiction. 

This has all been accomplished under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance and all Due Public Notice has been served. 

Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America,  has been active and its properly provenanced and declared Officers have 
served Due Process on the British Monarch, the Popes, and the Lord Mayors of London, since 1998.  

All assets of all States, Territorial State Trusts, Territorial States of States, and Municipal State TRUSTS and Municipal STATES OF STATES have been claimed in international and global jurisdictions
and those assets have been rolled into two trusts, one containing private assets and one containing public assets, held under the authority of our Federation Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger. 

These assets have been reclaimed for the States of the Union and the living people of this country, and these claims have all been cured in all three jurisdictions, air, land, and sea for several years. 

These claims have been duly recorded and posted in all three international and global jurisdictions and provided to the late Queen, the Popes, the Lord Mayors, and the United Nations.  

We have lately been advised that additional later claims have been posted by various parties including individuals, corporations, and various government subcontractors and agencies. A recent claim by the Office of Military Settlements and a Dr. Three Rivers pertaining to property belonging to Hawaiians, both Native and Immigrant. 

These last two referenced claims in part represented by UCC Document Number #59384980002, File Number 17-7568128439, have been making national news, but carry no substance and cannot interfere with or overcome the prior cured legal and lawful claims of our American Government.  

Nor can any arguments be raised on the basis of Hawaii's former Territorial status, which has been overcome as of October 1st 2020.

By 1965 the last vestiges of the civilian British Territorial Government known as the Commonwealth were vacated and by 1975, these civilian authorities were returned to the administration of the Spanish King. This left only a skeleton force of Naval Authorities abroad and occupying enclaves provided for them in the former British Commonwealths and United States Possessions. 

Meanwhile, the Municipal Government of the United States, an incorporated Successor of the original Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor operating under The Constitution of the United States, was emboldened to establish a separate independent, international city-state within the confines of the District of Columbia, a property itself leased under a Use Permit to the British Crown and the Lord Mayor of London. 

There was never any authority granted to this Federal Subcontractor to establish such an independent international city state and claims otherwise are instantly overturned under examination, because this Subcontractor was not the Subcontractor entrusted with the "plenary government" of the City of Washington, District of Columbia, and also the object of the grants of power and the Use Permit are the City of Washington, District of Columbia, and not any other thing at all. 

Under the False Presumptions afforded to this unauthorized independent international city state entity, certain members of the Municipal Congress began operating as an equally unauthorized and unintended foreign oligarchy on our shores, in contravention of our Constitutions and international law. 

They established Municipal Franchise Corporations throughout America, even going so far as to establish "STATES" and "STATE OF STATE" organizations and defining their own citizenry as Municipal Corporation franchises operated in Dog Latin aka American Sign Language in what appeared to be the names of their American victims, e.g., DONNA LOVELACE REED. 

Upon further investigation it was found that these arrangements between the two erstwhile Federal Subcontractors were predicated on a secretive private collusion between the Pope and King Henry the Eighth acting as the Pope's Overseer of Commonwealth Lands in England and later, as the Pope's Head of the Protestant Anglican Church in England. 

Without greatly belaboring the details, Henry the Eighth pretended to be Protestant and used his position of trust as the Head of the Anglican Church to register Protestant Baptisms, traffick those who accepted Protestant Baptism into the Jurisdiction of the Sea, and once there, he declared them "dead" (to the Roman Catholic Church) and "lost at sea" and manufactured an estate trust in the victim's name donated to the Church.  

The Split on this repugnant activity was 60% to the Church and 40% to the Church's Overseer -- an arrangement that endured to the present day, with 30% going to an appointed Archbishop representing the Pope, 30% going to the Vatican Bank and the Office of the Roman Pontiff, and 40% being funneled to the late-Queen through the Bank of Canada. 

This modern day slave trade had continued uninterrupted since the days of Henry the Eighth and had used private (totally undisclosed) religious contracts as the basis of their travesty. 

The result is that there are no valid claims against us or contrary to our authority over these assets extracted from the Maritime commercial realm and the realm of Admiralty, nor evidenced by any undisclosed claim of Baptism; there remains only the valid and fully evidenced claim of the unincorporated soil and land  jurisdiction governments, The United States and The United States of America, respectively, and the claims of our Fiduciary saving the claims of all living Americans and their Lawful Persons ----and extracting them from the morass created by the misadministration and criminal malfeasance and impersonation underlying all other claims against the assets of the States and the living people.  

The American Government has arisen and is in place in the form of our properly provenanced State Assemblies and our unincorporated Federation of these States of the Union doing business as The United States of America. 

No claims produced against the assets of our cured claims and trusts, which include assets of Hawaii, the State of Hawaii, HAWAII, etc., etc., etc.,  by the Office of Military Settlements (the remainder of the British Territorial Government still functioning) or by any individual Person entertaining a title, such as Doctor Three Rivers, can be entertained or honored. 

We note that Doctor Three Rivers is apparently attached as a Uniformed Officer to the same corporate structure as the Office of Military Settlements and neither entity can prevail against the other, much less against the valid pre-existing and claim of the American Government, which added Hawaii as a Sovereign State as of October 1st 2020, and which on top of everything else, was given seven (7) years of Due Process and both Public and Private Notice.  

Hawaii belongs in sum total to the people of Hawaii, just as every other State belongs to the people who live within its borders,  and they, Hawaiians, already enjoy the protection of our American Government and the full benefit of all our pre-existing claims. 

All that anyone has to do to similarly benefit, is to return home to the land and soil of their native country (or in our case, State of the Union) and declare and record and publish their birthright political status; whereupon they become the inheritors of their spiritual, physical, and intellectual assets and their share of the public assets, too. 

All assets attached to the individual names of the states and people in any form or guise have been claimed, the claims have been afforded Public Notice, Due Notice to the Principals and Agents for a period of seven (7) years, and all Public Assets have been moved into Public Trusts under the care of our unincorporated Federation of States, and all private assets have been moved into private trusts under the care of our Fiduciary. 

No office or officer associated with the British Admiralty has any valid claim on anything in this country aside from those limited properties permitted to them for a specific use, or officially donated to the Federal Government by the States. 

Owing to the extent and the longevity of the fraud practiced by the Roman Catholic Church and its Overseers based on undisclosed private claims and public fraud schemes against the natural assets of both Catholics and Protestants and against people of every country and nation, we have seen fit to mount a worldwide recoupment effort and distribution effort by which the ownership interest may be properly restored to each country, each nation, and each Lawful Person.  

To the extent that some assets have already been distributed by the Church back to its Cronies (for example, giving land back to Native Tribes that agree to continue paying Tribute to Rome and accepting "Baptism" of the kind cashiered by King Henry the Eighth) and similar efforts to reward elements of the Admiralty with possession of gold purloined by the Church, ($300 Trillion passed through the British Crown end of the operation by HSBC) these can only be regarded as analogous to efforts by a Pawn Shop Owner caught with Stolen Goods, trying to pass them on to Third Parties already caught up in the scheme. 

We object to the continuing flood of commercial claims and any debate of their merits, and indeed, any other claims in any other jurisdiction. 

We have the Ecclesiastical, Lawful, and Legal High Ground and we have by all our actions, notices, and words declared justice for the entire world and everyone upon it.  

Even the Indentured Servants of the "King" and the unknowing slaves of the Pope will have their due as living men and women and as Lawful Persons abiding on the land and soil. 

We are tired of all the misunderstandings, misrepresentations, and impersonations. 

We cannot be disturbed by any additional nonsense and wish for peace among all our children. 

Whereupon we have established this Recoupment upon the world assets, and the Global Family Land Recording and Publishing Service, and The Global Family Bank of International Trade and The Global Family Bank of Commerce -- as the means by which facilities are to be established for all people and every nation, to reclaim their birthright political status and receive back both assets and credit belonging to them.  

We wish for the Admiralty and the Territorial Congressional Body to serve the best interests of both land and sea and to accept the sane and honest direction of our lawful American Government in honoring their venerable contract known as The Constitution of the United States of America. 

We similarly wish for the Federal Civil Service and numerous Agencies and Departments and the Congressional Body of the Municipal United States Government to adhere to the limitations of their venerable contract, The Constitution of the United States, and Cease and Desist all purposeful and self-interested promotion of confusion.  In this context we wish for the voluntary and permanent dissolution of the independent, international city-state positioned in the District of Columbia. 

We wish for cooperation and good faith and good will on the part of all people working under whatever political status that they and Nature's God have provided for them, knowing that they are indeed living men and women, and must have their share in what we are proposing as a peaceful Resettlement of all countries and nations and assets thereof --- and an end of both indentured servitude (peonage) and enslavement. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 10th 2024


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