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Monday, July 8, 2019

November 1999

By Anna Von Reitz

Even people who know me and who are supposed to know better consistently forget that the bankruptcy of FDR's doing which began in 1933 ended November 7, 1999. 

For all intents and purposes that segment of history and the legal presumptions built on all that horse hooey ended in 1999.  To the extent that our shanghaied Trade Names also served as the names of British Foreign Situs Trusts, those trusts ceased to exist and, from the Queen's perspective, our Trade Names (her old Foreign Situs Trusts) became "disregarded entities". 


Because they had been dragged through bankruptcy and come out the other side. 

All the debts heaped on our Trade Names were settled and discharged and our Trade Names were released free and clear. 

The Perpetrators had to find a new victim, so they seized upon the Cestui Que Vie Trusts that the United States Municipal Government set up in our "NAMES" and they "hypothecated" vast debt against these trusts that purportedly represented our private and public estate holdings. 

And then they bankrupted those entities, too, in 2015. 

So we stepped back to our Trade Names, placed them in their proper domicile on the land and soil of our birth State, and seized upon the NAMES of all the "derivatives" associated with us. 

The heirs came home after being bankrupted under false pretenses and "lost at sea" and we claimed back all the assets we are owed. 

This causes no end of consternation, as we were never supposed to know any of this and were thought to be too stupid to understand what the bankers and politicians and disloyal members of the military were up to--- much less use their own lies and excuses to entrap them in their own Bear Trap. 

But there you have it. 

In November of 1999 our Trade Names became ours free and clear for the claiming, no longer subject to any debt, Free Men and Free Women again, able to claim back our ESTATES and everything else associated with our Names. 

And by declaring our permanent domicile on the land and soil of our birth States, we removed all the playing pieces off the board.  We are operating as Americans and standing in our own international jurisdiction on the land, so the Queen can't pull the same trick and get some political thug to "redefine" us as Foreign Situs Trusts a second time. 

Instead, the Queen and the Pope and their sycophants are caught red-handed and in their own web.

We know what they did and how they did it and now the whole world knows what to think. 

Americans were never part of FDR's scheme and as of November 1999 we were officially set free. It is now the absolute duty of the Department of Defense to recognize our Foreign Sovereign status (with respect to their own government) and to defend our Protected Persons. 


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