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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ben Swann: What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Drug War

I have been saying this for years. Ron Paul has been saying the same for years. Rather than legalizing pot it should be de-criminalized (there is a big difference) and then regulated like alcohol.

Read the comments at this link:

I have never used pot and don't intend to because I don't like what I see it doing to people that do use it.

But it's probably a lot less dangerous than alcohol in the end.  So why is alcohol not illegal? It's because there is a lot more money in pot for the drug rings AND the government by keeping the "war" going.  Just listen to the reality in this video. It might just change some of your thinking about this substance.

Then there is the use of hemp. Instead of pointing out the differences between pot and hemp and allowing farmers to grow this none narcotic crop where they could make good profit like the Canadians do, no they have to keep it illegal to add to the government profit from their phony "drug war". 

We buy roasted hemp seeds and hemp coffee from this company:

Not much of what government says about marijuana is true. They just want their drug war so they can keep confiscating private property and keep getting rich. In fact I would bet that they are in the drug trade up to their eyeballs, if I had the chance to really find that out.

The law that was passed in Montana threatened the fed monopoly on pot, so they raided the growers, and intimidated the lawmakers into changing it.  While I believe the Montana law was not good, and allowed for a local industry where state government was creating it's own monopoly and the prices were still very high and licensing was a racket to make certain people very rich, I still believe that de-criminalization and then regulation to take the high prices down, and perhaps a tax like with alcohol is the best approach.

In any case the violence and the "color of law" plunder of the people has to STOP!
SWAT raids have to stop!  Confiscation has to STOP!  The opportunity for corrupt police to frame innocent people has to STOP!
What happened to freedom in Amerika?

Free Lunch, Corp Welfare, Bill Moyers and David Cay Johnston

A discussion of tax subsidies to large corporations and high income individuals, including "big box" stores and wealthy members of the federal government, at the expense of small businesses and taxpayers. This guy is a socialist but he brings some important facts to the table.