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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Fruits of Monarchy and Empire

 By Anna Von Reitz

Russia has stood beside and behind this country -- the actual country and people -- in every fight since 1858, when we entered into a mutual protection Alliance. Russia is our friend. 

Russia has twice blockaded our country and kept it from being overtly invaded by Great Britain. 

Now, observe: both the Roman Catholic Church and the British Government are, essentially, Empires -- with hierarchical compartmentalized bureaucratic governments of cronies led by singular figurehead leaders. 

Empires have the same basic structure as Monarchies, they just operate in global jurisdiction instead of international jurisdiction. 

Okay-- what do Monarchies and Empires have in common with us, a Government of Common People - bellhops and shoemakers, farmers and tradesmen? 

Almost nothing. 

We eschew cronyism, nepotism, and bullies.  

We despise dishonesty, unfair advantage, and unjust enrichment. 

We champion the rights of the individual, not the rights of any monolithic government. 

We accept our obligations in life and don't try to escape liability for our actions. 

We don't want or need a "Nanny State" micro-managing our lives for us.  

We separate church and state and uphold the right of everyone to have their own beliefs. 

We don't want to be coerced and we don't want to coerce anyone else, either. 

Bottom line -- we have nothing in common with any Monarchy or Empire that has ever existed.  

We've always had more in common with the Communists than the Monarchists -- and that scares the Monarchists silly.  

That's why the Empire of the Cities and the British Empire have spent so much propaganda time and money to make us mistrust, disrespect, and fear the Russians and the Chinese. 

They don't want us to ally with the Russians and Chinese, because left on their own, the old European Cartels would have nothing and nobody but Germany to rely on.  

And encouraged by the success of their American Sting Operation during the Civil War and the cheap supply of (unwitting) American Mercenaries ever afterward, the Empires have spent the last four generations pounding Germany into the dirt. 

So they shot themselves in the foot and burned those bridges. 

India won't come to their rescue after being impoverished and decimated by the Raj.

Nine-tenths of Africa hates the old European regimes, with good reason.

The clueless Americans and the equally clueless Commonwealth nations are the only bulwark standing between the European regimes and a well-deserved reckoning. 

But at the same time, the Americans and the Commonwealth have to be pressed dry to pay the debts that the Old Cronies have run up "for" us. 

What to do? 

Convince China that the problem is the Americans, ingratiate themselves, and move to China. 

Like nasty school gossips, the Brits and the Papists just stand in the middle and talk bad -- first, telling the Americans crap about China and Russia, then telling China and Russia crap about the Americans. 

Pretty soon the victims of this guile are hating each other for no reason, and the actual source of the problem is happily ensconced behind a wall made of millions of hungry Chinese workers who think we are the cause of their problems. 

Meantime, we, Americans, the actual country and people, have been under military occupation and martial law since the 1860s.  Without realizing it. 

This illegal, immoral, unlawful, criminal situation was promoted by a relatively small group of religious, political, industrial and military leaders allied with the old European powers. Minus Germany. 

Germany wouldn't go along with the plot to install British "Territorial" Governments --- the Raj --- in all the other countries. So the Perpetrators undermined Germany and pounded it to pulp, twice, lest the truth come out. 

The Truth has come out. 

The Perps used us to destroy and slander Germany, one of the best friends we ever had in the international community.  

They'd love to be able to do the same thing with Russia --- while they sit safely on the sidelines in China, protected by the Sino-Russian Pact. 

Realize that this is what happens when we allow men to occupy the position of God.

Over two centuries ago our Forefathers authored and supported The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.  In it, they took pains to list all of the evils that had been perpetrated against them by King George and the Government of Great Britain. 

The same exact list applies no less now. 

The American Raj that was secretly put in place via deceit and False Pretense by the British Territorial U.S. Government in 1865 has committed exactly the same crimes and impositions.

These are the fruits of Monarchy and Empire.  


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International Public Notice: We Are Exiting Babylon

 By Anna Von Reitz

Recently, there have been "back up rumors" saying that the QFS ("Quantum Financial System") was of special off-planet ET origin and that I am not credible because I don't know this. 

What I know are the names, dates, places, and personalities responsible for building the "QFS" from the ground up. 

I can tell you for sure and out of first-hand knowledge that there were CIA/DIA and "Industry" Operatives and at least one Cyborg AI involved, but no actual ETs involved in the Crimson Gate project that created the QFS.  

So, who isn't credible here?  

The entire QFS effort isn't credible. And all the people backing it aren't credible. 

Google's pet Quantum Computer is just a baby taking baby steps.  The room temperature superconductors needed for reliable long term program performance are not available yet. 

And none of this supertech was employed to create the QFS. 

It's the same old Spoofers trying to spoof you again.
Like the phony moon landing and Orson Wells. 

Once Lehman Brothers, otherwise known as the United States Department of Agriculture Small Business Administration went kaput, the trademarked FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM followed, which then resulted in the 2015 bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

Somewhere along the way, someone said, "Oops, fellas, we gotta come up with a replacement system.... " and so, "UNITED STATES NOTES" aka, "Rainbow Currency Notes" were printed and prepped, and the QFS reworking of the SWIFT SYSTEM was booted up. 

And they are standing here all dressed up like Barbie, Queen of the Prom, ready to go on stage with their brand new offering of the Same Old Shit. 

They are offering to bond you and your assets to back their fiat currency and use their computer and satellite system to own and control your deposits -- which means that they own and control you.  

Under QFS, they own the money, they own the computers and satellites, they own your deposits, and they own you -- because they can just flick a button and remove all the digits marking your credit on their ledger.  And then what are you going to do? 

You won't be able to buy or sell without the mark of their Beast --- the Belgian Supercomputer nicknamed the BEAST. 

If you take the bait and don't have sense enough to recognize the QFS and the people behind it as the Same Old Liars you've seen and dealt with before, you will be enslaved and those doing the enslaving will be arrogant enough to think that you deserved it. 

They won't notice that they have hands and feet the same as yours, or red blood the same as yours.   
They'll be too busy spending your inheritance. 

So, for God's sake -- the True God, that is, just nip it in the bud.  Put a sock on it and look appropriately embarrassed, please? 

Don't make everyone go through this nonsense. Again. 

We are sick and tired of "the show" already and we don't enjoy it.  It's like an old, old Punch and Judy with absolutely no surprises, a lot of boring insults, and bashing about with clubs. 

Time to grow up and face facts. 

No, your "Empire" doesn't own us.  Our Creator owns us. 

No, your Legal Fiction Persons are not our Peers. 

No, funky monkey Banks, you don't own our deposits, either.  Our assets are ours and any credit derived from our assets is also ours.  

No, we are not dependent on you and we don't need any services from you that we didn't order. 

One would think that a worldwide banking system was something akin to an extra order of appetizers ordered by Unknown Parties and charged to our table by "mistake".  

Enough British Bunko, all right?  

Our American Government is in Session. We have rightfully claimed everyone born on our shores as our nationals, not yours.  

We have exposed the undisclosed, improper, fraudulent nature of all the foreign birth registrations and citizenship obligations the British Territorial United States Government "conferred" on us without the benefit of a conscionable contract. 

We have also demonstrated exactly how you used these False Registrations to illegally and immorally latch upon our persons and our assets for purposes of unjust enrichment and coercion --- and as a device to evade your own contractual obligations to protect these same persons. 

See Article IV of every version of every Federal Constitution from Day One to this. 

We have developed our own clean, simple, honest global banking network derived from independent blockchain technology, which does not allow things like deposits and bonds to be "disappeared" with a few computer strokes. 

Our land jurisdiction commercial banks are not confused about who owns assets deposited with them. 

We consider the QFS to be just another dishonest "system" dreamed up by criminals intent on hacking our credit and gaining coercive power for themselves. 

We have chartered the Bilateral Bank System for our use and have authorized and defined the American Federation Dollar and American Credit Certificates.  We have exercised our grandfathered-in exchange rate against the Federal Reserve Note.  

As we hold the General Jurisdiction of this country and are under no contractual obligation to adopt or support any foreign monetary system, we are serving this International Public Notice of the facts and our decision not to participate in the proposed "Quantum Financial System" which we feel would just be a higher tech and more coercive repeat of what we have already been through. 

We have chartered and opened The Global Family International Trade Bank and The Global Family Bank of Commerce, both lawful land jurisdiction banks, to serve the needs of the American People and any other law-abiding man or woman who returns to the international land jurisdiction.  

Our new bank system is global, modern, unique, transparent, and is based on independent blockchain-derived technology that can't be manipulated for political or coercive purposes. 

Our banks honor and protect private property interests and make no claims of ownership interest in any deposits.

Our banks use Carriage Accounting, not the innately dishonest Double Accrual Accounting System.

Our banks and their customers are not under any obligation to serve any agency or Subcontractor and stand under the direct oversight of our American Government. 

We, the actual Americans, are exiting Babylon. 

We urge all Principals to agree to the lawful conversion of all incorporated assets-- immediately. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

28th November 2023


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Monday, November 27, 2023

Please Note: About the "QFS"

 By Anna Von Reitz

I never said that the Quantum Financial System isn't real in the sense of existing.  It exists.  It was developed under project "Crimson Gate" at Wright-Patterson AFB immediately before and after the 2015 UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy.  

What I said -- in not so many words -- is that it is another fraud scheme. 

It's the same old SWIFT transfer monopoly updated and rebranded with a new name and operated from a new location -- China, and it leaves the same Miscreants in charge of everything.  

It is not the brand new, whiz-bang, all-purpose, honest, transparent, and secure world financial system that Kim Goguen -- and now, Ben Fulford-- are trying to sell you.  

It's an emergency rework of the old SWIFT Monopoly with upgrades installed to implement and enforce the Chinese "Social Credit System" on everyone worldwide. And it's the same old crooked Euro-Amero interests running the "new" system. 

So go figure. 

The world does have an option that is not QFS and not CIPS -- our Bilateral Bank System is not controlled by any little group of self-interested deviants with a kill-switch on your bank account.  

It's a block-chain derived system so that your deposits and your credit can't just disappear with the push of a politically or financially motivated button. 

I just forwarded the reports that UBS is failing to deliver (FTD) on bonds that are purportedly held by the DTCC, and DTCC is collaborating by erasing those bond numbers from its database.  

Those bonds disappeared by hitting "delete", the same way your bank accounts and deposits can disappear from the current system or QFS.  The digital currencies they are proposing to populate the QFS, known as Central Bank Digital Currencies, are created by people sitting at desks entering digits into computerized ledgers that can disappear just as fast. 

It's bunk promoted by bunko. 

So call me nuts, but the only answer I see is a truly new system that's transparent and nailed down by multiple independent blockchain nodes, operated by people who are neither crooked nor crazy and not associated with the old Evil that we are exiting. 

You can't fix Evil.  All you can do is leave it behind in a cloud of dust.  

Welcome to the Bilateral Bank System where you can engage in international trade or land-jurisdiction based commerce -- and imagine this, you can own and have control of your own deposits! You can enjoy privacy and security again!

In the world we are building, which is the only world in which we want to live, private property exists and is respected.  In our bank system, you don't have to engage in maritime commerce to buy a carton of milk.  

We don't leave the foxes in charge of the hen house. 

We don't leave you and your money at the mercy of political hacks and criminals with their fingers poised over a "delete" switch.  

Welcome home. 


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Why There Has to Be a Crash --or Not

 By Anna Von Reitz

The entire military structure, the vast compendium of interlocking corporations that are part of our "defense agencies complex" has constipation. 

If they don't overcome this condition, there will be a worldwide economic crash of incalculable harm and it will come by mid-December.  

It could be avoided, and justice could be served, simply by turning the debts into credits -- turning the world accounting ledger on its head and realizing that while we have all been swindled, every debt is someone else's credit. 

All the debt of the incorporated "persons" is the credit owed to living men. 

Besides that, it has been over 800 years since we had a Jubilee and the Golden Double Jubilee is waaay past due.  The Roman Catholic Church knows that and does not deny it. 

So with the "Quantum Financial System" revealed to be just another con job offered by "our" military -- leaving the same old Miscreants in control of an updated and rebranded SWIFT monopoly operated out of China -- it's easy to see why they are constipated. 

They expected everyone to accept their latest financial handwaving act, but nobody is buying it.

Nobody is buying "US Treasury Bonds" either, unless you count the Federal Reserve as a Buyer. 

They expected us to be left standing without even the evidence of an I.O.U. in our hands.  

They expected us to accept keystrokes on a computer ledger in exchange for our hamburgers. 

And, they expected us to meekly hand them the keys and the control over the keyboard and the records, so that they could erase our credit as easily as they erased the undelivered bond numbers at DTCC.  

Who knew that people who were cheated and oppressed by the whole Federal Reserve Note System would have learned from that experience?  

Are we not dumb, driven animals, gullible to the bone?  Are we not "livestock" after all? 

Imagine their consternation. They set everything up so carefully and planned it all out for two generations --- how to best serve themselves. 

They funneled us all into this "impossible" situation with malice aforethought, and planned to offer the only option, the only viable solution to the problems they created.  

They couldn't foresee the Bilateral Bank System which would take the currency transfer monopoly out of their hands and use a clean block-chain based technology to transact in both trade and commerce. 

They had even conveniently forgotten the fact that we can conduct commerce on dry land. 

It reminds me of my cat, who used to hide under a piece of clear plastic carpet runner, and think that he was invisible, protected even from the vacuum cleaner. 

So now, they are all about to be squeezed flat in the jaws of their own self-created dilemma, and purportedly (according to Ben Fulford anyway) suing for amnesty --- from the wrong people.

They are asking for amnesty from people who can't offer them amnesty or pay their debts or do anything at all but take yet another powder. 

This is what this old Senior Field Commander has to say to the "Global Alliance" --- get the lead out and do what you are supposed to do.  It's long overdue.

Everyone else: take a moment to envision a world without debt and without debt slavery, without any kind of slavery at all.  

Put yourselves -- mentally -- in a quiet and abundant garden, surrounded by the smell of the fragrant Earth and fresh rain, the sound of running water and peaceful birds.  And stay there, where you belong.


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My Work and Mission

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is my part to expose the Liars at every turn, to wield the Sword of Truth to educate you, to protect you, and to empower you.  

My focus is not religion, though religion unavoidably enters the realm of my observations and relates to  history and law and the spiritual warfare we are embroiled in now--- and I have to tell you that you have been as dumbed down and deceived about religion as everything else by the Liars among us. 

I have told you that there are two (2) Gods in the Bible and you must learn to discern between them.

This fact has been hidden from you because the names of both Gods, one True, one False, have been expunged and replaced with the generic word "Lord" as in "the Lord said to me" ---- which gives you the false impression that there is only one God being referenced in the Bible.  

This prevents you from knowing which God is speaking at any given time and leads you to attribute everything that is said to the True God -- but in fact the far more common (and wordy) speaker is Satan. 

This confusion about "which God" is doing things and saying things in the Bible is exactly the same kind of confusion as we see concerning "which United States" --- the country or the corporation --- is being referenced. 

These sorts of semantic confusions, misleading labels, and obfuscations are the trademark and fruits of the Liars at work among us. 

It is the same with my comments about Abram bribing Melchizedek.  Abram owed the traditional victory tithe to the True God, but he gave it to the priest of a foreign God -- a God purporting to be the "Most High" -- to obtain the Blessing of this other God. 

This is a Substitution Fraud of the same kind as when the Brits substituted their "States of States" for ours.  

We assume that Abram is talking to a priest serving the True God and paying the victory tithe to him, but instead, Abram is paying the victory tithe to the False God, who is misrepresenting himself as "the Most High" and Abram is asking the Blessing of this other God -- Satan, in return. 

This puts an entirely different spin on the whole subject of Abraham's Blessing. 

It's not a spiritual blessing, it's a material blessing. 

This is what you get when you bow down and worship him --- "him" being Satan.  

When you stop and think of it, do you think a bunch of ancient sheepherders running around in the desert would care enough about a theoretical spiritual blessing to lie and cheat their own Father to steal it?  

No, they believed that Abram's Blessing was the key to material wealth and success and worldly power, bought and paid for by giving the victory tithe money and promises (bribes) to Satan's priest, Melchizedek. 

Of course, Melchizedek said he served "the Most High".  In his mind, he did.  Satan is the ruler of the world, while the True God is the ruler of the Earth. 
Which is "Most High" in which realm? 

Satan is the admitted ruler of the world, who held all the glitter of the man-made world in his hand as he tempted Yeshuah--- but it is the True God speaking in Revelation, when he says he will "bring to ruin those ruining the Earth". 

Without the names being named, Joe Average reading the Bible is just as lost as when he is trying to read Federal Code. 

These obfuscations and semantic deceits are not the least of it; there are other problems, too.  

A little over 200 years ago, everyone knew that Sunday was the first day of the week, not Monday.  
Everyone knew that March was the first month of the year, and that there were 13 months in each year.  

Don't believe me?   Lookee here:

Up through Lincoln's Administration, when the Liars gained control, the Presidential inaugurations were always in March, not January. 

Our calendars have been messed with, even the frequencies to which our musical scales are tuned, have been messed with and distorted. 

This is what Liars do. They twist, they turn, they change, they relabel and rename, they obfuscate, they hide, they make simple things complex, they pollute, disrespect and denigrate the natural world in every way they can. 

They long ago messed up the Bible just like they redefined common words that appear in Federal Code, to keep Joe Average dumbed down, helpless, misled, and making wrong assumptions. 

As for me, when I do say something about scripture -- listen.  I am not speaking for my own sake.  I am speaking for your sake.  

When I observe that the Bible narrative begins with paying a bribe for a Blessing, continues with lying, cheating, and stealing, and ends with the murder of an innocent man, I am not here to provoke a firestorm of controversy. I am drawing your attention to what is actually on the pages in front of your faces.  

When I say that there is no known reason behind the labels "Christian" or "Jew" or "Muslim", wake up. 

We are being played by these Liars in every way, in every field of endeavor. They are profiting from the problems and distortions they cause and the divisions they make between people and the labels they apply to everyone. 

Shocking as my redux of the Biblical Narrative may be, it is true.  The truth is always simple and the lies are always complex. 


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The Purpose of the Infant Decedent Estates-- Bona Vacantia

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's funny how we never get rid of the past until we face it truthfully and subject it to both a fully conscious examination ---and a process akin to an exorcism. 

Getting rid of "Bona Vacantia" or severely curtailing the circumstances under which it can be invoked, together with its more recent derivatives, the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, and Equity Law, are cases in point. 

Let's look at a scrap of what I have recently written in a little more detail.  Here's the original blurb: 

"Remember how they got your Mother to sign you over to them as a chattel property without the benefit of disclosure, and fooled her into misidentifying you as a citizen of the United States (Corporation)? 

That created an American  "infant decedent estate" -- a conveniently intestate property interest representing your "waived" birthright estate interest in your actual State of the Union.  

This is what they were using as collateral to borrow against, and they rooked your Mother and defrauded you to do it.  At the end of the day, they proposed to divest themselves of your "waived" property by giving it away to their own creditors." 

They played a lot of other tricks with it, too.  

They used it in their own corporate tribunals and pretended that they were Public Trustees acting as the Administrators of your Estate during your unaccountable "absence". 

They used your unconscionable waived infant decedent estate as the excuse to claim a custodial "public interest" in you and your private and public property. 

That, in turn, allowed them to act as Executors de Son Tort -- men with no real right or contract to dispose of your property, who nonetheless assume these powers unless someone opposes them.  

Obviously, you have to know what they are doing before you can oppose it, and we could not do that, because they never provided disclosure to our Mothers and we ourselves were far too young to remember their registration process and initially, too ignorant about foreign law to know the result of that birth registration, even if we miraculously became aware of it. 

It was a good gig the scoundrels had going here, throughout the former Commonwealth, most of Western Europe, and Japan.  

Quite aside from the coercive power that their assumed role as Executors provided, and all the payola they could strip from our "waived" American estates, the real payday came after our physical deaths, when they could pretend that our American estate was permanently vacated, cash in the attached life insurance annuities, and invoke the Medieval practice of bona vacantia. 

When someone dies intestate and without an apparent heir (and according to them, we all "died" and waived our American estates as infants) then our estate is seized by the King as public property with himself serving as the Public. 

Charles the Third is still doing this in England where 
a recent scandal surrounding the practice of Bona Vacantia erupted in the Duchy of Lancaster. 

Tens of millions of dollars obtained from the estates of intestate dead people living within the borders of the ancient Duchy of Lancaster were seized and used to benefit Charles' personal estate, instead of going to charities within the Duchy.  

The Guardian broke the story and did this follow-up, showing how Charles is scurrying to cover it up and appearing to make it right:  

As nasty as this little "oversight" in Lancastershire is, imagine how much the Kings and Queens have stripped from us and our country doing the same thing here since the 1920s?  

According to them, we all "died" as infants without leaving a will or any heirs, voluntarily waived our right to inherit anything in America, and donated it all to the Pope and the King under the same Medieval practice of Bona Vacantia. 

How nice of us, and totally inexplicable, too.  

Simply by creating all these unconscionable American infant decedent estates on paper and making the false claim that we voluntarily adopted British Territorial U.S. Citizenship and Municipal citizenship, too, these criminals have proposed to claim and own everything and everyone in America.

Millions and millions and millions of American estate trust interests have been rolled up and cashiered in exactly the same way as the recent debacle in the Duchy of Lancaster.  

Using these false registrations and issuing clearinghouse certificates disguised as "birth certificates" the Bounders were enabled to securitize our "waived" estates, enslave us, and obtain an insurable interest in our persons and property. 

The "Life Force Value Annuity" payoff that Prince Philip received from the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA precisely three days before he retired from Public Life -- a tidy $950 Trillion dollars -- was precisely that kind of payment obtained by insurance fraud and illegal securitization, claimed under Bona Vacantia. 

Let's forget the paltry tens of millions scraped out of the Duchy of Lancaster and concentrate on the much, much, much larger issue of the American infant decedent estates these monsters created for purposes of coercive power and unjust enrichment.  

What they have done is an unlawful conversion of political status imposed on a civilian population in occupied territory, which is a capital offense under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.  

While occupying a position of Public Trust under color of law, and acting in Gross Breach of Trust, these criminal Federal Subcontractors organized as Municipal Corporations have promoted an illegal multigenerational mercenary conflict on our shores and have deliberately impersonated and defrauded their employers for their own benefit.  

Maybe someone should ring up The Guardian and give them a real story?  Just imagine the subhead:

Rotten British Government breaks treaties, international law, and their own service contracts to bilk erstwhile friends and military allies. 


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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not the Great Reset -- the Great Reversal

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most people have heard about the so-called "Great Reset" which would include a "revaluation of currencies" to "level the playing field" and provide "parity" such that the ruble is of equal buying power to the US Dollar and so on.  

There are numerous problems with this, because as the RV Committee members have fully admitted, things are so f#@$d up, nobody knows the market value of anything anymore. 

Everything from the value of yen to toothpaste has been arbitrarily controlled by central banks (commodity rigging organizations) for over a hundred years. We no longer know what a man would willingly pay for an ounce of silver or a ham steak. 

Faced with this unhappy reality, the "RV" Committee has been stymied for years.  What to do?  Just hand-wave it and take a guess?  We can imagine Sheik Ali looking at Franz Weber and shrugging. 

So they have toddled on in a miasma of fear and loathing, unable to make a sane decision, unwilling to admit failure. 

There isn't a single thing left in the world that hasn't been meddled with, at least nothing that the RV Committee can find that would provide a fair and logical standard of value -- something that could then provide a basis for valuing everything else in comparison.  

Alas, the corruption has endured too long and free markets have been vacated and obstructed for too long. 

Sheik Ali famously flipped a one ounce gold coin as high as his thumbnail could fling it, let it drop on the floor, and shook his head. 

The atmosphere at these meetings is a mixture of droll and hopeless. 

Without a known, agreed upon "Standard Value" the whole show collapses.  

These men know that, but they are facing their version of James T. Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru, Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot.... they know it will take a stroke of genius to deliver them, but as they stare around the table, they are flat, fresh out of any such brilliance.   

Meantime, the Merry-Go-Round of the financial world slows inexorably down, sputters, and threatens to come to a deadly standstill.  Over a year ago, the Pope gave up, ordered all liquid assets returned to the Vatican Bank, and barred the door. 

That really should have been a signal and a warning to the rest of us. 

Now, the word comes from The Hal Turner Radio Show --- of all places --- that not only did UBS "fail to deliver" on bonds, but on top of that, the DTCC erased the bond numbers from its database, so that it appears that those bonds never existed. 

As always with these Shysters, when all else fails, burn the books. Erase the records.  Deny any paper trail. Pull a Sergeant Shultz impersonation: we know nothing, we saw nothing, we heard nothing.  Gag all media outlets.  Call out the gendarmes. 

This points out, once again, the utter impracticality and stupidity of even entertaining the idea of the QFS "Quantum Financial System" and CBDC's -- Central Bank Digital Currencies.  

It would make life a lot easier for the criminals, but living hell for the rest of us. 

We'd be better off buying a stockpile of salt and large plastic trash bags. 

One imagines the Voice of the Stewardess telling us all to remain calm in increasingly strained and higher pitched tones, as everyone knows that we are about to plow our 747 straight into a mountain.  

But wait.  There is a solution.  It's called "lawful conversion", otherwise known as "credit reversal", and there is already a clean, secure, global-scale banking service ready to deliver --- the Bilateral Global Family Bank.   

Remember that every debt is someone else's credit. 

It's time for poor old Joe at Joe's Hamburger Shop to be credited for all his actual, factual contributions.  

All the debt owed by British Territorial "Persons" and Municipal PERSONS needs to be lawfully converted into credit owed to Joe.  

Flip the accounting register on its head. 

There now.  Wasn't that painless?  The debts of one subset become the credits of another.   

Those credits will power the commercial jurisdiction on the land, which will save everyone a very nasty and embarrassing world economic collapse and/or face plant into a mountainside. 

We can help out the RV Committee, too. 

It's true that everything has been meddled with by the Central Banks. It's true we haven't had free markets for over a hundred years, but so what? 

Does that really keep us from knowing the value of things and prevent us from establishing a Standard Value?  


We know what an ounce of gold or an ounce of silver would buy in 1800, so we can use buying power in a former free market as the measure to establish value for the money and for the credit in the present General Commodity Market, and then, let that sort out and determine the comparative value of "new" commodities like engine oil and computer chips. 

It's not really rocket science. 

The first step is lawfully converting the hopelessly indebted Maritime Commercial Banks into commensurately wealthy Land Jurisdiction Commercial Banks. 

Pay Joe the credit he's owed and which he already paid for.  That will keep the Merry-Go-Round running.

The second step is to establish a Standard Value for gold and silver using former known buying power against other known commodities. 

Although some commodities like horses and whale oil have lost value and other commodities like engine oil and computer chips did not exist the last time we saw free markets, the relative value of a good suit and pair of shoes hasn't changed much in the past two hundred years, and neither has the relative price of a bushel of good winter wheat.  

We have plenty of such reference commodity values that will allow us to re-establish fair and reasonable Free Market Value Standards. 

And let us get on with our lives in a better and far less criminal world. 


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