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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Reform or Restore --- That is The Question

 By Anna Von Reitz

This message is for all the State Assembly leaders and all the people who will, over the next few months, be faced with the strange burden of being or not being recognized as an American, joining or not joining their State Assembly. 

As this awakening unrolls like a slow-moving tidal wave, people will naturally be upset, because the status quo is changing.  It will feel as if the ground is shifting under their feet and they won't like the sensation one bit.  

We don't like the Unknown.  And this unknown is likely to bring chaos of various kinds with it. It may, momentarily, seem as if your life savings has been wiped out.  It may seem like you are suddenly unemployed.  

Hold on through this disruption and prepare for it now, so that you may be at peace.  No matter what we do, there will be a varying degree of confusion and you may be tempted to assume "the worst". 

I am telling you in advance in the words of our Master, "Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.".  

On top of this basic alarm and uncertainty, people will immediately gravitate into one of two groups -- those who want to reform the existing "United States" government, and those who are focused on restoring our American Government.

Not everyone will immediately grasp why, but these are two entirely different tasks, so having Restorers mixed in with Reformers results in a lot of confusion and people working at cross-purposes. 

We have to separate out the two groups as swiftly and amiably as possible. 

It's essential that our Assemblies stand ready to recognize and help people get to where they need to go, to do what they feel called to do. 

This is not a question of right or wrong. 

This is pure practicality. 

Our State Assemblies and the people who join them are called to restore and reconstruct the American Government. 

Those who want to reform the United States Government need to operate in that separate and foreign jurisdiction and sign up as members of the District Assemblies -- either District (Territorial) or Municipal District. 

So when someone new walks through the door of your Assembly, describe the choices and delve into why that person is there. 

As a practical matter, we can't directly reform the operations of the Federal Subcontractors.  They are foreign with respect to us and we are foreign with respect to them.  

The only means we have of forcing reform on them is via our State Citizens and our Federation of States holding the other Principals accountable for honoring their Service Agreements, the Federal Constitutions; and, by the slow process of Jury Nullification, by which our courts can nullify any laws that their Legislatures pass.   

Our State Assemblies have to be in Session and our members have to be properly declared in order for us to have access to either remedy: our State Citizens are our Parties to the Constitutions and the only ones who can enforce them, while we have to have our courts up and running before we can exercise the power of Jury Nullification.  

These are our pathways to reform the Federal Subcontractors, so by bringing our State Assemblies into Session, we are indirectly putting ourselves in position to correct the operations of our Federal Subcontractors, but that is not our primary focus at all.  

Our focus is and has to be the growth and restoration of the State Assembly itself, including our Court System, and the eventual reconstruction of the missing parts of our Government.  We are rebuilding and restoring the American Government to its proper place and function. 

It's a huge job and its real thrust is simply to build the machine that allows us to self-govern and enforce our contracts and nullify any repugnant codes or statutes or unauthorized agreements our employees attempt to foist on us.  

We are restoring our own Government and empowering ourselves, not wasting time or effort arguing with our employees or pleading with them to correct their operations.  

Except as consumers of services, and via the two avenues mentioned above, we have no direct control of the "United States Government" that everyone is hot to reform. 

The "United States Government" as opposed to the American Government, consists of two foreign Municipal Corporations operating out of the equally foreign District of Columbia, which is entirely inhabited by foreign "persons" known as "residents".  

They are allowed to be here under the Residence Act for the purpose of providing "essential government services".

Although these residents may have been born in this country, they are "presumed" to be foreign citizens employed by or dependent upon these foreign Municipal corporations. 

Like all corporations, these organizations have their own Administrative Rules, Codes, Ordinances, and Regulations, Public Policies, and so on. These "laws" are created by their Boards of Directors and Trustees and franchised State of State Legislatures. 

Only about 8% of all Federal Codes and State of  State Statutes may, under certain conditions, apply to Americans.  

The rest, about 92% of their 80 million codes and statutes and regulations, apply only to their employees and actual dependents of these foreign corporations -- the residents. 

These residents typically hand over whatever power they have as shareholders in these corporations to proxies known as "representatives" who then make the business decisions for these corporations while sitting in Territorial or Municipal Congresses. 

None of this has anything to do with us, and we don't care how they are organized, disciplined, taxed, or otherwise how they conduct their business, as long as they honor their service contracts with us and keep their noses clean.  

We are not interested in directly reforming these foreign corporations --- which is something which we couldn't do anyway, but there are people, the residents themselves, who can directly influence the outcomes of their private corporation elections, their political parties, their legislative processes, administration of their courts, and many other issues.  

People who, for example, wish to reform the operations of the foreign District Courts or Federal Agencies from inside the box, can join political parties, seek election, lead petition drives, report on corruption, sponsor legal suits, etc., etc., etc., and none of that would be appropriate for an American standing in their birthright political status. 

Without prejudice, we need to separate the sheep  from the goats, the land from the sea, the restorers from the reformers. 

So we ask all the present State Assemblies to address this issue and ask all Americans to consider the same. 

The State Assemblies are in the process of assembling for the first time in decades. They have a lot to do and learn, minimal resources and manpower, and they have to keep on track with their mission.  

The State Assemblies don't have the time, the money, or the jurisdiction to engage in pissing matches with the Federal Subcontractors and their State-of-State franchise operations. Sure, it's part of our intention to enforce their contracts.  Sure, it's part of our job to stand up our own courts, educate our people and toss out repugnant and misapplied Federal Codes and State-of-State statutes.  

Such corrections are well and good, but the focus of the State Assembly is on fully restoring and empowering our own lawful government, not on locking horns with our erstwhile employees. 

There is something vaguely repugnant and less than appropriate about us sinking to the level of our foreign employees and addressing their corporations as if those corporations had any standing commensurate with ours.  

And while we have every guaranteed right to assemble our State Assemblies and operate them and staff them and bring their functional elements to bear, including their State Militias, we don't have any responsibility or right to micro-manage or unduly interfere with the operations of our foreign Subcontractors. 

As I have often said, it's like a two-lane highway. The only way you get into a wreck (or get accused of sedition or insurrection) is if you cross into the wrong lane.  

The natural separation between the American Government and the US Government must be maintained as is, or peacefully renegotiated, for the good and benefit of all concerned.  

It is vital for the State Assemblies and their members to know who they are, what they are doing, and what their mission is: restore the American Government. 

If individuals (otherwise eligible to join their State Assembly) feel compelled to address the United States Municipal Corporations-- people who are constantly involved in de facto litigation, people who focus on foreign codes and statutes and use these to fight, fight, fight -- are, whether they know it or not, placing their focus on reforming what is, instead of restoring what is meant to be. 

For many reasons, it is desirable that these "Reformers" be brought up to speed, have the restoration mission and purpose of the State Assembly clearly stated and set before them, and let them think about how they are approaching their concerns, and where they best belong. 

Not everyone who is eligible to join a State Assembly should join one--- this is especially true of people who want to continue arguing and fighting and warring.  

We don't war with corrupt employees.  We fire them. 

We can do this from either side of the street.  

The State Assemblies have their high authorities and means to compel reform of the Subcontractors, and the District Assembly members have their means.

Some Reformers, when forced to consciously consider their assumptions and reactions, will become Restorers instead.  

They may still need to be reminded from time to time -- hey, we don't do things that way on this side of the street. 

For example, we don't send "legal" notices and threaten litigation when we don't agree with each other.  

We don't pour our energy into producing long legal screeds quoting foreign codes and statutes.  

We don't act angry and combative and disrespectful toward our employees or anyone else. 

We are not confused about who we are or about what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

Some Reformers may be impatient, eager to discipline and judge, unwilling to put the time and effort into the restoration effort, uncaring whether or not we are on solid ground to take an action. 

Hotheads, in other words. 

State Assemblies can't afford that, either.  Our leaders need to be focused, determined, fair-minded, mature, steadfast, calm, and polite.  Hopefully, they are also patient and caring. 

Reformers can be very impatient with Restorers, because they assume that we are working on what they want to work on and are doing it the way they want to do it --- which simply isn't true. 

Reform and restoration are two different things, and in this case, they additionally apply to two or more different governments. 

Reformers of the United States Government typically have their favorite Pet Peeve issues or Special Expertise that they want to focus on to the exclusion of anything else. It may be taxes or driver licensing or child custody or bonds, etc. 

Whatever their specific issues are, their narrow focus is not in harmony with the Big Picture perspective of a State Assembly.  

A fully functional State Assembly holds the General Jurisdiction, air, land, and sea, and can speak to any issue arising in any of these jurisdictions within the borders of their State.  

The State Assembly is an incredibly powerful and necessary part of the American Government. 

Restorers know that their mission, restoring their State Assembly, is paramount, as it will allow them to exercise their native powers and give them the tools to end injustice, corruption, and the hijacking of their State assets by foreign interests.  

For Restorers, it's a much bigger game that goes far beyond reform.

So ask yourselves -- are you a Restorer or a Reformer? 

If your mission, first and foremost, is to restore your lawful State Assembly and its constituent functions to full glory and power--- then come on in, take a seat, get your Committee assignments, grab an oar. 

If your mission is to reform the present things functioning "as" governments in this country, you need to take a different course, and join a District Assembly, instead. 

Recently, our Assemblies all over the country have had to issue "Time Outs" to Reformers who were trying to shift the focus from Restoration to Reform. 

It isn't that we disagree overall with what the Reformers are trying to do.  It's that we are engaged in a different activity altogether and can't afford to get sidetracked.  

There should be no hard feelings about this.  No acrimony.  No moral judgements implied. There is a time and a place for both Restoration and Reform. 
We owe it to ourselves and to each other to be clear about where our priorities lie and where the priorities of the State Assemblies now are. 

In that way, Reformers are set free to most efficiently reform the District Government entities from within, and the Restorers are not sidetracked or delayed in their important and urgent work.  


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