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Thursday, November 30, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

The only entity having the ability to extend actual State Immunity (Amnesty) to individuals who have been accomplices to crimes against us in international and global jurisdictions of the law, is our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.  

Joe Biden, the "President" of a foreign Municipal Corporation operating out of Washington, DC, can only provide protection from prosecution by the White House Office, Inc., and whatever franchises it may have.   

Imagine being held harmless by the SPCA.  

The claims of the DC Municipality to be an independent international city state are fraudulent; they don't own and were not granted the land they have occupied in breach of trust, fraud, and violation of their use permit. So good luck with them being able to cover any butts including their own. 

The same is true of Donald J. Trump and the United States of America, Inc. and any new iterations thereof.  

Ditto, ditto any "Planetary Global Alliance".  

Nobody, but nobody, can forgive anything "for" us

Nobody and nothing can protect the offenders, but those they have betrayed and offended. 

It's easy to see why. 

If I step on your foot, whose foot has been injured? 


Can your Cousin forgive me for your injury?


It's the same thing with the issuance of amnesty. 

We and our States and our People are the ones who have suffered and we are the only ones on Earth who can hold anyone harmless for their offenses against us. 

Joey can't do it.  Donnie can't do it.  Vlad can't do it. Not even the Pope can forgive you "for" us. 

We are the only ones who can hold anyone harmless, and now you are asking if we will. 

There are such things as innocent offenses. 

Innocent offenses are unconscionable: the one committing the crime doesn't know that they are committing a crime and they have no substantial cause to know that they are doing anything wrong. 

An example would be rank and file office workers engaged in registering Birth Certificates. 

So far as they knew, they were processing routine public records, not implementing an undisclosed unlawful conversion of political identity --- which is a capital crime. 

The same holds true for many classes of public employees, both military and civilian. They committed crimes.  They committed treason.  But they were completely snowed under, and there was no convincing cause for them to know better. 

The local people at the DMV?  They are cogs in a wheel, with no idea that they are breaking the actual Public Law and established International Law by enforcing State Statutes on Americans. 

So we grant the Clueless the Idiot's Defense and pass them over.  

The rank and file of our military and most of our Top Brass never had a clue that they were functioning as cheap mercenaries and committing crimes by following orders. They didn't know they were commiting treason against the American people, either. 

The Generals and Admirals who siphoned off the gold and silver of the American people and transported it offshore, for example, knew what they were doing, but they were lied to about why they were doing it. They were told that this was necessary to safeguard our assets. 

The last ranking Generals to call the fraud for what it was --- almost --- were Dwight D. Eisenhower and Smedley Butler.  The last ranking Generals to take public action against it were General Roy Schwasinger, (Retired), in the Farm Union cases, and General Carter Ham during the Benghazi nightmare. 

All the Secretaries of War and later, Secretaries of Defense, had to know. All the Secretaries of the Treasury knew.  All the Federal Reserve Chairmen and Board Members.  All the IMF Chairmen and Board Members.  All the Deal Makers like Henry Kissinger knew. All the CIA heads knew. The "Presidents" knew. All the Higher Up MI6 Operatives knew.  Douglas MacArthur knew. Colin Powell knew.  Norman Schwarzkopf knew.  The Big Business Defense Contractors and Oil Barons and Silicon Valley Big Wigs all knew.  

All the principle Cabinet members of the Lincoln and Grant Administrations knew, and most of the Cabinet Officers of all subsequent Administrations knew. You'd have to be a Token Secretary in charge of painting dumpsters not to know. 

Most members of every Congress and every kind of Congress for the last 160 years have known, with the exception of outspoken renegades like Ron Paul, who was sharp enough to know that something was desperately wrong, but such an Outsider that he wasn't ever given the memos. 

To this day, the denizens of DC are playing his son, Rand Paul, and assigning him the heavy lifting without the benefit of full disclosure. 

There are other instances of members of Congress who truly didn't know and instances of members who were brave enough to try to do something about the gross breach of trust, criminality, and corruption: 
Charles Lindburgh, Louis T. McFadden, and James Trafficant are examples -- but they are few and far between. 

Those who broke step with the criminal elements were harassed and subjected to horrible punishment, like the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindburgh's baby.  Louis T. McFadden was murdered, poisoned over a business lunch. James Trafficant was hounded and derided and used as a scapegoat and whipping boy for the rest of his life. 

Any President or Attorney General who didn't stay in line at the Public Trough Buffet was promptly dispatched, and ironically, the men who committed these murders thought they were protecting this country--- and their own lunch buckets, of course. 

We have patience and compassion for people who are ignorant and who have been purposefully reduced to ignorance by those benefiting from it. 

We aren't hunting the Clueless among us. 

We are hunting the hypocrites who coerced other people take the jab, got paid for it, but never took the jab themselves. 

There are some things we won't forgive. That's one of them.  You can guess the rest. 

We have offered a General Amnesty for the truly Clueless, a Limited Amnesty for those who were under threat or blackmail or similar coercion to act as Accomplices, or who received simple bribes without knowing the true nature and extent of the crimes they were participating in. 

Each case is individual, a matter of what you knew, when you knew it, what you got out of it, and what you did once you figured things out. 

We aren't the Inquisition. 

That role belongs to JAG and Quantico. 

Our role is to hold down the Mercy Seat, instead.


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