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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Public Notice to Pope Francis and the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal United States is a rogue entity operating under Roman Civil Law; it has no granted authority to speak for, represent, indebt, or otherwise obligate this country or its people.
It is attempting to stand and to "represent" us in the face of our States being in Session and our international government, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, being in operation in international and global jurisdiction.
The Municipal United States is an independent, international city state that exists only under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States, which has been breached by the Municipal citizenry. This entity has operated in Breach of Trust since 1860. Its "laws" have been misapplied to American State Nationals and American State Citizens resulting in the extortion of land and labor assets and other assets naturally belonging to those same injured Americans.
As a result, it is the responsibility of Pope Francis and the Roman Curia and the City of Rome to fold their franchise and remove their idols from our shores, to release all Municipal Corporations that have been formed under conditions of fraud and usurpation since 1870 to the custody and ownership of our unincorporated Federation of States, whose delegation of powers they abused, to be re-chartered under our Public Law or liquidated as we see fit.
This action is dictated by ecclesiastical, international, and global law, as well as the Roman Civil Law itself.
In the meantime, the world governments are provided with this good and sufficient Public Notice-- and warning-- that these "representatives" have no contract with the American States and People. They do not represent us and the druthers of our Federal Employees have no impact upon our Will.
Joe Biden does not represent us. He is not to be given access to our assets, nor our credit. The Pope as the leader of the Holy See, remains bound to uphold The Constitution of the United States as it existed in 1860 in all respects regarding ourselves and our Government.
No world government should rely on any member of the Municipal United States Congress nor on their "President" Joe Biden. No contract made by the Municipal United States Congress will be honored by our Government. We are not obligated to obey the Municipal United States Government; they are obligated to obey us, and failing that, they are to be dismantled and removed from our shores.
No form of law recognized by the world community in any jurisdiction will abide their continued false claims and fraud against the American States and People, including Noahide Laws and Sharia.
This Mess was created by the Popes, the British Monarchs, and the Lord Mayor of London operating in collusion against their Employers, the American States and People.
Nothing that the members of the Municipal United States Congress, or their Executive Officer, Joe Biden, may say or claim in any court or venue of law is to be taken as truth. No valid contract obligating this country or our people can be executed by the Municipal United States or any corporate Municipal Officer. And no Municipal Officer has any authority to issue orders to the Territorial Government.
The sole administration of our Government is vested in our lawful Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our American Government is now in Session, and our Public Law is enforced. All international treaties and all three Federal Constitutions are enforced.
Anyone who continues to do business with Joe Biden, "acting as" the President of the Municipal United States city-state or any Municipal Corporation, however deceptively named to pretend an interest in this country or its people, has hereby been fully informed of the circumstance and proceeds at their own risk and without any liability or obligation on the part of The United States of America, our member States, or our people.
We fully and clearly recognize the fraud and deception employed against us and against the living people of many countries worldwide; we have brought forth our charges of fraud and various sundry and terrible crimes against humanity including unlawful conversion, kidnapping, human trafficking, press-ganging, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitutions, collusion, identity theft, impersonation, barratry, deliberate mischaracterization of nationality, international and interstate bank fraud, evasion of Public Duties, evasion of The Constitution of the United States, racketeering, pillaging and plunder of public trusts, money laundering, constructive fraud for the purpose of unjust enrichment, commercial fraud for the purpose of unjust enrichment, extortion under armed force, breach of usufruct, criminal breach of commercial contract, subjecting Americans to foreign law in express violation of Amendment XI of all three Federal Constitutions, false entitlement and issuance of false titles on American assets, fraudulent conveyance of Municipal citizenship obligations on Americans in violation of Article IV of all three Federal Constitutions, use of undisclosed, unilateral, and unconscionable foreign contracting processes on American soil, breach of custodial obligations, promotion of unaccountable administrative government entities staffed by Undeclared Foreign Agents, and more.
All of these charges have been published and widely distributed to the public since 2015, and have cured upon the public records of multiple countries, such that there can be no further excuse for pretending that our country, our government, or our people are to blame for the sins and debts of the Municipal United States entity, otherwise known as "the US".
The Pope and his administration, including the Holy Roman Empire and the City of Rome, is responsible for returning our property to us unharmed; the Queen and her Government is similarly obligated, as is the Government of Westminster and the Lord Mayor of London.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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Federal Dual Citizenship -- Why It's Important

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we have taught and observed since the beginning, there were three (3) Federal Subcontractors operating under three (3) separate Constitutions -- an American Subcontractor, a British Subcontractor, and a Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor. 

All of these Subcontractors were staffed and operated by Federal Citizens. 

The American Subcontractor was staffed by United States Citizens, as defined by 2 USC 253, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. 

The British and HRE Subcontractors were defined within the Constitutions themselves, and so, their political status is attached to and defined by and only exists so long as their Constitutions stand.  See Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3,  Clause 3.  

From the very first, then, our American Federal Subcontractor, known as the Federal Republic, was staffed by Americans who claimed their birthright identity as State Nationals, but additionally qualified under 2 USC 253, to perform as Federal United States Citizens.  

This is known as Dual Citizenship, where one person owes citizenship obligations to two (2) body politics and two governments at the same time.   

Americans are either (1) State Nationals, or (2) State Citizens, one or the other, no wishy-washy.  We don't recognize Dual Citizenship at all.  From our perspective, Federal United States Citizens are State Nationals of the State they were born in and are accountable to our country and our government via State Public Law.  

But from the Federal standpoint, Americans can be Dual Citizens, and have to act as Dual Citizens, if they are going to work for the Federal Government.  

That includes the Federal Republic.  

So Federal Republic United States Citizens are Americans who are State Nationals protected under the Constitutions as State Nationals, but they are additionally under obligation to serve the Federal Republic in foreign international and global jurisdictions.  

For example, you might be a New York State National serving as a Federal United States Citizen, and those two political identities would together define your Dual Citizenship as a Federal Republic Employee operating under The Constitution for the united States of America..  

As British Territorial Government Employee, you would also be a Dual Citizen, but one of your political status obligations would be to the government of Great Britain, and the other would be to the Territorial United States Government operating under The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Ditto with respect to the Municipal United States Government and its Employees --- one citizenship obligation would be to the Holy Roman Empire, and the other to the Municipal Government of the United States operating under The Constitution of the United States.  

Our American Federal Republic ceased operating in 1860, as a result of its oversight and funding being disrupted by the Secession of the Southern State-of -State Governments from the original Confederation.  

There is no British Federal Republic. 
There is no Municipal Federal Republic. 

In recent years things have gotten so slack that members of the  Municipal Congress have been allowed to choose other citizenships --- for example, a Senator could choose to act as a Municipal citizen of the United States and an Israeli citizen, or a Congresswoman could act as a Municipal citizen of the United States and a Libyan citizen.  

This has eroded any sense of loyalty to their Employers and sped the corruption of what is supposed to be "our" Federal Government, or to be more exact, to be "representing" our Federal Government ----because these people are no longer subject to any form of American Public Law.  As Municipal citizens of the United States, they answer to the Pope.  As citizens of China or Lebanon or Russia, they stand under the laws of their own adopted foreign countries.  

This same corruption is what has led to "Globalism" and it is really just another example of deceiving and defrauding the American people who voted for these monsters in Good Faith, assuming that these foreign Vermin were their own long-lost American Federal Republic Congress---- and would be operating under the same laws and constraints as their Federal Congress.  

Fraud vitiates everything under Roman Civil Law, and the Pope is obligated to shut these Vermin down.  They are his responsibility.  

He has owned them as slaves and not only must he set them free upon discovery of the Great Fraud, he must see to the arrest of the criminals among them who have committed such outrageous crimes against humanity and against The Constitution of the United States.  

As for the British Territorial Government, they are messing around seeking shelter from the storm they helped create, and are now proposing to pass themselves off as our long-lost American Federal Republic.  

What they need to do is to turn the reins back over to the actual Federation of States, which is the only entity on Earth with the power and provenance and the prior-established right to save their bacon.  

They should all come clean and come home instead of fooling around trying to establish a "new" republic for themselves; as British Territorial Citizens they have no right to issue gold or silver money and cannot create any new republic for themselves based on our credit. 

Their only way forward is for the American-born employees of "the" United States of America (under whatever name they are now calling their corporation-- I think it's "The Republic of The United States"--Inc.) to come home, adopt their American State National political status as half of their Dual Citizenship, re-charter, and operate under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

There is no safety elsewhere, because of the Great Fraud, and because of the Operation of Law that returns all delegated powers to the Delegator upon Breach of Trust or incompetence or failure to perform.  Our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America has offered a port in the storm, but under our terms. 

They have to stand under our Public Law while operating on our land, must honorably perform according to our Federal Constitution, and must accept the obligations of Federal United States Citizens as half of their Dual Citizenship.

Then they can claim to have a valid association with us and can function under our oversight as an instrumentality of the American Government and can operate under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

Not otherwise.  

It seems that they have recently realized their numerous mistakes and in desperation are trying to front a "Second Declaration of Independence" -- but as we pointed out, Territorial United States Citizens don't have a political status related to us in the absence of a Constitution, and if they attempt to adopt a "Second" Declaration of Independence, they instantly lose all that was won under The Declaration of Independence.  

They become rebels and renegades, stateless and homeless, starting over from Ground Zero, recognizable as international pirates---- and we will still have all our rights and prerogatives intact.

If they want to enjoy the gains that our Forefathers made in The War of Independence, they will have to come home. 

It is past time for the so-called White Hats to talk to the actual people of this country and to our much-betrayed international government, which is, as ever, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.  


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Situation Update, Jan 21, 2021 – The astonishing case for optimism and faith

(Natural News) After the staged, theatrical Biden inauguration yesterday that carries no legitimate legal standing whatsoever, people lost their minds as they fell for the spell of the fake news media that broadcast the Big Lie, in Hunger Games style.

Many patriots lashed out against podcasters and independent media outlets who have been operating in good faith to cover pathways of overturning the fraud. Sadly, attacks were aimed at SGT Report, X22 Report, RedPill78, Lin Wood, Scott McKay, Scott Kesterson and others.

None of those people deserve such attacks. They all operated with good faith and repeatedly explained that events may not occur on our desired timeline.

The solution for moving forward is to pull together as patriots and pursue actions that lead to victory, not turn on each other and start casting blame in all directions.

Kesterson has the right answer in all this, which is to have faith in God and the Constitution. Prepare for all worst case scenarios (as I’ve repeatedly said), but also be ready for miracles and unexpected victories that may have been planned long ago by Trump and his team.

My message today is: This is not over. Biden is an illegitimate, fake president. He wasn’t even flown in yesterday on a government plane and had to charter his own. The Pentagon is reportedly refusing to cooperate with him, and that may be a strong sign of things yet to come.

Trump and his family members promised, “The best is yet to come!” and appear to have knowledge of chess moves yet to be seen.

The US Constitution provides the military a mechanism to halt an illegal overthrow attempt by enemy forces controlling domestic puppets, and all military personnel swear an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Do not lose faith in God, country and Trump so easily.

You have not been abandoned. Rather, you are being brought to bear witness to the unfolding of historic events.

Freedom cannot be cherished until you believe you have lost it.

Faith cannot be proven authentic until it is expressed during the most hopeless and dire circumstances.

Rebirth is not a comfortable experience. It’s scary. Yet the way we choose to handle these events tells a lot about our inner character and our real courage and determination.

Stay determined. Demand action from your states to halt the Biden regime’s reign of terror over America. Organize at the local level to defend your communities and your freedoms.

Understand there are numerous solutions still available, including legal options to expose the fraud. Election ballots must be saved for 22 months, which means the absolute proof of the Biden election fraud exists right now, stored in physical boxes in rooms across America. In those rooms are found the keys to overturning the fraud, and the way to get to those boxes is through the application of law.

This is why the censorship is ramping up even now, after Biden was shown to be inaugurated in a fake ceremony: Dems need to cover up their crime for the next 22 months to completely get away with it.

Our job is to make sure they don’t get away with it, and we all need to run delay and defense tactics at the state level to block their malicious agendas from doing much damage.

This is not the time to surrender in despair, it is the time to double down on faith and fortitude. The future belongs to those with courage and determination, not those who throw in the towel when a certain event doesn’t go their way.

Even if Joe Biden is the “president,” he’s only the president of a failed, bankrupt, collapsing entity that has already lost the consent of the governed and the consent of most of the military. The Biden regime can only stay in power under the brute force threat of a police state combined with brutal online censorship to enforce the lies of the Left.

Those totalitarian measures will sooner or later fail. We may suffer for a while, but we will defeat tyranny in due course.

Share your spirit of resistance against tyranny and join the effort to take our Constitutional republic back from those who are seeking to destroy it.

Killing the Beast -- Notice How They Did It

 By Anna Von Reitz

Under Roman Civil Law, which is what the City of Rome, the City of New York, the Inner City of London, the Municipality of Washington, DC, and various other entities run under, it's okay to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and con ---- so long as you don't get caught.  Then, if you get caught, all bets are off. 

So the Municipal Government, operating as a Municipal Corporation, was used to do the actual dirty work, under the idea that it was okay for them to do it; after all, as long as they didn't get caught, it was perfectly "legal" under Roman Civil Law for them to commit crimes of fraud and deceit. 

Thus, it's the Municipal Government that pulls off the Corporations Act of 1870, and it's the Territorial Government making use of that prior felony to promote the Act of 1871 boondoggle.  They work hand-in-glove. 

This same relationship can be observed in operation throughout the Great Fraud.  The Municipal Government which is part of the Holy Roman Empire lays the groundwork, and the Brits are the users and implementers of what the HRE constructs.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaims all Municipal "citizens of the United States" to be slaves of the Municipal Theocracy in his First Inaugural Address and claims that it is a "Holy Cause" to enslave them. The British Territorial Government then greases the wheels by accidentally-on-purpose misidentifying millions of Americans as Municipal citizens of the United States---and latching onto them as runaway slaves.  

What was illegal for the British Government was legal for the Pope, so they colluded together.  The Pope was allowed to enslave, and the Brits were allowed to profit from it, by "selling" Americans to the Pope, and all because of the loopholes available under the Roman Civil Law. 

This ability of the Municipal Government to get away with crimes thanks to adopting the Roman Civil Law,   is what leads to the pernicious relationship between the Popes, the Kings and Queens, and the Lord Mayor of London.  

The Roman Civil Law provides avenues to "safe corruption" that are unavailable under any form of Common Law.  

So the Holy Roman Empire sets it up, and the Brits kick the ball..... 
And the Holy Roman Empire sets it up, and the Brits kick the ball......
And the Holy Roman Empire sets it up again, and the Brits kick the ball.... 

Whatever evil thing you discover, be it an election fraud or an embezzlement, you will observe this same relationship over and over and over again.  The Municipal Agents do the actual dirt---  because under their law, they can, so long as they don't get caught---- and the Brits then take advantage of it.  

This leads to a very special collusion between the Popes, the Monarchs, and the Lord Mayor---- all of it designed to defraud you and reduce you to slavery of a most abject kind.  

Why?  Because slavery is immensely profitable, and although the rest of the world has outlawed slavery since 1926, the Holy See has clung to it and the Roman Civil Law has always allowed it.  So they can "legally" own slaves, when nobody else can. 

Isn't that just charming?  The Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire, the last "legal" slave owners on Earth.  

The relative lawlessness available under the Roman Civil Law has allowed the Municipal Government of the United States to promote endless offenses against common decency, and they have made full advantage of it.  

Our British minions have for the most part, been all too eager to profit themselves from every inroad of corruption that the HRE set up for them.  

And for centuries, they have amiably shared the profits of their "commonwealth system", with the first cuts going to the Pope (in exchange for the dirty work and slave labor) and the second drabs going to the British Overseers of the slaves.  

The slaves, of course, get nothing but lip-service and more taxes.  

So now you begin to understand the Miller Act and the creation of child labor contracts exercised against Municipal franchises operated in our NAMES  by the DTCC, and the Territorial Buck Act in 1940; no doubt they enjoyed the joke in Buckingham Palace.  

We, however, find very little to be amused about.  

All their fraud games were piling up huge debts that innocent Third Parties were being racketeered against to pay.  Enter the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS, both, preying upon clueless Americans for six generations. Enter the commercial banks, pretending that JoAnne Beth Johnson, was actually a Municipal CORPORATION doing business as JOANNE BETH JOHNSON.  

Oh, and yes, we "Americans" were being blamed for their criminality on a worldwide basis the whole time that we were suffering at home, because these cheats were lying to us and using False Flags to mislead us (perfectly allowable under Roman Civil Law, so long as we didn't catch on) into endless mercenary conflicts conveniently mislabeled as "wars".  

Notice their current "war" against the Common Cold Virus----which winds up being a mechanism to destroy small businesses and dump trainloads of money into their coffers?  While providing them an excuse to claim ownership interests in living flesh via insertion of their patented mRNA into our natural genome under the guise of being a "vaccine"?  

Remember, under their "law" it is "legal" to lie, cheat, steal, and use fraud of all kinds --- so long as they don't get caught.  

Speaking for myself and all the Americans I know, it's time for the Roman Civil Law to hit the dustbin of history, and for the Holy Roman Empire to go down with it--- and without the benefit of bankruptcy protection provided by the victims.

It is precisely their fear of the retribution earned by the Holy Roman Empire that is prompting the Italian Government to collapse and seek reform.  They know what has been going on here.  They know that they will be blamed for it, in the same way that the Americans have been blamed for the actions of "the US".  

But at the end of the day, what is really called for is not another circling of the wagons and endless hand-washing.  What's needed is the worldwide banning of the Roman Civil Law, making it illegal to use it in any venue in any jurisdiction at all.  

This is the only way that we can, collectively, as living people, put an end to this ancient source of corruption and oppression.  It's the only way that we can end slavery of all kinds, once and for all, worldwide.  

And it is the only way to put a stop to "legalized" lying and cheating on the part of corporations and governments.  

So, once again, people of the world --- it comes down to you and what you think and what you need and what you believe in.  

Do you approve of slavery being practiced by any government, anywhere in the modern world?   We don't. 

Do you approve of legalized lying, theft, and fraud being practiced by any corporation in the modern world?  We don't. 

Join us.  If you are an American, go to: and come home to the land and soil jurisdiction you are heir to.  Come back under the protections of the Constitutions and the Public Law.  Be recognized as Americans.  

And if you are not Americans, but have suffered just the same -- be aware that you can record your Paramount Claim to your DNA and your identity and all your assets  and whatever guarantees your government is supposed to provide, via our international Land Recording System (LRS).  

For a minimal service fee, you can establish your status as a living man or woman and claim your Lawful Person (Proper Name) in international jurisdiction and begin the process of disentangling yourself and your children and your other assets from the Roman Slave Scheme.  

Then, together, we can kill the Beast, and put it down forever.  It's name is the Holy Roman Empire --- which, as Voltaire observed, is not holy, not Roman, and not an empire.  


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No More Fakes and No More Cuckoo Birds, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, so Joe Biden is "President" of a brand new Municipal Corporation backed by China,  that doesn't have a contract with us, the American States and People.  And no right to be here. 

On top of that, thanks to the fraudulent Corporations Act of 1870 (which is the Big Kahuna, not the Act of 1871) as we pointed out earlier this week in a series of three short articles devoted to this subject --- all US CORPORATIONS are operating on fraudulent charters. 

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears-- oh, my! 

The only way out for any of them, including Joe and Nancy's brand new Flibberdegibit, Inc., is for us to "accept them" and recharter them as American Corporations, and bring them in under our Public Law.  

Otherwise, they have no right to exist and no right to be here.  

Good-bye, GM.  Good-bye, GE.  Good-bye, CHINA.   Good-bye, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY.  Good-bye, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS.  Good-bye, MICROSOFT, INC.  Good-bye, GOOGLE, INC.  Good-bye, RAYTHEON, INC.  Good-bye, FEMA, INC.  Good-bye, GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC. and on and on and on.  

This is something that the Holy See did back in 1870 that was completely out of school and they knew it at the time and they still know it now; the mills of God may be slow, but.... they grind exceedingly fine. 

Here we are. I repeat --- all US CORPORATIONS are founded on fraud and usurpation in Breach of Trust. 

Not only that, but because the Holy See actually owns the Territorial Governments and operates them through Territorial Governmental Services Corporations, the USA,Inc. is formed as a franchise of the US, INC. --- and all the franchises are thus tainted by the same fraud. 

So, good-bye, Microsoft, Inc. and good-bye, The New York Times, Inc., and good-bye, State of Wisconsin, Inc., and good-bye, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Inc., and good-bye University of Wisconsin-Madison, Inc., and good-bye, City of New York, Inc......  

Are you all beginning to get this picture?  None of these corporations have a valid charter of any kind to stand on.  

As a result, they all have to be rechartered or liquidated. None of them have any right to exist.  All of them have been formed under conditions of deceit and usurpation.  All are tainted by the same fraud. 

The Holy See is a sovereign Principal and Power, but it had no ability to act in that capacity "for" us and neither did any Municipal or Territorial Congress acting in 1870.  

So that is Situation One, and the reason that the Territorial Government is in such disarray, with or without a Municipal Corporation.  

And now we come to Situation Two. 

You will all remember how the American States-of-States were quietly "replaced" by British Territorial States-of-States after the Civil War?  

Well, looks like they are trying to do it again, only this time, the British Territorial Government is trying to occupy our American Federal Republic and pretend to be some kind of outgrowth of it in the modern day.  


Our Federal Republic is and always was an American-owned and American-operated entity.  Not British.  If they want to occupy our Federal Republic, we have to renew its charter, The Constitution for the united States of America, and they, the Americans operating the Territorial Government, have to function as State Nationals as the other half of their Dual Federal Citizenship.  

No more nesting in our nest and pretending to be part of our government without walking the walk.  


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About "Q"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have been paying close attention for the last couple years already know what I said about "Q" and all other such operations, too.
I told everyone very bluntly that if people don't show their faces, I take no account of them.
I put all such "intel" in the same category as gossip and go right on sailing. That's what I've advised you all to do, too.
As my Mother used to say, "Talk is cheap. It takes money to buy whiskey."
Now that we have reviewed that point, let's review what I and my team members have actually encouraged you to believe in.
We have encouraged you to believe in you, yourself, and your ability to change the world and control your government.
We have observed that all those bureaucrats are in fact your employees, and that they have contracts called "Constitutions" --- and that it is our role as employers to enforce the Constitutions.
We have explained the identity theft and impersonation scheme that has led to you being deprived of your constitutional guarantees, and which has created the opportunity for your own employees to defraud you.
We have taught you how to overcome those disabilities.
We have called you to take action in your own behalf and in behalf of your States of the Union, by joining together with other Americans to bring your State Assemblies into Session.
We have given you the means to operate your own lawful government again, and all you have to do is---- do it.
It's not easy. It's not sexy. It has no hidden corridors, no creep show thrills. No smoke. No mirrors. No fancy emblems. No resurrections from the dead.
What we have encouraged you to take part in is supremely practical, lawful, peaceful, and once you are clearly identified as Americans, you have every right to self-govern. It's not even controversial.
So, compared to the quasi-military, drama-driven thrills of "Q" we are no doubt B-O-R-I-N-G, but, on the other hand, we are actual, factual, and verifiable.
Contrary to "Q" and all the literally hundreds of other broadcast intel websites out there that have encouraged you to sit on your duffs and wait for the military or for some unknown White Hats to save you, we have encouraged you to join together to save yourselves and save your country from the ravages of your own misdirected and criminally-inclined employees.
What a concept.
There is one other vital thing that sets us and our efforts apart from any other effort or movement or patriot group out there.
We are the actual American government---- of, for, and by the people.
Notice who is doing all this work? Average Americans. Not public employees.
Notice how we are set up as actual State Assemblies? Not District Assemblies. Not State-of-State Assemblies?
We have the history, the provenance, the law, and the facts, the Declaration, the Constitutions, the Sovereign Letters Patent, the liens, and the Federal account receipts.
We know who we are and we know what we are doing and why we are doing it. We aren't hiding in any closets, dropping little tidbits of purported "intel". We are right here, doing our Public Duty, in the flesh, in broad daylight.

No ifs, no ands, no buts about it.


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