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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Missing Tax Money? Not Really

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning a friend forwarded links to these two videos to me--- (below) in hopes they would more succinctly enlighten my Readers about the "missing" National Credit we are owed.  (He says my articles are too long. Sorry.)

Unfortunately, though these links provide some discussion of the fact that $21 T in National Credit is AWOL, they assume that it is "tax money" that is missing, and that is not at all true. 

We know precisely where all the "tax money" went --- to the Bank of England and to the Queen and to the British Crown --- and that most of it went under conditions of fraud, too.

No, the $21T in "National Credit" that is missing is from a different source.  It's credit that the American States and People are owed that was never credited back to them when they exchanged actual goods and services for I.O.U.'s from the same louses that were taxing us under false pretenses. 

What they did was set up a double accrual bookkeeping system -- popularly known as "keeping two sets of books".   This allowed them to create multiple accounts under your name, each one presumed to be acting in different capacities.  For example --- your given name in the form: JOHN MARK DOE functioned in the capacity of a constructive ESTATE trust.  JOHN M. DOE functioned in the capacity of a public transmitting utility.  JOHN DOE was a public charitable trust franchise of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up in the wake of the bogus "Civil War" for the benefit of displaced plantation slaves.

Use Your Heads -- Then Lift Them

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the ancient Maxim of Law that deals with the present situation: "As a Thing is Bound, so it is Unbound."

Everyone in this country was improperly presumed upon as a result of Franklin Delano Roosevelt making his "New Deal Speech" which was accepted by the guilty parties as a Declaration.  As a result of it, and a declaration made by the Territorial State of State Governors at their Conference March 6, 1933, all the Federal Citizens including those residing in the federated Territorial State of States became chattel backing the 1933 bankruptcy and all were considered to be franchises engaged in international commerce.

Of course, the vermin never had any such power or ability to speak for us or to actually indebt us in this fashion.  They simply presumed upon us and mischaracterized us and set about falsifying the public records.