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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Day Five Disaster Update -- Incoming

By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have "mysterious" 35-40 foot waves come at us from a non-descript focus point in the Pacific.  No volcano.  No earthquake.  Just 35-40 foot waves out of the clear blue. 

This isn't enough to get to us, because we are on high ground --- but is enough to play havoc with the Port of Anchorage and possibly a lot of other port facilities in South Central Alaska, making it very difficult to supply Alaska with the food and other supplies needed by a population of more than half a million people.

This on top of a 7.0 Earthquake and the Russians claiming that Jesus was a red-haired Russian called "Radomir". 

Sometimes, faced with the whole panoply, one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Here are all these grown-up people causing trouble, and acting like children at the same time.

Absent the waves and whatever destruction they cause (I am assuming the same source -- US NAVY again.) we are back on our feet.  Fuels are being re-supplied, messes chucked in dustbins, broken dishes and shelves and doorposts hauled away, food replenished. 

Your contributions are allowing us to replace urgent losses and resettle people and functions and get on the road again and I do thank everyone who is tugging at the oars.  We couldn't do this without you.  As Q says-- Where we go one, we go all.

And all in. 

This is Day One for our team member who fell off her ice-covered second story porch yesterday and she is very, very sore. Somehow she avoided broken bones in a twenty foot fall onto frozen ground, which is a miracle in itself, but she has suffered bad muscle damage and is in a lot of pain.  It will take several weeks before she is back to anything like "normal" and meantime, her husband faces bypass surgery. And both are now unemployed--- one because of the earthquake, and one because of the ice storm that has followed.

Sounds like a chapter out of "Doctor Kildare" or "General Hospital". 

Many of the private and specialist clinics have been forced to close subject to inspections and gas shut-offs and other results of the earthquake, but the main hospitals have stayed open.  This is making after-care and cancer care expensive and hard to find, but we are muddling through. 

One of our members went through an especially awful wake up call. For reasons we don't understand, the mirrored glass closet doors in their kid's bedrooms shattered like shrapnel and the jagged pieces embedded themselves into the posts of two sets of bunkbeds and shredded the blankets, sheets and mattresses their children would have been sleeping on an hour or so before this earthquake happened.

If you are a parent you can appreciate looking at big jagged pieces of glass stabbing through your son's pillow, right where his head could have been--- and was, only about an hour and a half before this happened.  Needless to say, the mirrored glass closet doors won't be replaced, even if it makes the room look smaller!

Other than getting the furnace re-wired we haven't had time yet to deal with other material losses.  It has all been clean up and repair and restock.

And now we are waiting for "the Mother of All Bore Tides" ---- a series of "mysterious" breakers, 35 to 40 feet tall, three times larger than any normal high tide or storm breakers to hit the Knik Inlet and Anchorage Port, which could also take out the Anchorage railroad terminal for good measure and knock out railroad and highway bridges.

People are evacuating from low lying offices and facilities, but the only official warnings are coming from one radio station that is blaring it and alternate news sources. 

This is NOT-- repeat NOT--- any normal after-an-earthquake tsunami.  This is an "anomalous" ridge of water out in the Pacific that just appeared out of nowhere and which was not triggered by any normal seismic event or volcanic activity. 

The profile of this onrushing wall of water is again consistent with the use of ULF and ELF Resonance Weapons operated by the US NAVY.  So the idiots in Belgium are still trying to attack us and still trying to save their B.E.A.S.T. system long after any Prudent Man would know that the jig is up. 

It's just destruction for the sake of destruction now.  Spite vented on innocent people by criminals.  Their "beautiful wickedness" is melting, melting.... and they will have to start all over again with some other schtick. 

Next time you see the Babylonian Slave Masters sneaking into town, as they did during the reign of Queen Victoria, you will recognize them for what they are, and you will do exactly what George Herbert Walker Bush said you'd do: you will hang them.


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Fall Guys

By Anna Von Reitz

The banks use bank trustees as "fall guys" and "flak jackets" and "insulation". They appoint bank trustees to run interference and take the heat, while keeping the bank at arm's length from transactions and decisions made about trust assets kept on deposit with the banks. Via their relationship (that of an employer) with the Bank Trustees, the bank keeps de facto control of everything, while shuffling off the liability.

The bank President can stand there with a straight face and say, "Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's dealings with the XRYT Trust. That was, uh, his responsibility."

So when it came to shuffling off responsibility for all the Special Deposit Accounts, aka, "Off-Ledger Accounts", containing actual physical assets belonging to private trusts, foundations, and individuals, the bankers followed the dictates of their Ancient Religion and the logic of their modern Fall Guy system by appointing a Female Bank Trustee to do the Negative Function of blocking accounts and transactions, and a Male Bank Trustee to do the Positive Function of opening and disbursing these accounts.

Both Bank Trustees are Fall Guys.

Neither Kim Goguen nor her male counterpart have any stake in the assets they administer, per se. Both are very frustrated and both would like to see the assets deployed to do good in the world and get things back on track.
But the fact is that without the participation and consent of the actual private trustees who were appointed by the Donors of these trusts, the Bank Trustees are very limited in what they can legally do. 
They are stuck in what is -- in effect -- an interlocking trust directorate, needing to work with each other and with the private trustees to release the assets properly and legally.

Say that you are President of a corporation that is bankrupt and trying to avoid liquidation. 
Say that you have friends and supporters who are trustees of private trust funds more than capable and willing to bail you out, but they can't help because there is a Bank Trustee in the way who won't work with them to release the funds....

Or, from the other side, say that there is a Bank Trustee who understands the crucial need to bail out the President and his corporation, but can't do it legally without the consent of the private trustees and he doesn't know who the private trustees are....

Quite a conundrum, isn't it?

If the President accepts the money from either Bank Trustee without the consent of the actual private trustee, he is the accomplice to a crime of major proportions. He can then be prosecuted as a criminal or blackmailed, whichever suits the bank.

Meanwhile, the banks that created the whole circumstance stand back fat and happy, and blame everything on the Bank Trustees.

What needs to happen is for President Trump to talk to me and the members of our trust association--- because we know who the Bank Trustees are and we know who the private trustees are and we can bring it all together to make a legal pay off possible. And it can happen fast.

The banks use Fall Guys like this, using the same basic script, throughout their operations--- including when they use the military and the police services as commercial mercenaries acting under color of law.

Think of LaVoy Finicum's ambush and murder by the "FBI, Inc." and the grossly ignorant "Sheriffs" of "State of State" county franchise corporations? Those same FBI Agents and County Sheriffs are the Fall Guys, already lined up to take the blame for their corporate bosses, who, when the time comes, will say:

"Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's actions. That was, uh, his responsibility."

It was ultimately ordered by the banks, just like the earthquake strike on Big Lake, Alaska, but they insulated themselves from liability through several layers of Fall Guys. 
The US NAVY and USAF are on the hook for the Big Lake attack, but they have their own Fall Guys lined up to take the blame: clueless American White Hats supposedly operating under the direction of our friend, Russell-J:Gould.

Talk about trying to get many birds with one stone? 
Take out Anna and Jim and blame Russell for it. 
This is the way these Fakirs operate.

Fortunately for all concerned, they failed and their lies and malice are self-evident. And they can't stand there and tell us:

"Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's actions. That was, uh, his responsibility."


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Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men

By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous people keep asking me about the late David-Wynn:Miller and about Parse Syntax and related subjects, so here's the long and short of it:

Parse was an ancient attempt by the Parthians (a group of ancient Persians related to the present day Jordanians) to control their contracts with the Babylonians by equating language to mathematical principles and relationships. 

David Wynn-Miller rediscovered that ancient system and attempted to bring it back into use in the modern world for the same basic purpose-- to make it harder for the present day practitioners of Babylonian fakery to weasel out of, over, and around contracts made in the present era.

So far, so good. 

I spent five days with Russell-J:Gould, David-Wynn:Miller's former partner, last year and found him to be an extraordinary man. Very earnest and bright and also one who has suffered a great deal in this entire effort. He is owed a huge debt of gratitude. However, he believes whole-heartedly that Parse is "correct" mathematically and that the interface with math and language is "the" answer. 

I objected on several grounds-- first, because you can lie with math just as well as words-- any symbolic language is prey to that. (Russell knows and admits this, too.)

Second, I have analyzed it mathematically, and in fact, Parse is NOT correct. (This analysis came out of our meeting and we haven't had a chance to sit down and discuss this yet, but I am sure that Russell will bow to what is True and adapt to the new insights when they are shown to him.)

Third, Parse can be abused just as "legalese" has been abused as a "special secret language" only the experts know-- making it a good seed ground to continue the practice of bilking the public by the new Black Robes. (This is a concern Russell shares.)

Fourth, English is now and always has been the official language of this country, not Parse. So those who advocate and insist on the use of Parse are at best a tiny minority complaining about something  that requires more than their opinion to change. 

Russell truly believes that he captured the flag of this country and that he owns it, etc., etc.-- but unavoidably, the "Title IV Flag" he captured in 1999 was just one "officially recognized" version of our flag that was in the possession of pirates-- the Roman Catholic owned and operated "United States of America, Inc." corporation that had itself seized upon our flag by fraud. 

The Maxim of Law in such situations is that possession by pirates does not change ownership.  And fraud, no matter how long-standing, vitiates everything it touches. 

Our flag was seized upon by the Scottish interloper and "ringer" corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." in 1868, seized upon again by the Roman Catholic version doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. circa 1925, and Russell saved it out of the aftermath of that bankruptcy settlement in 1999. 

So our flag was captured in 1868 under conditions of fraud and held by two generations of pirates before Russell recaptured it.

If Russell claims to own the flag for any purpose other than to return it to the States and People it belongs to, he becomes just another pirate in possession--- and I don't think that that is what he intends to be. 

He did take lawful possession of the vacated land of the Washington DC Municipality.  He lawfully court-martialed the Supreme Court and the senior ranks of the military services. He has a reasonable claim to become the President of the restored Federal Government, assuming that he is elected, and there is really no reason he shouldn't be.  He has done many things that make good sense and which promote peace and provide for a continuance of the Federal Government and the improvement of international business and trade. 

I would certainly recommend Russell-J:Gould as President of a restored Federal Government, assuming that the issues can be clearly stated and free elections can be held.

Russell is a true American and he is very intelligent and moral and has a good heart.  He has done some amazing things for this country and for the world, and he deserves thanks and honor and recognition for it. 

All that said, Russell and I understand the problems involved and the nuances of the history and the law.  It isn't as simple as some of his followers believe and it will all take time to resolve. 

Any Nutter reactions of the "either/or" kind should be chalked up to ignorance and perhaps to foreign agents trying to get control of Russell in the same way that they have sought to control every other aspect of the prior Federal Government structures.

Let me just say that in my experience, Russell is very much a man of his own mind and he will evaluate things for himself and he will recognize it if anyone lies to him or tries to co-opt him.  Those who do so, do so at their own risk.

We have a relationship with Russell that is honest and direct, and barring some unforeseen and insurmountable disagreement, we expect that relationship to continue and see no reason why it should not. 


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What Is Important About December 5th?

By Anna Von Reitz

It's the anniversary of the murder of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Let's begin with a few facts: the Ancient Religion that the bankers follow is not Judaism.  We call it Satanism in the modern day, but Satan is another name for earlier anti-deities of the male gender, and what it all comes down to is that these people worship duality and use sex as a sacrament. 

As a result, there is a male and a female, a positive and a negative, to everything they do-- and they actually believe that if things get out of balance things will fall apart into utter chaos and destruction.  This is also the root of their fascination with accounting and accounting ledgers and keeping everything balanced at all times.

But what happens when everything becomes incredibly unbalanced? 

Then we have a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the men who have created the Mess wanted to bring about utter chaos and destruction.  If they can't rule the world, they want to destroy it.

The IMF, which has functioned as "The U.S. Department of the Treasury" since 1946, owes us $190 Trillion USD, which it can't pay. 

This is essentially because the Federal Reserve didn't pay anyone for anything for almost a hundred years, just operated on I.O.U.s and at the end of the day, declared bankruptcy and skipped town.

The IMF let them get away with this behavior because they thought that, hey,  the Americans have been asleep for 150 years--- what's the chances of them ever waking up again?

The IMF "collected the debt" and smiled, thinking that at the end of the day, the Priority Creditors (the good old US of A) would never show up and never claim back its assets.

At that point, all our wealth and assets and everything that is owed to us would become fair game for the Secondary Creditors --- as "abandoned assets"----and, "abandoned debts".  

They were thinking of most of that $190T as a credit for them, and that they could shuffle off another round of debt for our weary shoulders to bear as "U.S. Citizens" --- but now, it turns out to be their debt instead.  Oh, my!

On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes.  Three days grace time....December 2, December 3, December 4..... and on December 5, it becomes official.  The Municipal Treasury is defunct.  And now the Territorial Treasury, too, goes the way of the Dodo.

Conveniently, most of the "U.S. Government" will be shut down on December 5th, for the funeral of GHW Bush. 

And the only government left standing is The United States of America [Unincorporated].

So then they tried to take us out and leave themselves an open gate and claims in hand.

"Oh?  There is still an American Government?  We will take care of that....just use the new Resonance Weapons to start a nice little earthquake in Big Lake, Alaska...."

They made the common mistake of thinking that my husband and I are the American Government. 

It hasn't quite come home to them yet that every man and every woman born on our soil is a sovereign in their own right, all heirs to our claims, all enabled to come forward in exactly the same way.

A friend of mine has a tag-line at the end of all his emails: "They Lost When They Killed LaVoy Finicum". 

That's what the goons in Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg, the P2 Freemasons and the Scottish Templars, don't quite understand yet.

They could kill James Belcher. They could kill me, too.  They could succeed in their mad attempt to obliterate Big Lake, Alaska.  Just like the cowards set their ambush and swaggered around and murdered LaVoy Finicum using undeclared commercial mercenaries and ignorant local police all operating under color of law....

But they will still be facing 350 million sovereign Priority Creditors who are fed up with all the legal eagle fraud and usurping "government services providers".  They will still be under the watchful eyes of the rest of the world and billions of other people who are fed up and clued in now.

Just remember that everything and anything bad that results after December 5th is being brought to you by the French Nazi UN CORP and its municipal corporations and expedited by their endlessly corrupt UNITED KINGDOM affiliates.  And by the British Monarchs who owe their survival through two World Wars to you. 

Remember that you are the victims of fraud and fraud has no statute of limitation. 

Remember that your servants are not meant to be your masters, and that you are suffering as a result of people who take their paychecks from your pockets.

Most of all, remember who you are: the sons and daughters of the Living God, Americans --- not "U.S. Citizens". 


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News For Knotheads

By Anna Von Reitz

Now the rumor is circulating that "White Hats" were responsible for the attack on Big Lake, apparently yet another rumor started by Kent Dunn.

Lets make this very, very clear--- anyone who attacks American soil is not a White Hat.  They are traitors guilty of treason against this country and its people. 

Anyone stupid enough to mistake me and my work as that of a cabal agent can't read "the fruits" and tell what kind of tree I am.  And hasn't bothered to read my book, Disclosure 101, either.

If you are too clueless to tell the difference between an apple and a fig, I suppose it is possible to think that GHW was a good guy, and not understand why he was nicknamed after his favorite plant-- the poppy.

There is a long history of Americans being misled by con artists and it would not surprise me if some dull blades have been co-opted and misled to attack their own soil and their own people. 

If there are such Americans involved, they are being set up to be the Fall Guys and they need to high tail it.

I have it on very good authority that the attack was by the US NAVY and was allowed by the USAF, which means it was orchestrated by the Uber-Cabal operating out of Switzerland and Belgium.

Not some ignorant wannabe White Hats.

Please note: all actual White Hats have sense enough to recognize it when they are being co-opted and also know better than to attack their own country.


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