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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men

By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous people keep asking me about the late David-Wynn:Miller and about Parse Syntax and related subjects, so here's the long and short of it:

Parse was an ancient attempt by the Parthians (a group of ancient Persians related to the present day Jordanians) to control their contracts with the Babylonians by equating language to mathematical principles and relationships. 

David Wynn-Miller rediscovered that ancient system and attempted to bring it back into use in the modern world for the same basic purpose-- to make it harder for the present day practitioners of Babylonian fakery to weasel out of, over, and around contracts made in the present era.

So far, so good. 

I spent five days with Russell-J:Gould, David-Wynn:Miller's former partner, last year and found him to be an extraordinary man. Very earnest and bright and also one who has suffered a great deal in this entire effort. He is owed a huge debt of gratitude. However, he believes whole-heartedly that Parse is "correct" mathematically and that the interface with math and language is "the" answer. 

I objected on several grounds-- first, because you can lie with math just as well as words-- any symbolic language is prey to that. (Russell knows and admits this, too.)

Second, I have analyzed it mathematically, and in fact, Parse is NOT correct. (This analysis came out of our meeting and we haven't had a chance to sit down and discuss this yet, but I am sure that Russell will bow to what is True and adapt to the new insights when they are shown to him.)

Third, Parse can be abused just as "legalese" has been abused as a "special secret language" only the experts know-- making it a good seed ground to continue the practice of bilking the public by the new Black Robes. (This is a concern Russell shares.)

Fourth, English is now and always has been the official language of this country, not Parse. So those who advocate and insist on the use of Parse are at best a tiny minority complaining about something  that requires more than their opinion to change. 

Russell truly believes that he captured the flag of this country and that he owns it, etc., etc.-- but unavoidably, the "Title IV Flag" he captured in 1999 was just one "officially recognized" version of our flag that was in the possession of pirates-- the Roman Catholic owned and operated "United States of America, Inc." corporation that had itself seized upon our flag by fraud. 

The Maxim of Law in such situations is that possession by pirates does not change ownership.  And fraud, no matter how long-standing, vitiates everything it touches. 

Our flag was seized upon by the Scottish interloper and "ringer" corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." in 1868, seized upon again by the Roman Catholic version doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. circa 1925, and Russell saved it out of the aftermath of that bankruptcy settlement in 1999. 

So our flag was captured in 1868 under conditions of fraud and held by two generations of pirates before Russell recaptured it.

If Russell claims to own the flag for any purpose other than to return it to the States and People it belongs to, he becomes just another pirate in possession--- and I don't think that that is what he intends to be. 

He did take lawful possession of the vacated land of the Washington DC Municipality.  He lawfully court-martialed the Supreme Court and the senior ranks of the military services. He has a reasonable claim to become the President of the restored Federal Government, assuming that he is elected, and there is really no reason he shouldn't be.  He has done many things that make good sense and which promote peace and provide for a continuance of the Federal Government and the improvement of international business and trade. 

I would certainly recommend Russell-J:Gould as President of a restored Federal Government, assuming that the issues can be clearly stated and free elections can be held.

Russell is a true American and he is very intelligent and moral and has a good heart.  He has done some amazing things for this country and for the world, and he deserves thanks and honor and recognition for it. 

All that said, Russell and I understand the problems involved and the nuances of the history and the law.  It isn't as simple as some of his followers believe and it will all take time to resolve. 

Any Nutter reactions of the "either/or" kind should be chalked up to ignorance and perhaps to foreign agents trying to get control of Russell in the same way that they have sought to control every other aspect of the prior Federal Government structures.

Let me just say that in my experience, Russell is very much a man of his own mind and he will evaluate things for himself and he will recognize it if anyone lies to him or tries to co-opt him.  Those who do so, do so at their own risk.

We have a relationship with Russell that is honest and direct, and barring some unforeseen and insurmountable disagreement, we expect that relationship to continue and see no reason why it should not. 


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  1. Gosh, didn't know David-Wynn: Miller passed. Can't find it. Humm is this being removed from searches?? Is it David Wynn Miller, the Living Man who is passed? Or the fiction?

  2. FOR THE FULL-STORY OF THE :Russell-Jay: Gould IS WITH THE "you-tube", BY THE :WAR-CASTLES-~0. [FOR THE FULL-CLOSURE-~0-~15]

    1. And that is exactly Anna's point...!! Mathematics is very complicated to most people , especially when applied to correct speach...!! I'm very good at math, but I couldn't understand one thing that Russel-Jay:Gould was trying to say in his written contracts...which would only be used to evil ends of people that could use it proficiently, unlike the masses...!! Language should be easy to understand, or its just another fraud scheme...I do agree he sacrificed heavily, ANF deserves respect for what those two did together...!! But the real trouble still lies with the justice system and their right to use only THEIR dictionary...Blacks Law (the Black arts) to define words instead of using Webster's which is taught in every public school system...!! That's why when someone says the United States, they think it only had one meaning, and anyone trying to tell them different thinks we are crazy....!!

      There needs to be only one dictionary for definitions of words, otherwise language is just another weapon of war...!!!

  3. When did David pass? I watched several of his video's with his Judge friend, and I don't recall him being very old...

    1. 22June2018

    2. donstr....about 8 months ago...I didn't know it either until I came across it just recently....from another site that have him great escapades...!!

  4. alanedward says;

    I was accuse of making a snyde remark in regards to saying the "Game is rigged... Mmmm well here you go, your opportunity to do some research, or at least follow along..!

    youtube user Gematria effect.

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  6. think this is why he may have been murdered: Just didn't like him calling himself the King of Maui...he has a following in Hawaii including someone he "appointed" to the Postal Savings and called her a Judge....that woman went to his funeral to get more information because she thinks she's a judge..... Wynn Miller had claimed that he helped former U.S President Clinton through the comment, "What Is Is" when Clinton was in meetings to impeach him.....the mystery remains...there are some questionable people who follow him in Hawaii and are actually like Anna says are "pirates" too....aloha
    Note: War for Oil was moved on by now deceased George Bush and the younger continued the crimes...….interesting perspective...…...the Postal Court with 2 judges Gould and Wynn-Miller who had gotten Keline Kahau with them...…from Hawaii. The Postal Court was formed recently. A letter was stamped with 1775 welcoming Wynn Miller to Washington saying they would arrest him. History is interesting in his film.... 1789 put U.S. in bankruptcy and the Rothschild's picked up the note. Parsay language used. Benjamin Franklin was an operative working for England....1775 to present Wynn-Miller documented the History of Fiction. He researched the 1775....and filed, set up a court based on 1775. Fraud is like perjury.....Hawaiian History is brought up in his video. Interesting version of history. Post office established in 1871. The Post office is the New World Order according to Wynn-Miller.They (Wynn Miller and Russell) claim to the courtroom floor....etc. They use 150 U.S. Codes, instead of the thousands made. 12/21/2013 they filed documents affecting Benjamin Franklin....etc. It was Wynn-Miller who claimed that 800 Hawaiians were killed after the overthow of Queen Liliuokalani in date, I've found 250 and research continues. Lots of issues, questions about his work.



  9. The definitions in the statutes override the dictionaries and usually are different than what we would expect. Here's an example from Nevada and they hide them where we wouldn't expect to find it. Other states are similar.
    NRS 361.045 Taxable Property. “Except as otherwise provided by law, all property of every kind and nature whatever within this state shall be subject to taxation.
    NRS 372.030 “In this state” and “In the state” defined. “In this state” and “In the state” means within the exterior limits of the State of Nevada and includes [is limited to] all territory within these limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America. If it meant more than what is stated it would have said “including, but not limited to,” instead of ”includes.”
    Do the research and you will find they were not delegated the authority that you thought they had.

  10. Hi
    My Name Is Paul Busuttil (Australia SA) (where possible please use my email address as as i do not use Gmail.
    I have developed an interest in parse syntax in the last 4 months. i have observed several individuals offering to teach this grammar and i have to be honest that i am most cautious. I have mainly learnt from Davids videos . I am very interested in Anna's comments and her progressive communication with Russell on this subject. so far i have come across many tricksters on my journey, since I am looking for answers but only from sincere people (i believe that Russell & Anna fall in this category). I would be appreciative if any one can provide genuine informative threads/links to assist me in learning more about this. If needed please only use my email as mentioned. Kind Regards Paul

  11. Anna's opinion of Gould and his all-caps grammar has changed. Search her articles to read her more recent take on both:

    1. I noticed this as well. Do you have any information on what caused that change? Specifically, why here she advocates learning PARSE so the black-robed ones have no excuses to ignore our documents, and later she says to steer clear of PARSE altogether?

    2. I'm guessing she dug into it further. See info about the Justinian Deception. Good luck!


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