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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fall Guys

By Anna Von Reitz

The banks use bank trustees as "fall guys" and "flak jackets" and "insulation". They appoint bank trustees to run interference and take the heat, while keeping the bank at arm's length from transactions and decisions made about trust assets kept on deposit with the banks. Via their relationship (that of an employer) with the Bank Trustees, the bank keeps de facto control of everything, while shuffling off the liability.

The bank President can stand there with a straight face and say, "Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's dealings with the XRYT Trust. That was, uh, his responsibility."

So when it came to shuffling off responsibility for all the Special Deposit Accounts, aka, "Off-Ledger Accounts", containing actual physical assets belonging to private trusts, foundations, and individuals, the bankers followed the dictates of their Ancient Religion and the logic of their modern Fall Guy system by appointing a Female Bank Trustee to do the Negative Function of blocking accounts and transactions, and a Male Bank Trustee to do the Positive Function of opening and disbursing these accounts.

Both Bank Trustees are Fall Guys.

Neither Kim Goguen nor her male counterpart have any stake in the assets they administer, per se. Both are very frustrated and both would like to see the assets deployed to do good in the world and get things back on track.
But the fact is that without the participation and consent of the actual private trustees who were appointed by the Donors of these trusts, the Bank Trustees are very limited in what they can legally do. 
They are stuck in what is -- in effect -- an interlocking trust directorate, needing to work with each other and with the private trustees to release the assets properly and legally.

Say that you are President of a corporation that is bankrupt and trying to avoid liquidation. 
Say that you have friends and supporters who are trustees of private trust funds more than capable and willing to bail you out, but they can't help because there is a Bank Trustee in the way who won't work with them to release the funds....

Or, from the other side, say that there is a Bank Trustee who understands the crucial need to bail out the President and his corporation, but can't do it legally without the consent of the private trustees and he doesn't know who the private trustees are....

Quite a conundrum, isn't it?

If the President accepts the money from either Bank Trustee without the consent of the actual private trustee, he is the accomplice to a crime of major proportions. He can then be prosecuted as a criminal or blackmailed, whichever suits the bank.

Meanwhile, the banks that created the whole circumstance stand back fat and happy, and blame everything on the Bank Trustees.

What needs to happen is for President Trump to talk to me and the members of our trust association--- because we know who the Bank Trustees are and we know who the private trustees are and we can bring it all together to make a legal pay off possible. And it can happen fast.

The banks use Fall Guys like this, using the same basic script, throughout their operations--- including when they use the military and the police services as commercial mercenaries acting under color of law.

Think of LaVoy Finicum's ambush and murder by the "FBI, Inc." and the grossly ignorant "Sheriffs" of "State of State" county franchise corporations? Those same FBI Agents and County Sheriffs are the Fall Guys, already lined up to take the blame for their corporate bosses, who, when the time comes, will say:

"Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's actions. That was, uh, his responsibility."

It was ultimately ordered by the banks, just like the earthquake strike on Big Lake, Alaska, but they insulated themselves from liability through several layers of Fall Guys. 
The US NAVY and USAF are on the hook for the Big Lake attack, but they have their own Fall Guys lined up to take the blame: clueless American White Hats supposedly operating under the direction of our friend, Russell-J:Gould.

Talk about trying to get many birds with one stone? 
Take out Anna and Jim and blame Russell for it. 
This is the way these Fakirs operate.

Fortunately for all concerned, they failed and their lies and malice are self-evident. And they can't stand there and tell us:

"Uh, harrrumph, ah, I didn't know anything about Mr. Greene's actions. That was, uh, his responsibility."


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  1. That's just another attorney trick using more FRAUD to accomplish it under the illusion of a "lawfully constructed TRUST....!! First of all anyone or corporation in Bankruptcy have no rights at all, and can lawfully be liquidated with or without TRUSTEES....Does anyone that is insolvent in a commercial world get to make rules that can't be overiden....I don't agree with your assessment Anna...!! If they are trying to pass "liability" , they are all accessories to a crime....and it wouldn't take much to bring in a Trustee and threaten him with "life" imprissionment if he doesn't release the FUNDS....!! ITS OUTRIGHT FRAUD , to set up a Trust that way.....!! Even if it's legal it certainly isn't "lawful", by any stretch of the imagination.....!!! The one who beats ultimate responsibility is the Attorney that set the TRUST in the first place...!! All President Trump has to do is make an Order, making anyone with a BAR license unlawful to give legal advice to anyone and cannot practice law....and make it a major FELONY...!! Watch how fast people start to do things....!!

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  3. GHW was a very smart guy like Robert Mueller their scientific xray chart house #3 contains lots of planets and fixed star of intelligence (to self-advance). Mueller chart says he is more calculated and evil. What do they have in common? Lots of assets such a Bonds Trust accounts, stocks, ect. Their charts, house #4 says so. GHW knew his time will come, so he unloaded all his wealth to his top children quickly at age 77 incrementally. The scientific tool says so. I believe our $950T already went to the top youngest prince of England, part of it went to the Pope recently. They are aware that the moneys don’t belong to them. Whenever I see 5 - 6 major Positive Planets Conjunction in #4 = Security, Stocks, Bonds, Trust accounts, Gold, etc, that is the key to tell. I also see the youngest prince of UK got the most goodies. A HUGE BUCKLETLOAD of N.American assets? Maybe not, I think they have someone hold it. Possibly the Pope.

    Another example to tell the accuracy of the tool is to look at Ambassador Lee Wanta. He was a real rich-to-poor man. When he gained $31 Trillions I see his two positive major planets conjunction (Saturn + Uranus) in house #2, which is the house of earnings. After he lost all his moneys, I saw his Saturn turned Negative IN #2, then 5+ years later his Uranus turned Negative at same position. Ambassador Lee turned into a depressed and emotional man. That may be why he wrote the book. Never do anything like this man, putting all moneys in one basket.


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