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Friday, September 29, 2023

“All Hell To Break Loose”

 Sept 28th, 2023

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Do or Not Do

 By Anna Von Reitz

This goes out to my Japanese friends who taught me the importance of clarity in one's life. 

They have a very simple proposition that runs throughout Japanese society.  

One should either do something, or not do it.

No wishy-washy.  No hypocrisy.  Stand up or sit down with equal power. 

And then hold to your decision, until and unless the basis for your decision changes. 

If you were given bad information and believed it, by all means, admit the mistake and correct. 

If you were deprived of information you needed, and because of that made a mistake, admit the mistake and correct.  

But never do the right thing for the right reasons and apologize for it.  

Be honorable in all things and make clean decisions, so that your mind and heart can be at peace. 

In other words, don't lie.  Don't lie to yourself and don't lie to others. 

Nothing is relative. 

Everything is, or isn't. 

This echoes what my parents taught me in a completely different language, and it is echoed in many languages throughout the world -- if we only listen. 

My Son noticed that the voice of the world is loud and always shouting at us: 

"Buy me!"
"Obey me!"
"Be afraid of me!" 

Yet the Voice of Truth is soft-spoken and kind and doesn't threaten or coerce. It whispers: 

"I am present." 
"I am with you." 
"I love you."  

Listen to this Voice instead. Act according to its ways. Be inspired by its message.  And don't look back. 


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Public International Notice: No Constitutional Republic Available

 By Anna Von Reitz

Be it known to all to whom these presents come:    

The Confederation of States was first proposed as of 1777, but not adopted by all the original States until 1781. It's Articles of Confederation is often referred to -- erroneously -- as the "first Constitution".   

The Confederation was spun out of a powersharing agreement that created it and empowered it to provide certain services that had, prior to that, been provided by the Federation of States.  

The Articles of Confederation created an American-chartered corporation empowered to function in the realm of commerce, and thus separated commercial affairs from international trade, which remained under the control of the Federation of States. 

The reason that this arrangement is sometimes interpreted as "the first Constitution" is that like the Federal Constitutions that followed, the creation of the Confederation of States involved a delegation of power (from Federation to Confederation) and a service contract with a newly defined corporation (Articles of Confederation) which was supported and paid for by the States in receipt of these mutually agreed upon services.

This arrangement was a business arrangement creating a new commercial instrumentality for the States of America, one of the doing-business-as names of the original Union of States. 

None of these arrangements and delegations of power changed the authority of the organic States nor did it destroy the mutual powers vested in the Federation of States.  

The Confederation was a mutually-held commercial instrumentality of the States of the original Union of States, not the "government" thereof.  

The American government has always been vested in the actual States and it remains so to this day.  

Now that we understand what we are talking about, we are also prepared to deal with the fact that the Confederation failed.  It operated as the States of America from 1781 to 1787 when it received a new contract, The Constitution for the united States of America.  

As you can notice, the name convention is consistent throughout.  The Confederation operated as the States of America prior to 1787 and when it received the new contract, that contract clearly stated that it was "for" the "States of America".  

This leaves no doubt whatsoever that the Confederation of States was the entity that received the first Federal Constitution contract in 1787, and that the Confederation was, as a corporation, dba "States of America", responsible for the operations of the Federal Republic from 1787 to 1861. 

When the Southern States walked out of the Confederation Congress operating as the United States in Congress Assembled, the board of directors of this corporation adjourned sine die (without a set time to meet again) on March 27th, 1861.  

Four days later, April 1st 1861, Mr. Lincoln declared an emergency and substituted the Congress of the British Territorial United States dba the United States of America in Congress Assembled, as the controlling body in charge of the Federal Government. 

We recently covered the details of this manuever in another article.  

Twelve days later, on April 12th 1861, the Civil War began, with the British Territorial interests allied with the Northern State-of-State organizations, and the Papist Municipal United States interests allied with the Southern State-of-State members of the failed Confederation doing business as the "Confederate States of America". 

In a more honest world, the combatants would have been called, "the Northern Confederate States of America" versus "the Southern Confederate States of America".  

All these parties were "Confederate States" meaning that they were "states-of-states" in exactly the same meaning which still defines such organizations in the Uniform Commercial Code today

So, the combatants in the Civil War were commercial businesses under contract to provide services to the States -- not the States themselves.  

This is bourne out by the Muster and Enlistment Rolls, by the fact that no Declaration of War was issued by any Congress, and by the fact that no Peace Treaty exists formally ending this "war" which was actually and factually an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

Bottom line, the Confederation failed. 

In 1787, the Confederation operating as the States of America Corporation was entrusted to function as an American-chartered corporation in the business of providing governmental services and exercising delegated commercial powers for the States. 

In 1861, this corporation was split in half, and by 1863, the remaining Northern Confederate States (of States) were bankrupted by Lincoln. The Southern Confederate States (of States) were ruinated by the Union Army as history records.  

For all intents and purposes, a third of the American Government, that entrusted to provide commercial services and representation, ceased to exist. 

It's contract, The Constitution for the united States of America, remains dormant for lack of a Successor or a Reconstruction of the Federal Republic Corporation dba States of America, Incorporated. 

This is where we stand and the situation we have in this country: 

The actual States are the Employers.  

The Confederate States-of-States are the Employees. 

Our State Assemblies have the perogative to make one of four possible choices: (1) complete the Reconstruction to relaunch the American Confederate  States (of States) and reorganize the States of America Corporation; (2) do the work delegated to the States of America Corporation via the Federation of States -- our present default position; (3) assign the work to a totally new Subcontractor; (4) work with the present service providers to hammer out an actual agreement for them to continue providing the services. 

In no case is it possible for our Employees to create a legitimate solution for themselves. 

This is why Donald Trump and USA Military can't just walk in and occupy the American Federal Republic. This is why there is and can be no "Constitutional Republic of Missouri".  This is why there is no viable "Republic of Texas", too.  

The American Federal Republic organized by the States of the Union went out of business a long time ago.  Our State Assemblies have to take action to reconstruct it --- or not.  

Until then, our erstwhile Federal Employees need to concentrate on doing their jobs according to the Constitutions that are their respective contracts with America and stop pointing fingers and rattling sabers. 

They need to take instruction from the Federation of States regarding the accomplishment of the work that the Federal Republic should be doing.

The Federation did all the commercial work from 1776 to 1781 and is in position to do it now, too.  

Our Federal Employees need to stop presenting their private corporation elections in lieu of public elections, need to stop mischaracterizing Americans as foreign citizens, need to stop misrepresenting the British Territorial Government's democracy as the government of this country, and need to get back in line all across the board. 

They need to stop declaring "wars" against anything, as they have no right, power, or standing to declare war and possess only borrowed and delegated power to defend us, their Employers.  

They need to stop spending our credit on wars in Ukraine and elsewhere, stop promoting illegal and unlawful taxation, forced registrations, and yes, stop all participation in biological warfare and mind control experiments. 

Our Employees both at the Federal level and at the Federal franchise "State of State, Inc." and "STATE" levels, need to stop all activities detrimental to the Public Good, including aerial spraying of chemicals, mind control exercises, censorship of public airwaves and media, pollution of all kinds, attacks on our food production and food resources, all phony vaccinations and tracking systems, and get back to work doing something positive for this country and the world. 

Failing that, they all need pink slips and the dissolution / forfeiture of their corporations.  

This is a Public International Notice and Orders issued by the Principals:

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
      The United States of America
      In care of: Box 520994
      Big Lake, Alaska 99652

September 27th 2023 


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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Church Government sets aside an amount of gold equal to your birth weight to fund the Cestui Que Vie Trust as an Insurance Trust attached to YOUR NAME for each Municipal citizen. 

This becomes a debt that you owe to the Pope --- a bond represented by the Birth Certificate Bond. 

Unless this is paid back, with interest, you are considered a debtor to the Pope and a Municipal citizen. 

People who misunderstand this think that the bond is a source of wealth for them instead of being an insurance debt. 

This insurance is what underwrites what most of us think of as "social insurance" and what we are paying back when we pay FICA taxes and other taxes that underwrite Public Assistance and Social Security, etc.  

Most of us never contribute enough through these taxes to pay off the bond and many contribute far less than they receive in terms of payments for medical care, old age pension payments, etc.  

And, of course, the value of this bond which is based on the value of gold goes up and down over time, depending on the market conditions and value of gold. 

All these taxes that we pay for things like Unemployment Insurance and Social Security are "our bit" toward paying the cost of these and similar programs that are initially and fundamentally funded by the Church and/or enable us to pay for our needs without using the Church's bond.  

Anyway, this bond is the underpinning that insures basic social decency for the very young and the old in western societies. This is the base source of the money used to pay medical bills and care bills for the indigent and abandoned, the orphans and the elderly. 

The need for this is imposed by our lifecycle, which requires that for a number of years we are helpless and dependent as babies and children at the beginning of our life, and which again requires a number of years of diminishing activity and productivity at the end of life. 

Not everyone is blessed with good and stable parents who are willing and able to support us.  Not everyone reaches old age with enough money to live out their lives in some degree of comfort. 

So, as part of the Church's overall mission and its obligation to the Commonwealth system (receiving land and tax exemptions and other favors from the government in exchange for caring for the helpless), the social care costs of Municipal citizens have been largely funded by the Church, but the assistance has been delivered by national governments for the past several decades.  

Those national governments have -- in their turn -- taxed us to make payments back to the Church on the "social care bond" we individually owe the Pope and to pick up the slack for those who never contribute back a dime and yet need assistance.  These same governments have, understandably, pushed everyone to accept Municipal citizenship so that everyone would be covered by this umbrella.

The gold for this has been earned over centuries by the Church through its Commonwealth and other work-investment activities, and donated by wealthy Catholics for the common good, but maintained as a trust by the Church so that, hopefully, the principal of the trust could be maintained and the value of the trust could keep up with the demands of expanding population growth. 

These benefits were not restricted to Catholics, but rather, extended to anyone who accepted Municipal citizenship and its responsibilities. 

When you review the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the Commonwealth System that grew up between the Church and the European Monarchies and the whole effort toward "social justice" and "common decency" over the past several hundred years, it is self-evident  that the Church and the Governments worked together to create this system of "social insurance" and used it to build hospitals and social insurance programs that are far more humane than the workhouses and orphanages that preceded them.  

It's also apparent that these programs have been abused and their administration by secular governments has often been corrupt, nonsensical, and wasteful; indeed, for far too many, social welfare has become a way of life.   As a result, the taxation imposed to pay back the bond has become more and more oppressive, so that we literally have a "robbing Peter to pay Paul" situation in which people who are at least trying to pull their own weight are being beset by tax collectors and having their property confiscated to pay for people who are self-destructing (addicts) and scamming (welfare Moms) and otherwise, siphoning funds and other resources. 

At the same time, much crime and abuse of children and elders has begun to creep into the infrastructure of the social welfare system as a result of all this payola and corruption and lack of motivation on the part of the governments to administer and oversee these "private partnership" agreements correctly.  

There is evidence of orphans and neglected children left adrift in the Foster Care System being sold into various kinds of slavery on black markets, and more than adequate evidence of elder abuse, too.  The recent flu pandemic "exercise" saw the mass murder of nursing home patients throughout the western world. 

We are all left with the unpleasant reality that despite good intentions, the social welfare programming isn't working, and on top of all that, we find that a great many people have been subjected to unconscionable and non-consensual foreign citizenship obligations in exchange for these benefits; and, when individuals have resisted the presumptions attached to this unconscionable Municipal citizenship, they have been attacked by private tax collectors (IRS) and been demeaned as tax cheats, jailed, and had their property confiscated. 

When held to account for this, the Church has answered, "but this is a gift" and argued that it has not required the return of this investment and that Municipal citizenship is voluntary, etc., and that the Church only "wishes" for people to voluntarily contribute to the social good, etc., which is at stark odds with the relative secrecy with which the Municipal citizenship obligations have been imposed and the lack of Public Notice and actual understanding of the participants in the social welfare scheme, and also at odds with the draconian enforcement tactics of the IRS. 

One is reminded not only of robbing Peter to pay Paul, but the craziness of "killing for Jesus". 

The national governments have shirked any responsibility of disclosure and taken advantage of the Church's largesse, and together, wittingly or unwittingly, the members of the US CONGRESS and their EU counterparts, have run the largest peonage scheme in history -- all in the name of "the Greater Good", which has amounted to throwing money at social problems that require far more oversight and understanding and true compassion.  


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Musk’s Starlink Refusal & ADL Criticism Enrages Deep State

Senate Democrats Plan Investigation

Monday, September 25, 2023

Fr. Paul Baumberger 17th Sunday After Pentecost

Explosive Video: CPS Whistleblower Reveals Dark Underbelly of State-Sponsored Child Trafficking

In-Depth: Blackrock Sits At The Apex Of The Deep State, Holding Unfathomable Power To Reshape The Global Economy

Alex Newman

Despite what you may have heard, it is about much more than “money.” It always has been. 

The recent cultural transformation of corporate America — think Bud Light, Target, and Disney as some of the more recent examples — has shocked traditional Americans to the core. Suddenly, it seems that every major company in the nation has gone “woke,” promoting everything from man-made global-warming alarmism and “transgender” mutilation of children’s genitals to godless globalism and vicious race-mongering. It is all happening under the guise of improving “Environmental, Social, Governance” (ESG) scores and “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) metrics. 

BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink has bragged repeatedly about what he is doing with your money. “Behaviors are going to have to change, and this is one thing that we are asking companies,” Fink declared during a 2017 discussion hosted by The New York Times. “You have to force behaviors, and at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors.” It is true; BlackRock is, in fact, forcing behaviors on companies, as well as on the people who work in those companies and even consumers.



Although it would be difficult to boycott BlackRock itself, one can vote with your wallet in other ways. We are moving into silver instead of leaving currency in any banks. We are also watching where we spend our currency and trying to buy from local Mom and Pop businesses wherever we can.

Silver is the most undervalued commodity on the planet, and many precious metals experts are saying it will go to triple digit prices soon.

Here is what Mike Maloney says.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

As We Join Together -- Tribe or Nation?

 By Anna Von Reitz

"Tribe" is a word related to "Tribute" and once upon a time referred to all those who owed tribute -- money, taxes, allegiance -- to Rome.  

It still does. 

"Tribal sovereignty" is another oxymoron like "sovereign citizen", because you can't be a tribe and a sovereign nation at the same time. 

I was recently asked where in US CODE or Geneva Convention, etc., are "indigenous people" defined? 

My first response is that we are all indigenous.  

Please hear me: all labels are traps, so please don't trap yourself or anyone else.

My second response is that living people are never defined in US CODE because US CODE is about corporations.

So far as the Geneva Conventions go, we are all civilians living in a militarily occupied country, so that's the only definition -- civilian or military? There is no special "other" status for Indians.

Tribal members get lumped into the Municipal citizenry as wards of the Pope and are civilians of that kind, called "citizens of the United States" within the meaning of the corporate 14th Amendment.  

Members of Tribal Nations get lumped into the U.S. Citizenry as wards of the King and are civilians of that kind--- U.S. Citizen dependents and wards of the State (of State).  

What about the rest of us, who aren't "citizens" or "tribal members"? 

We belong to non-Tribal, non-citizen nations.  

We don't owe any allegiance to Rome (non-Tribal) and we don't owe any service to the government (non-citizen). 

That defines what are aren't.  We are not any closer to defining what we are. 

Which is? 


All these other characters are attached to the Pope or the King. We're not. 

We are attached to our States of the Union, established 1776.  

So what is the optimum political status for American Indians in the middle of this confusing morass of names, labels, and political allegiances? 

Dual National status.  

Not Dual Citizen status. 

Many nations can occupy the same land and soil and live happily together. 

As Dual Nationals, American Indians can enjoy the benefit of their State sovereignty and their national sovereignty, too.  

Thus, a Lakota Sioux born in South Dakota is best served by claiming Dual National status, both as a South Dakotan and as a Lakota --- not as a tribe, but as a nation on the land and soil.  

So, can someone claim "benefits" from the Tribe and act as Federal citizens at the same time they claim sovereign status via their State?  

Yes, this is possible, because Federal Employees and Dependents can also be American State Nationals.  

Just as someone can work for the Post Office, and at the same time be owed their Constitutional Guarantees, an American Indian can be a member of a Federally-recognized Tribe and through their State National status can also claim their Constitutional Guarantees. 

In that case, they would be Municipal citizens of the United States and also State Nationals.

What if a Tribal member went to work for the United States Military?  

Then they would be acting as Dual Citizens and would have no access to Constitutional Guarantees.

For most people who have made the transition to living off the Reservation successfully, the ideal choice is Dual National: member of the Lakota nation and a South Dakotan, as per the example.   

For those still on the Reservation and/or still dependent on Federal benefits, the next best choice is: citizen of the United States / State National.  

The citizenship status lacks sovereignty, but is protected by the sovereign State, as in our American Postal worker example. 


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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Our Court System

 By Anna Von Reitz

We say, "Our Court System", in the sense of distinguishing it from their court system(s).  

We, Americans, have our own court system which is separate from the courts of "strictly limited jurisdiction" allowed to our Federal Subcontractors. 

The Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have their own "administrative courts" -- that is, corporate tribunals that enforce the policies and codes of these corporations. 

These are in-house courts that are limited to addressing corporation officials, corporation employees, agency subcontractors, and departments within their corporations. 

It's somewhat confusing because there are two Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia and they each have different policies and codes, one set for the Federal Civil Service and its franchises serving under the Municipal Code of Washington, DC, and one set for the Military Services under Federal Code. 

None of these codes, nor any State-of-State franchise statutes, are meant to "generally apply" to 
the General Public. 

So what do we mean by "generally apply"?  

We mean that only about 8% of all Federal Code applies to Americans, and only when those Americans are engaged in federally regulated activities or on federal property. 

Obviously, the administrative tribunals of a foreign corporation have little or no business speaking to Americans, but they do so all the time.  Their excuse for "assuming jurisdiction" over us is that our own courts have been vacated or nearly vacated for several decades.  

It's up to us to change that and to restore our court system, but before we can do that, we have to have a firm understanding of our own law and our own courts--- and that's difficult to come by after decades of our courts standing vacant and/or largely dormant. 

Even our system of Public Law, referring to ourselves as the "Public", has been obscured. Our case law has been reorganized and buried in archives. 

The first thing we have to notice about our courts is that they are courts of general jurisdiction.  They are not limited as to what issues they may address and are competent to judge both the law and the facts involved in each case.  Our juries have the right of jury nullification and can overturn any law that is unjust, unreasonable, or void for vagueness. 

The second thing we note is that our courts operate within specific limited venues when exercising their general jurisdiction.  For example, our State Courts only have jurisdiction within the physical borders of each State. Our county courts only have jurisdiction within the border of each county.  

The third thing we have to know is that our courts operate under American Common Law--- not any of the myriad other forms of "common law"---and then, we have to learn our law and set up our courts. 

Is that all?  

We are helped in this mammoth undertaking by having copies of: 

Bouvier's Common Law Dictionary, the only such dictionary approved by our American Congress:

American Jurisprudence 2D - a multi-volume law encyclopedia series with over 400 topic sections covering all forms and jurisdictions of law presently in use. 

This resource allows us to intelligently explore topics of vital interest to us, but requires us to recognize the difference between international, national, and local law, land law and sea law, and so on. 

In the event that our courts are called upon to consider issues in Maritime or Admiralty venues, we have the multi-volume compendium:

Benedict on Admiralty by Erastus Cornelius Benedict

To assist us in understanding the history, depth, beauty, power and tradition of Common Law in general, we have: 

Excellence of the Common Law by Brent Winters
and all his excellent workshops and seminars, as well as other publications.  

Last but not least, we have a magnificently succinct instruction booklet to guide us in setting up and operating a general jurisdiction Common Law Court:

Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: a Common Law Training Manual by Kevin Annett: 

Or, better still, order your copies directly from the ITCCS Office and give them the benefit of the wholesale price: itccsoffice@

This little volume gives you both the basic ideas and history of Common Law as well as a straightforward instruction book telling you how to create and maintain a lawful Common Law Court in international jurisdiction --- everything we need to know to set up our State Courts. 

Thank you, Kevin Annett. 

It's a humbling place to be, as we lift ourselves up out of the mire of a purposefully engineered ignorance, and restore our rightful place among the nations, by restoring our American Common Law Courts of General Jurisdiction, and begin the process of correction and restitution.  


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