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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Our Court System

 By Anna Von Reitz

We say, "Our Court System", in the sense of distinguishing it from their court system(s).  

We, Americans, have our own court system which is separate from the courts of "strictly limited jurisdiction" allowed to our Federal Subcontractors. 

The Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have their own "administrative courts" -- that is, corporate tribunals that enforce the policies and codes of these corporations. 

These are in-house courts that are limited to addressing corporation officials, corporation employees, agency subcontractors, and departments within their corporations. 

It's somewhat confusing because there are two Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia and they each have different policies and codes, one set for the Federal Civil Service and its franchises serving under the Municipal Code of Washington, DC, and one set for the Military Services under Federal Code. 

None of these codes, nor any State-of-State franchise statutes, are meant to "generally apply" to 
the General Public. 

So what do we mean by "generally apply"?  

We mean that only about 8% of all Federal Code applies to Americans, and only when those Americans are engaged in federally regulated activities or on federal property. 

Obviously, the administrative tribunals of a foreign corporation have little or no business speaking to Americans, but they do so all the time.  Their excuse for "assuming jurisdiction" over us is that our own courts have been vacated or nearly vacated for several decades.  

It's up to us to change that and to restore our court system, but before we can do that, we have to have a firm understanding of our own law and our own courts--- and that's difficult to come by after decades of our courts standing vacant and/or largely dormant. 

Even our system of Public Law, referring to ourselves as the "Public", has been obscured. Our case law has been reorganized and buried in archives. 

The first thing we have to notice about our courts is that they are courts of general jurisdiction.  They are not limited as to what issues they may address and are competent to judge both the law and the facts involved in each case.  Our juries have the right of jury nullification and can overturn any law that is unjust, unreasonable, or void for vagueness. 

The second thing we note is that our courts operate within specific limited venues when exercising their general jurisdiction.  For example, our State Courts only have jurisdiction within the physical borders of each State. Our county courts only have jurisdiction within the border of each county.  

The third thing we have to know is that our courts operate under American Common Law--- not any of the myriad other forms of "common law"---and then, we have to learn our law and set up our courts. 

Is that all?  

We are helped in this mammoth undertaking by having copies of: 

Bouvier's Common Law Dictionary, the only such dictionary approved by our American Congress:

American Jurisprudence 2D - a multi-volume law encyclopedia series with over 400 topic sections covering all forms and jurisdictions of law presently in use. 

This resource allows us to intelligently explore topics of vital interest to us, but requires us to recognize the difference between international, national, and local law, land law and sea law, and so on. 

In the event that our courts are called upon to consider issues in Maritime or Admiralty venues, we have the multi-volume compendium:

Benedict on Admiralty by Erastus Cornelius Benedict

To assist us in understanding the history, depth, beauty, power and tradition of Common Law in general, we have: 

Excellence of the Common Law by Brent Winters
and all his excellent workshops and seminars, as well as other publications.  

Last but not least, we have a magnificently succinct instruction booklet to guide us in setting up and operating a general jurisdiction Common Law Court:

Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: a Common Law Training Manual by Kevin Annett: 

Or, better still, order your copies directly from the ITCCS Office and give them the benefit of the wholesale price: itccsoffice@

This little volume gives you both the basic ideas and history of Common Law as well as a straightforward instruction book telling you how to create and maintain a lawful Common Law Court in international jurisdiction --- everything we need to know to set up our State Courts. 

Thank you, Kevin Annett. 

It's a humbling place to be, as we lift ourselves up out of the mire of a purposefully engineered ignorance, and restore our rightful place among the nations, by restoring our American Common Law Courts of General Jurisdiction, and begin the process of correction and restitution.  


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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My Thoughts on The Wyoming Assembly and All Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

This particular list of gripes comes from Wyoming and a man deeply indoctrinated into the authoritarian federal dystopia, but it is typical of the same kinds of complaints that periodically appear from similar sources in all State Assemblies countrywide. 

So let's just clear the decks and examine these. 

Thoughts on the Wyoming Assembly

1.     (From Dan Garnett)  We no longer have a “State” government, but a Federation one, with Anna as queen and coordinators taking over and running a supposedly state government. 

(From Anna) This is profoundly not true and a gross misstatement of what we are doing and facing and what the roles within the American Government are.  

The Federation is acting as the responsible Summoning Authority during the assembling process only and is looking forward to the day when we no longer have to nursemaid the State Assemblies and guide them with respect to such basics as what a State Assembly is and how it is organized and how to conduct elections and how to operate viable militias and State Courts.  

As this is the first time that the States have assembled in our lifetimes there is no "current knowledge base" available in the States of the Union and everything has to be rebuilt from old records and scratch.  Dan Garnett mistakes the entire situation and why things are the way they are right now and is making a gross and unjust botch of interpreting the overall process. 

Just Monday night Teri Sahm asked me to go over some history and I explained that "normally" when our American Government is operating full tilt, we have a Federation President who can call the States into Session, and that normally, a quorum of nine (9) States can call the others into Session -- but in this case, the only Summoning Authority left was the Head of State vested in the Federation of States.  

Read that --- if this was a normal situation, if we weren't coming out of a decades-long period of dormancy, the Federation of States wouldn't even be involved in bringing the State Assemblies into Session and everyone would already know how to come into Session and how to organize, etc., etc.

As it is, the Federation is imposing basic standards that define what a State Assembly is and how it is structured and how it operates. The Summoning Authority has to do this, or there would be utter chaos, fifty different interpretations of what a State Assembly is,  and no way to operate.  

So Dan Garnett can just take his nasty suppositions about the role of the Federation (and my personal role) and stick it somewhere.  If he has a better answer to the problem of restoring fifty State Governments that have been dormant for longer than any of us have been alive, let's see it. 

2.    (From Dan Garnett)  The “acting chairman” position has now become nothing more than a faux “moderator” for Zoom meetings. Margaret actually runs them.

(From Anna) So why doesn't Dan Garnett get off his rump and start the push for drafting candidates and providing a lawful election for an actual versus "Acting" Assembly Chairman? There's nobody here but us chickens.  Does he think that the Tooth Fairy is going to provide a viable State Assembly Chairman? 

3.   (From Dan Garrett)   There is no job description for a chairman.

(From Anna) This is just ignorance. The office and role of the Assembly Chairman has been fully described in The Jural Assembly Handbook and elsewhere.  The Assembly Chairman is the Spokesperson for the State Assembly and is responsible for the overall conduct of business including the meetings of the General Assembly.  If Dan Garnett studied, he'd already know that.  If other people studied, they'd know that, too, and could tell him. 

4.   (From Dan Garnett)   There seems to be no state governor in Anna’s view.

(From Anna) Our State Assemblies don't have Governors and never did. Governors, as the name implies, are representatives of foreign powers, here to govern the Municipal and Territorial Employees residing here under the auspices of the Residence Act. The State Assembly Chairman is our Chief Executive in every State of the Union. 

5.  (From Dan Garnett)    I mentioned budget and appropriations in the July meeting, but we have no “lawful” way of making that happen because of the lack of a Constitution.

(From Anna) Again, Dan Garnett is profoundly confused. We don't live under or need a "Constitution" to operate. It's our Employees who live under Constitutions and need Constitutions to get paid.  We, the Employers of this whole shebang, are organizated under The Declaration of Independence, instead.  We can apportion assets and establish credit at will without reference to any State Trustees or members of Congress because we are the Owners and Donors of the Trust assets.  It's our property and our right to deploy both our public and private assets. 

6.   (From Dan Garnett)  The federation coordinators have assumed (taken over) state power positions and will most likely keep them even after “state government”(?) is established, thus maintaining some form of federation control.

(From Anna) See Item 1. The Federation wields the "Mutual Powers" of the States in International and Global jurisdictions which is more than enough work to do. We are stuck with an unusual responsibility and are doing our best with it ---exactly what the State Assemblies need to do, too.  

And now we come to another misunderstanding that needs to get blown out of the water --- which is the idea that the Coordinators are chosen by and imposed upon State Assemblies in a top-down fashion by the Federation.  

Coordinators are people from your individual States of the Union who step up as volunteers, receive training, are background checked and vetted ---and who then do the thankless job of helping their State Government get organized.  They do this all on their own.  

The Federation then works with whomever your State produces as a Coordinator / Coordinators.  We don't choose them. Once in a while we get a Coordinator volunteer who is incompetent or dishonest or targeted and it is then our duty to fire them and ask for other people to stand up and do the work.  

Again, as described in the Jural Handbook, Coordinators are in temporary positions that exist only during the assembling process. The Assemblies will continue to need go-betweens to carry on correspondence and communications with the Federation once the Assembly is fully seated, but they get to elect their own International Correspondents, Congressional Delegations, etc. 

7.   (From Dan Garnett)   There was an actual number of qualified voters needed for a quorum. That was so that only a few showing up then could control the whole Assembly. Just having a majority of those present doesn’t properly constitute a quorum.

(From Anna) Again, Dan Garnett is confused and assuming that  our States of the Union operate like the State of State organizations he is used to, but no.  Our State Assemblies are not democracies, don't have "voters" and don't have "majorities" or "quorums" of the kind he is assuming. Our assemblies are a guaranteed "republican form of government" and do not rely on any of that.  

Our republican form of government operates like family around a dinner table.  If you don't come to dinner, you get left out of the process and its your own fault.  Your lack of participation doesn't impact the power of those who do.  So, if there are only two properly papered-up people standing as Members of their State Assembly, they dictate for everyone else, and the only limit on their power is that they have to operate according to The Prudent Man Standard and in favor of the rights and best interests of their State. 

8.   (From Dan Garnett)   The assigning coordinators to who ever volunteers, without coordinating with and approval of the state is federation tyranny. I don’t see any indication of that that changing, or a plan established for that to actually happen.

(From Anna) Just more ignorance about who Coordinators are and how they come to be Coordinators. Again, the Federation does not choose Coordinators.  Coordinators step up on their own to help their State Assembly get organized.  Garnett continues to assume that the Federation chooses the Coordinators and that the Coordinators are imposing improper rules or authorities on the Assemblies, when in fact the Federation is operating in the capacity of Summoning Authority because there is no other Summoning Authority left --- and it is a difficult unwelcome job because of people just like him making assumptions and balking at doing their own part of the work. 

9. (From Dan Garnett)     Supposedly Anna deposited gold certificates (as much as a Billion dollars?) into a “bank”, yet nothing has been heard of that money since. If the federation has control over a “central bank”, where does that leave state sovereignty?

(From Anna)  When this process began there was no publicly chartered American bank left in existence and only 500,000,000 United States Silver Dollars left in circulation.  Far from having a "central bank" or wanting one, what was needed was a bilateral trade and commercial bank system that didn't exist.  So on top of all our other "duties as assigned or inherited" the Federation volunteers have had to create a bank and bank accounts and all the structure and computer programs, satellites and hardware --- using our own brains and pockets to do it.   

So the Federation created and chartered the Bilateral Bank System and went out and did the recoupment-- establishing the claims and liens and routing through the monetizations, debt cancellations, asset collections and everything else on our own, because that is a normal Federation duty.  

We are now at the point of setting up the Fiduciary Accounts and individual Master Accounts for each State and each Assembly Member who applies for an account --- another mindlessly difficult and overwhelming task heaped on our shoulders, but we are staggering along nonetheless, with or without Dan Garnett's armchair quarterbacking and snide suppositions.  

Once the system is fully structured we will begin returning funding to all the State Assemblies and also recoupments to Assembly Members. This is not welfare or public assistance or outside money.  This is money and credit owed to the States and the people that has been recouped by the efforts of the Federation. 

Again, normally, if we were not just now coming back into Session after a long, long period of dormancy, these banks and services would already exist.  Huge amounts of American assets would not have been distributed internationally.  There would be no need for the Federation to mount such a recoupment and debt collection effort.  And the States would be fully funded on their own -- they would, in fact, be responsible for paying for and supporting the Federation's work, instead of the Federation free-lancing all this on its own and bringing the bacon back home to the States.  

So once again, Dan Garnett has it exactly wrong. The State Assemblies are supposed to be funding the Federation instead of the Federation having to bust its hump on a volunteer basis to reclaim and return assets to refund the State Assemblies.  We are returning the State assets to the Assemblies and funding the means to make that return possible and he's kicking us for it.  

We are literally upholding the sovereignty of the States while this transition is being made, doing it single-handedly, and here's Dan Garnett, accusing us of undermining State sovereignty.... and all I can say to that is, "Uh-duh...." 

(From Dan Garnett) Now we have the issue of federation representatives wanting to vote on state issues. We already have the federation representatives fulfilling state positions (which wasn't supposed to happen), and giving them more power in our state business, is a conflict of interest in my view.

(From Anna) Again, total misunderstanding of who the Coordinators are and where they come from, etc.  The Coordinators are American State Nationals who live in your State of the Union just like any other State National.  They volunteer to help get their State Assembly organized on their own volition.  The Federation does not choose them. They are not "Federation representatives" --- they are people from your State working with the Federation's guidance to bring your State Assembly into Session. It's their job to make sure all the legal and lawful requirements are met and ensure that your State is able to function with full authority and standing among the nations of the Earth.  

I have to ask myself -- what planet do the "Dan Garnetts" among us come from?  They apparently think that this process of assembling a State Government just happens spontaneously? Or they imagine that this could all take place without a blueprint and a Summoning Authority to assure that it gets done and gets done right? Maybe they think that the Federation owes them a State Government and they don't really have to do it themselves?  

Even if we wanted to, the Federation can't do this job.  Only people from your respective States of the Union can act as Coordinators and in doing so, they act as representatives of your State not the Federation.  

Perhaps that has been obscured by the fact that the Federation sometimes fires volunteer Coordinators who are incompetent, dishonest, targeted, or off-track, but for the most part, the Federation does its best to work with whoever shows up.  

(From Dan Garnett) The fact that in the last meeting, the state constitution was put on hold with the idea we should be following (only?)  the federal constitution, to me was a red flag. We seem to be headed for a "national" state, not a collection of individual sovereign states. This state sovereignty concept seems to be coming off the rails.

(From Anna) Again, our States don't function under any Constitution. There's nobody to pay us, but us.  Garrett is confusing the actual States with  "States of States" that are hired by the actual State to perform routine business for the actual State Government.  This is a common enough mistake, but a gross mistake it is.  

I can guarantee that Wyoming is not anywhere close to being ready to pay any other organization to perform services for The Wyoming Assembly.  They haven't even got The Wyoming Assembly up and functioning beyond the General Assembly stage of development, and here's Dan Garnett, imagining that they should be setting up a "State of State" and a Constitution to run it.  

No, that's not the way it works. 

First, you bring your State into General Assembly. 

Second, you develop your Jural Assembly, Militia, and International Business Assembly and elect your officers and establish your jury pools and your treasury. 

Third, after your Assembly is fully functional and seated, you turn your attention to funding and providing services for the people of your State by establishing a State of State Constitution and hiring people and/or organizations to provide the routine day-to-day services of State Government. 

Fourth, you establish your Annual Calendar for the actual State Assembly to meet and conduct business, and identify any large statewide or international issues that your members will need to work on as Committeemen/women in the interim between Sessions and make recommendations during the next regular Session. 

That is how it is done in America. 

I know you weren't taught this in school.  Your parents weren't taught this in school.  Maybe even your grandparents missed it.  But your Great-Grandparents knew how their own government worked and they operated it and maintained the proper organizational integrity necessary.  Now it's up to you. 


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The Right Focus

 By Anna Von Reitz

You know how it is when you are trying to focus a camera and your intended subject is too close or too far away, and you have to adjust the lens?

It's the same way with the work we are doing. 

People often come to the Assemblies in search of individual solutions to their own problems, but what they need to focus on instead is creating a solution for everyone--- which will also solve their own problems. 

That solution is a strong State Assembly with its own Jural Assembly operating their State Court in General Jurisdiction. 

Initially, people think, oh, if I complete the paperwork to reclaim my birthright political status, it will be apparent who I am and all the bad stuff will go away.  

That's not how it works. 

We don't do the paperwork in order to get "results" from bureaucrats.

We do the paperwork to establish our identity and lawful standing--- which restores our ability to rein in the bureaucrats. 

Please realize this and teach others. The paperwork isn't a Silver Bullet.  It's the necessary first step toward an ultimate solution. 

The restoration of our own State Court System is the ultimate solution.  This is what gives the power over the bureaucrats back to the people--- and it is something that we have to give to ourselves. 

Nobody can do it for us. 

So, the paperwork is what evidences our individual standing and right to form a viable State Assembly; this then allows us to form a competent State Jural Assembly, and the Jural Assembly restores and operates our State Court System. 

The actual State Court System, once restored, is guaranteed the respect of its authority by a United States Supreme Court case decided in 1866 when all the funny stuff began. That case is Ex Parte Milligan.  

So we don't have to fight or fume or explain a great deal.  We just have to do the work and educate ourselves to do it.  

Thankfully, the Common Law is much simpler than the forms of law practiced by the corporations and we are blessed to have reliable guidebooks.  

When new people stumble into your Assemblies tattered and torn, angry and fearful, half out of their minds because they've lost children to Foster Care, or homes to foreclosures, or lands to illegal confiscation, etc., etc., etc., --- give them a hug and tell them: we are working on the ultimate solution here. 

We have our ducks in order and we are going step-by-step.  

Soon, these bureaucrats will be back in their box and with your help, our American justice system will be operating again.  

We have already made a lot of progress and several states already have their State Courts in operation. 

Our State Courts are Courts of General Jurisdiction -- not "strictly limited jurisdiction" and our people are in charge of our State Courts. 

So welcome home, with all that that implies, both in terms of comfort and security, and also, work and responsibility.  

When I began this long journey I had a friendly argument with a Jesuit attorney.  We discussed the whole situation and he chided me throughout, saying, don't blame us.  This was always in your own hands. 

Once you have the right focus, you know that he was right about that.  It is our right and our responsibility to operate our own government, and our fault if we fail to do so.  

Whatever else we decry for the Breach of Trust and misadministration we have suffered at the hands of our public employees, that truth remains. 


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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Expanding Forum

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you are now aware that we are opening up a new talk forum  and though it is broadcasting from North Carolina it will be a new YouTube channel  made available to  everyone —-assuming that we can actually talk and not  be censored. 

Admittedly, !that may be a huge assumption. 

The intention is for the Webinar to cover Big. Picture issues, and for the Tuesday morning forum to provide more direct answers and feedback concerning specific situations people have questions about. 

Today marked the first Tuesday Podcast and the feedback was tremendous —I am grateful for all the Attagirls sent to me and the hosts.   

We focused on focusing as much as possible and cleared up the misunderstandings surrounding the use of similar popular words to deliver disparate meanings in Federal Code.  

For example, the fact that the phrase “state national” means something specific in Federal Code (see 8 USC 1101 (a) 21) that is different from our meaning when we use the same words.

We acknowledged that we are in a spiritual “war” — often expressed as a conflict of values and ideas, and we explored the concept of gaining peace and productivity by keeping our attention focused where we want it instead of being constantly distracted and blown off course by impinging people and media that seeks to keep our attention focused on THEIR issues and manipulating our responses to create fear over things we don’t control and induce cravings for things we don’t need or want. 

We also explored the timely question asked by another one of my readers—- what’s the antidote for trauma-based mind control? 

As they suggested —- singing, dancing, sharing stories, playing games, creating art, playing music, cooking, building things or repairing things, gardening, working on shared projects…. all the things that make us feel joyful and connected and creative.

So “Turn the Knob!” (or push the button) on all the constant concocted drama provided by mainstream media and those who are controlling mainstream media— the warmongers and slave traders and policy makers— and put your attention on the things that make you feel secure and happy and empowered. 

Remember— without us backing them, they are nothing. Without our energy, our time, our money, our assets, our labor and our attention — they fade away. 

No need to fight.  Just disconnect and deprive them of the power you gave them. 


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Monday, September 18, 2023

The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)

 Draw your own conclusions, and Comment. I am opening the comments on this one article, and I especially want Anna to comment at some point. 

Here is the link to the original video.

Friday, September 15, 2023

10 Reasons I Bet My Life On Triple Digit Silver

“I absolutely stand by my claim that silver is going to triple digits one day…there isn’t anything I can measure that would show it not going there.” - Mike Maloney

What would silver’s price be today if it matched its performance from the bull market of the 1970s? At first, you may think that simply calculating the official inflation rate would give the answer. But as you’ll see from Mike Maloney’s latest presentation there’s much more to the equation than that. Join Mike as he examines ten different inflation metrics (including Real Estate, Bonds, currency in circulation and more) that all show that triple digit silver is not such a crazy idea. Now consider that these are just some of the reasons that Mike Maloney bet his life on silver.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

So Often Times It Happens....

 By Anna Von Reitz

This phrase has echoed down to me innumerable times over the past four decades.  It's from an Eagles' song: "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key...."

Doesn't that just describe the lives and the misery of millions of American who wonder what happened to their country and don't realize that they are the answer they are waiting for? 

We've been "Missing in Action".  Asleep.  "Absent". 
America has been "In interregnum" so far as the rest of the world was concerned, for sixteen decades. 

For 160 years, we've left our employees minding the store.  Until now.  

The U.S. Army has been in charge and occupying our country since 1863, but nobody pointed that out to you when you were in middle school, choking down the history of the so-called American Civil War. 

Nobody told you it wasn't technically a "war" either. 

Nobody mentioned that the "Reconstruction" is still pending. 

Nobody said that the armistice resulting from Lee's Surrender at Appomattox was just an armistice -- not a peace treaty.  

Nobody explained why a real peace treaty wasn't possible --- and that would be, because the "American Civil War" wasn't really a war.  It was a mercenary conflict.  

And nobody revealed that the mercenaries are still here on our shores, still gratuitously keeping a "state of war" going with Cold Wars, wars on poverty, wars on drugs, wars on whatever, even in those brief time periods when our world would otherwise be at peace. 

These war-mongering corporations are the bane of our lives and the lives of billions of people on this planet and they are all ultimately owned by the Pope. 

They all exist under Ecclesiastical Law.  

And they are all supposed to be liquidated when they engage in unlawful activity.  

Somehow, deaf, dumb, and blind doesn't seem to explain the situation in which the Roman Curia has existed --- and profited itself --- in the midst of the horrific criminality that these corporations have spawned. 

Looking the other way or as they might grin and wink, turning the other cheek, doesn't explain their complete lack of action, either.  

They've let the corporations --- faceless, heartless, legal fictions that exist only on paper and in our minds --- run rampant over the living people and the living planet.  

It's not your fault that you were left ignorant about your own country's history.  You were just a kid, like millions of other kids, trusting your teachers to give it to you straight. 

Now, you know and you can't un-know. 

Life has to go on. You have to go on.  And your country has to go on.  

What happens now depends on you.  You have to take responsibility and do what has to be done if anyone is going to.  Nobody can do this for us. 

George Washington is dead.  So is Ben Franklin. 

We are the only ones that hold the key.  

Go to The American States Assembly website and learn more today.  


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Resisting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) & World Economic Forum - Alex on OAN

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 Paul Stramer

The Government Slaughter in Lahaina: Maui Revisited!


September 13, 2023

Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Call to Mankind -- Action in Vancouver

 By Anna Von Reitz

While Kevin Annett and I continue to have our differences, we also have our similarities. Both of us are against genocide and especially against the genocide of children.  

He has just announced a continuance of the action against the various churches that have been complicit in the residential schools genocide against Native children -- this time, the action is in western Canada, Vancouver, though we know that these crimes happened throughout Canada and in The United States, too. 

You can learn more about his current efforts here: 

This genocide against innocent school children and their Native cultures is, in my view, the same as all the other similar genocides, including the pandemic genocide and the genocide on Maui.  It's all about those who worship death, sex, drugs, money, and lies promoted via blackmail --- people who only pretend to be Christians or Jews or Muslims, but who are in fact "none of the above".  

Call them Satanists or worshipers of Baal, devotees of the other "Queen of Heaven'' or Molloch, the Devourer -- they have hidden in plain view for centuries.  The Bible calls them "Mystery Babylon" and describes their practice of burning people, especially babies and young children, alive.  

That's what it is talking about in the Bible where it references "passing your sons and daughters through the flames" and what was taking place in the Valley of Hinnom. 

In the Second Century BCE, priests of the cult were brought to Rome as prisoners leftover from the Punic Wars, where they became tax collectors for Caesar. 

They wore black robes and white wigs and castrated themselves in honor of their goddess-of-many-names: Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Columbia, Justia, Athena. 

Barristers in Britain still wear the priestly robes and white wigs. 

Centuries later, the devotees of these same death cults were still acting as the tax collectors of the Holy Roman Empire and the British Empire and they eventually came to the District of Columbia, too.  

Why wouldn't they?  The District is named after their goddess: District of Columbia. 

During the Inquisition, these same players were hired as Lay Members of the Dominican Order, to oversee the tortures and trials of those who didn't pay their taxes --- especially income taxes that were due every April 15th

This institutionalized Terror continues even in the modern age, wherever the Laws of the Spanish Inquisition continue to be enforced in places like Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands.  

Joe Biden just moved to hire 87,000 more IRS Agents to continue the practice, under the same contrived and evil auspices, driven by the same criminals and the same profane religion of the Idolaters and Liars. 

Nothing much has changed in thousands of years, but it is starting to, because we all woke up. We can now identify them. We know who they are. We know what they practice. So look sharp. 

One of the things they do is to snatch babies and young children for use in their profane ritual sacrifices and sexual orgies. 

Anywhere that children are left unchaperoned, even for a moment, are likely places for the Vermin to attack --- playgrounds, schools, orphanages, swimming pools, parks, airports, stores, and parking lots.  

Using your tax money and other equally illegally purloined sources of wealth, they hire procurers who aren't members of their "elite" religious cult to kidnap your children and extort labor from you and no end of other abuses. 

Kevin Annett urges "direct action" -- get off the bleachers and into the streets, evict the churches from their palatial properties, shame them for what they have sheltered, punish them for their breach of trust.  

Most of all, and more to the point, put an end to these horrific abuses.  Put an end to the institutions that have been used like a dog carrying fleas, to infect the whole world with this abomination. 

As for me, I don't see this in terms of any socio-economic-political struggle.  I see it as crimes promoted by a gigantic crime syndicate.  

I see the failure of the law as a failure of our institutions, all human institutions, that are supposed to exist for the Public Good and promote Public Safety. 

Is it not clear that murdering children for any reason is a crime?  

Have we not paid literally billions of dollars for police and military protection of every shape and kind? 

Endured every kind of surveillance of our innocent occupations in a purported effort to detect and derail psychopaths?

Pardon me, shouldn't we be sending pink slips?

The Defund the Police movement isn't about defunding good police, it's about defunding bad police. Police that don't do the job we hire them to do.  And it's the same with the military, too.  

Give me a shotgun and a pack of well-trained cadaver dogs.  We'd soon get to the bottom of their drug trade and their rituals; it wouldn't matter to me if the Vermin were operating out of a Cathedral or an Arby's. 

Either way, we'd have a little exorcism, with or without the benefit of holy water. 

As long as we are thinking about brass tacks and wasted money, shouldn't we be leaving the churches of failed men for the church of God within?  

Do our own good works and due diligence?  

Stop giving our money and support to evil ends? 

After all, and in all cases, it's not a matter of what they say.  It's a matter of what they do and what they fail to do. 

In all cases, the churches should be up and doing. 

The churches should be busy as bees in high summer, examining their ranks, pitching the rotten apples, and getting ready for action.  Because when we get done asking what they've done, we will move on to what they have failed to do. 

In this case, both the military and the various quasi-public police forces have failed to protect the public, and most especially the most vulnerable members of the public --- our children and the elderly. 

Give the people of Lahaina a whole $700 each while sending billions to Ukraine to fight a proxy war? 

Hey, Joe, hey, all you creatures of the Beltway, it's time to hire new marketing professionals.  And get ready for the rest of us to get off the bleachers, from Vancouver to Virginia.  


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