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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Public International Notice: No Constitutional Republic Available

 By Anna Von Reitz

Be it known to all to whom these presents come:    

The Confederation of States was first proposed as of 1777, but not adopted by all the original States until 1781. It's Articles of Confederation is often referred to -- erroneously -- as the "first Constitution".   

The Confederation was spun out of a powersharing agreement that created it and empowered it to provide certain services that had, prior to that, been provided by the Federation of States.  

The Articles of Confederation created an American-chartered corporation empowered to function in the realm of commerce, and thus separated commercial affairs from international trade, which remained under the control of the Federation of States. 

The reason that this arrangement is sometimes interpreted as "the first Constitution" is that like the Federal Constitutions that followed, the creation of the Confederation of States involved a delegation of power (from Federation to Confederation) and a service contract with a newly defined corporation (Articles of Confederation) which was supported and paid for by the States in receipt of these mutually agreed upon services.

This arrangement was a business arrangement creating a new commercial instrumentality for the States of America, one of the doing-business-as names of the original Union of States. 

None of these arrangements and delegations of power changed the authority of the organic States nor did it destroy the mutual powers vested in the Federation of States.  

The Confederation was a mutually-held commercial instrumentality of the States of the original Union of States, not the "government" thereof.  

The American government has always been vested in the actual States and it remains so to this day.  

Now that we understand what we are talking about, we are also prepared to deal with the fact that the Confederation failed.  It operated as the States of America from 1781 to 1787 when it received a new contract, The Constitution for the united States of America.  

As you can notice, the name convention is consistent throughout.  The Confederation operated as the States of America prior to 1787 and when it received the new contract, that contract clearly stated that it was "for" the "States of America".  

This leaves no doubt whatsoever that the Confederation of States was the entity that received the first Federal Constitution contract in 1787, and that the Confederation was, as a corporation, dba "States of America", responsible for the operations of the Federal Republic from 1787 to 1861. 

When the Southern States walked out of the Confederation Congress operating as the United States in Congress Assembled, the board of directors of this corporation adjourned sine die (without a set time to meet again) on March 27th, 1861.  

Four days later, April 1st 1861, Mr. Lincoln declared an emergency and substituted the Congress of the British Territorial United States dba the United States of America in Congress Assembled, as the controlling body in charge of the Federal Government. 

We recently covered the details of this manuever in another article.  

Twelve days later, on April 12th 1861, the Civil War began, with the British Territorial interests allied with the Northern State-of-State organizations, and the Papist Municipal United States interests allied with the Southern State-of-State members of the failed Confederation doing business as the "Confederate States of America". 

In a more honest world, the combatants would have been called, "the Northern Confederate States of America" versus "the Southern Confederate States of America".  

All these parties were "Confederate States" meaning that they were "states-of-states" in exactly the same meaning which still defines such organizations in the Uniform Commercial Code today

So, the combatants in the Civil War were commercial businesses under contract to provide services to the States -- not the States themselves.  

This is bourne out by the Muster and Enlistment Rolls, by the fact that no Declaration of War was issued by any Congress, and by the fact that no Peace Treaty exists formally ending this "war" which was actually and factually an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

Bottom line, the Confederation failed. 

In 1787, the Confederation operating as the States of America Corporation was entrusted to function as an American-chartered corporation in the business of providing governmental services and exercising delegated commercial powers for the States. 

In 1861, this corporation was split in half, and by 1863, the remaining Northern Confederate States (of States) were bankrupted by Lincoln. The Southern Confederate States (of States) were ruinated by the Union Army as history records.  

For all intents and purposes, a third of the American Government, that entrusted to provide commercial services and representation, ceased to exist. 

It's contract, The Constitution for the united States of America, remains dormant for lack of a Successor or a Reconstruction of the Federal Republic Corporation dba States of America, Incorporated. 

This is where we stand and the situation we have in this country: 

The actual States are the Employers.  

The Confederate States-of-States are the Employees. 

Our State Assemblies have the perogative to make one of four possible choices: (1) complete the Reconstruction to relaunch the American Confederate  States (of States) and reorganize the States of America Corporation; (2) do the work delegated to the States of America Corporation via the Federation of States -- our present default position; (3) assign the work to a totally new Subcontractor; (4) work with the present service providers to hammer out an actual agreement for them to continue providing the services. 

In no case is it possible for our Employees to create a legitimate solution for themselves. 

This is why Donald Trump and USA Military can't just walk in and occupy the American Federal Republic. This is why there is and can be no "Constitutional Republic of Missouri".  This is why there is no viable "Republic of Texas", too.  

The American Federal Republic organized by the States of the Union went out of business a long time ago.  Our State Assemblies have to take action to reconstruct it --- or not.  

Until then, our erstwhile Federal Employees need to concentrate on doing their jobs according to the Constitutions that are their respective contracts with America and stop pointing fingers and rattling sabers. 

They need to take instruction from the Federation of States regarding the accomplishment of the work that the Federal Republic should be doing.

The Federation did all the commercial work from 1776 to 1781 and is in position to do it now, too.  

Our Federal Employees need to stop presenting their private corporation elections in lieu of public elections, need to stop mischaracterizing Americans as foreign citizens, need to stop misrepresenting the British Territorial Government's democracy as the government of this country, and need to get back in line all across the board. 

They need to stop declaring "wars" against anything, as they have no right, power, or standing to declare war and possess only borrowed and delegated power to defend us, their Employers.  

They need to stop spending our credit on wars in Ukraine and elsewhere, stop promoting illegal and unlawful taxation, forced registrations, and yes, stop all participation in biological warfare and mind control experiments. 

Our Employees both at the Federal level and at the Federal franchise "State of State, Inc." and "STATE" levels, need to stop all activities detrimental to the Public Good, including aerial spraying of chemicals, mind control exercises, censorship of public airwaves and media, pollution of all kinds, attacks on our food production and food resources, all phony vaccinations and tracking systems, and get back to work doing something positive for this country and the world. 

Failing that, they all need pink slips and the dissolution / forfeiture of their corporations.  

This is a Public International Notice and Orders issued by the Principals:

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
      The United States of America
      In care of: Box 520994
      Big Lake, Alaska 99652

September 27th 2023 


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