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Monday, April 4, 2016

Disclosure is about to take place, re. Notice to the world

by Anna Von Reitz

About NESARA and Disclosure, Etc.

Editor's note:  This is an answer to this article:

If this recent announcement about the Good Guys coming over the horizon were true and if the actions taken by Pennsylvania and the other states back around 2010 were sufficient to secure a peaceful political solution, why is it that we (my husband and I and our friends standing for the American organic states and the American Native Nations upholding the federal obligations of the Constitution) were the only ones present and accounted for and objecting to United Nations action seeking to declare our lawful government "dead" last fall? 

The rats tried to have our entire country declared "missing, presumed dead" the same way they have finagled to have all of us individually declared "missing, presumed dead".  Wells Fargo Bank claimed that we no longer exist, that we don't have a national currency in circulation.  We had to come back and prove that we are alive and have a currency. 

So, if there actually was any big, organized, well-funded, competent group out there to play savior for us--- where in the Hell was it last November?  

A Note About Money and Foreclosures---- Pun Intended

by Anna Von Reitz

Money, by definition, has to have value in and of itself.  It is a substitute for other things of value. 

 An ounce of silver for a loaf of bread, a peck of apples, and ten pounds of flour reflects the "exchange rate" and this exchange rate constantly fluctuates even on a local level.  

In a boom town with a dozen silver mines, the local exchange rate might be five ounces of silver for a loaf of bread, six apples, and forget about the flour. 

Simple enough. In such a system there are one or two or three "standard commodities" that can be exchanged for all the other commodities that people need.  Many of us grew up in a world where the standard commodities were silver and nickel and copper, either in the form of actual coins, or in the form of pieces of paper called "Silver Certificates" that had to be backed with an actual clump of silver on deposit.  

The problem with commodity based money is that the moment you choose a commodity to serve as a standard, the market for that commodity goes completely crazy.  Speculators rush in and buy up  whatever the "money" commodity is, so that supplies of it become very scarce.  

As a result, workers toil long hours for a piddly little bit of silver or gold or oil or whatever, and the politicians suffer endless carping and griping from their constituents about how hard everything is, and people get a totally skewed idea of what is valuable and what is not, believing that gold and silver (for example) are incredibly precious, based simply on the fact that there isn't enough of the "money commodity" in circulation. 

Elections? What Elections? Big News. BIG.

by Anna Von Reitz

I was loping along, minding my own business when State of the Nation called me this morning and asked me about my choices in the upcoming federal elections.
"I don't vote in federal elections," I spluttered.
This is a sore spot with me, because the whole "election" process is a fraud----and a nasty, tortuous one. It is designed to make you think that you have a voice and choice, when in fact, the voter registration itself is designed to enslave you as a "franchise" operator of the federal corporation. That is what "enfranchisement" means and that's what happens when you register to vote.
State Nationals elect. Federal "United States" Citizens vote.
And what do you get to vote on? Raspberry flavored feces versus chocolate flavored feces, versus vanilla flavored feces. Take your choice.
And as the boys returning from World War II observed--- "They select them and we elect them."
It should be obvious to everyone that their choice for "President" is meaningless, as there is no direct vote involved. A whole separate and ancient feudal body known euphemistically as the "Electoral College" elects the President.
And the President doesn't work for you. Not at all. The President works for the United States Trustees.
WHAT? You squawk......

Banker Truth - Global Currency Reset - by Anna Von Reitz

Time to cut through all this feces about gold, paper, rocks, scissors for everyone--- here's what the history actually tells us about the so-called "reset", "Chinese Elders", Green Hilton Agreements, BRICS and all the rest of the clap-trap going on. 

Back around 1900 a bunch of robber baron-industrialists and bankers from both sides of the Atlantic hatched this simple plan.  

They knew from all sorts of experience already that EVERY fiat currency EVER in the history of mankind has FAILED eventually and ended up in hyperinflation. 

It is not a question of whether or not a fiat currency will fail.  It is only a question of WHEN it will fail and how much inflation will take place before it is officially abandoned and debunked as the fraud scheme that all such currencies are.