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Monday, April 4, 2016

Disclosure is about to take place, re. Notice to the world

by Anna Von Reitz

About NESARA and Disclosure, Etc.

Editor's note:  This is an answer to this article:

If this recent announcement about the Good Guys coming over the horizon were true and if the actions taken by Pennsylvania and the other states back around 2010 were sufficient to secure a peaceful political solution, why is it that we (my husband and I and our friends standing for the American organic states and the American Native Nations upholding the federal obligations of the Constitution) were the only ones present and accounted for and objecting to United Nations action seeking to declare our lawful government "dead" last fall? 

The rats tried to have our entire country declared "missing, presumed dead" the same way they have finagled to have all of us individually declared "missing, presumed dead".  Wells Fargo Bank claimed that we no longer exist, that we don't have a national currency in circulation.  We had to come back and prove that we are alive and have a currency. 

So, if there actually was any big, organized, well-funded, competent group out there to play savior for us--- where in the Hell was it last November?  

Nope.  Been there.  Done that.  There's nobody here but us chickens and you had better start believing and acting upon that assumption instead of standing around waiting for any saviors to come out of nowhere and solve our problems for us------and stop believing in NESARA. You might as well believe in Santa Claus. 

I love Dave Robinson and owe him a lot, but he has been a True Believer in all this NESARA rot for a long time and he won't  give it up.  I would love for it to all be true.  I would support an action like NESARA to the hilt. But the fact is that it is a pipe dream.  It remains on the books (and the table) as a remnant of the good intentions of a single Congressman expressed many years ago. 

Anyone who thinks that they are just going to sign a piece of paper or two or three dozen and overcome the evil that is ensconced in Washington, DC, is delusional in my opinion.  And putting out "news" announcements like this doesn't help people deal with the reality coming down on our heads.  It just gives them false hope and encourages them to stand around with their thumbs up their butts "waiting" for a few weeks longer for someone, somewhere else to come save them and give them direction and wipe their noses and tell them what to do. 

I grew up in Wisconsin. My grandparents owned a dairy farm. When did anyone show up at four in the morning and milk the cows and muck the barn for us?  I will tell you ---- NEVER.  

It's the same way with NESARA or anything else you want to see happen.  You have to get off your duff and make it happen.  You can't just sit around waiting for good things to happen and for good men to stand up.  You have to stand up yourself and see who will stand up with you.  You ARE the good men and women, and if you don't stand up, who will? 

This idea that so many people have that they can just sit and wait patiently for "things to straighten themselves out" and that "somebody else will do it" is sheer poison.  It's the single biggest reason that we are in this mess. It's the reason that the crooked politicians and dishonest bankers and corrupt lawyers have gotten away with this crap for so long that they think this is the way the world is supposed to work. 

In the final analysis all this is our own damned fault.  We are the ones who have sat on our laurels in the face of this massive corruption until our butts are green.  Millions of people have known somewhere in the back of their minds that this country is out of control and they have done nothing about it.  They've had another beer and another corn chip, shrugged, and said--- "that's my Congressman's problem" or "that's the Mayor's problem" or  "that's above my pay grade" or "I'm too scared to do anything" or "I'll lose my job"  or "what can I do?" or "NESARA will save us".  

I am here to tell you that that is all nothing but garbage and excuses and it gets you nowhere. It solves nothing. It just puts you in the role of a passive observer watching as your country and your future slips deeper into the toilet and some soulless creature "representing" you prepares to flush.  

For God's sake, wake up!  Take back your power!  Stop letting crooks and goons "represent" you.  Present yourself and stand up and get moving.  This country hasn't done more than talk since the Vietnam War.  Stop dreaming and hoping and waiting for someone else to muck out the barn. However unpleasant, distasteful, exhausting, discouraging, and even dangerous it may be, actual action is the only choice that gets the job done. 

Never forget that all those years while you were believing in Santa Claus your parents and older siblings and Aunts and Uncles were all out there busting their humps to make sure you had a Christmas. In the same way, if you want NESARA or any other corrective action to happen you have to step to the plate and shove. 

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  1. What is the first step ?.. Rescinding my consent and signature to be a US Citizen and a " voter" and getting back to being a " soveriegn elector " as outlined by Augustus Blackstone ?.. Is that a good template to start with ?.. I am a carpenter I have no freaking idea about legalese and what will likely get me arrested or in a fight to the death which I am ready willing and able to do. I would rather go out fighting than be a damn slave and a victim of a corrupt enemy government.

    1. Me too...I posted a comment but have no idea if it was accepted. Buzz in Wyoming

    2. Patriot 58, Same shit here. I have been asking for direction and was told basically NOTHING.I've tried to join Oath Keepers for years and it seems to be Non-Existent here in Ohio. I did reach the state director who stalled me TO DEATH. I understand that voting for President is the same as "Hiring a new CEO of the United States Inc". I believe what Anna and Paul say, but I still wait for Direction. I am a common American Dumb-ass with 4 college science and Tech degrees worth nothing, in this country, unless I become a Mexican Citizen.

    3. Patriot58.. I have been where you are at years ago. First thing that people forget is that knowledge is power. Begin to research and study such topics as this. What happens then is that your mind begins to open and you see the world in a whole new light. From there a funny thing happens; the world and way that used to be is no longer and will not fit in your life. You have to do things differently, and because of the knowledge you gain it empowers you to make and do the changes that need to be done. It's a journey but one well worth it. You must be the change you seek, and operate your life upon those principles. Do not worry about anyone else and try to get with people of like minds. I work with a group called the legal redress commission. This group is filled with people who think the way you do and operate these specific principles in their life. Go there check it out and and remember, we are all in this together but only some people will have the guts to make the change. You can as all can, but first sometimes people need to see to believe. Show them and the rest will take care of its self. Peace

      If you want to learn more my email is
      Hit me up if you want.

  2. This is a super movement; one that has been needed for at least 60 years; let us get it done and remember we do not want bankers nor lawyers in decision making arenas. As above, I do not know exactly how to start this process but willing to help with trying to get the final four or five states to join with PA..till I learn and know or if even my help as an old lady is needed, prayers will be coming your way.

    1. ...this Old Man admires your intent, Old Lady.

  3. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I am starting to find this woman insulting and degrading. Now it's OUR fault? LMAO! Is this woman kidding? How is it OUR fault that we were born and indoctrinated into a "system" of lies and corruption where those lying at the top get everything, and those at the bottom get NOTHING? How is it OUR fault that we were told lies in school? How is it OUR fault that THEY put police in place to keep us "in line", and should we protest, or exercise our liberty they shoot (eh em...LaVoy Finicum). How is this OUR fault? Do you wanna be shot? Because I know I don't want some low life thug taking me down that way. So you heard it here everyone. IT'S ALL OUR FAULT! All the lying, stealing, murdering, corruption, human trafficking...ALL OF IT! How dare you try and put the blame on us and point your finger at us. Savior? Apparently your faith in Christ is not as true as you proclaim it to be. Is this woman starting to irk others as she is me? I don't know... something ain't sitting right with me.

    1. I do not know all of the things I can do either. I am sending letters to all those I think that I need to, to remove my "consent" and I share this link with everyone I speak with but what else CAN we do?
      I know the skills I was endowed with by my creator and my limitations as well. Quite frankly, I would rather just be able to meet the people who have done this and settle it out right. that IS where MY true power would be. All of this "legal" bullshit (though I know it is somewhat necessary), is not my bag.
      I am a cowboy and have been one all my life. I have spent my life riding rough horses in what people call wild country and have and can deal with roping and doctoring bulls for foot rot, 20 miles from the nearest person who could come and help if I were to get into a bind. I can also hold my own in any kind of a physical fight and have.
      I have also watched the corporations buy up and put most family ranches out of business and change my way of life to a degree that it has become almost non existent.
      When enough people gather and are ready to march on the white house and arrest these criminals, (or shoot them for resisting) along with the bankers, then call me up. I AM ready

    2. She does not lie about the "Corporation", or the Evil Cabal, Maritime Law makes us "Owned in Servitude". The Black robed Whores will prosecute on a dime, in a New York Minute for 1 MPH over the limit. All these things and more are true, BUT, SHE LIES about "THIS" being our fault based on your argument ,AA. I feel the same insult, but I wait for direction as they poison us, and gun us down, and shit directly on us in our poverty. My diet is ALDIS, a German market for the impoverished American.

    3. AA. It's our fault because we didn't question any lies being told. It is our fault because we didn't teach ourselves. It is our fault that we give away our power. It is our fault for not taking responsibility for our own lives and just following the orders of others. It is our fault for failing to critically think for ourselves. It is our fault for believing everything we have been told without researching ourselves. It is our fault because if we had a brain that was actually working we wouldn't have let any of this happen. It is our fault because we are so easily entertained. It is our fault because we have allowed ourselves to believe the system would teach us the truth. It is our fault for just following the footsteps of our parents and doing the same thing to our own children. It is our fault because we only think of ourselves and not our future or the future of others. It is our fault for thinking the establishment would tell any of us the truth because if it did, we would run it rather then the other way around. Get the picture or should i keep going? We are are own worst enemy and have to take responsibility for everything we see in life. We can and we will one individual at a time, but it will happen. Stay on the path and do not waiver if you know it's right in your heart.

      Check out:

    4. yes, WE are THEY and by silent acquiescence have enabled them. You are They. They cannot exist without You. Alcoholics need enablers as psychopaths need people to sit back and fund their psychosis. How do you think America has been in soooo many wars and killed so many people around the world? You, by sitting back and watching without doing anything about it and yes I am You am Them. We are ALL guilty. Listen, dont react and DO SOMETHING!

      People wait and wait and wait and think it wont happen to me its other people not me. Wait and wait and wait until its tooooooooo late.

  4. Presidents themselves at times have gone up against this evil force, Reagan being the last one to atleast say something and bang, he was silenced. The last of the Mohegan was silenced and the most powerful man in town, the Sheriff, did nothing Now shall i a laymen carry a gun on one hand and the Bible on the other and ask Jesus to help me shoot as many of them as i can. Well maybe i will just pray and send them to hell too. Now that's a topic that needs some serious thought. Does God say love your enemies while he does the opposite and sends his to a hell of fire to be barbecue for eternity? Oh, that include grand mommies and grand poppies and young children 10 and up too. Do you all not see what is being unveiled here and there for mankind to observe and SEE? What's really going on folks? A nation divided against itself cannot stand and don't believe a green race of aliens are controlling the scene or that WE have the power within us to end this all. Do you believe that many God is managing a damaged control situation from his Throne and just waiting us men and women with FREE WILL to of our own volition to see the light and change.

    No God, the Most High God as there are many gods is doing exactly what he told the Prophet Habaka when he cried out of the evil men around his increasing in numbers. For God works a strange work:

    Hab 1:5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.


    sa 28:21 For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act

    How many of you our there know what this strange work that God is doing on the earth is with us puny living creatures. Does Ana know, any body our there.

    Semper Fi

  5. I do not think she meant you are responsible for knowing all that happened before you were born.

    How many of us said to ourselves over the years. ."I don't think that's right" or "I know some of our politicians are corrupt" and even then, we did not do anything! That is what I believe she meant.

    Judge Anna has an article on where to start on her page...getting a community meeting (or many organized) by and either get a teacher, help notify the community, make copies for the will take each of us doing our part, to work this mess out. It will not happen overnight.

    I attended a learning session with Judge Darby a week ago Saturday, and I know I do not understand it as well as he does, but, I am about to the point that I can teach the basics. Now, I need to find some good meeting organizers to help set something up...I personally need to get basic docs together, and good ink cartridge to print... and I will be trying to set something up.

    As for not getting arrested...I hear you. It is a personal decision, and only you can make it. For me, I am trying all peaceful means of solution, because I do not want a revolution. Much what Patriot58 said..I would rather feel good about me standing for something, rather than letting these evil bastards take more from me and my family line.

    We need to educate the public, hold Common Law Elections for Sheriff and County Clerk, etc... this will not be accomplished overnight, but the more that stand, the less risk of arrest.

    Just my 2 Bucks worth...inflation, you know hehe

    1. You are a dollar short critters.

    2. Check out

      Filled with great people working together and toward a better future.

    3. Nick Monroe Thanks for that web site. I'm getting tired of "Anna" burning down the revival tent with me in it.

  6. What are you doing Rodney? What an unproductive comment. If you cannot be constructive in your feedback, then get out of the way. Those of us trying to find our place in matter how small, do not need people like you criticizing others who are.

    I am for all the help I can get, when it's productive, helpful and decent. There is no decency in calling someone stupid. Are you feeling proud?

  7. Bless you BenElyon, for you do speak the truth as a reformed Christian is compelled to do. God is the only true sovereign, and He does, and has predestined all things, and it is in Him that we must trust, not ourselves for sure. All that will happen a minute from now, tomorrow, or next year is foreordained and when it happens, it will happen through us. I see no reason why we shouldn't hope something like"NESARA" would come about, as I know God will cast out the evil at some point, but I also know that I shouldn't make NESARA my god either, and will only be cautiously optimistic. Keep up with your posts, BenElyon, as you obviously know that FREE WILL is an illusion and one of the most poorly translated doctrines in the Bible, while predestination is clearly seen throughout.


  8. Seems like nick monroe is trying to promote to make money..

    1. I did not see that? I thought it said free?

    2. Looks like its locked up until a "donation" is made. I don't see anything "free".

  9. I say find representatives that feel the same way we do and get them on your side along with the good guys in the Military Militia set up meetings the way the criminals in charge do. And like Ana said in one of her letters get liens ready and vote your own people in to represent you. Fire those that are not doing there jobs with integrity.Get all patriotic people n our side and start changing within your own County. Utah representative made a new law forbidding the BLM to threaten there people or run roughshod over the people in Utah, he gave the Sheriffs the power of authority and ran the BLM out. And i think he pressed charges against them for killing a rancher and threatening many others.Form Common Law Courts and enforce them,press charges against anyone who harms you.Even if it is a cop, or FBI or any other agency.Get back your Birth Bond, its worth Billions of dollars or gold or silver.If undocumented people form Mexico can come here get jobs medical housing then Europeans can, if 30 plus million Mexicans dont have to pay taxes State. federal and local taxes then God dam it we dont have too.Press charges against Law Makers for putting us in danger.Confront the police or FBI why do Americans get arrested for not paying taxes when Mexicans dont have too. Obama told the Mexicans they can vote, and get Social Security benefits. When they didnt pay into it and are undocumented i cant go to Canada without a passport or any other Country on this planet, but they can come here without any ID? Weres the FBi, all other 3 letter agency why arent they enforcing the Laws? Why are Americans getting screwed? How many 1000s of law enforcement do we have in America? Why arent they doing there jobs? They smuggled ISIS in here a group opened fired on campers and hikers in the Mountains in Calif!! All from the Middle East.They used Military assault rifles! Now i hear George Sorros and the CIA are paying and are behind the violence in Europe with the the scum bags pretending to be refugees they are trained mercenaries and there here now to.And Obama wants to disarm us and he brain washed our youth to be unable to defend themselves. California is a State that does not allow the people to have guns, campers get shot for what. They are trying to destroy America and Mosques are opening up ll over the place and the Representatives are getting paid for it.The Mosques are letting these people live there and Obama backs them up and supports them, he turns a blind eye when they shoot at us? We must come together and unite and go to the Military and demand protection and they stand up and arrest all those who want to destroy us. I heard this summer the Jihadists are going to attack Western Europe and American Cities. And Obama called for Safe Cities at the UN? Last summer? Looks like a set up to me!! Every one of us must read Anas instruction on her other letter she tells us how to take back our Nation one COunty at a time.The Sheriffs are the Law men, who are suppose to protect us at the top.


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