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Friday, February 15, 2019

My Situation: February 15, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

I am still up to my shins in clearing and cleaning and reorganizing my home office --- a result of the Earthquake two months ago.
We are trying to organize a National Recording Office for The United States of America (the actual unincorporated version) and working on a streamlined and online version of the crucial documents people need to record.
We are also day by day, writing out information for the Jural Assemblies so that they know their history and know the structure of their own American Government and where the State Jural Assemblies fit in the proverbial Great Scheme of Things.
There is also movement toward resolving all these inconveniences by overturning the false legal presumptions being held against us and false registration practices giving rise to them.
Then, instead of us having to prove our provenance and go through all the Turkey Trot, our employees will have to account for themselves. What a nice idea.
My work schedule continues to be brutal. I worked from six in the morning to past noon on Valentine's Day without as much as a cup of coffee. No fun.
I'm afraid all my correspondence has fallen behind and my emails, too. There's so much "Public Interest" work that it is impossible to answer many if any individual questions now.
The Living Law Firm Team has had a dreadful winter workload-wise and lots of other complications.
On top of all the craziness and losses caused by the November Earthquake, three of us have suffered major car repairs this month and had transportation issues above and beyond the truly nasty weather---- which is bad enough all by itself.
Health issues for people and health issues for pets, soaring fuel bills and breakdowns of equipment (besides the cars), you name it and we have had it.
We've gotten through it, because of you, my faithful readers -- and I trust that you can tell that we are continuing to haul water for you, too. Every day we learn more, share more, and bit by bit the education people receive is making a difference. Things are spreading by word of mouth and on a worldwide basis.
Anyone who still doesn't understand that I am a land jurisdiction State Justice and not involved in the "State of State" court system needs that explained to them.
Anyone who thinks that I am a "Jesuit" because I helped give Notice to the Pope's Municipal Employees will probably also believe that I am Irish because I wear green on St. Patrick's Day, but if anyone really wants to know the truth --- call Evangelical Lutheran Church "Centered in Christ and Sent to Serve" -- (715) 284-4213, or write to the Pastor at 115 North 5th Street, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615.
Send a small donation for asking him dumb questions like, "Can a Lutheran be a Jesuit?" and have him confirm that I, Anna Maria Riezinger, attended Sunday School there since the age of seven, was Baptized, and Confirmed as a member of this, my home Congregation, and never severed my ties.
I am sure that I owe the current Pastor a tithe just for the bother this pernicious rumor that deliberate "misreporting" of the facts has caused. Perhaps some of you who have bothered to check my Lutheran credentials can get on YouTube and help shout down The Stupids and the Well Paid.
Anyone who wants to know can also read my book, Disclosure 101, and my Letter to Cardinal George posted on my website, for a taste of what my unpaid mission was all about, why it had to be done, and why I did it.
For free, in service to Christ, yes, "Centered in Christ and Sent to Serve", but tired and grouchy, too.
When you are done there, go to the Office of the Registrar at St. Olaf (a Lutheran not Catholic College) in Northfield, Minnesota, and stare up my skirt some more.
It isn't that I care for my own sake, but all these personal attacks detract from my message --- and the information I am giving all of you is crucial for Americans to know for their own sake, for the sake of their children, for the sake of our country and even for the sake of the entire world.
We have not been told the truth about our own history and that has left us all at a tremendous disadvantage. Those who continue to cause confusion and to discredit the truth are simply contributing to a problem that is already hard enough to fix.
Please help people turn their own Shinola Sensors on.
When you find people hiding behind pseudonyms like "Virgo Triad" and "Noble Justice" --- it's time to flip your Shinola Sensors on "High" and start asking questions like--- who is this person? Where do they come from? What kind of agenda are they selling? Why are they attacking Grandma? Who do they work for?
It's not for your benefit that they produce more disinformation. It's not to set you free, that they spend their hours trying to discredit me--- and by association, the message.
Wise as serpents, gentle as doves --- and I don't blame anyone for being skeptical. I encourage you to dig and delve. But don't be chumps. Don't spread gossip for the sake of spreading gossip, don't be frightened and scatter when the Liars come. They are only Liars and their lies will come home to them soon enough. Keep together and read and reason through things for yourselves.
As strange as some of the things I am telling you may seem -- two governments, three "unions" of "states", Confederate States during the Revolution, three Constitutions, State Citizens, Federal "US" Citizens, etc., etc., etc., --- what I am telling you is the truth. This is all stuff you were never taught in Public School for the simple reason that those printing the textbooks had a different agenda. They meant to enslave you for their benefit--- and they largely succeeded.
Now is the time to take it all back. Now is the time to wake all the way up.
If you can help move the work forward, we are on fumes here. One of team members sent me a photo of his refrigerator, and even for a bachelor, it was empty. I am still acting as Paymaster and Cupboard Keeper. My Paypal is: Other donations to the Cause can be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Thank you, everyone, who has helped keep the work going forward and the spread of knowledge flowing.


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Against Fear

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a great many people out there who have spent their lives in fear, trying to "live under the radar" and "off the grid" and trying to keep everything "secret". 

If you were really living as a free man, would these things be your concern?  


A free man or woman doesn't hide or run or horde things beyond sense and reason.  A free man doesn't have to spend his life looking over his shoulder, quivering at the mention of the IRS, dreading red-and-blue lights in his rear view mirror.  A free man doesn't just mutely turn over 60% of his earnings to "the government" --- whatever that is, to "avoid trouble".    Free people don't have any reason to cringe and be afraid and "comply" and "plead" and answer "summons".    


Because a free man is free.  

And that state of bliss, is, after all, what America is famous for.  It's what generations of American service men and women have fought and died for.  

So why are you all living in the "US" instead of living in America?  

The key to being free is being free.  If my employees "target" me, they will have a most unpleasant amount of explaining to do, won't they?  

Ironically, patriots have been misled to think that there is safety in hiding and running and trying to do everything under the table.  They think that riding the fence and soft-pedaling will keep them safe --- and in fact, its the exact opposite. 

While nobody gains respect or support from being rude or unreasonable, the fact is that not declaring your political status in a forthright fashion identifies you as a Troublemaker, and probably, an Easy Mark--- somebody they can prey upon like the weak animal in a herd. 

Not only that, but when you act like a rat sneaking into the hog pen for supper, what do you expect the police and others to think? 

So here are all these patriots sneaking and sliding and back-pedaling and hiding and trying to keep secrets and doing all this stuff that reminds a more sober individual of little kids playing games ---- and their whole rationale for this, that this will keep them "safe" and protect them from scrutiny--- is mistaken. 

Scrutiny is what you want.  The more scrutiny, the better.  

Shout the truth from the mountaintops.  Explain it to the local police.  Button-hole your local attorney.  Tell your pastor the facts.  Make sure that everyone knows and knows where you stand, too. Tell the State of State Congressional Delegation.  Fire them for cause.  I did. 

They didn't ever represent me before and they sure don't now.  Might as well write them a little letter and say it, right?  

"I'm sorry, but there's been a mistake.  You don't represent me.  You are my employee and any presumption that I gave you my proxy to just do whatever you want to do without regard for me and my needs and my desires and my security and the good of my State of the Union is mistaken, too. " 

Ask yourself --- why would any American be afraid to declare their political status as an American?  


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Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status

By Anna Von Reitz

Since the beginning of this whole rabbit chase the goal has been to streamline the process of correcting our political status records and getting back to our original birthright status as people living on the land and soil of our country.  

There is a logic to it, once you get your head wrapped around the fact that you have been kidnapped into a foreign jurisdiction and mis-identified accidentally-on-purpose by your own employees. 

Okay, you have been misidentified as a Federal Citizen---- one of three different Federal Citizenship statuses are possible.  You are naturally "none of the above".  

The quickest, simplest way out of this is to declare by Act of Expatriation that you are not any kind of Federal, Territorial or Municipal United States Citizen, nor Citizen of the United States nor US CITIZEN.  

So you need a competent Act of Expatriation, signed, sealed, and Witnessed. 

That's Job One.  

Okay, that declares what you are not and where you are not standing, but only coincidentally tells the world who you are and in what capacity you are acting and in which jurisdiction.  Though this is referenced in the Act of Expatriation, it isn't sufficient.  

So, you need to formally and specifically "Acknowledge, Accept, and Re-Convey" your Given Trade Name, which your parents gave you as a gift. 

This is the name that was seized upon and used to create all the other variations and permutations and "styles" of names that have been attributed to you----- so you need to say, yes, this is my property, I acknowledge and accept it as mine and I re-convey it from any presumed location at sea back to its natural and permanent domicile on the land and soil of _____________. (Maine, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.) 

So that is Job Two.  

Now that you have expatriated from the wrong political status and repatriated your Trade Name to the correct status, it's time to take control of all the "Assumed Names" that have been ascribed to you based on your Trade Name, as well as any Pen Names or Performance Names or Married Names you have used. 

You list all these various names like:  MARILYN JONES,  MARILYN A. JONES, MARILYN ANN JONES,  JONES, MARILYN,  JONES, MARILYN A., JONES, MARILYN ANN, Marilyn Jones, Marilyn A. Jones, Marilyn Ann Jones,  Marilyn Logan (Married Name), Marilyn A. Logan (Married Name), Marilyn Ann Logan (Married Name)...... and so on, plus, if you have other names you use as Pen Names or as Performer Names, you will want to add those as well as a general claim to "all variations, permutations, punctuation variations, orderings, fonts or styles of my name and names associated with me in any way whatsoever" as part of your Certificate of Assumed Name.  

That is Job Three. 

So, you have expatriated, repatriated your Trade Name, and now, you have claimed and "re-flagged" and permanently domiciled all the various Assumed Names on the land and soil of your State, too.  

This puts "You" and all your assets back on the land and soil and it "permanently domiciles" all the assumed NAMES on the land and soil, too. They may go out on the "sea of international trade" or the "sea of commerce" again, but they have to be recognized as "vessels" belonging to an American, not a "US Citizen" of some undeclared kind. 

All of this is necessary because you have lived your whole life since babyhood under a false legal presumption and your Trade Name was never properly recorded as an American State National when you were a child. 

Nobody told your parents that this was necessary, so they didn't do it.  Not only that, but undeclared Federal Agents acting as scavengers deliberately  misidentified you as a Federal Citizen and got your Mother to sign undisclosed and deceitful paperwork agreeing to this. 

So this is not just a matter of something important being left undone --- its a matter of correcting a record that shouldn't exist, a "registration" which serves to defraud you and cheat you out of your natural birthright and inheritance as an American. 

These three steps need to be done and these three records: (1) Expatriation; (2) Repatriation; (3) Certificate of Assumed Names ---  need to be established on the international land record via a land recording office.  Any land recording office will do. 

This is your evidence established as of the day of your recording it, that you are an American and operating in the capacity of an American, not a "US Citizen".
Obviously, the earlier you do this in life, the better.  Obviously, too, the current practices forcing Mothers to sign inappropriate false registration documents upon leaving hospitals needs to cease. 

These steps evidence your "return" to your birthright political status --- even though most of us never dreamed of leaving in the first place. 

These records also record your claim to have and enjoy your assets as private assets belonging to you and under your control, and also your declaration that you are owed your Natural and Unalienable Rights and all constitutional guarantees.  

We cannot easily understand why any American in their right mind would neglect doing this and leave themselves or their children open to having their "estate" administered and pillaged and prosecuted by foreign interests.

It's a few pieces of paper and the work of hammering out the basic verbiage has already been done for you and made available to you free of charge at, Article 928.

Recording these three records establishes your claim to your Good Name and your public and private property assets, including your Natural and Unalienable Rights and your constitutional guarantees---- but ironically enough,  they do not prove who you are. 

That is, someone named, for example, "Joseph Allen Bell" made a claim, but for court and State Jural Assembly purposes, you will additionally need to prove that you are that "Joseph Allen Bell" and that you were born at the time, date, place and parentage shown on the Birth Certificate that was issued in YOUR NAME. 

Some names are very common and this necessitates this additional paper chase. 

In addition to the three recorded declarations described above, you will need to have in your possession: (1) a certified or preferably authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate that was issued to you; (2) signed and witnessed testimony of two credible Witnesses having first hand knowledge of you and your family, who are reasonably able to confirm where and when you were born.  

The Birth Certificate is a private document and does not get recorded. It's only use in this regard is to prove that "a" baby with your name was born at such and such a place within the borders of an American State.  

The Testimony of the two Witnesses can be recorded or not.  I prefer to record this Testimony along with the first three pieces so that it can't be lost or misplaced.  This is especially recommended as you get older and fewer and fewer friends and family members remain who can affirm that you are you and that you were born in an American State. 

If you are claiming American State National or American State Citizen political status, you need all six of these records, the first three for the correction of the existing registration record, and the second three for confirmation of your identity and place of birth.  State Nationals and State Citizens can participate freely in the State Jural Assemblies.  If they own land within the borders of the State where they are living, they can also serve as State Electors.  Once you

If you are -- in spite of everything we have told you -- still obligated or inclined to remain in the political status of some kind of "US Citizen", for example, you are directly employed by the Federal Government or in U.S. Military Service, you should still complete and compile all but the Act of Expatriation, and record the repatriation of your Trade Name and Certificate of Assumed Names for your own protection and the protection of your children.  

United States Citizens, Citizens of the United States, and even US CITIZENS can still serve as a member of a State Jural Society for your Federal State of State and vote in Federal Elections. 

State Nationals and State Citizens are precluded from participating in Federal Elections at this time, because our Federal States of States are not in operation yet, pending reconstruction.  

United States Citizens, Citizens of the United States, and US CITIZENS are precluded from participating in actual State Elections and can only participate in "State of State" elections.  This is because while the Federal entities allow Dual Citizenship, the States of the Union do not. 

America needs help from both sides of the fence --- from people acting as State Nationals and State Citizens, and persons acting in the capacity of Federal Citizens, too.  

Nobody is being left out and everybody can serve --- but at the same time, to assure that our actions and words hold water and that our respective Jural Bodies have correct standing, it is necessary to decide whether you are a State National/State Citizen and belong serving on a State Jural Assembly, or a Federal (US) Citizen who naturally belongs to a State of State Jural Society.  

Retirees please note that leaving the political status of a "US Citizen" after you retire has no adverse impact on what you are owed from any federal employer or program like Social Security or Medicare, regardless of whether you were a Federal Civilian Employee or Federal Military Employee or not.  You simply gain back your rights and freedoms for which you have struggled and sacrificed--- and regain control of your private property assets by reclaiming your birthright political status.  

There are considerable advantages to being a State National or State Citizen and it is very well worth the small trouble it takes to reclaim and record your proper political status. 

It is also very necessary for the peaceful survival of this country that at least a good many of us who are eligible to populate our States as State Nationals and as State Citizens get busy rechartering and "reconstructing" our Federal States of States and restoring the government we are owed, upholding the Public Law, and enforcing the Federal Constitution. 

I am sorry that some people are ranting and raving about the inconvenience of having to declare their political status on paper, but anyone who doesn't do so is suspect.  Why not declare your political status loud and clear?   

I have.  My husband has.  My son has.  Most of my family has.  Most of my friends have also.  We are proud to be Americans and determined to be respected as such.  Most of us serve the neglected but crucially important American Government in one capacity or another, and by doing so we preserve what our Forefathers fought and died for.  

We do not propose to be overrun by some slick talking, predatory foreign corporations in the business of providing governmental services, even if some of those corporations are in the business of providing military services.  

Most of us or our spouses served in the "U.S. Military" too, and bore the brunt of functioning as "US Citizens" during extended tours of duty here and abroad.  Any idea that we don't understand military issues or don't value military service needs to be promptly dispensed with along with the name-calling, false accusations and other mindless idiocy.  

There are some people who feel threatened by the States being assembled and by the prospect of having our American Government back up and fully functioning again.  There is no very clear reason for this, except perhaps some guilty consciences, some criminals afraid of consequences or gluttons who fear that their gravy train will be at an end.  

We literally can't afford to be too concerned about their druthers. 


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For All The State Jural Assemblies - 33 The American Civil War

By Anna Von Reitz

From our discussions we have now fully realized that the Constitutions and the Federal Government arising from these venerable agreements only affected our country's operations in the municipal jurisdiction's realm of commerce  --- that is, business conducted between two fully incorporated, chartered legal fiction entities.  

Adoption of the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Constitutions didn't affect our soil jurisdiction estates, doing business as The United States, nor did they impact our land jurisdiction States doing business as The United States of America, but they did change the operations of the States of America, a union of commercial corporations chartered by the States. 

The impact of the Constitutions on the States of America and on the member commercial corporations doing business under names styled like this: The State of Pennsylvania --- was dramatic. 

The most important immediate change was that control of our fledgling Navy and our Naval operations was ceded to the British King, who was obligated to function as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways, and to protect our private and international and commercial interests in those venues.  

Control of our international trade policy was also given away to the King.  At least in the realm of commerce, we traded our freedom for safety, though it is doubtful that many Americans realized this at the time.  

The overall result of adopting the Constitutions was to split up the functions originally taken care of by the States of America, and assign some of them to foreign governments to take care of "for" us.  

This power-sharing concession was pre-destined by the Treaties and earlier agreements that allowed for the end of The Revolutionary War.  In other words, these concessions and promises to share power with the British King and the Holy Roman Empire were obligations our Forefathers accepted as part of the Peace Negotiations and the Constitutions that resulted --- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal --- were simply the instruments used to implement the pre-existing deal. 

So, the States of America remained the fundamental Federal Service Provider as we came out of the Constitutional Convention, and as of 1787, The Constitution for the united States of America, emerged as "the Federal Constitution".  That is, this is the Constitution creating the Federal Branch of the Federal Government.  

Though its powers and turf were battered and beaten in this process. the States of America was still a very potent force, with responsibility for the nation's money and many other key services.  

The loss of control of the Naval Powers and the loss of control of our international trade policy was grievous, but was deemed necessary at the time: coming out of the Revolution we had a huge commercial fleet, but almost no Navy.  We had lots of raw materials to ship to eager markets in Europe and a need to get paid for them, but our unprotected commercial fleet was being decimated by privateers.  

Most of the American-based private commercial fleet belonged to two groups -- British American former colonists sailing out of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and Virginia, and Dutch New York and Southern interests derived from the "disappeared" Dutch East India fleet that mysteriously vanished circa 1702 and wound up in New York and the Pacific.  They were the primary movers insisting on the surrender of our Naval Powers so that they could continue their commercial shipments unmolested. 

The rest of the people were tired of war and accepted the new inroads against our sovereignty rather than continue to fight and starve. 

Still, for many, these losses remained a sore point and the adoption of the Constitutions was by no means unopposed--- nor, were the losses unforgotten. 
As the British Parliament began to impose ever-more disadvantageous trade policies on the American Federal States of States -- all commercial corporations with their own axes to grind, tempers flared. 

Malfeasance by British Merchant Marine Officers known as Bar Attorneys led to the War of 1812, which was a push-back against unequal trade policies and unfair tariffs and market rigging.  

In 1819, the States of America responded by toughening already existing constitutional provisions against conflicts of interest and "buying of loyalty" by foreign powers bestowing foreign "Titles of Nobility" on Americans.  This was applied to the practice of bestowing the title "Esquire" on American Bar Attorneys. 

Frustrated by our resistance to their interference and manipulation of our commercial interests to our own detriment, the British Monarch and the then-Pope signed a clandestine treaty known as The Secret Treaty of Verona, in 1822, in which they agreed that our American system of government was intrinsically opposed to both feudal monarchies and papal authority.  

In gross Breach of Trust they agreed to secretively undermine our government --- a course of action which they have pursued ever since and which has finally led to the present circumstance. 

This is the Big Picture, but to further understand, we must necessarily revisit what has euphemistically been called "The American Civil War". 

First one must ask --- what is a "Civil" War as opposed to any other kind of war? 

Civil = City = Municipal = Global Commercial Jurisdiction = war between Persons, not People = war between commercial corporations. 

This "War" called "The American Civil War" was not properly termed a war, but was instead a "Commercial Conflict" like the Vietnam Conflict, fought by foreign mercenaries on our shores, and by employees and volunteers backing the various Federal State of State commercial corporations.  

Those Federal States of States that remained loyal to the original Confederation doing business as the States of America represented the North and were called "Union" troops.  Many Americans even at the time mistook which "Union" they were fighting for and in what context. 

The Federal States of States that broke away from the original Confederation and formed their own version doing business as The Confederate States of America, represented the Southern State's commercial corporations, and their troops were called "Confederates" as a result.  

The King of England gleefully funded both sides of the conflict and the separate international City State of Westminster lost no time setting up effective blockades and conscription services and issued privateer licenses against all our shipping North and South.  

From the standpoint of the Monarchists and the Holy Roman Empire, the object of the American Civil War was to defeat the South and take Southern Cotton out of the European markets, permanently end the cost saving advantages that slavery provided the Southern Plantations, and to reduce the Northern States of States to a condition of bankruptcy.  They succeeded in all respects. 

And Americans and America paid for it all.  

You must remember what we are talking about --- a commercial "war" for markets and profits, waged by commercial corporations that are essentially no different than any other commercial corporation except that they are chartered directly by actual States instead of being chartered secondhand by States of States.  

The British and French-backed Northern States of States resented slavery for profit and market reasons, so they encouraged the Abolitionists.  Private slavery was already out of fashion in Europe and of no great economic consequence to their domestic markets--- except that it gave the American Southern States of States a cost advantage in the marketplace, and they competed against British and French cotton plantations established elsewhere in the world.  

The British and Holy Roman Empire backed Southern States of States favored slavery for profit and market reasons, so they encouraged the Pro-Slavery Plantation owners --- many of which produced products other than cotton.  Remember that the addictive properties of high nicotine tobacco were just beginning to be exploited as a de facto drug trade prior to the Civil War, and the squabble over cotton production interfered with tobacco, sugar, rum, molasses, and many other products.  

Last but not least, this commercial "war" was a bonanza for the railroads, the arms manufacturers, and the U.S. Armed Forces, especially the British-controlled Navy, which received privateer kickbacks.  There had never been a better opportunity for professional soldiers in this country and men like Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman made the most of it. 

So it is not a pretty picture, but it is an accurate one.  The members of the original Confederation of Federal States of States doing business as  the States of America ---- all of them commercial corporations chartered by their States, all of them assigned service contracts under The Constitution for the united States of America --- took the European bait and went to war with each other.  

By 1863, the Northern States of States were bankrupt.  By 1865, the Southern States were in ruins and the Southern States of States gave up the fight.  

Since it was not an actual war according to the definition of "war", there was never any Declaration of War issued by any Congress related to the American Civil War, nor was the surrender of Lee's Army at Appomattox a peace treaty. The corporations and those backing them simply decided to stop fighting and went home, leaving the Federal Government in chaos that has persisted and been capitalized upon until this day. 

The Federal States of States are separate entities though they were all chartered by the actual States.  The Confederation of States founded in 1781 was in ruins.  It would require a concerted effort to "Reconstruct" the Federal States of States and form new commercial corporations to service their obligations under The Constitution for the united States of America.  

That job of reconstruction of the Federal States of States has never been accomplished, and it can only be done by the actual States and People.  
So the People must assemble and the States must assemble and they have to take care of long-overdue business.  As we shall see, certain parties who owed us better service left us unaware of this urgent necessity and deliberately lulled us into the assumption that the Reconstruction Era was long over, and that we had no work to do. 

Until this long overdue process of reconstruction is undertaken, the entire Federal Branch of the Federal Government is out of commission, moth-balled, and the assets of the original Federal States of States that came through the ruination and bankruptcies have been rolled into "land trusts" --- meaning that these trusts belong to the land jurisdiction States and People.  

The assets of The State of Maryland and The State of Maine and The State of Pennsylvania.... and so on, have been rolled into the Maryland State (land trust), Maine State (land trust), Pennsylvania State (land trust)....

The actual States and People of this country are being summoned to take action in their own behalf and to reconstruct their Federal States of States and to restore the Federal Government they are owed---- all of it, not just the Territorial and Municipal bits.  

Please bear in mind and be aware that your actual soil jurisdiction states, dba The United States, and your land jurisdiction States, dba The United States of America, and all their member republics and States, have never been involved in any of this commercial uproar.  Our only duty and our only failure thus far is to recognize certain semantic deceits, to organize ourselves into competent State Jural Assemblies, and to re-charter our Federal States of States to provide the services owed to our States under The Constitution for the united States of America.  


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For All The State Jural Assemblies - 32 The Federal States of States

By Anna Von Reitz

As we have learned in the prior articles about the Union of soil jurisdiction states, and the Federation of States and the Confederation of States of States, there are fundamental misunderstandings and semantic deceits we need to overcome---things that we have been taught that were wrong, things that were half-truths, and assumptions that we made that need correction. 

The first consideration is that the word "states" can refer to a lot of different things and we should not just assume that our geographically defined States are being referenced, because people often sloppily refer to "States of States" as "States", too, and don't always understand that actual States are defined geographically.  

The second is that the word "federal" can be similarly misapplied.  It can refer to our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, or it can refer to some other "federation" entirely.  

The worst bit of confusion of this sort surrounds the Federal States of States, which have also been called "Confederate States" since The Articles of Confederation were signed in 1781.  

We need a thorough understanding of the Federal States of States, aka, Confederate States, before we discuss the American Civil War. 

The first thing we notice is that "Confederate States" also known as the Federal States of States have been around since long before the Civil War. This comes as a big surprise to most people. 

The second thing we notice is that these Federal States of States, also known as "Confederate States"  are "inchoate" states, that is, they are total legal fictions and they are not geographically defined.  

The third thing we see is that The States of States are commercial corporations created by the State Governments.  Each Federal State of State is chartered and run by a State.  Georgia chartered The State of Georgia, for example. 

The fourth important thing is that the original Federal States of States were all named using the same style of Proper Name and they all capitalized "The" and included this definite article as part of their names:  The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, The State of Minnesota.....and so on. 

The fifth important point is that all these Federal States of States, also known as Confederate States, were members of the States of America union--- one of the three unions of "states" making up the original American Government as of 1781.  

The sixth important take home message that their Union of States of States, doing business as the "States of America"  is the Union being referenced in the Preamble of the Constitutions.  In other words, its the States of America  Confederation that is the "Union" being "perfected" by the Constitutions, not The United States, not The United States of America. 

The actual Federal Constitution is called, "The Constitution for the united States of America".  

Please note that this is the "original' and "controlling" constitution in the series of three, the one that creates and defines the "Federal Government" as of 1787. 
Note also that the word "united" is used as a descriptive adjective and is not part of the Proper Name of the States of America organization being referenced, and notice that "the" is not capitalized or included in the name, either.  

This further underscores the fact that these Federal States of States and their States of America organization are operating exclusively in the realm of global municipal commercial jurisdiction. 

Article VI of all three "federal" Constitutions  guarantees that debts and obligations of the confederacy will continue to be honored under the new power-sharing arrangement established by the Constitutional Convention. 

The adoption of the Federal, Territorial and Municipal Constitutions  basically split up the business service contracts and gave part of what was originally all being done by the States of America to the British Territorial Government and the Holy Roman Empire's local Municipal Government doing business as "the" United States.  

We can be sure that: (1) the original Federal Constitution known as "The Constitution for the united States of America" directly references the "States of America' Confederation; (2) this is the "Union" being "perfected" by the adoption of the Constitutions;  (3) Article VI references honoring the debts and obligations of the Confederate States ---because they are the only ones being impacted by the adoption of the Constitutions. 

Take note --- part of the commercial business of the original States of America Confederation is being given away to the British and the Holy Roman Empire as a result of adopting the Constitutions.


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Border-Package is Amnesty for All

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For All The State Jural Assemblies - 31 Mandatory Citizenship Requirements

By Anna Von Reitz

As we have learned and reviewed to this point, the American Government is composed of three unions of three different kinds of states: soil, land, and inchoate Federal States of States. 

The United States = soil jurisdiction states and people, geographically defined, republican states, State Republics and Republics of States. 

The United States of America =  international land jurisdiction States and People, geographically defined, members are Ohio, Maine, Florida, et alia. 

The State Jural Assemblies create and operate and populate these geographically defined States of the Union and together constitute "We, the People".  

The States of America = global municipal jurisdiction States of States, not geographically defined, "inchoate", legal fictions, members are: The State of Ohio, The State of Maine, The State of Florida, et alia. 

These are not States in the same sense as land and soil jurisdiction States. They are commercial corporations operating in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air as "States of States".  

The Persons operating these "States of States" create State of State Jural Societies instead of State Jural Assemblies.

The land and soil jurisdiction States require us to have a single citizenship and allegiance --- to them.  They don't allow any form of Dual Citizenship and never have.  

The Founders adhered to the principle that 'no man can serve two masters" and did not allow conflicted people (people with conflicts of interest, such as loyalty to the King) to participate in State Government.  

Thus, obviously, you do need to expatriate from any other citizenship if you want to participate in a State Jural Assembly. 

And if you want to continue to claim Dual Citizenship as a Federal employee or dependent, you are welcome to set up a State Jural Society, and operate in that realm and continue to do the political party hokey-pokey. 

America as a whole needs help from both sides of the fence, but there is a fence, and we need to be aware of it. 

The main fact to take in is that the actual geographically defined States don't allow any wishy-washy on this issue of citizenship requirements for participation in State Jural Assemblies, so anyone who doesn't want to expatriate from "US citizenship" needs to set up and participate in a State Jural Society instead. 

Please note that for purposes of foreign travel, Americans are under the auspices of The United States of America (the unincorporated version) not The United States.  

Federal employees and dependents are under the auspices of "the" United States when they travel and are considered Municipal Citizens while abroad, subject to global Municipal Law. 


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National Assembly Call

By Anna Von Reitz

Hello Anna,

I just jumped on the National Assembly call and they are claiming you've been compromised. 

"Mail Service"

I am Not "compromised" -- just telling the truth against the wishes of some of those who have been running the MGJA for the US Military as a PsyOp and Disinformation Operation.  They have set it up to fool people (once again) into stopping short of freedom and settling for "liberty" instead. 

And while they have their own grievances, their Territorial Government and its issues should not be mistaken for our American Government and it's issues. 

Anyone who wants to stay adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea and not come home to the land and soil of America needs to leave the Jural Assembly and form a Jural Society instead. 

This is not negotiable and not my "opinion". That is the way the law and the jurisdictional issues require it to be. 

So-- make up your minds. 

Land and soil means one Citizenship only, owed to your State and participation in your State Jural Assembly.

Maritime and sea with Dual Citizenship means that we do not consider you a State Citizen even though the Territorial or Municipal Government doesn't care. It also means that you need to be participating in a State of State Jural Society, not a State Jural Assembly. 

They should realize that they are in the wrong on all the matters they are disputing and stop trying to resist the facts I am presenting. 

Please post this wherever it needs to be. 

They are doing no favors for the people of this country nor are they honorably serving the interests of our military, either. 

The lies must end. The truth must be told. The Federal States of States must be reconstructed and our government renewed. 

The other choices -- violent revolution or dictatorship -- are both unacceptable and unnecessary. Foreign governments under contract to our States have acted in breach of trust to defraud us and to undermine the Constitutions and the government we are owed. 

It's too bad that so many members of the military have been duped, but that is the fact. 

They need to get their indoctrination out of the way. They need to examine the actual history and the meanings of the words. They need to stop getting sidetracked and stop accusing others of being "compromised" when it is all too clear that they have led themselves and others into a false political status and have left the people of this country at a profound disadvantage. 

I am not supporting the current efforts of the MGJA and do not recommend that anyone continue to participate in  this process without taking steps to declare their proper political status on the public record. 

Failure to do so leaves people as "sitting ducks" for federal agents and agencies. 

And continued obstinate ignorance about the actual history of this country only leaves the festering wounds and all the attendant problems to fester some more. 

If anyone tells you that you don't have to formally expatriate from Territorial and Municipal US Citizenship in order  to exercise your birthright political status, that person is lying to you. 

If anyone tells you that your current efforts negate what other Assemblies have accomplished, that person is lying to you. 

If anyone says that you can just wave your hands and do as you please without regard for the history and treaties and jurisdictions of the law-- that person is lying to you. 

Whether they are doing so knowingly or unknowingly, they are still lying.  And you are at risk from listening to them. 

The Federal entities have always allowed Dual Citizenship so from their perspective you don't have to expatriate--- but from our perspective as the States and People, there is only one (1) State Citizenship. 

Any Federal Dual Citizen taking part in our Assembly taints the lawful processes we need to engage in.  Not only are such persons ineligible to claim State National or State Citizenship, but they must be held suspect as Undeclared Foreign Agents. 

This is the law and the fact. 

Anyone who won't declare their singular allegiance to their State needs to be kicked out of your meetings and not allowed to take part in your Assemblies. 

The land and soil jurisdiction States allow no conflict of interest and no deviation from the principle that no man can serve two masters. 

This is in fact why the provisions against Titles of Nobility and the "Missing" Thirteenth Amendment of the actual Federal Constitution exist. 

The military is only as good as its leadership is wise and incorruptible. Unfortunately the history of the past 150 years shows that our military has functioned as a mercenary force misdirected to pillage and plunder the States and the People who have loyally met their payrolls. 

The Generals have been a "Mixed Bag" at best and things are now coming to a head as to whom and what these men serve. 

That we are all in the position that we are in now is a ferocious testament to the fact that our military has been both misled and corrupted. 

As difficult as this may be to accept, the facts and the history speak volumes for themselves and leave no other conclusion possible. 

I am sick and tired of arguing with the indoctrination and "certainty" of people making assumptions based on what they learned in Eighth Grade or High School. 

It's time to realize that your teachers and your history books lied to you, told you half-truths, and left you to make wrong assumptions. 

I have seen too many good people go to jail and worse simply because they could not or would not look at the facts, figure things out, and act accordingly. 

What I am telling everyone is true. They may not like it. Their ego and their belief system may suffer. But at the end of the day, the truth is all that matters and the truth is the only thing that will stand and provide us with a solid foundation going forward. 


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