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Friday, February 15, 2019

Against Fear

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a great many people out there who have spent their lives in fear, trying to "live under the radar" and "off the grid" and trying to keep everything "secret". 

If you were really living as a free man, would these things be your concern?  


A free man or woman doesn't hide or run or horde things beyond sense and reason.  A free man doesn't have to spend his life looking over his shoulder, quivering at the mention of the IRS, dreading red-and-blue lights in his rear view mirror.  A free man doesn't just mutely turn over 60% of his earnings to "the government" --- whatever that is, to "avoid trouble".    Free people don't have any reason to cringe and be afraid and "comply" and "plead" and answer "summons".    


Because a free man is free.  

And that state of bliss, is, after all, what America is famous for.  It's what generations of American service men and women have fought and died for.  

So why are you all living in the "US" instead of living in America?  

The key to being free is being free.  If my employees "target" me, they will have a most unpleasant amount of explaining to do, won't they?  

Ironically, patriots have been misled to think that there is safety in hiding and running and trying to do everything under the table.  They think that riding the fence and soft-pedaling will keep them safe --- and in fact, its the exact opposite. 

While nobody gains respect or support from being rude or unreasonable, the fact is that not declaring your political status in a forthright fashion identifies you as a Troublemaker, and probably, an Easy Mark--- somebody they can prey upon like the weak animal in a herd. 

Not only that, but when you act like a rat sneaking into the hog pen for supper, what do you expect the police and others to think? 

So here are all these patriots sneaking and sliding and back-pedaling and hiding and trying to keep secrets and doing all this stuff that reminds a more sober individual of little kids playing games ---- and their whole rationale for this, that this will keep them "safe" and protect them from scrutiny--- is mistaken. 

Scrutiny is what you want.  The more scrutiny, the better.  

Shout the truth from the mountaintops.  Explain it to the local police.  Button-hole your local attorney.  Tell your pastor the facts.  Make sure that everyone knows and knows where you stand, too. Tell the State of State Congressional Delegation.  Fire them for cause.  I did. 

They didn't ever represent me before and they sure don't now.  Might as well write them a little letter and say it, right?  

"I'm sorry, but there's been a mistake.  You don't represent me.  You are my employee and any presumption that I gave you my proxy to just do whatever you want to do without regard for me and my needs and my desires and my security and the good of my State of the Union is mistaken, too. " 

Ask yourself --- why would any American be afraid to declare their political status as an American?  


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  1. i believe you have stated that you haven't paid taxes since 1998.
    So no federal taxes at all, you or your husband? How about state taxes?
    "Because a free man is free."
    Now what is it that Bob Marley said? yes i said Bob Marley, lol.
    Was he right in at least this one area?
    Declaring my political status with satan, is not quite the same as declaring my Spiritual connection to the Son and the Father.
    i do not believe declaring anything including my "political status" to satan nor the beast system is a release from any further physical nor mind persecution.
    i really do not believe i am to fear them nor become a victim of them, nor play their game.

    1. How about you Paul?
      Are you a free man? How about them taxes?

    2. If any man is interested in finding out if he has a real tax liability instead of just a presumption he is required to pay just go to the IRC definitions. It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to read and understand definitions. IRS regulations pertain to Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Did you take two Oaths to promise to pay even though you had no tax liability? (W-4) Mistakes can be corrected like any other record. If you promise to pay and promise to be a Withholding Agent for the SYATE OWNED FRANCHISE you can't just stop you must correct the mistake. When you sign those forms you are swearing under penalty of perjury that you understand the entire tax code. Is that possible. Those who have stopped volunteering to support evil and are left alone do not have a tax liability in the first place and have corrected the record. Take a look at the book FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT, How to reclaim your power. The references in the book are very easily looked up in the code and explains the use of a 1040 form. People who stop volunteering to support evil are not criminals they are just smart enough to read definitions to find out if they have a tax liability in the first place. Stop challenging the actions of others as they are untimately responsible for themselves. Why would you pay if you are not required to? Remember the IRS does not have the authority to directly tax the People. I did the tax thing for many years because my Dad said I had get a SSN and file a tax return when i started working at 16 but he was wrong.


  2. Found an interesting quote this week:
    “Among the public there spread the expectation that the salvation of the German people would now come from Hitler. But in the lectures we were told that salvation comes only from Jesus Christ.”
    Inge Karding
    i would suggest considering this in terms of america and or the world, what name are you trusting in?

  3. I agree...if you are going to poke the bear , do it with a really big stick along with 300,000,000 others and watch the coward run.

  4. Anna,
    Are you living in a "state of bliss?"