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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obama was an Indonesian Citizen at Occidental, New Evidence

Sent: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 3:52 PM
Subject: Fw: Obama Was Indonesian Citizen When Attending Occidental Dave Jolly

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire is a dentist and attorney.  She is also the
Founder of Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.  Over the last four years,
Taitz has become one of the active ‘birthers’ in the nation, filing a
number of lawsuits and request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act. One of the cases she filed was to compel Barack Obama
to produce his registration record at Occidental College.  The case is Taitz v. Obama,
Feinstein, Emken and is now being appealed in the Fourth District Court
of Appeals in the Superior Court of California.  The case number is
G047746 and the Superior Court case number is 30-2012-00582135. The
original case claimed that there was over 100 pages of documentation
proving that Barack Obama was indeed a citizen of Indonesia at the
time of his college registration at Occidental College and that he
used forged and fraudulent means to secure IDs.  Superior Court Judge
Charles Marginis ruled in favor of Occidental College and denied the
motion to force the production of Obama’s college registration forms. The appeal
was re-instated by the Chief Judge of the Fourth District
Court of Appeal Kathleen O’Leary. When the case was appealed, all
parties were given 15 days to file their Appellee’s brief.  Taitz
filed her brief with the court in the allotted time.  When Obama,
Feinstein and Emken failed to file their briefs,
they were given an additional 15 days and once again they failed to
file their Appellee’s brief. In response the failure of the Appellees,
Taitz filed a notice with the court that contained a notice of the failure of the
Appellees to file their briefs within the allotted time frame. 
She also submitted additional information with the court stating that she was recently
approached by a woman who claimed to work for the Higher Education
Services Corporation in Albany, New York.  The whistle-blower told
Taitz that she had personally seen and reviewed Barack Obama’s
financial aid information at Occidental College.  That information listed the
financial aid he received due to the fact that he was a foreign student
and a citizen of Indonesia. The whistle-blower provider her name, work
email, personal email, home and cell phone numbers.  Through investigation,
Taitz has verified that woman’s information and her employment at the
Higher Education Services Corporation. 
Taitz also noted in her updated filing that when Obama
transferred from Occidental College to Columbia that his financial aid
information would also transfer and that it would have gone through the
hands of the Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany, New
York. Taitz was informed by the whistle-blower that Higher Education
Services Corporation’s policy is to never destroy any records, but to preserve
them on microfilm in a safe at the corporation.  She also said that
several employees made copies of the microfilm containing Obama’s
information just in case the company decided to destroy the evidence.
She stated that the whistle-blower came forward because she is
concerned that Obama is not eligible to be President since he is, or
was, an Indonesian citizen.  In lieu of this new information, she is again
requesting that the court compels Barack Obama and /or Occidental
College to provide his registration and financial aid information.
Whether you believe Taitz claim or not, you have ask yourself why has
Obama spent over $3 million to hide and conceal virtually every piece
of personal history and documentation from his birth to his election
as President?  What secrets are contained in these documents that he
fears? If he is a US citizen as he claims, wouldn’t it make sense for
him to provide his records and put all of the controversy and birther
conspiracies to rest?  If he has nothing to hide, then why is he going
to such great lengths to hide it?