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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Definitions Related to Civil Death

By Anna Von Reitz

Definitions Related to Civil Death -- 

From the 1870 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary: the ONLY Law Dictionary approved by the U.S. Congress...

CHARTA: “A charter or deed in writing. Any signal or token by which an estate WAS held.”   

Please note--- when a living being "elects" to be "enfranchised" as a franchise of a parent corporation and receives a "charter", such a one becomes "civilly dead".  This is what the rats have endeavored to do by falsifying the public records and claiming that every baby in America is a [Territorial] United States Citizen dba "citizen of the United States".  

DEED: “The written evidence of things done between MAN and MAN.”

IN FULL LIFE: “Neither physically nor civilly DEAD.”

Reply to "A KIng's Charter Which Refuses to Die"

By Anna Von Reitz

My comments in reply to this latest "close but no banana" analysis of historical documents are shown in slightly larger bold print. This is what happens when people either do not know "the Code" or choose not to.  Either way, the result is the same.  We miss the Truth.  

It is interesting to note that the interpretation Mr. Montgomery gives to this argument which is basically in support of the King's claim to the [Territorial] United States which was never at issue, is precisely the same argument that understands our claims in the same regard ---- land held in trust like assets possessed by pirates --- does not change ownership. 

A King's Charter Which Refuses To Die

For Our Flag Officers

By Anna Von Reitz

As noted on April 24, 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Lieber Code.  It made the Grand Army of the Republic responsible for our money and the welfare of our civilian population among other things.  The very next day, he bankrupted the original federal United States commercial company. 

Since then the GAR has morphed into the United States Army, the U.S. Army and the US ARMY.  The Lieber Code has morphed into The Hague Conventions. 

It's all still in effect.  

Just like the Reconstruction Acts have for the most part never been repealed.

[Read any AR 27-10 issued in your lifetimes.  Read DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PAMPHLET 27-161-1, the:Law of Peace, which we are owed in this country, but which we are routinely denied.  Read 41-10, Civil Affairs OPs.  If you need "documentation" in support of all that I am saying, God knows you don't have to go any further than to read Army manuals.]  

Fast forward past the evils of the Federal Reserve and the trademarked Federal Reserve System to the Big Short of 2008. 

Should this be the Montana Flag instead of what we have now?

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This flag is displayed on the Montana Shooting Sports Association Facebook page above the following article and asking for input on some wording being contemplated in the article.
Please comment here, in the comments section and at the original article.

The MTSSA facebook page is here:

Here is the article: Note this was written in December of 2016 just after the Trump upset victory.

Dear MSSA Friends,

Thank you so much for your many responses to my question about what "shall not be called in question" means. I was snowed in responses and I now have five pages of one-line definitions. They are all VERY helpful and will be more so later (stay tuned).

Meanwhile, let's have a bit of discussion about this.

Pretty much all of you agree that "shall not be called in question" is not that difficult to understand, it's in plain English, and is a very strong restraint on governmental entities and actors (and some think on persons and entities in the private sector, too).

This suggests the question, how strong is this restraint? Is it absolute?