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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Definitions Related to Civil Death

By Anna Von Reitz

Definitions Related to Civil Death -- 

From the 1870 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary: the ONLY Law Dictionary approved by the U.S. Congress...

CHARTA: “A charter or deed in writing. Any signal or token by which an estate WAS held.”   

Please note--- when a living being "elects" to be "enfranchised" as a franchise of a parent corporation and receives a "charter", such a one becomes "civilly dead".  This is what the rats have endeavored to do by falsifying the public records and claiming that every baby in America is a [Territorial] United States Citizen dba "citizen of the United States".  

DEED: “The written evidence of things done between MAN and MAN.”

IN FULL LIFE: “Neither physically nor civilly DEAD.”

IN ESSE: “In being. In existence.”

CIVILITER MORTUUS: “ Civilly DEAD. In a state of civil DEATH. The condition of ONE who has lost his civil rights and is accounted DEAD in law.”

CIVIL DEATH: “That change of state of a person which is considered in the law as equivalent to DEATH.”

This is why the vermin pretend they can't hear you.  Just imagine the judges putting their hands over their ears and saying, "I can't hear you!  You're dead!  Waaah!" 

 And then know for a fact, that the Queen, Elizabeth II, has described your given Christian Name in the form: John Mark Doe --- as a "disregarded entity".  This is because "he" was declared civilly dead and discharged in the settlement of the bankruptcy of the Territorial corporation dba the "United States of America" Inc.

DEATH: “The cessation of LIFE. The ceasing to exist.”

Henceforth: “Ye must be born again...”: John 3 KJV.  

This is not a reference, necessarily, to taking a new name, because a name is just a material possession your parents gave to you for your use, in the same sense someone might give you a shovel.   No, this is far more than just taking a new name or retaining an old one.  This is a matter of taking back your lawful "in full life" standing as a Living Being, a Living Soul clothed in physical body, and apart from worldly definitions which seek to redefine you so as to control and profit from you. 

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  1. So you can get around the part where the judge can't hear you by asking the judge: "Can you hear me alright judge? answers yes i can hear you, good then you must agree i am not dead right?" That now creates a problem for the judge, because s/he won't say no i don't hear you cause your dead. They won't put that on the record.

  2. Have you tried it yet in a real court setting mike....???

    1. I would think such a question to a judge would corner them. If they acknowledge by saying yes they hear you, or no I don't hear you; OR if they say 'I ask the questions in this court room' then that would indicate they do hear you. Sort of a catch 22. How many ways can they react, except maybe to act like they didn't hear you, and just proceed.

  3. Perhaps it is time to flee the law and look to mercy?
    Flee Judea to the Mountain, His mountain His temple? Perhaps it is time to worship Him first and stop worshiping ourselves?Sin is why this world is in the state it is in. No matter what satan or the vatican does. The world was enslaved long before birth certificates. There is a way out through Yahusha (Jesus). This is the only way out.
    Paul found his freedom by becoming a slave to His Master.
    Paul also seemed to discovered he had been dead, He was led to life.

  4. John 3:3
    Has absolutely nothing to do with marching into any man made government facility.And yet if you feel the need, go for it. Just remember A True government does exist.
    Seemingly what we have now is mans unlawful government. i would suggest approaching the True Temple of Yahuah. one on one. Start giving Him an accounting of all your thoughts, your feelings, your sins your transgressions,your transgressions. Do this daily and as necessary. Stop blaming the world and accept responsibility!
    And yes He most certainly already knows them,(your faults) and i pray He is and has been waiting for you.

    1. afollower, well I think the World is to blame and we have every right to throw the blame for our 'slavery' on them..right between the eyes, lol.

      Supposing you had a huge bank account, and bankers were siphoning it off down to zero. Are we going to blame ourselves for that? So lets not put more on the shoulders of the people now, for something we did not even know was happening.

    2. welllllll we did sort of know we were participating in usury and spending what we didnt have/own, it was never ours to have and spent ourselves into slavery, worshiping false idols and coveting thy neighbors wasteful products, killing people with impunity simply who speak a foreign language and inducing a holocaust on sweet animals that cant fight back. should i stop there or keep going? we are verrrrrrry verrrrry guilty and must repent so very seriously. we know and knew, dont make excuses we deserve every last thing we experience and have sewn, gods will be done.

    3. sorry, penny, but no we did not know any of that. We presumed that our elected officials were honest and handling things as they promised to do. Our wicked leaders knew THEY were doing all that,but we the People in general did not. Those have been running this country are the ones who need to repent and THEY deserve what they are going to get........and not too far into the future.
      If You are verrrrry verrrrry guilty, then take the consequences; but don't try to drag us all into it. Even today, most people, most americans still have no idea what all is wrong, or how The People are hoodwinked by tyrannical bastards. THEY are the ones who created usury and spent US all into slavery, unbeknownst to us. Even Anna has said much the same. So penny, I'm surprised you'd say these things.

    4. sorry abby even you and your religious fervor cant redirect and get you out of this knew exactly what you did and may not be completely aware of what you continue to do in various ways, not to the extent these magicians played you, but you have to repent and ask for forgiveness for what you have done with and without full disclosure/knowledge; it has lead to a great many deaths and destruction for people around the world. to not admit this is denial of an untoward extent; if not, and you think you are and have continued to be free of sin, then god's will be done.

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  6. A problem with some of the definitions on this article, as usual, because BLACK's Law Dictioanry from a much earlier date, around 1825 I believe, somewhere around there, states that a "deed" "is a color of title"!!! Now, queen ann wants us to believe that a "deed" is something of value between living entities by another legal handbook. My how things change in 50 years!!! The fact that a sheriff can show up with a "sheriff's deed" to kick you off your property, which he never invested any of his money in or has a valid claim to, for not paying the corporate tax on it that they impose, property that that YOU own because you have a "title deed" to it, means that a "deed" is exactly what Blacks Law Dictionary says it is, a "color of title"!!! Queen ann takes a lot of liberty with her "definitions" and you folks need to be diligent not to believe every word that she states as she does not always espouse the Truth on this forum!!! In fact, there is a lot of untruth peddled on this forum, even if there are a few things that have been stated correctly. But...hope springs eternal and there are folks that desperately need that hopium meted out to them to give them something to cling to!!!

    1. So, Unknown, what course of action are you proposing?

  7. Eschew the Rules of English Grammar; cuss in American.

  8. The scripture, ''you must be born again''has absolutely nothing to do with what any gov. has done to people, to take away their rights or to have made them slaves or put them in any bondage.

    To clarify, we are all born with a sin nature which we all inherited from Adam and Eve sinning in the Garden of Eden and that nature is what needs to be corrected by being born again. This sin nature inclines anyone to easily lie, cheat, steal, etc. This nature is far removed from God because sin separates Man from God.

    To remove that sinful inclination/nature, we must be born again. Born Again is somewhat difficult to explain because it is absolutely a supernatural event and is done by God. Man initiates it by his rather sudden realization and admittance that he is a sinner and sincerely repents with much regret for having been sinful and wants to be rid of that sinfulness and wants to be Changed. At that point God does Change such a person, and he becomes very opposed to sinfulness.
    It happens quickly and very progressively. He is becoming a New Person, starting all over again, thus is born again. That is what is required for Salvation.
    We cannot remain as we are, which is called 'worldly', because we must all line up with God and His Ways, being prepared for citizenship in His Kingdom. He is not going to put up with this crap that goes on, everybody wanting their own way, their own special interests....we must be ''all in one accord''.
    Being born again causes one to see everything in a whole new light as we are being given the Mind of Christ, to think as he thinks and sees things. This is an ongoing growth that is never ending; it is maturity in Christ.
    Lightening does not strike, and it is totally painless; in fact its an overall feeling of relief. Its simply the very best spot anyone can ever be in, bar none !
    One Warning: Once a person has arrived at this place, he is expected to study the bible to know his Ways; you will get out of it what you put into it. Hanging on to your old ways will only hinder you. Balking and not allowing Him to 'do his renovation inside you' will only stunt your growth. God hates a stubborn student. When you balk, he will just let you sit where you are and you will stagnate.

    Our world leaders and those in power positions have stolen our right, but no man can ever steal your soul. But what happens to your soul, is your responsibility. You cannot join some church and think they will take over that responsibility. It is all on You.

    (P.S. The sin of Adam and Eve was Disobedience. That was the very first sin Man ever committed. Don't let your mind wander and think otherwise.)

    1. Abby,
      i will leave you to your own opinions on certain things i do disagree with. i am an individual and as such have experienced some of what you describe differently.
      The point that should be focused on is:

      a followerMay 31, 2018 at 4:19 AM
      John 3:3
      Has absolutely nothing to do with marching into any man made government facility.And yet if you feel the need, go for it. Just remember A True 'Heavenly' government does exist.
      To enter and access this Kingdom Read and understand John 3.
      Scripture is being used 'wrongly' to further an earthly physical agenda. That is all one needs to know. Be diligent.

      Lets not argue and get away from:

    2. "We cannot remain as we are, which is called 'worldly', because we must all line up with God and His Ways, being prepared for citizenship in His Kingdom."
      i believe we are to more closely align with Yahusha Jesus the man, while we are too mankind.
      How many of us are like Him? How many of us are trying?
      Love and forgiveness are part of the process of becoming as He is. Like it or not. If we do not forgive others how can our Father forgive us?
      Consider this one: Does this ring true?
      Bottom of the page "Arrest those who do not repent" may 19?

      Love and forgiveness are part of the process of becoming as He is. Like it or not. If we do not forgive others how can our Father forgive us?

    3. afollower, yes it is Jesus we are to align with, and all His Ways. To be ''like him' is not a facade or trying to appear like some monk type person. It is all about how we think and what we approve of and what we disapprove of - the same things as He does. That is what ''being in one accord' means; it means we Agree with Him. It does not mean trying to create some outward appearance of 'holier than thou' or trying to announce our stance to the world, by our we have probably both seen people doing that.
      But it looks like we disagree on the 'love and forgiveness' aspect. Jesus has conditions for forgiveness to be given to anyone...including you and me; everyone. And that is genuine repentance. No repentance, no forgiveness. There is plenty of scripture to back that up, such as ''except ye repent, ye shall perish'. etc etc. And Luke 17:3 rebuke him, and IF he repents THEN forgive him. (likewise, if they do not repent, no forgiveness is mandated)
      As for love.....we cannot be double minded. How can a person love both good and bad? Good and evil? both Jesus and the works of the devil? It would be hypocritical.
      Love means approval. How can we approve those who oppose God. What does light have to do with darkness? Nothing.
      Our only obligation to the worldly folks, is to tell them the Truth of the Word and if they don't receive it, then we have no more obligation to them, nor do we form close friendships with them. We are cordial, and we do them no harm, that is it.
      There are no free passes for anyone, not even us.

  9. I apologize for my lengthy explanation, but short versions too often leave more questions than answers, or give the wrong idea. So there it is; do whatever you want with it. Not my job to make anyone believe or do anything.

    1. Abby, many bibles, many definitions and interpretations. Words of man. I am a very spiritual womb-man. Many claim the bible is the word of God, including the corporate official that I voted for currently in the white house.

      Problem I'm having trying to show the benefit of learning the bible to my 20+ children is the argument it is the opinion of man.

      Indoctrination is set in stone. To walk into freedom I'm going to loose my children and throwing scripture at them is redundant. I research every day. I don't believe anything without looking it up. People used to be controled by the fear of God, I grew up with that guilt, well now it is following the rules and guns tgat control and I can't get through to my kids by hitting them with scripture. So much opinion here when I need facts to save my kids.

  10. Abby, disobedience to tyranny is any Beings absolute right. Theocratic tyranny isn't more holy than any other tyranny, no matter what the propaganda peddled by jealous, vengeful entities in their "holy scriptures" wants you to believe.

    1. Marc, I think you have misunderstood. So I will clarify 'disobedience'. In scripture it is disobedience to God and His ways. It has nothing to do with disobeying tyrants out here; in fact scripture tells us that if anything out here in the world demands obedience which requires us to go against Gods Ways, then we are to disobey those demands.
      But your 'theocratic tyranny' is an oxymoron. Theocracy is not tyrannical.

    2. Ah, but you see Abby, that is exactly where you and I disagree. Theocracy actually IS the ultimate tyranny, and we have been conned into it for a very, very long time. Now that statement might sound blasphemous to you; but to me, the "God" of religions isn't the true Creator Being of this universe. It is an impostor entity. A crook of cosmic proportions. A deceptive, self-deluded, control-obsessed entity who claims to be the one and only creator and ruler of all that is and all that exists. From my deeply felt, intimate contact with Prime Creator, I can tell you with absolute confidence that He/She doesn't demand obedience from anyone. She/He has absolute confidence in the inner dynamics of Its Creation, so She/He doesn't feel any need to be obeyed. The ones that demand obedience, the oens who work with commandments, law and contracts are the cosmic maffiosi, the "God" of religions and its various associate deities. And if you believe in that entity's benevolence, I invite you to re-read Its Ten Commandments, where it tells you with unusual honesty that it is a jealous and vengeful god; and that, if you happen to displease it, it will exert vengeance upon your descendants over three generations; why, isn't that nice?!!

    3. Marc, disagree to your little heart's content. But you are the last one to try to teach anyone about Theocracy since you know nothing about it, lol.

    4. Wow Marc, so well said. God is Love. Love can not exist in vengeance. We all fall short every day and I have to believe in Love. Wrath is not going to fix anything. Pushing the Wrath of God allowed this horrible system to evolve and enslave us.

  11. Grantor of dominion. The name is not the thing, neti, neti, not this!

  12. Replies
    1. What is good about total error; opinion, and no backup foundation?

    2. Even Anna says we have moved into the age of Aquarius and that I believe is a game changer

    3. I love. I go forth every day with honor. Cause no harm. The time of wrath is past. To bring our young people back to God is going to take forgiveness and Love. They believe this system is working and they just need to be law abiding citizens and all will be right with the world. Very scared for my kids.

    4. sally, what we have moved into is the brink of End Times. The age of aquarius is something made up by the New Age folks. There was even a song by that name which came out about 50 years ago, back when the Beetles were popular.

  13. "A charter" Agent Carter in Captain America is the maternal shield. That vessel or shield is indeed symbolized as the flag or colors of puerto Rico we all hold as secret agents for shield. Look closely at the shield, are they having fun yet?


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