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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Let's Be Blunt, Because Stupid is as Stupid Does

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, I've had quite a number of active duty military and reserves and retired veterans trying to defend the current situation by parroting David Straight's observation that the United States Code of Justice preceded the establishment of the civilian Public Law.  

This is only true in international jurisdiction.  

The Continental Congress created and authorized the existence of the military itself, and the "code of justice" arising out of the military service, then formed the first "unified form of law" that was generally applicable nationwide -- that is, the first international law that could be applied to military personnel in all the nation-states. 

The USCJ obviously isn't actually the first law in this country; if it was, the military would have been the source of the military, and the military was instead summoned into service by the civilian government provided by the First and Second Continental Congresses, composed of civilian delegations of deputies from each Colony.  

The civilian government summoned and defined the military forces, not the other way around, and that is a matter of public record.  So any misunderstanding about that needs to be cleared away.  The military protected and defended this country; it did not create the American Government, nor define its laws. 

Local law continued to govern the lives of the civilians, while the developing USCJ governed the lives of the military service members and dictated their relations with the civilian population. 

This is the way it was and the way it continues to be in a sane world. 

The US Code of Justice giving rise to the US Code of Military Justice is: (1) international and uniform in nature; (2) applicable throughout a theater of operations; (3) follows prioritization dependent on the location of the theater (Army regulation takes precedence over Navy regulation on land, etc.); (4) is applicable to military personnel in the conduct of their offices and duties as well as their relations with civilian populations.   

Thus, when a country is occupied by its own military service, as in our case, the regulation falls to the Army, and the non-combatant civilian population is owed The Law of Peace as defined and described by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PAMPHLET 27-161-1. 

I have bound copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this "pamphlet" sitting on my desk and I don't need anyone to read it for me, though a great many Americans including veterans and active duty members of the services would benefit from doing so. 

This is the actual military law governing their actions and duties with respect to someone like me, a non-combatant civilian.  

However, since many Americans are "undeclared" or deliberately "misidentified" as a result of being registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens or having Municipal Government citizenship conferred upon them, the military has an excuse to consider all the undeclared people in this country to be "Enemy Combatants" subject to The Law of War instead. 

Yet another very good reason for everyone reading this to go to: and get their political status records straightened up.  

It's taking a 2" X 4" approach to wake up most of the veterans and reserves and active duty members of the military to realize that they are occupying their own country. 

It's also taking extreme measures to draw it to their attention that yes, the American civilians and our American Government are all still here, and still owed The Law of Peace --- and still owed their loyalty. 

It's also taking a virtual Act of God to make them all understand that they've been snookered into acting as For-Hire Mercenaries and that all such niceties of Honorable Soldiery --- USCJ, USMCJ, Law of Peace, Law of War --- etc., don't actually apply to commercial mercs. 

They have reason to know this.  The Navy has butted heads with the Merchant Mariners for centuries.  The Army has contested with mercenary forces far and wide. 

What is bending their heads upside down and sideways, is the irrefutable fact that they, the vaunted and beloved (or feared and hated) United States Army and United States Navy and all the forces that have been spun off those two venerable branches, are all acting as commercial mercenaries and have been acting as commercial mercenaries for 160 years. 

Well, it is mind-bending.  It's also true. 

It's not just the "US" forces that have been used and abused in this manner.  The same fate has befallen the United Kingdom, former Commonwealth, and military forces of nations occupied during WWII by the Allies --- all their military forces have been unlawfully converted into "Territorial" Forces, which means that they are all acting as For-Hire Mercenaries and are operating under the same exact quid pro quo as the Raj operated under in India. 

I am sorry, guys.  I really am.  You might as well have been earning $250,000 a year instead of $20,000 a year plus your own signed copy of Yankee Doodle Dandy. 

What happened here in the wake of the Civil War served as a template for every other military or military-style takeover of a civilian government that has happened ever since, whether it was orchestrated by a "General Services Administration" effort or by the CIA.  The MO has been exactly the same: secrecy and violence papered over with semantic deceit and legal chicanery. 

The delegates representing our State Assemblies and working for our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America were targeted in the wake of the so-called Civil War.  They were beaten, murdered, burned-out, black-balled, falsely accused of crimes and many were forced to flee to the far reaches of the Northwest Territories or entirely offshore by roving gangs of former Union soldiers. 

In one massacre alone, 68 American leaders and staff members of the Federation of States were murdered and the murder covered up as a train wreck.  Our own relatives who lived in West Virginia were ambushed and attacked and the Great Seals were stolen from them, while they were accused of "horse stealing" during the melee and forced to flee to the West Coast to escape being murdered.   

It really wasn't that much different from what happened in the Ukraine in 2014, with a bunch of mercs going in and slaughtering the legitimate elected government and putting in their own puppets to rule instead. 

The only difference is that, in our case, it was our own military doing it to us, and most people didn't catch on.  

The American Civil War --- which wasn't actually a war, but was instead a "Mercenary Conflict" --- was a military putsch led by British Territorial Mercenary Forces paid for by the Rothschilds. The entire aim of this conflict was a change in government and change in economic policies. 
It was not about slavery per se, and Abraham Lincoln was neither "honest" nor a good man overall.  

He sold this country out to the Brits and the central bankers, and it has stayed sold out ever since. 

The U.S. Army--- that is, the British Territorial Army---  was given plenary control of this country and its money by Abraham Lincoln, acting as Commander-in-Chief, on April 25th 1863.  It has been in control -- and is to blame for everything that has happened ever since. 

Again, sorry guys, but it is what it is. And it's the same way now. 

All of you who are supporting "the Military Answer" -- QFS, XLM, etc.,  had better stop and think again.  

I know the Colonel who developed the QFS and the CIA -led unit calling itself the "Northern Army of Virginia" that was responsible for Operation Crimson Gate at Langley and Wright-Patterson AFB and I probably know more about everything that has gone on the past thirty years than David Straight, simply because I have stood apart from it all and watched instead of being sucked into "the drama".  
Crimson Gate, as the name implies, is the means by which the Chinese Communist Government proposes to take over its new holdings in this country, acting under the assumption that our land and soil belonged to the Municipal Corporations pretending to "represent" us.  QFS was paid for by the Rothschilds as a means to gain total control of our personal as well as national economics, and a means of coercive power by which we could be targeted and manipulated individually by withholding access to money and the ability to transact. 

Mr. Trump, the "President" of the British Territorial Government Municipal Corporation, dba "United States of America, Incorporated" and acting in the Office of its Commander-in-Chief  (think Naval Commander) is still in charge of all that apparatus, while Joe Biden is acting as the purveyor of our land and soil and other assets to the Chinese Government, as payment for debts that the other Municipal Corporation (the Subcontractor that he is "President" of) ran up against our Good Names and Credit. 

And no, you don't have to take my word for all of this. There are other knowledgeable people in the world telling you the same thing.  Here's a ten minute video that gives you all the names and dates and codes and executive orders: 

So, now, those who listened to the above, know chapter and verse of Title 10 and exactly how it has been used since at least the 1930's (and I say long before that) to commandeer and replace the actual civilian government owed to this country under color of law. 

Mr. Trump is continuing to hold that military power over this country and that is a relatively good thing.  If Joe Biden were in power, the Chinese would be taking over and overtly running everything, under the False Presumption that we, Americans, owed them trillions of dollars --- instead of the City of Rome, the Inner City of London, and the British Monarch owing them trillions of dollars. 

The truth is that the Chinese extended gross amounts of credit under the mistaken idea that they "represented" us and that our land and soil and everything else was standing as collateral for THEIR debts.  

So the Chinese have a sore butt and every right to be angry and to try to get in our back door via Joe Biden, while Trump is standing there as Commander-in-Chief threatening them with nuclear war if they twitch.  

The Chinese meanwhile are moving heaven and earth to undermine the Federal Reserve Note system via the BRICS system, and we, the actual Americans, are falling through the cracks. 

We, the actual Americans, are the Asset Holders and all credit generated from our assets also belongs to us. 

However, the Perpetrators of this whole situation have mischaracterized us and impersonated us as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Subjects of the British Monarch (so he controls the assets and gets the credit) and as Municipal Corporation franchises (they get the debts), so, thanks to the Brits and the British Territorial (Raj) U.S. Army, we've been misidentified and registered as foreigners in our own country and both our political status and our property rights have been obliterated --- unless we wake up and protest. 

The Rothschilds are in the background, promoting a draconian all-encompassing Quantum Financial System (QFS) central bank system and currency that they will control via the U.S. Military and use to force transfer of our assets to HSBC --- at least, that was the plan, until The Chinese Plan started to encounter push back, and the focus for criminal mercenary Black Ops activities shifted to Ukraine, otherwise known as Plan B. 

And all of this is taking place at the hands of the "US" Military.  

There's no "good" or "bad" military in this stinking manure pile.  There's only the military of the western world being used as commercial mercs at the behest of two ugly foreign Municipal Corporation cartels, the modern day equivalents of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company.  

The Dutch East India Company (present day equivalent) has an economic interest in building up the value of American physical assets ("Make America Great Again") while the British East India Company of the present day is motivated to tear our physical assets down and devalue them. 

And neither of these criminal corporations have any interest whatsoever in returning the goods they've stolen back to the people to whom they actually belong.  They are both equally guilty, immoral, and criminally motivated by their own self-interest and profit motives. 

Just as you would expect, if you stopped and thought about it for even five minutes of your busy day.... 

So, all you veterans out there, you've been snookered, used for gun fodder, used to guard poppy fields, steal resources, overthrow lawfully elected governments, pressed to expedite human trafficking, defended criminals, committed murder of innocent people, undermined and evaded the Constitutions and the government you are supposed to uphold and protect and the people who are depending on you --- but at least we all know how and why this has happened. 

You've also been royally cheated along with all the rest of us, paid taxes you didn't owe, paid mortgages you didn't owe, and suffered loss of the freedom -- financial and otherwise -- that you thought you were defending and preserving for yourselves and others. 

Still, the only problems we can't solve are those that we don't know exist. 

All these problems are now known.  

What remains to be seen is --- what do we do about them? 


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Change Your Art Project

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know a young woman who is like the archetype of the now-grown teenager gone wrong.  She has made every mistake and suffered every misfortune a young person might make.  

She got married young, straight out of High School, and settled down to have three children in rapid succession.  The first ten years were tough, but unremarkable, except for the fact that this particular young woman never passed her driver's test and was dependent on public transit or rides from other people to get around.  

Then, her husband started having seizures and injured his back during one of these mysterious episodes.  He was unable to continue working, couldn't drive, and now she had to put up with both his seizures and his episodes of frustrated rage.  And three small children, the youngest still wearing diapers. 

One night, in a fit of pain and rage over his own condition, her husband threw her to the floor and she fractured a vertebra, so now, she was injured, too, and in constant back pain that won't let her sit or stand in any one position for long. 

And, taking care of him and three small children.  

She finally divorced him, but aside from the burdens of his care, her life did not improve.  It got worse.  With no child care available in the community or from relatives, she couldn't work away from home.  

She tried a variety of jobs that offered a small income doing things like typing and medical billing from home, but her own injuries and the constant interruptions of three rambunctious children made it very difficult.  And long stints sitting in a chair at a keyboard made her back injury worse.  

Her doctor gave her more painkillers. 

She got addicted to them and couldn't get through a day without them, even though they made her somewhat groggy.  Her mistakes on the job increased and the bewildered children responded with more and more wild behavior, destroying the furniture, breaking dishes, and screaming to get attention from their Mom.   

This went on for four years.  The baby was still in diapers.  None of the children knew how to act in public and received whatever socialization they could come by from their on-again-off-again attendance at the local public elementary school.  

I became acquainted with this horribly dysfunctional situation and paid for driving lessons, so that she could finally have a car and be able to do all the things that normal parents do.  She finally reached that milestone a couple years before her thirtieth birthday and life improved.  

Unfortunately, the children were getting older and stronger and were just as wild as ever, and one night, the middle sister threatened the eldest with a kitchen knife in self-defense from a beating from her older sibling. Nobody was actually injured, but the die had been cast.  

Child Protective Services entered into their lives and that resulted in all three kids being taken into "temporary" Foster Care.  

The Mother cried disconsolate for days and days afterward and frantically did absolutely everything CPS required, all the parenting classes, all the drug tests, all the mental evaluations and on and on and on.... to no avail. 

After three years of this, she had become severely depressed and in addition to the prescription painkillers, she started to drink and take other kinds of drugs.  

Within a year she was selling herself to anybody who could afford a hundred dollars for a hit.  She still had public housing and was still working on a plan to get her kids back, but nobody watching this drama had any illusions about that. 

Her kids had been diagnosed as "Special Needs" and CPS was making nearly $30,000 a day off of them.  No way were those children ever going home again to live in poverty with a drug-addicted Mother half out of her mind with grief and loneliness.  

Just wasn't going to happen.  

Through one of her druggy friends, she met a drug dealer who invited her into his stable of drug prostitutes, and she began more organized turning of "tricks" -- now she had an income, of sorts, though she was still spending most of it on drugs and remained with a bad crowd.  

Some of the addicts who were her friends and junior drug dealers  were homeless, and they invited themselves and their pit bulls to move into her public housing apartment, where they were caught dealing drugs after kicking her out of her own place. 

They stole everything they could and wrecked everything else.  

Her Father gave her a twenty year-old Buick Regal and she lived in that for several months, but her pimp threw her out of his network because she was too "unreliable" and she sat on the curb in front of her borrowed car and started screaming, "Life sucks!" at the top of her lungs, and "I don't want to live anymore!"  and swearing like a trucker.  

She was out of painkillers and out of options.  And then, she found out that she was pregnant, out of wedlock, by her former pimp. 

One would think that things could not possibly get worse.  In constant pain, without her kids, no job skills, nothing in the world but a borrowed car and a few clothes, and now pregnant out of wedlock by a drug dealer, you'd think she'd sunk as low as a person could go --- until the police impounded her Dad's car for expired registration, and that really did leave her with nothing at all and no one but him left in the world. 

So, she hitch hiked twenty miles home to her Dad's house, and arrived in time to find a County Home Care Nurse taking him to the hospital.  He had suffered a stroke and was unresponsive.  So she sat on the porch of her childhood home, locked out of the house, and howled like a dog. 

She had to break into her Dad's place to have shelter and the police found her there the next day, coming down from all the drugs and half out of her mind.  They arrested her for housebreaking and vagrancy and hauled her to the nearest facility, where she sat and waited for what would next befall her.  And her unborn baby.

The nurses encouraged her to have an abortion, for obvious reasons. She resisted.  They were very convincing.  She still resisted.  After everything else, three hots and a cot seemed like a blessing.  She didn't have to search for a toilet.  She had one in her cell.  

Her Dad, who had recovered consciousness, wouldn't press charges for her housebreaking and said she could go home and stay there while he was in the hospital, so she did.  Another relative brought her food.  She was sitting at the old kitchen table crying her eyes out over what her life had become, when the postman came with an overdue tax notice. 

She called me up and screamed, "Life sucks!" as hard as she could over the phone.  It was a voice so full of rage and despair and hopelessness it seemed to have acquired a body and face of its own.  

Her Dad was dying, the government was about to take the house, she was pregnant out of wedlock, worn out, exhausted, her Dad's car was impounded, she had no skills, nobody on earth, had lost her kids to the Foster Care system, she was addicted to drugs but "clean" for two months ever since she found out she was pregnant, and no money at all. 

But she wouldn't kill her own baby, she was still fighting for him.  

"Life sucks!" she screamed at me again, from thousands of miles away. 

I am sure that at that moment, it was more than true for her.  

"I don't want to live!" she said vehemently, "I can't.... I can't go on like this!" 

She was hyperventilating and sobbing and catching her breath and sobbing some more.  

Somehow, out of eight billion people on this planet, it had come down to me to help.  So I did.  And things got better.  The key to making things better for her and for millions of people like her, is a single truth, a secret they never teach you in school: life isn't something that happens to you. 

Life isn't an object, something outside yourself that you can point at and say, "Life sucks!" and walk away from. 

Life is something that you create for yourself.  Your life.  Your own art project.  And you make it what it is, by the choices you make for yourself.  
So, when you don't like your life, you have to change your choices.  

Change your art project. 

We sat there, connected by a telephone line, and we built a new life for her, based on the one positive choice she'd made and stuck to.  Her unselfish love for her unborn child.  

You start where you are and with what you've got.  Find that one good, positive thing to build upon.  And keep on building.  

There are no guarantees, but life is, generally speaking, what we make of it, the sum total of everything we choose.  We choose the colors and the shapes and ways that take us forward, the reasons that motivate us, and most of all, we choose to love. 

Love is a decision.  It's not something that floats in the air, or a chubby cherub with a bow and arrow.  We make the choice to love ourselves and to love each other, to love the Earth and to love Creation.  

It's a constant process and a constant choice set before us.  

So find the love in yourself and you will find a good life, too.  You can change your art project and make new choices.  It's all up to you.  

Nobody ever told her that.  She never thought of her life as an art project that she was creating herself.  She didn't know that her life was her own. 
She thought it was something coming at her from the outside, something she had no control over, something that happened to her, not because of her.  

Everyone can make a new life for themselves, no matter how desperate things may seem, because it's always your choice what you think, what you value, what you love, what you believe.  Those are your building blocks, and your color box.  And you can always make a new choice. You can decide to value something new.  You can believe something else. And you can do something different.  

Maybe just a small thing or two at first.  

Any choice for the better will change your life as a whole for the better. 
Even as simple a choice as brushing your teeth every day.  Or deciding to pick up garbage cluttering the street in front of your house. 

When it finally came home to this young woman that she was in charge of her own life and her own experiences, it was like a 5,000 lumen light going on. She started over and erased the mistakes.  She regained her health.  Got job skills. Got a job.  Started earning enough to live on.  Moved to a new place in a new state, away from her old scumbag "friends".  Her new baby was born healthy and happy and whole, with a wise and sober and dedicated Mom to hold his hand and teach him that his life is his own. 

His own creation.  His own song.  His own picture book.  His own Magnum Opus. 

So if you are facing sad and desperate times, remember that same lesson.  It's your story, not anyone else's. You write it every hour of every day, based on the choices you make. And you can always make new choices. 


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