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Thursday, June 13, 2019

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

Deep State Traitors Infesting the U.S. Federal Government Must Be Exposed

The Millennium Report
May 31, 2019
The whole world has watched Merkel, Macron and May destroy Europe by stealthily implementing the globalist scheme to remove national borders throughout the Eurozone.
Nation and after nation has fallen prey to this secret plot to transform the European Union (EU) into a totalitarian communist superstate. See European Union Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe
With this crucial understanding, it ought to be easier to comprehend that the very same nefarious conspiracy is being covertly implemented by the New World Order globalist cabal in these United States of America.
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How the Jews Were Used and Why

By Anna Von Reitz

Usury, making money by loaning money at interest, is a sin for Christians.  

It is also forbidden for Jews to loan money at interest among themselves, but they can practice usury and make loans at interest to Gentiles. 

From these two facts arise the entire twisted history of banking and the involvement of Jews in banking. 

Obviously, Christian Kings could not dirty their hands with usury, but they nonetheless needed and wanted the profits. 

So they used their Jewish subjects as Middlemen, often forcing them to serve in this capacity, even against their will. 

The kings would loan out their money through the Jews and then hold the Jews responsible for the both the results of the investments and the work of collecting the debts that resulted from the king's loans---that is, the king's profits. 

This was a largely thankless and ill-paying position to be in. The Jewish Middlemen carried all the responsibility and got a tiny pittance compared to the profits they generated for the European Monarchies---- mostly under pain of death if they lost money by making bad investments or failed to collect. 

The genius of the Rothschilds was two-fold.  

They set up a trans-Continental communication system rivaled only by the Catholic Church's.  As a result, they knew what was happening before anyone else and that gave them an edge making investments. 

They found ways to profit themselves quite apart from their service to the king.  If they saw a means to profit, they were not above disobeying the orders of a king or prince; they simply took the risk, paid the Monarchs whatever the Monarchs wanted, and kept the rest. 

They built their fortune by getting the news and analyzing it for profit before everyone else and by cannily using other people's assets to generate "extra" profit for themselves. 

From the foregoing you can see that the proliferation of Jewish bankers and banks is not something they chose, but was instead an accident of religious differences, and abuse by greedy and hypocritical Christian Monarchs--who wanted the profits of usury but not the work, the risk, or the moral taint associated with Usury.  


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