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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Darkest Part of Our Nature

 By Anna Von Reitz

A discussion came up today about "the darkest part of our nature" which some use to describe sexual perversions and abuses.  

But no, that isn't the "darkest part of our nature". 

The secret that everyone truly avoids and steps around has nothing to do with sex, and instead, centers around an even more taboo subject: death. 

There is a part of us that loves death.  There is a part of us that yearns for death.  

The truth is that we are bound and constrained by our bodies, and at some level, we know that, and resent it.  

The truth is, that even though we might be completely happy in our lives, we don't want to continue being whoever we are forever.  

We get hungry for something new and different, and wish to lay the burdens of this life down. 

The truth is that one life can never be enough for us.  

The truth is that the weariness of being one person in one place and one time wears upon us like an old dirty shirt. 

But we don't want to admit that to ourselves or our families or our neighbors and friends.  It's too taboo to even mention it. 

Yet we all know people that we have loved, to whom death was a blessing.  

Bodies worn out, horizons closing in, the last attractions and beauties of life worn away, clouded by pain and infirmity until there is no reason left, and gracefully as a tree falls, they are gone with the sunset. 

If we are honest, we didn't want to know, but we knew.  We felt their relief. 

We all sense, somehow, when we really sit down and allow ourselves to think about it, that death is a good thing. 

It's just our opinion of its timing, our needs, our desires that it upsets, but not the central and unavoidable and arcane and unmentionable fact that.... at some level, we are dying every day that we live, and we understand that. 

It's familiar. When you die, it feels like you have done it at hundred thousand times. And maybe you have. 

One moment you are breathing, the next you are not.  

One moment, you are trapped inside your body, the next you are not. 

Just as one day you were enclosed within your Mother and "breathing" water and were born into this world, another transformation comes. 

I have died several times, once for seven minutes. 
Each time, these "Near Death Experiences" have taught me something about death and about myself, too.  

It requires a will to live, and so we do.  We force ourselves to get up every morning and greet the day with whatever wisdom and gratitude we can muster.  And it is wise to choose life, because we all came here for a reason.  

Still, the darkness we cherish in our bosom late at night, the darkness we never-ever talk about, the thing that is so infinitely intimate, that we all know, that we can't reconcile, is death.  

That Secret Sharer in our life, that unknown, silent as the space between words, Arbiter, gives meaning to our lives, dictates the stage within which we move and breathe and have our meaning, and mercifully, too, sets an endpoint to the otherwise endless effort. 

The truth is we wouldn't want to live forever as just me or just you.  

Interesting as it is, as fulfilling as it may be, useful as we may be to others, there is this other thing, this humility that knows we are meant to come and go like breath itself -- and it's alright that this is so. 

We will never be lost and never truly die, because we are part of All That Is, because we see ourselves in the stars and the grains of sand, hear our voice in the water, and let our imaginations drift on the wind.  

The vain supposition that life ends in a grave and in the corruption of the flesh is a willful ignorance; for death is always close beside us, willing to teach us; and though we choose another path for another day, we know that there is something quite beyond this moment in which we live. 


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Private Member Associations and "Nations" -- IRS Classifications

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some years ago there was a fad of everyone joining "Private Membership Associations" -- PMAs, and then, after that, another fad of people joining "Private Member Nations" -- all apparently to claim "foreign sovereignty" and evade taxation. 

For those who never considered it, there are 248 known and recognized American Indian Nations co-inhabiting this country with us -- if not more.  

A "nation" is a group of people having a similar origin, culture, religious background and political identity.  Many nations can occupy the same land and soil peaceably --- and do so. 

But if you are styling yourself as a "foreign sovereign" while living in this nation, you are giving away your right to be recognized as an American and hold your birthright claim to the land and soil here.  And therein lies the rub. 

No, the Congress and therefore, the IRS, can't tax Indians.  It says so right in the Constitutions.  This is because they are still held to be foreign nations. 

So if you want to be a foreigner in your own country, go ahead.  It's one way to escape the predators--- for a time.  Just be aware that you are losing something precious -- your birthright, which is precisely what the British have aimed to steal. 


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United United States?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are now entering upon the realm of the truly ridiculous as we embrace such concepts as "the United United States". 

This came up in reference to the various "We, the People" Grand Juries being formed all over the country, without a clue as to what "We, the People" means or who "the People" referenced were, or even the basic requirements needed to create a Grand Jury. 

This particular gold-plated nugget referring to these isolated and spinning-in-space "Grand Juries" as being "United United States Common Law Grand Juries" is just typical of what people do when they don't know what they are doing--- and don't care. 

For the information of the National Liberty Alliance, which was the primary Source of information relied upon by Tim Turner and Stewart Rhodes, both serving long prison sentences at this moment --- knowing what you are talking about does matter. 

Grand Juries don't exist in the absence of a Court of which they are a part, and the American Common Law Courts do not exist apart from the actual State Government which is vested in the American people, not the British Territorial "people" who happen to be residing in our States of the Union nor the Municipal citizens who are similarly residing among us. 

You must get it straight in your own minds and care about what you are doing and how you are doing it.  Otherwise, it is just a huge waste of time and money and a useless endangerment. 

"Useless endangerment" we say with reference to Turner and Rhodes and others we could name, who are in jail for various forms of jurisdictional transgression and insurrection, all based on the fact that they haven't bothered to identify themselves as Americans nor learned how to conduct themselves accordingly. 

More such tragedy can be expected from the various "Grand Juries" now "United United" in whatever course they are embarked upon, but really only serving as targets for the British Territorial Raj occupying our country to attack. 

If you are lending your ear, time, money, or anything else to these disembodied National Liberty Alliance Grand Juries, please stop. For your own sake and for your country's sake, realize that you've got it backwards: 

The State Assemblies give rise to Jural Assemblies that give rise to Grand Juries. 

Grand Juries do not give rise to Jural Assemblies that give rise to State Assemblies. 

Going at it the way that the National Liberty Alliance is going at it, that is, backwards, leaves you exposed as a target for quasi-military action such as we have seen before, and prosecution by the foreign Maritime and Admiralty Courts, who can only view your activities as mindless threats to their own hegemony -- threats lacking a foundation and standing, which can easily lead to members of the National Liberty Alliance and to those serving on these Grand Juries being targeted.  

If you are going to raise American Common Law Courts which can give rise to American Common Law Grand Juries, you have to: (1) declare your own birthright political status so that you are identifiable as an American and one of the people; (2) join your State Assembly; (3) raise your Jural Assembly from among the State Assembly membership; (4) establish your State Courts; (5) then establish your Grand Juries. 

Thankfully, some of your neighbors have already done this footwork and all you need to do is join them. 

We understand that this is a lot more work than just waving your hands and saying that you are a Grand Jury -- but that is the difference between being a legitimate American Common Law Grand Jury and simply saying that you are one. 

If you want your Grand Jury to have standing and enforcement and logical provenance, if you want it to have teeth, then you must take the time and make the effort to build the State Assembly, the Jural Assembly of the State Assembly, and the State Court supporting your Grand Jury.  

Otherwise it is all too easy for the military to view your activities as irresponsible disturbances of the peace and as "insurrection" against their Insurrection.  And you can see for yourselves where that leads. 


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