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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Reply to the Generals: Your Latest TVM Fraud and False Suppositions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have another imposter, Alex Tallano, a New Yorker, pretending to be Tiburcio Villamor Marcos---and corrupt generals around the world are supporting him in this outrageous fraud, right down to presenting him to the world in a fake Commander-in-Chief of the Welsh Guards uniform and having him claim to be a "Seven Star General" --- apparently in charge of all 50,000 members active duty and reserve, the sum total of what is left of the British Military.
Reminds me of the Territorial United States' military situation. The world had better tremble before the awesome might of the Puerto Rican Navy....
Anyone for Loony Tunes?
You can't make this stuff up.
Let's begin....
Who was Tiburcio Villamor Marcos? This is the name of both Ferdinand Marcos' Uncle, who would be something like 160 years old, or his son, who would also be pushing 100 by now.
Both were Chinese-Filipinos by heritage, and neither one look --or looked---anything like Mr. Tallano. I guess the Generals think that a bunch of ignorant Americans and Europeans won't be able to tell the difference, but guess what? We have photos of both men and, if this is "Tiburcio Villamor Marcos" then I am Tina Turner and I am claiming her estate.
The hard fact is that Ferdinand Marcos himself was just an attorney who worked with the actual Trustee and Holder of the Code FLAT accounts. And the further fact is that Ferdinand Marcos, as President of the Government of the Philippines, was just acting as the Trustee left in charge of the American gold deposits that were transported there "for safekeeping" by the U.S. Navy.
That's why President Kennedy met with him. That's why all these agreements were put in place. That's why Marcos had to approve the printing of the silver-backed Kennedy dollars. Kennedy had to ask permission of the Trustee, not because the Trustee owned any of the assets, but because he, Kennedy, was operating as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen while occupying the Office of Commander-in-Chief.
It's not the same thing now. We are not British Territorial U.S. Citizens. We are Americans and as Americans, we are the Donors of the Trust Assets. Not only that, we are the lawful Officers of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. As such, we don't ask our Trustee to move. We tell them to move. We have the authority that Kennedy lacked.
And now, to address another Fat Fallacy based on British "Suppositions". They persist in claiming that I am a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and Ward of the Queen and the Queen's State. I say, nonsense. Prove it.
In fact, I am not using their "Last Name" which could easily be mistaken for a Family Name, and have never used their "Last Name" creation --- which is really just a descriptive label applied as a "title" over the property assets of other people as part of a fraud scheme already debunked as fraud, human trafficking, impersonation, identity theft, and illegal securitization.
They are the ones who have been using my Trademark without my permission or consent.
My Great-Great-Grandfather created the name "Riezinger" out of thin air and registered it as a trademark in 1855. It has been used as a trademark by his progeny ever since. Furthermore, any name attached to that trademark is covered by that trademark.
The enemies of all decent people demanded that I produce a "receipt" as proof that I had received my own name back from them, but they are the ones caught with their pants down and in need of a receipt.
First, a receipt from me and my Father allowing them to use our Trademark as a "Last Name" and providing us with equitable consideration for this use. They don't seem to be able to cough up any written contract for that and there is no check or money order or signed cash receipt, either.
So they are the ones without a receipt.
Secondly, their own Superior Court at Palmer, Alaska, has proof that I received my entire name back from them, and that I reconveyed it to the land and soil jurisdiction, which is also part of their State of Alaska Land Records, and then, I returned a copy of the Recorded Reconveyance to the Superior Court and added it to the case file. Full circle.
Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that I reclaimed my Upper and Lower Case Name and removed it to the land jurisdiction under protection of the State Trust, and no doubt that subsequent action by the American State Assemblies enrolled Alaska as a State of the Union and proclaimed the Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.
So even their look-alike, sound-alike doppelganger conceived in fraud, was removed, reconveyed, protected, and released by the dissolution of Territorial custodial interest in Alaska, and also relieved of any presumption of "war" taking place on our shores.
Zum Ende. Both versions of "Anna Maria Riezinger"---the American born on the land and soil, and the British Legal Fiction Person are free, and fully indemnified as Wisconsinites owed the full faith and credit of the nation as well as the land and soil assets of the country.

In the immortal words of a certain rabbit, "Smell my fluffy butt." and show me your validated receipts issued by The United States of America --- Unincorporated.


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Don't Be Led; Lead

 By Anna Von Reitz

This may come as a big surprise to a lot of people, but the way the Rats win is by capturing your attention with all their bad behavior.
They present all these ugly alarming things and all these "threats" but in the end, that is not what matters. None of it.
What they are after is your attention and the power that your attention has, that you are unaware of.
Whatever you focus on, whatever you give your attention to, manifests itself --- not instantly, but reliably.
So when you give away your attention to their nonsense, they win.
When you invest your energy in the "concerns" that they cause, they win.
When you take them seriously, they win.
When you fail to take charge of "fictions" ---- they win.
So you must learn their secret agenda, which has nothing to do with Plandemics or wars or political changes or drugs or any of the other things that they have done, and everything to do with what you envision for yourselves.
You MUST keep your attention focused on a positive and happy future for yourselves.
You MUST keep your hearts and minds fixed upon the heritage and promises that are yours.
You MUST turn away from all their violence and drugs and blame and lies.
And just focus intently on what you want to experience and the kind of world that you want to manifest and the values that you hold.
Don't let the rats have your mind.
Don't let them steal your energy and focus and sidetrack it into building their ugly dreams.
Steadfastly, purposefully, without fear concentrate on and work for the world you want to create and upon asserting the values you hold dear in your own daily lives.
Dismissing the Devil is easy. Just turn aside your attention, back to the world you desire. Tell him to go play with himself, as he refuses to play nicely with others.
Smile. Know your own secret.
It's your attention, it's the focus of your attention on his bad dreams that Satan most desires and needs, for he and all his henchmen have no power of their own. They are merely seeking to steal and redirect and use the power that rightly and naturally belongs to you.

And all you have to do is yawn and say to yourself --- nah, not today..... I am going to my Happy Place.... and I am going to build my dreams. I am going to keep faith with my visions and my interests and I am NOT going to be sidetracked with the sideshow.


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Survival Radio & Emergency Communications Ukraine

Mr. Duterte — No MO

 By Anna Von Reitz

The structure of M1 and M2 adopted by the Central Bank of the Philippines has had everyone enthralled for years.  What are these “Special Positions” and “Special Powers” entrusted to just one person?  And what is all this Secret Spy Stuff?  Code names and numbers?  

M1 is responsible for corporate assets — titles and assignments and Wills and trusts — all the Legal Fiction Lies —-this we know.  

M2 is responsible for physical assets- the actual gold, silver, etc.

And now, all of a sudden, out of the blue, we are told for the first time ever about M Zero, the Grand Muckety- Muck of them all.

Wouldn’t it be more precise to line it out like this?

MZero is Air Jurisdiction.
M1 is Sea Jurisdiction
M2 is Land Jurisdiction

There’s just one problem— I not only have the International Land and Sea Jurisdictions nailed down, I also have standing in the Air Jurisdiction— so MZero needs to talk to me.

Don’t those who have gold and other valuables on deposit in the Philippines deserve to know not only where their assets are deposited, but who is in charge of their safe-keeping?  

And shouldn’t you, a man touted for his honesty, be honest with me and with the American people about the actual status of things between our two nations?

When Spain ceded its interests in the land mass of the Philippine Islands to us as a result of the Spanish American War in 1898, a Treaty of Paris was signed transferring all rights and interests in the land mass of all 101 Islands to our country and $20 million dollars worth of our gold exited our Federal Treasury to expedite the transfer and pay for the costs of the Philippines Government.

We have the Treaty.  We have the receipts. There is really no doubt about this.  The British Interlopers cut the deal “for” us and paid out the money “for” us,  but it was our flesh and blood sacrificed in the war and for many years afterward, defending the Philippines, and it was our gold that paid outright for the transition expenses and it was our gold that later acted as your credit source to pay for the operating expenses of the Filipino Government.

These are historical facts backed up with records.  Nobody disputes them. Not the Holy See. Not the Brits. Not the Lord Mayor of London. Not the Government of Spain.

So let’s fast forward to 1934.  The Territorial U.S. Congress votes to create an “independent Government” for the Philippines so that it can act as the Trustee over American gold stored in the Philippines.

Again, this was the Brit’s action being taken “for” us and our assets, all at our expense, but we are told nothing about any of this history, even though the money for it all comes out of our Federal Treasury and our names — The United States and The United States of America — are all over it.

We, the actual owners, were left in ignorance as the U.S. Navy transported huge quantities of American gold off our shores and to the Philippines for “safe-keeping”.  

Yes, we have the Manifests. Copies were distributed.

Then we have the Second World War and the Japanese came in and looted and transported our gold and the gold of Spanish and Muslim and other patrons out of the bunkers and tunnels.   The legend of “Yamashita’s Gold” was born. Douglas MacArthur, aka, “Mr. Wonderful” made his fine speeches.

Thousands upon thousands of Filipinos and Allied soldiers died in the mud, and millions of metric tons of gold got “transported”.  

Fast forward to after World War II and the Treaty of Manila Bay and something called the “Republic of the Philippines” in which the interests of “the” United States of America (which is the British Territorial United States’ governmental services corporation) are ceded to the Republic of the Philippines, Inc.

Now, many people point to this Treaty and claim that this granted all interest in the Philippines to the Filipino People and everyone cheers—- but that is not actually what transpired.

All that happened is that one commercial corporation ceded its interests in the Philippines to another commercial corporation calling itself the Republic of the Philippines, Inc., and since neither of them owned a pot, this can only be seen as a publicity stunt.

The Sea Treaty called the Treaty of Manila Bay is like a Bank Treaty.  It does not change our ownership interest in the 101 Islands of the Philippine Archipelago which results from the International Land Treaty — the Treaty of Paris negotiated with Spain.

So, we still own the land mass of the Philippine Islands.  We ask you to remember the American soldiers who fought and died alongside the native Filipino people.  It was not only our money but our blood that paid for this interest.

We consider the Philippines an Insular State belonging ultimately to The United States, and we firmly believe that the money trail, public and private records, and many subsequent accords prove beyond any reasonable doubt that what I am telling you and the United Nations and everyone else is true.

Like other Insular States you have the right to become a full-fledged American State of the Union if your people desire to free themselves from the Municipal United States’ enslavement they’ve been living under since WWII.

Look around you, Mr. Duterte—- slums, poverty, crime, the Super Rich 1% lording it over everyone else.  You know in your heart that this is NOT the “American Way” and it isn’t the Americans forcing these conditions on you.  

It’s MZero—- who actually has zero claim to anything.  Not the land, not the soil, and not the air—- because wherever our country’s sovereignty extends, we hold all three jurisdictions.  

Thanks to the Treaty of Paris 1898 and our position as landholder, the Philippine Islands are —and remain —safe.  

Whatever you have been told about any of this, Mr. Duterte, it is very unlikely to be the truth—- but it is American blood and money that your country has received, not anything from “the US”, unless you want to count a million cases of syphilis and being used as a pirate base for international criminals.

It’s time that your people, like the Hawaiian people, like all people— wake up and realize that it hasn’t been the Americans oppressing anyone.  It’s been the British Territorial United States known as “the U. S.” and the Pope’s Municipal United States known as “the US” that have  been using and abusing the Philippines and the Filipino people.  And us, too.

It’s these run-amok Federal Subcontractors of ours working all the payola schemes that cause the criminality. And it’s important for you to know that when they do these awful things they are not working for us. They are working for the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor—- and for themselves, to obtain unjust enrichment as pirates and racketeers.

We call them “the Raj” because they have imposed the same British-based thuggery on us as they did in India, at home, and in many other countries worldwide.

We, Americans, have been steadfast friends of the Philippines and the Filipino people, while these filthy commercial corporations operating “in our names” have robbed and bullied everyone concerned.

Talk to us and tell MZero to talk to us.

It’s time for all the name games and identity theft to stop and for many criminals to go to jail.  It’s also time for the people of your country and our country to get together face to face again.  

The venal foreign corporations that have been using and abusing our Good Names and Trademarks no longer represent us.  We have nationalized their assets and recalled their Federal Reserve Notes.

We are here, presenting ourselves, the long-lost but actual American Government. Please contact us to experience  the decency and generosity and honesty that Americans were once famous for.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 usa
(907) 250-5087


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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Sweet Surrender

 By Anna Von Reitz

Sometimes, surrender is a good thing.  Sometimes, it is the only thing that brings healing and health and fresh air.  And peace.  

Do you all realize that this country has been at war for all but (now) twenty-four years of its entire 243 year history?  Do you think that's an accident? 

Or do you believe as I do, that elements of the military and war-mongering politicians and industrialists who profit from wars--- made it so?  

This is why when we fly the American Peacetime Flag people look at it and cock their heads and don't recognize it.  They say, "What? I didn't know we had a peacetime flag!  Why doesn't everyone fly it?" 

As Americans, we should.  America has been at peace since 1814.  It's our paid-for Federal Subcontractors that have been doing all the warring "for" us, without our knowledge or consent. 

They've been using our young men and women as cheap mercenaries to fight foreign wars for profit.  They've been human trafficking everyone and using illegal conscription (the draft) and press-ganging (induction) to fill the ranks. 

Yes, they've been having a Field Day at our expense, and the Popes and the British Monarchs and the Lord Mayors of London, claiming to be our Trustees and Protectors, have sat mum and profited themselves by this circumstance --- used our own money to generate the credit that they use to pay our own employees to act as our Oppressors. 

That's why we call it The Great Fraud. This has been going on for a hundred and sixty-one years, with hardly anyone the wiser. Until now. 

I am not sure what all Durham dug up in the course of his investigation — I am sure there was a lot of filth that related to actual crimes related to drugs, money laundering, adrenochrome, etc. and no doubt a large number of capital felonies including treason because it was rife throughout the Democrat and Republican “Party” structures. 

That said, they just recently proposed to hang 93 out of 99 sitting “US” Senators for certifying phony election results without addressing the fact that the election itself was phony. 

Our military has been complicit in treason against the actual American Government since 1860 if not long before. 

The “U.S. Military" has always been partially obligated — especially the U.S. Navy — to serve the Queen on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

When Grant and Sherman pulled their crap, the military was increasingly influenced by the Brits beyond any constitutional role the Brits had to play under delegated authority.

Within a few decades the Brits had taken control of our military and have been using our boys and girls for cheap mercenaries ever since. 

This is how you get people like Henry Kissinger and GHWB and Colin Powell being knighted by the Queen.  They are her men even though they are on our payroll.  Our military is being paid by a British Paymaster— SERCO — for heaven’s sake.  

We’ve been bureaucratically and illegally taken over by people who are literally employed by us, all misdirected by the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Pope. 

All this is illegal, unlawful, fraudulent, in Gross Breach of Trust….

So our Military has been misused and abused to dishonorable and venal ends by these monsters and they still don’t appear to understand that they have themselves been operating in treason against the civilian government that they are supposed to obey, but which they in fact usurped and treasonously replaced after the Civil War. 

Grant, Sherman, Et alia, saw their chance to “disperse” the Federation of States and claim emergency “powers” that don’t actually exist for themselves.  They promoted the in-house elections of their British Crown Corporation “Presidents” as if they were Public Elections when in fact these corporate elections were private affairs from the get-go.  They also introduced the use of political parties as staging grounds to control election results that they controlled whether a Democrat or a Republican won. 

All this manipulation and coercion and stealing of assets and illegal conscription of men via the draft and the pretense of “perpetual war” on our shores was perpetuated in treason by our own dear U.S. Military being misled and duped by treasonous Brit and Pope loving Generals who lined their pockets and increased their power at our expense.

They stand in as great a need for amnesty as all the Municipal Government citizens they’ve arrested and purportedly already put to death. 

I am not privy to specific cases and charges. Murder of a child is a capital offense and deserves death by hanging under the Public Law and Admiralty Law as well — for example. 

But the self-righteous men doing all these trials are sinners, too, who need to clean up their acts where the issue of treason is concerned. They literally need to take our offer of amnesty and return home to serve the lawful civilian government.  

They should be helping us to bring forward the first true Public Elections in a hundred and fifty years. 

They should own the dishonorable power-mongering part the U.S. Military has played in all of this. 

They should turn over the keys to the assets of the bankrupt corporations and their franchises and turn in the illegal “Federal Reserve Notes” for replacement with actual money. 

They should surrender to the lawful government, accept amnesty, and come home to America where they belong. 

Anna Maria


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Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage – Dane Wigington

Crystalline Clarity for All Concerned

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are no incorporated entities of any kind--- and no registered entities of any kind--- having any authority to "represent" us. We are here, the lawful American Government, presenting ourselves. Speaking with our own voice. Acting on our own authority.
All actions of incorporated entities pretending to speak for or act for us must be backed up with explicit written wet-ink directives and orders from us, confirmed by us.
In response to our action nationalizing all remaining assets of the bankrupt former Federal Corporations, an unknown incorporated entity has initiated a lockdown on all gold and silver resources worldwide and has claimed that it represents us.
It does not, by definition, represent us---- we stand in no need of representation.
Let it be crystal clear that our assets don't belong to any incorporated entity and never have. Those physical assets belong to the living people and their lawful governments.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
All physical assets belong to the land and soil jurisdictions and to the people and Governments having standing upon the land and soil.
No incorporated entity has been given any assignment or authority with regard to our assets, and no, it is not necessary for us to go through any incorporated intermediary or belabor this point.
Our unincorporated Government is corporate, even though it is unincorporated.
We are perfectly competent to represent ourselves both in trade and in commerce with no interference and no go-betweens.

So, whoever the would-be interloper is, they need to be intercepted and we need to be fully apprised. We are not going through another round of being "represented" by any Municipal or Territorial corporations whatsoever.


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Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter Four

 By Anna Von Reitz

My own Grandmother was forever gently reminding: "With rights go responsibilities."  And she wasn't slack about demonstrating how "rights" work, either.  

Turns out that "rights" are rather tricky things. 

Did you know that rights are considered material interests, not just airy-fairy legal constructs, but actual and substantive material interests as real as a coffee grinder? 

This puts rights in a different class of assets, one that only living people and lawful Persons can own and have and exercise.  

Legal Persons aren't so lucky.  The most they get are "titles" conferred upon them as privileges by the Queen or the Pope or some other Grand Poobah. 

Titles and other privileges, like so-called "Civil Rights" can be revoked, but actual rights are permanent. Rights can't be bought, bartered, or sold. In America, they imprint upon you at birth like a tattoo. 

Strangely enough, rights can be pesky.  You can't get rid of them, even if you wanted to. They attach themselves to you.  

You have to care for and exercise your rights or they waste away like unused muscles.  

Legal Persons, who have only titles and privileges, find it hard to believe that people have rights and responsibilities. 

Generally speaking, Legal Persons don't understand what rights are, because they have none themselves.   

Tell them it's the difference between having your own pants, and having a pair of boxer shorts on loan.   

Legal Persons love oxymorons like "secular religion" and "sovereign citizen" that are gibberish, because the combined words are mutually exclusive. 

They don't know any better, but if something is secular, it's not religious---and you can't be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time, either. 

Not only do you have to exercise your rights to keep them strong, you have to exercise them as a Public Duty.  This really upsets the Legal Persons, because they can't object to or criticize you for exercising a Public Duty.  

Just smile. 

Speaking your mind, running a Free Press, choosing your own religion -- or not, carrying a gun (in this country), running your own schools, printing your own money, operating your own courts, taking care of your own sons and daughters, traveling where you want to go, describing your own land, recording your own landmarks, declining foreign citizenship obligations ---and so much more, is your Public Duty.  

Your Public Duty is part of the responsibility that goes with your rights. 

There is also a private duty that is part of your rights and responsibilities.  

"Sure, you can borrow the car, if....."   

It's your private duty to make sure that your actions or inactions don't bring harm to someone else or to their property.  You don't drink and drive, you don't speed on ice, you don't do stupid stuff, because you have rights and with rights go responsibilities. 

You may have the right to pick blueberries; but until you pick them and add sugar and make a crust, you won't have a blueberry pie for supper.  

It's the same thing with running this country.  

You have the right to self-govern, but until you get on your feet and do your Public Duty, you might as well be living in China. 


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93 Out of 99--- Whose Treason Against Whom?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have adequately demonstrated what happened:
1850's--- the British Territorial United States set up a corporation to act as the privately owned and operated governmental services provider. This corporate franchise was owned and operated by the British Crown as "the" United States of America, Incorporated.
1860 -- Abraham Lincoln is elected "President" of this corporation in a private corporate election misrepresented as a Public Election.
1861 -- Lincoln abuses the public trust and misrepresents his authority by appearing to declare war on the Southern Confederacy; there was no Declaration of War by the Federal Congress which lacked a quorum, nor any such Declaration from the Federation's Continental Congress--- making the entire American Civil War an illegal Mercenary Conflict on our shores.
1863 -- Lincoln declares the Northern Confederacy --- franchises of his own separate British Territorial Corporation --- bankrupt.
Please note that unincorporated entities are not eligible for bankruptcy protection, so we may be sure which "United States of America" was bankrupted, both because of Lincoln's position as "President" of that British Crown Corporation, and because the American Federation of States going by a very similar name is and always has been unincorporated and ineligible for bankruptcy protection.
At the same time, March of 1863, Lincoln entrusted the U.S. Army with the "administration" of the country and responsibility for the money and everything else established by his "Lieber Code". He also created the authority for himself --- out of thin air --- to issue Executive Orders to the Military Government he had thus created.
He also claimed that this "law" --the Lieber Code -- superseded all other (corporate) law, giving the false impression that he had the power to suspend the Constitutions and the Public Law supporting them. We know he never had any such authority. We know that he had to be talking about private corporate "law" and not Public Law, because he was acting as Commander-in-Chief of an incorporated entity when he made these statements.
1865 -- The Mercenary Conflict ends in an Armistice; no Peace Treaty ending the conflict is ever signed, until July of 2020.
1868 -- The British Scheme Team led by General Ulysses S. Grant (which is a false name, a nom de guerre, for Hiram Grant) launches another British Crown Corporation in Scotland, calling itself "The United States of America" -- Incorporated.
And from there on, the only big change in the operation of this Con Game against the actual American Government and the People of our States and against our Constitutions, is the entry of the Roman Catholic Church to take part in the same fraud for a share of the takings in 1921.
So, the U.S. Military is treading on some very thin ice when it proposes to hang 93 out of 99 of the sitting United States Senators for treason related to certification of a phony election result.
Their own treason against this country and the People they are under contract to protect smells worse than a pile of fresh dog dung, and what does it matter if you certify phony election results, when the whole election process is phony to begin with?
Since when do the in-house "elections" of foreign corporations count as Public Elections? Who is zooming whom?
If "our" Military had held to the straight and narrow, none of the frauds and injustices of the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. would have ever been possible.
We, the American Public, would have been fully informed of the circumstance, and new Public Elections would have taken place soon after the Armistice in April of 1865.
Instead, what did we get? Quasi-military carpetbagger courts set up for the express purpose of collecting "war reparations" from the Municipal United States citizenry. Military "districts" being overlaid on our States of the Union. All sorts of "emergency powers" that are non-consensual and which don't really exist, being enforced by men who weren't worthy to wear our uniform or borrow our flag for as much as a picnic.
So, fellas, tell me --- where is the justice in the pot calling the kettle black? How am I, as a Public Justice, supposed to view those members of the U.S. Military who propose hanging Municipal Officers for treason, when they have themselves been in open treason against the actual government for over 150 years?
I can only regard it as ludicrous hypocrisy drenched in blood. And abject stupidity, too.
Will you compound your crimes with more crimes, too? Or will you all take the amnesty that has been offered to you, come home, and serve the actual American Government again?
It's not that I don't agree that some of the members of Congress, maybe most, are guilty of gross corruption and breach of trust and a host of other crimes, and it isn't as if I wouldn't welcome the removal of all 93 mentioned on the Hit List, to make way for new Public Elections, but it's time for the Queen and British Crown and the members of the U.S. Military to admit their own treason against this country and its People.
Consider, is it even possible to commit "treason" against a corporation?
No, it is not.
Ever since the Brits incorporated their service company back in the 1850's it has been impossible for anyone to commit "treason" against them.
The only "treason" possible is treason committed against us, the actual American Government and our people---- and guess who has actually been committing treason against living people and their lawful Government?
Henry Kissinger, knighted by the Queen. George Herbert Walker Bush, knighted by the Queen. General Norman Schwartzkopf, knighted by the Queen. General Colin Powell, knighted by the Queen. And the list goes on.
These are Americans who betrayed our country and our people to the British and who treasonously acted as Officers of the Crown against us, who benefited themselves from the "American Raj".
Crimes and injuries including genocide against trusting American civilians and against their lawful American Government --- that the U.S. British Territorial Government is under contract to protect and being paid to protect--- is treason.
The same "news" release that proposes to hang 93 out of 99 sitting United States Senators on gallows in back of the White House, also proposes to prosecute 222,000 or so other unknowns for various crimes.
Once the British Raj begins its blood-letting where does it stop? And when do they become circumspect enough to know that they are operating in treason themselves? When they finish murdering all their Municipal Government scapegoats, who is going to murder them for their crimes against us and the rest of humanity, too?
How much rope do they think I can store in my garage?
No, no, no, no, and no. We're not going for another convenient civil war here. We have declared peace and marked the end of such "fun and games" on our shores, and we mean to enforce it to the full extent of the Public Law, not any private corporate "law".
The so-called "U.S. Military" has an offer of amnesty, but in order to make use of it, they must hold all the American civilians harmless and address each criminal case one-by-one in its proper jurisdiction.
They can't hang Municipal Officers over certifying phony results from a phony election process. The whole proceeding was moot from the start.

I will say it again, to Hats Black and Hats White, it's time to come clean. All the way clean. You may never have such an opportunity again.


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The Only Boat Afloat

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ahoy, Matey! Here's a little lesson from the Salty Sea.
Any port in a storm.
Any boat that's still afloat.
If you are an American, the "only boat still afloat" is your own unincorporated Federation of States, which has been doing business since 1776 as The United States of America.
Many of you may not know this, but the name of this country when referring to our combined States' national soil jurisdiction is: The United States.
And when you are referring to the combined States' international jurisdictions we operate as: The United States of America.
Neither one of these unincorporated Public entities have ever been bankrupt, and indeed, neither are eligible for bankruptcy protection. Both enjoy state immunity, instead.
Neither one, The United States nor The United States of America, have ever participated in any form of insurance scheme. Both are indemnified, instead.
Neither one are parties to, nor mentioned by, any of the three (3) Federal Constitutions. This is because the Constitutions don't concern them.
The Constitutions concern three similarly named Federal Subcontractors: (1) "the" States of America; (2) "the" United States of America; and (3) "the" United States.
These three entities are private subcontractors in the business of providing essential government services that are stipulated in the Constitutions.
In the beginning, all three "Federal" Subcontractors were unincorporated businesses, but in the 1850's. the British Territorial Subcontractor doing business as "the" United States of America, incorporated as a franchise of the British Crown Corp.
This entity did business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated, but was bankrupted in 1863; the promoters promptly went to Scotland, and opened up a new franchise doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" in 1868.
Their Successors have played a similar name game ever since, seeking to confuse their British corporation with the actual American Government doing business as The United States of America.
They have done this in order to steal our identity and gain access to our credit in exactly the same way that a Credit Card Hacker does. They pretended to be the American Government operating in international jurisdiction, instead of a British Territorial corporation operating as a subcontractor of our Government.
This was done via the use of deceitfully similar names, and claims of acquiescence --- and "voluntary" participation in this system --- though in fact the American victims were never given disclosure and the whole situation was deliberately hidden behind a literal "Cloak of Secrecy Policy" initiated by these foreign corporations.
Well, you'd keep it secret, too, if you were engaged in the biggest Con Game and Identity Theft Scheme in world history.
The first cyclical double bankruptcy fraud happened in 1863 and 1868. The next round happened in 1907 and 1921. The next round was in 1925 and 1930. (A separate domestic bankruptcy was also declared in 1933.) And we've just gone through another iteration in 2008 and 2015.
To make things more complicated, the Holy See got into the act and joined the British fraud scheme in the 1920's, and so, got its share of the take by fronting one of the perpetually bankrupt look-alike, sound-alike corporations as a Municipal CORPORATION.
It's all criminal and it's all fraud, but each time they pulled this little trick, they off-loaded their corporate debts onto the backs of the clueless Americans.
They did this by pretending that these same Americans were voluntarily acting as "named franchises" of these same bankrupt corporations, subject to paying off the parent corporation's debts.
As of March 13th 2022, the second bankruptcy in the series concluded, and The Office of the Fiduciary of The United States of America, the actual Federation of States, which is the Priority Creditor, has nationalized all the various bankrupt corporations, franchises, and derivatives as of March 24th 2022.
What does that mean? It means that the Priority Creditor exercised their option to take over control of all these bankrupt corporations, their franchises, and derivatives (like the Public Transmitting Utilities bearing names like "Walter T Fussbottom) and has placed them under Public Law.
Additionally, the Priority Creditor has exercised the option to take control of the Federal Reserve Note, an illegal domestic fiat currency of the Debtors/DEBTORS, which has been foisted off on everyone as an international currency.
This was done to put a halt to various crimes, including involuntary enslavement and peonage, the misrepresentation of Creditors as Debtors, identity theft fraud, counterfeiting, unlawful conversion of assets, false claims on abandonment, evasion of constitutional obligations, bank fraud, international conspiracy to defraud, and other evils.
There is only one form of American Government left operating in international jurisdiction, and that is the original unincorporated American Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. The so-called "Federal Agencies" and so on, are just private subcontractors wondering where their next meal comes from.
All Americans need to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction of The United States, but the only way to get there is via the "only boat still afloat" -- The United States of America and its member State Assemblies.


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