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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Reply to the Generals: Your Latest TVM Fraud and False Suppositions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now we have another imposter, Alex Tallano, a New Yorker, pretending to be Tiburcio Villamor Marcos---and corrupt generals around the world are supporting him in this outrageous fraud, right down to presenting him to the world in a fake Commander-in-Chief of the Welsh Guards uniform and having him claim to be a "Seven Star General" --- apparently in charge of all 50,000 members active duty and reserve, the sum total of what is left of the British Military.
Reminds me of the Territorial United States' military situation. The world had better tremble before the awesome might of the Puerto Rican Navy....
Anyone for Loony Tunes?
You can't make this stuff up.
Let's begin....
Who was Tiburcio Villamor Marcos? This is the name of both Ferdinand Marcos' Uncle, who would be something like 160 years old, or his son, who would also be pushing 100 by now.
Both were Chinese-Filipinos by heritage, and neither one look --or looked---anything like Mr. Tallano. I guess the Generals think that a bunch of ignorant Americans and Europeans won't be able to tell the difference, but guess what? We have photos of both men and, if this is "Tiburcio Villamor Marcos" then I am Tina Turner and I am claiming her estate.
The hard fact is that Ferdinand Marcos himself was just an attorney who worked with the actual Trustee and Holder of the Code FLAT accounts. And the further fact is that Ferdinand Marcos, as President of the Government of the Philippines, was just acting as the Trustee left in charge of the American gold deposits that were transported there "for safekeeping" by the U.S. Navy.
That's why President Kennedy met with him. That's why all these agreements were put in place. That's why Marcos had to approve the printing of the silver-backed Kennedy dollars. Kennedy had to ask permission of the Trustee, not because the Trustee owned any of the assets, but because he, Kennedy, was operating as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen while occupying the Office of Commander-in-Chief.
It's not the same thing now. We are not British Territorial U.S. Citizens. We are Americans and as Americans, we are the Donors of the Trust Assets. Not only that, we are the lawful Officers of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. As such, we don't ask our Trustee to move. We tell them to move. We have the authority that Kennedy lacked.
And now, to address another Fat Fallacy based on British "Suppositions". They persist in claiming that I am a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and Ward of the Queen and the Queen's State. I say, nonsense. Prove it.
In fact, I am not using their "Last Name" which could easily be mistaken for a Family Name, and have never used their "Last Name" creation --- which is really just a descriptive label applied as a "title" over the property assets of other people as part of a fraud scheme already debunked as fraud, human trafficking, impersonation, identity theft, and illegal securitization.
They are the ones who have been using my Trademark without my permission or consent.
My Great-Great-Grandfather created the name "Riezinger" out of thin air and registered it as a trademark in 1855. It has been used as a trademark by his progeny ever since. Furthermore, any name attached to that trademark is covered by that trademark.
The enemies of all decent people demanded that I produce a "receipt" as proof that I had received my own name back from them, but they are the ones caught with their pants down and in need of a receipt.
First, a receipt from me and my Father allowing them to use our Trademark as a "Last Name" and providing us with equitable consideration for this use. They don't seem to be able to cough up any written contract for that and there is no check or money order or signed cash receipt, either.
So they are the ones without a receipt.
Secondly, their own Superior Court at Palmer, Alaska, has proof that I received my entire name back from them, and that I reconveyed it to the land and soil jurisdiction, which is also part of their State of Alaska Land Records, and then, I returned a copy of the Recorded Reconveyance to the Superior Court and added it to the case file. Full circle.
Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that I reclaimed my Upper and Lower Case Name and removed it to the land jurisdiction under protection of the State Trust, and no doubt that subsequent action by the American State Assemblies enrolled Alaska as a State of the Union and proclaimed the Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.
So even their look-alike, sound-alike doppelganger conceived in fraud, was removed, reconveyed, protected, and released by the dissolution of Territorial custodial interest in Alaska, and also relieved of any presumption of "war" taking place on our shores.
Zum Ende. Both versions of "Anna Maria Riezinger"---the American born on the land and soil, and the British Legal Fiction Person are free, and fully indemnified as Wisconsinites owed the full faith and credit of the nation as well as the land and soil assets of the country.

In the immortal words of a certain rabbit, "Smell my fluffy butt." and show me your validated receipts issued by The United States of America --- Unincorporated.


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  1. we all have American common law right to what our mother and father decided to *call* us by, along with what our fathers are commonly known by.
    if someone uses it without your intent, you make a claim before the people, not a judge, for wrong doing.
    bring your proof and let the people decide.

  2. show us all the document where King George ceeded any land to Americans. You can't because he didn't. You cannot be a sovereign without owning land. note: Soil is not land You have no authority in International trade or commerce. All land in America as well as the rest of the planet is held in Trust by the British Monarch and the Holy See for the owner (the Son of God). JOHN 111

    1. Fantasy. You're as nutty as dummy:janmarie.

    2. So some Jerk off jumps on his little Dinghy floats around and lands on a foreign shore, falls to his knees, sticks his flag in the mud, and proclaims that everything belongs to a Pope, or a King. Never mind about all the people that have lived there for millennia. Slick operation, all it must take is a bunch of yahoo jerk offs to believe it as well. Might makes right? All those that ascribe to this Mantra will soon be getting a full understanding of it. Just like I am still here and ewer impotent cursing, and curses have no power. My God is The True Lord God, The One that is Alive, and Creates. Understood. I know ewe you do, it has already been shown to ewe, but ewe decided to claim that ewer grandma was a Vol(e)(a Rodent that breeds profusely) and through her all the gods were spawned. How apropos that we now have a direct descendent that can give all of Us a full accounting of all the inbred nephilim that he, and all his ilk are related to. Carry on Johnny Boy Blue.

    3. @unknown

      I have a question about the church and monarchy holding the world for the son of god. Does the church have a form or application for the son of god to fill out in order to claim his inheritance?

      Is there a process the church accepts in order for the church to hand over the keys and Kingdom?

      I know a family that would make a claim based on the bloodline/starchart of one of the members of the family.

      Thank you

    4. anonymous,

      you seem jealous of me.


    5. Pmao!!!! Jealous!!! Ll😂😂🤣🤣

    6. you do too lifesmurge.

      you keep wanting special attention.


      [this part is for you *willsmith* :)]:
      ...she shrieked as she bitchslappedatit with her usual theatrical flair turning abruptly on her tanned sandaled feet, and stuck her powdered nose high into the air to show her utter disgust with the dummkopf. !!!!

  3. King Ranch on fire

    If you know anything about who really owns this ranch then you should know why it was set on fire and I would say on purpose

    And they brought in military under the guise of a fire
    My guess is they brought in military to protect their asses is what they did

    Miles has written many times about who owns the massive swath of land in Texas known as the King Ranch
    If I'm not mistaken Bezo's owns some property on this ranch as he is one of their tribe members

    They also set fires to assist them in weather modification

    1. The so called endentured servant who ends up owning 825,000 acres in Texas

      Again they lie all the time about their origins and their history

      You can bet he was never poor and never an endentured servant

  4. Wise man

  5. Why does he always have the Swissy land and the United States flag behind him if he BROADCAST from London?

  6. janmarie and others
    The 5G SMART city and digital radiation nightmare

    BLOCKCHAIN and all things digital IS NOT THE ANSWER and it never will be

    1. Digitize and magnify the problems for all of us but not them

      5G SMART Cities and Human Settlement Zones for us but not them

  7. Anna, do you have any proof about American gold being transported "for safekeeping" to the Philippines?

    Here we have Proof…
    Proof that the Global Debt Facility aka. The Global Collateral Account is true.

    Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

    US of A is a Corporation

    THE U.S. IS UNDER STATE CAPTURE By the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich ) Excerpt from some Karen Hudes Tweets.

    1. Links that show Anna von Reitz is trying to steal the world’s assets.

  8. You all need to listen
    I've been saying for years now she is a fraud
    And many others are as well




    And the faking of their fucking space age bullshit to the tune of billions

  11. It's not yours, why would you claim it and why would anyone claiming to help you make you believe that you should claim it

  12. Now you be sure and check out around 2 hours and 28 minutes in to this video and listen to this slimball lawyer talk about hypothetical consent

    Yes the video is long, but there is no doubt it will be the best couple of hours you will ever spend

    1. And at 2 hours and like 48 minutes in she explains the status of SWISSY LAND

      That my friends is no accident

      Swissy land is also home to the AI, CERN folks
      Home of the boot bank

    2. And there it is, BLOCKCHAIN jurisdiction she says
      Funny Medici Ventures and that BLOCKCHAIN everything including the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources providing LRS applications to their agents so the followers can enter their information voluntarily in to their BLOCKCHAIN, ya know, for safe keeping
      2 hours 58 minutes in, building a system called pangea
      A blockchain solution to all that ails the world CON

    3. You're dealing with sick inbred people here folks

      And you can bet your ass these two won't be dead either
      They work hand and glove folks and they're all from the same families

    4. Shelby, I am super glad that you are showing links to Greg Bradford's and Bryan Kemila's, (Illuminati Matrix), information! Don't stop doing it! I'm sure you are waking some people up!! I'll probably come up as, 'Anonymous,' or, 'Unknown.' (For some reason, google or whoever/whatever generates the, 'reply,' system here, is unable to get my, 'handle,' correct)! It's Maggiestar!