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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Don't Be Led; Lead

 By Anna Von Reitz

This may come as a big surprise to a lot of people, but the way the Rats win is by capturing your attention with all their bad behavior.
They present all these ugly alarming things and all these "threats" but in the end, that is not what matters. None of it.
What they are after is your attention and the power that your attention has, that you are unaware of.
Whatever you focus on, whatever you give your attention to, manifests itself --- not instantly, but reliably.
So when you give away your attention to their nonsense, they win.
When you invest your energy in the "concerns" that they cause, they win.
When you take them seriously, they win.
When you fail to take charge of "fictions" ---- they win.
So you must learn their secret agenda, which has nothing to do with Plandemics or wars or political changes or drugs or any of the other things that they have done, and everything to do with what you envision for yourselves.
You MUST keep your attention focused on a positive and happy future for yourselves.
You MUST keep your hearts and minds fixed upon the heritage and promises that are yours.
You MUST turn away from all their violence and drugs and blame and lies.
And just focus intently on what you want to experience and the kind of world that you want to manifest and the values that you hold.
Don't let the rats have your mind.
Don't let them steal your energy and focus and sidetrack it into building their ugly dreams.
Steadfastly, purposefully, without fear concentrate on and work for the world you want to create and upon asserting the values you hold dear in your own daily lives.
Dismissing the Devil is easy. Just turn aside your attention, back to the world you desire. Tell him to go play with himself, as he refuses to play nicely with others.
Smile. Know your own secret.
It's your attention, it's the focus of your attention on his bad dreams that Satan most desires and needs, for he and all his henchmen have no power of their own. They are merely seeking to steal and redirect and use the power that rightly and naturally belongs to you.

And all you have to do is yawn and say to yourself --- nah, not today..... I am going to my Happy Place.... and I am going to build my dreams. I am going to keep faith with my visions and my interests and I am NOT going to be sidetracked with the sideshow.


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  1. people are NOT going to just move on. its too horrific whats been done. its gone on too long. theyre unrepentant.
    were not turning away our attention from seeing what theyve done; we have to know what we have to fix and who is responsible for it. most of us are not just going to hide our eyes and skip off into the sunset smiling, whistling a happy tune like nothing ever happened.

  2. Confidence in God's promises, that is, faithfully believing and acting on the promises made to us all in scriptures, puts the fear mongers in their place as the cheerleaders for doubt, fear and its underlying principal proponent Satan.

    Faith, Hope and Charity are critical attributes of someone who continues forward in spite of the worlds tribulations. Believers who continue to faithfully apply their godly virtue and personal work to the challenges of life, including the noise made by fear mongers, are always the winners and the leaders for other people out of the relative darkness of fear and doubt and into a spiritually and temporally rewarding life.

    That is a testimony of the reality of a God who knows our dilemmas and wisely cares for us by informing us of solutions to life's dilemmas via scriptures. If you don't understand this dynamic then search the scriptures, consistently apply their teachings to your daily life, and observe the miracles and answers to prayer that will manifest in your life. First exercise faith, then believe the words of God, and act accordingly. Continue in a hope for better things with God, and learn charity for all. Now you are poised to experience joy in your life.

    The holy spirit as your guide is far more available to people than most realize. Like building muscles, applied Faith in scriptures and doing personal works in pursuance thereof causes the Holy Spirit to make a reciprocal investment of its influence in you. "Knock and the door shall be opened" is a statement of fact by a God who never changes and cannot lie. But faith and belief in God rest solely upon you as the parts of the equation to realize the blessings that can bring joy in life to you.

  3. Know what kind of world you want to manifest and feed your consciousness what you desire.

  4. Thank You Anna. For everything.

  5. GodSpeed!🙏💕🙏

  6. This is my favorite article of all!

  7. The point of this article is in the title. Don't follow the rats; follow your heart!

    Q: Is it accountability vs faith?

    In my opinion I say hell to the heck no... It's not either's BOTH!

    The either or concept is cultural brain washing and we are the expert!

    Be well

  8. i looked at that inloveand; right after the 5:00 is the glitch: he starts basing what hes talking about on USCode: Title xxxxxxx.
    USCode is not law.
    its Code.

    it seems that the "gurus" are all/mostly "playing an angle".
    CODE isnt law.

    iow, imo, Gould gold ghoul'd ???
    he aint got the answer.

    1. the comment above belongs in the comment section of the latest "jeffrey prather" video, but i was being blocked by someone from posting there right now.
      i plan to re-post this there later :):):).

    2. inloveand was referring people to Russell Gould and his flag and post office /master info.

    3. i also said:
      we have to get together and look at the Treaties with the indigenous Americans.

  9. My happy place is seeing them all rotting off the nooses that have been tied around their necks 😃