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Friday, November 3, 2023

The Haunting Past Resolved

 By Anna Von Reitz

If we have learned nothing more from the last 160 years let it be that we cannot afford to sit back and let anyone else govern us. 

We may be lazy and scared, but we still have no choice. 

Many people, when faced with the challenges and questions of self-governance, recoil and desperately search for someone to tell them what to do and how to think, or better yet (in their minds) do it for them.    

They are only too willing to hand-off responsibility for themselves and their own lives after a lifetime of cradle-to-grave supervision. 

First, from our parents, second, from the school officials and teachers, third from our superior officers in the military service or professors in college, and later throughout our lives from our bosses in businesses and corporations.  

There's no window in time to learn who we are and what we want until we are ready to retire, and by then, life itself is slipping from our hands.

Unless we make that time for ourselves and call it "now".  

Too late too many of us wake up and think, "Hey, I was enslaved all my life!" 

When I am talking to Assemblies around the country, I get questions and criticisms that tell me that people still aren't quite "getting it" and are afraid of freedom.

Set free from their prison cells, they rush out into the sunshine and open air, only to be frightened by the big bold world, and they turn around, rush back into their cells, slam the door, and in a cold sweat search for someone to take charge and order them around again.  

It was so much easier to be a slave -- in some ways. 

Throughout history, people have chosen to enslave themselves rather than search within themselves --- and take responsibility for their own lives. 

We have been only too willing to give away the burden of our own authority.  

Read the Books of Samuel I and II for a recount of how this happened to the Hebrew people, too. 

Now fast forward to the debate surrounding the adoption of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.  

The Founding Fathers skirted around the issue of slavery in order to secure unity on the issue of breaking away from Britain.  They knew it was wrong to leave slavery in place, but some key parts of the country depended on slavery for their economic benefit and wouldn't give it up. 

The Southern States didn't want to give up the institution of slavery back then, the same way that the central bankers don't want to give it up now.  And for the same reasons. 

The Founding Fathers compromised. Eighty years later, in the 1850's, the issue of slavery came back to haunt their Grandsons. 

At that time, a similar debate took place, with the Federation of States recommending that we use public funds to buy all the privately owned slaves and set them free. End of problem.  

That's actually what was done in Great Britain and throughout Europe. 

The "representatives" of the business interests of the Northern States balked at this.  Why should they have to give up anything financially to set Southern Slaves free?  That cost should fall on the Southerners who had benefited and profited from the institution of slavery.  

So instead of making a substantial, but by no means crippling financial sacrifice for the Public Good, the Northern "States of States" backed by the British Territorial United States Government and the British Crown pushed for war.   

The result cost an estimated 1.5 million American lives and devastated the whole country.  The Northern members of the original Confederation  were bankrupted, and their Southern cohorts were ruinated by the British Territorial U.S. Army. 

Lest anyone be confused, the fact that Lincoln bankrupted the Northern "States of States" involved in the Civil War in 1863, is absolute hard evidence that these participants in the "war" were commercial corporations. The actual States are not eligible for public bankruptcy protection. 

We were left with a full third of our government inoperable and awaiting reconstruction.  

Lincoln, a Bar Attorney deceitfully usurping upon the actual Office of The President of The United States of America, was murdered by his own Generals and Cabinet Officers acting in collusion with Southern Partisans working for the Holy See--- which fought on the side of the Southern States of States. 

Rome has always subsidized itself on slaves and tribute from enslaved nations, so no surprise that the Holy See fought on the pro-slavery side of the conflict. 

The U.S. Army --- a mixed bag of American and British Territorial mercenaries --- took control of the country and set up military districts in the States of the Union -- first in the South, and later in the North. 
They also set up unauthorized military "district courts" to collect war reparations. 

Bear in mind that this was done by men who were taking their paychecks from our pockets, operating deceitfully and secretly for their own self-interest, and against the actual civilian government they were sworn to protect and serve. 

Also realize that throughout the Civil War and afterward, our country's lawful and honorable military was unlawfully converted into a commercial mercenary force serving British Crown and Roman Municipal interests. 

So here we are, America, the Land of the Free, in the grip of a British Territorial Commercial Mercenary Army, which has been working under cloak of secrecy, and passing itself off as "representing" us ever since--- while whoring their services off to the old nasty European powers and illegally confiscating our property and labor and natural resources. 

Over time, the criminals benefiting from this grew bolder and more greedy.  The commercial corporations benefiting from this needed more and more and more collateral to pay for their investments and war-mongering, so by 1925, they seized upon our labor assets and via a system of undisclosed registrations contrived to mischaracterize Americans as "Dual Federal Citizens". 

The Territorial U.S. Citizens were reduced to the level of Indentured Servitude, while the Municipal "citizens of the United States" popularly described as Fourteenth Amendment citizens, were reduced to utter slavery. 

The final turn of this screw came with the First Inaugural Address of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in which he announced his decision to sell all the Municipal slaves to the Pope via clearinghouse certificates --- birth certificates, in other words. 

In this way, a system of peonage was enforced on the British Territorial U.S. Citizens and a system of slavery was enforced upon Municipal citizens of the United States --- and this form of Dual Federal Citizenship was additionally and secretly imposed upon millions upon millions of unsuspecting Americans by an unholy alliance of military, political, 
and commercial interests that all owed us good faith and service. 

It has also taken place in the presence of the so-called Thirteenth Amendment, which claimed to abolish slavery on our shores. 

Leave it to the attorneys to find a sly excuse and reinterpretation of plain words. 

Private slavery was abolished on the land and soil of our country.  The plantations were sacked and the slaves released --- but not set free. Not for long. Within months, Southern Democrats had set up another enslavement racket. 

Private slave ownership might be abolished on the land and soil, but public slave ownership was still allowed in international jurisdiction. The so-called Federal Corporations, both the U.S.A, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC., operated out of the District of Columbia could still own slaves.

So they eagerly grabbed up "title" to people presumed to be slaves by any means possible, first enslaving men and women of color into this new racket, and later, via the already described birth registration racket, creating Dual Federal Citizens to function as Indentured Servants and as slaves. 

Both slaves and indentured servants are very valuable assets and serve admirably as collateral backing loans, which is what the foreign Federal Corporations wanted --- loans of credit that they could use for their benefit, and still claim to be operating under our Constitutional agreements. 

The central banks colluded with them in this and issued the credit they wanted as "Federal Reserve Notes" based on all the purloined American physical assets and American labor assets. 

All without the American people knowing a thing about it. 

In this generation, we've seen a British Territorial Citizen, Barack Obama, half white, half black, trying to foment a race-based war on our shores, trying to convince people that racism was the root cause of slavery and poverty and misery. 

How do you explain the millions of Irish slaves who preceded the African slaves by a hundred years, Irishmen and Irishwomen whose white Irish bodies were simply worked to death and piled up like cordwood and covered over with dirt to create "Wall Street" in New York? 

Slavery isn't a racial issue.  Anyone and everyone can be a slave. 

We've even had Joe Biden, trying to somehow, in his half-baked way, put out the message that the LGBTQ portion of our population is the "new" special interest group enjoying special privileges and victimhood status. 

But slavery isn't a sexuality issue, either.  Anyone of any sexual orientation can be enslaved. 

Slavery is the issue.  It has always been the issue, and it is still the issue to be resolved today.

Slavery is profitable, and that's why men have engaged in it since ancient times. 

It is also a singularly self-defeating practice, as it denigrates and defames and diminishes every man and woman on the face of the Earth.

In 1926, the League of Nations abolished slavery in all jurisdictions worldwide. Virtually all of the member countries piled on and signed it. 

The League of Nations was quickly disbanded and replaced with the United Nations instead. 

The United Nations approves of and thrives on slavery and indentured servitude. That's why there's a United Nations instead of a League of Nations. 

When you ask, "Hey, what happened to the League of Nations?" 

You will be told that the League of Nations was disbanded because it failed to prevent war. With 22 hot wars presently raging unabated, has the United Nations done any better? 

No, the League of Nations was disbanded because it took a stand against slavery on a worldwide basis, and that was something that the puppet masters running the phony corporation governments and banks didn't want to end.  

That's how they've made the Lion's Share of their income for thousands of years and the means they have used to finance their war-mongering, too. 

Just ask (if he were still alive) Benjamin D'Israeli, Queen Victoria's former Lord of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, how he "enfranchised" and enslaved the British working class and used them and their labor and everything they owned as collateral to finance the British Raj in India.  


Ask Allen Dulles and Michael Hayden and Big Moe and the Rockefellers and the LBJ's of the world how World War II was financed, and then read the Buck Act. 


The worst part of it all, is that mankind has largely done this to ourselves, by abdicating our own freewill and individual authority, by handing over our "proxies" to "representatives", by not having faith in ourselves and our ability to self-govern, by being lazy and wanting to remain in an infantile dependent state, and being afraid of our own natural empowerments. 

Then ask yourselves, how can you be free if you are still a slave to money?  Ask yourselves, what is money? 

It's a product.  A widget.  A "symbol of value" -- but what is the value being symbolized?  

In one way or another, the value that money represents is energy --- your energy and the energy of creation, manifested as labor and the material substance of the Earth, which is the inheritance of all mankind. 

The assets backing the money belong to you, and the money backing the credit belongs to you, too. You are the value being symbolized and you are the image of the Living God, raised up in material form. 

By what madness have you been enslaved, and given away your authority and your freedom to symbol-makers?  

Mere people just like you, sitting in the back room of an office in a building called a "treasury" crank out these symbols like widgets and charge you "full face value" for paper and digital idols (another name for symbols). 

Other mere people, just like you, sit in banks and enter digits into accounting forms, and presume to tell you what your "value" is --- according to them and their records. 

These people are just middlemen gone wild. They are charging you for their use of your own assets. 
They are sitting as lords over you and denying you access to your own credit. 

And you are allowing this?  You are allowing them to use your own assets and credit against you?  You are letting them sell you a promise in exchange for actual physical assets, and never collecting what they owe you?  

It's time to end slavery and break the money spell, so that we and our children and our children's children's children and all the generations hence can say good-bye to the evils these practices and delusions have caused.  

It's time for you to wake up. All the way up.  

It's time to decide whether you will be ruled by the True God and the Law of Creation, or some Fakir you or someone else elected.  

How about King Saul?  He's dead, but so what?  So are all these corporations that have been ruling over you.  Faceless, nameless, unaccountable things -- that's why we call them Corps ----corpses. 

And unless you really want to live your life as a corpse and be accounted for as a Genetically Modified Organism owned as chattel property by the DOD and DARPA, it's time to settle the past and the issue of slavery once and for all.  

Yes, it's time, and that time --- the only time we have, is now. 


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Slavery of the Mind

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you don't have confidence in my leadership and knowledge, just say so. 

If you think the members of the TACT group are smarter, more "advanced" and more competent than me, don't beat around the bush, just come out and say so. 

My position is, as shared with Kathy and Kimberly, that we need a different kind of leadership as a result of our government structure.  We don't need more corporate executives at the helm, boosting sales and jockeying for positional authority, because in our government, positional authority doesn't  exist. 

Some people haven't been thoughtful enough to reason that out for themselves, or are so used to the authoritarian organizations they have belonged to from youth that they can't imagine any other way to be or operate.  

Maybe I'm the "lone man out" standing for the spirit of the American Government as well as the structure of it. 

Maybe all the rest of you are more comfortable with the familiar bonds of executive power telling you where you "fit" in the world, and directing your every thought and action according to a group-approved template, and maybe you actually don't want to launch into the strange new world your Forefathers bequeathed to you.  

I am launching anyway.  Even if all the rest of you "waive your estate" and bow knee to the Pope and the King, for me---- that ship has sailed.  I am done with evil and done with modeling, promoting, or kissing up to executive power of any kind. 

To me, "executive power" is always an inferior power based on force and lies and self.  And today is the equivalent of the day when the Hebrews sought a human king and rejected the eternal rulership of the Creator. 

The only reason I can offer for "why" people choose to bind themselves to executive power, is that they are too afraid and too lazy to serve as their own executive.  

I suffer from no such fear and don't have a lazy bone in my body.  

So I am no doubt a grave disappointment as a leader, especially in the minds of people who are looking for a well-oiled machine and someone at the helm willing to manage the minute workings of the thing, watching every committee in every assembly and pulling all the strings with deft and diplomatic acumen. 

I can almost sense their confusion as they look around for Big Brother. 

If that's what you are looking for, you may look for a long time, and you certainly won't find it here among the downtrodden and deliberately dumbed down Americans. We are neither competent nor interested in creating our own version of the Old Evil and inheriting yet another group of despots. 

Maybe Mari is suspicious of you and your intentions and maybe she asked you some pointed questions, but so what?  Mari isn't stupid. She was the only one in the room who realized that the Ad Hoc Committee was in the wrong jurisdiction---- and did the right thing in response. 

If she asked you a pointed question and you felt the poke, maybe you should stop a moment and ask why?  "Is there anything about my position with the PKTF that's not quite right?  Do I need to share more information about the PKTF with the Assembly?"  

And then, ask yourself as an adult and educated and experienced woman -- what's to be gained by asking her pointed and defensive and ugly questions in return?  Do I look better by doing it?  No.  Does she look worse?

Who knows?  

What we do all know is this:

All such mental fisticuffs add up to a bigger negative, unless they are very carefully and precisely aimed to create a beneficial change for everyone involved. 

This comes from the deep realization that you can't hurt Mari or attack her motives or her credibility without damaging your own.  We are all part of the same body.  

And a negative plus a negative really does just create a bigger negative. 

So why go to the negative side at all?  Why not examine the criticism for what it's worth, make changes if changes would help, and go on?  

We didn't learn to walk by standing up and just doing it.  Why do we think that we can or even should be able to just boot up the American Government without making a single mistake? 

When I pull a plug, and it appears that I am doing so without investigating the action properly -- what I am really doing is telling you to go back and rethink things.  Learn things. I am telling you that, however well-intentioned your actions may be, you've stumbled into a cow pie. Go back and really look at the situation. 

I don't have time to micro-manage things at the assembly level.  The most I can do is keep an ear up, recognize the things that get assemblies into trouble, and try to keep them out of trouble. I don't always succeed, as is demonstrated by what recently happened in Missouri, where people were quiet and compliant and just trusted their Coordinator, Dan Auxier, to be doing everything "for" them --- following the authoritarian model to a 't". 

Turned out that Dan was bungling up and delaying the paperwork so most of the people who thought they were members of the Assembly, weren't.  It turns out he was letting non-members vote, which voided the standing of the Assembly.  It turns out he was bad-mouthing the people in the Assembly who were trying to do things the right way.  It turns out he was lazy, and the moment the truth required him to think for himself, he fell back on his British Territorial United States indoctrination and did things their way.  It turns out that he wasn't even responsible about keeping the Assembly bank accounts straight and at least $2000 and maybe up to $10,000 went missing. 

All that befell the people of Missouri because they weren't telling me what was going on and I wasn't micro-managing.  Let me opine that they would have all been better off raising a flag early on. 

Of course, the more sour-mouthed people in the crowd wanted to blame me and my "lack of leadership" -- how could I let such a thing happen to them?  Yet, in my opinion, how could they let this happen to themselves?  They all had ears and eyes and access to the books and articles, but only eight of them were paying close enough attention to notice that things weren't right in Denmark, Missouri. 

The irony, of course, is that they would have all yelled bloody murder and accused the Federation of meddling in their business until their own mismanagement created such a debacle.  Like junkyard dogs chained in a pen too long, they couldn't tell their rescuers from their abusers, so shut their mouths and tried to bumble it out. 

So, Stephanie, I am not clueless.  I am operating from a different organizational template and leadership model -- and if we are to succeed, everyone else needs to be doing so, too.  Every single person in your Assembly needs to become a "leader" and, ironically, it's the job of the assembly leadership to empower them to do this. 

Our version of power requires the empowerment of the masses of ignorant people who are enslaved and miserable and have no idea why their lives are so meaningless and short and brutal.  

And it doesn't involve class or racial warfare or anything like that to accomplish this change. 

All it requires is education and caring and patience, and a willingness to check our own indoctrination in the corporate world at the door. 


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