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Saturday, November 28, 2020


TRUMP - SILENT RUNNING By Justin Bellucci from Justin Bellucci on Vimeo.

Transhumanism vaccines, domestic warfare and the global GENOCIDE agenda against humanity

Explosive tag-team interview: Gary Heavin, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams join Sheila Zilinsky

This is a first: Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin and myself joined Sheila Zilinsky for an explosive tag-team interview that has just been published on, Rumble and other free speech platforms.

This interview covers transhumanism technology in coronavirus vaccines, the case for Trump winning the election, why domestic warfare breaks out across America very soon, and even the globalist genocide agenda against humanity.

Never before have these three highly informed guests appeared together in any interview. And the results are truly hard-hitting.

See the whole article and video here:

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Judge Claims PA Election is Most-Likely Unconstitutional, Predicts Trump Case Will "Succeed"

Tricky Dick and Health Care Profiteering

 By Anna Von Reitz

Earlier today we touched upon one of the centerpieces of the Nixon Administration --- the Petrodollar, and the results it has had on world business and political events that have been "de-coupled" from the gold standard and lashed up to the oil standard instead.  

It isn't a pretty picture.  What emerges is that the corporate governments of the West and Middle East are using bogus conservationist narratives to justify new taxes on a vital commodity, the sole purpose of which is to bulk up their own coffers with artificially created profits.   

Increase the price of oil and gas by any means and the beneficial result is the same for the producers and middlemen --- and the consumers pay for it all. 

This is an odd reprise of Teddy Roosevelt's conservationist policy, which was a thinly veiled means to an end --- restrict access to American resources to prop up prices and benefit cronies who already held interests in similar or competing assets. 

Again, the people of this country pay through the nose, both by not being able to sell or develop their own resources for their own use and profit, and second by paying more for the end products provided by other sources. 

A similar pattern of havoc and destruction followed Nixon's changes to the Health Care System. 

Prior to Nixon's 1973 Health Care Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act, private sources were paying 75% of health care costs, and half of that was funded out of pocket by the individuals receiving the care.  Prior to Nixon, health care costs followed the normal Consumer Price Index. 

Today, less than 10% of healthcare costs are privately funded.  And health care costs are rising 16 to 20 times faster than the Consumer Price Index overall.  This demonstrates truly explosive cost inflation in the healthcare industry since the mid-1960's, and that has followed an equally dramatic shift from private to public healthcare funding. 


Prior to 1973, it was illegal to profit from healthcare.  

Nixon's HMO Act changed all that, and the government predictably got into the action.  Nixon never met a chronic illness he didn't like.  Treating the symptoms with expensive drugs instead of aiming for cures became the watchword of the day, and government interference in every step and process of healthcare from regulating drugs via the FDA to funding hospitals to mandating healthcare standards and profiting from health-related grant money, to the endless nightmare of Medicare/Medicaid billing practices---it all added to the "Ca-Ching Effect". 

Along with the interjection of "the government" into the administration and regulation of healthcare profit-making streams as middlemen, we've have the government investing in healthcare profiteering via public-private joint ventures, in which private organizations like the National Institutes of Health or the Center for Disease Control are given large blocks of "government" investment money and then parcel this out on profit-making projects, like the NIH's investment in the Wuhan, China, debacle.

Along with allowing health care to descend from being a non-profit social care sector of our economy into being a fecund profiteering jungle, and aside from profiting itself from that jungle, the government's shifting of the burden of healthcare onto the public dole has encouraged a vast amount of waste.  

Turns out that consumers who don't have to pay for services don't care much about the cost of services and all the normal considerations of cost, cost-effectiveness, quality, and care setting went right out the window at the same time that "the government" started building its inroads into the healthcare sector. 

Of course, the taxpayers are ultimately expected to pick up the tab for the government corporations, but the connection between healthcare services and taxation has been glossed over. 

And people who aren't taxpayers could care less about the cost of healthcare that they receive. 

I noticed this directly back in the 1970's.  Suddenly, there were unwed Mothers all over the place, and most of them had three kids, because if they had more than three, they didn't get any extra welfare money.  These women were constantly taking their kids to the Emergency Room of the local hospital with every case of sniffles, every stubbed toe, completely oblivious of the cost of these Emergency Room visits. 

At $1,800 per visit charged off to "the government" the hospitals weren't complaining. 

So one day, I, the lowly teenage waitress---- whose wages were helping to pay for all this, had the temerity to speak up and suggest that instead of taking their kids to the Emergency Room, they should develop a relationship with a family doctor instead.   They laughed at me.   Why go to the trouble of observing office hours and working with a GP?  

Because a GP visit might cost a hundred bucks instead of $1,800.  Uh-duh. 

They looked at me like deer in the headlights.  They had no idea what their visits to the Emergency Room were costing and they didn't care.  The hospital was making out like a bandit, so the hospital didn't care, either.  It was all being charged off to "the taxpayers".  

Shame-faced and stunned, the Welfare Moms bundled up their kids and trouped out into the snowy winter afternoon.  

And I thought then what I am still thinking now: (1) health care should be non-profit to prevent corporate profiteering; (2) if we want health, we can't let people profit from disease; (3) people need to know and feel the cost of the services they are receiving, even if they can't pay; (4) hospitals need to be held accountable; (5) the rest of us need to get up on our hind legs and pay attention.  

A couple weeks later one of the Moms came in and told me she now had a family doctor and wasn't going to the Emergency Room anymore.  

One small step for mankind...


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A Brief, Brutal Review

 By Anna Von Reitz

Bretton Woods died in 1971 with the advent of the Petro Dollar.  Oddly, many Americans haven't noticed that this was a watershed event, much less tracked the results of Tricky Dick Nixon's multitudinous "contributions" to our present situation.  

The concept that other goods could be used as the "money standard" --- in this case, barrels of oil --- toppled gold and silver from their pedestal, and opened up an era of wealth for the Middle East that the Middle East reinvested in gold, silver, land, and business opportunities all over the world. 

This means that we are now dealing with a disproportionate number of heavy-hitting Arab and Muslim investment interests counterbalancing would-be Chinese investment interests that have hitched their wagon to the gold standard.

This is a situation so far removed from the typical American egocentric viewpoint of the world as to be ironic.  The Middle East and China are the power players in this drama, despite the USD being the reserve currency. 

Naturally, "the US" having made its bed back in the 1970's, sides with the Arabs and the oil industry.  Just as naturally, China resists because China has virtually no natural oil reserves and is in constant crisis and under pressure to meet its own energy needs. 

And all of this drama centers around what commodities are to be used as the "money standard" --- oil or gold?  Or something else entirely? 

Get a clue, folks, the New Green Deal isn't about the environment.  It's about making oil and all other sources of hydrocarbon energy more expensive.  And using the destructive power of taxation to artificially make it so.  

Higher oil prices, even artificially bumped up oil prices, bulk up the coffers and empower western corporate governments and their Middle Eastern business partners. This creates a "strong dollar" even if it promotes a weak economy.  

You may not have noticed that the New York Stock Exchange is no longer in New York.  It has moved to Tel Aviv.  No joke.  The tickers stopped ticking three years ago.  The financial district is missing the Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve, both.  This observation should give Americans cause to pause. 

The Source of all the military script known as Federal Reserve Notes, is now just an adjunct account under the auspices of the IMF, and the IMF is just an adjunct of the World Bank.  And the stock market is booming during a bizarre, and apparently, pre-planned, "live exercise" pandemic.  

The portfolio managers of unimaginably huge pension and "public association" slush funds are "self-investing" --- a process by which millions of investors who don't really exist except on paper, plunk money --- that doesn't exist, either, down on already grossly overvalued stocks in order to bulk up the apparent value of all those stocks.  

The stocks and the trading boards are, of course, managed via the virtual trading network located in Tel Aviv, and that virtual stock market syndicate can do whatever in the world it likes to stock prices no matter who is flowing what form of money into the market.  

Controlling the outcome of political elections is small beans compared to controlling the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, nee NYSE.  All the dirt about to be released about stuffing electronic ballot boxes pales by comparison when you realize that the same thing, the same kind of computerized fraud, has been applied to the value of stocks and bonds. 

While the Chinese stubbornly hold onto the tail of the gold standard, the West just as tenaciously defends the oil standard, even while appearing to repudiate it with the New Green Deal, which is just an excuse to artificially increase oil prices --- with the guilty Western Government Corporations and the Middle Eastern business partners splitting the take ---- and all of us paying the price.  

There is nothing "New" about the New Green Deal.  It's just another oil industry rip off coming through the backdoor.  

Wake up, people.  The value of Free Markets as a standard of reality has never
been more clear.  

The urgent need for reform in all aspects of our planetary business life and the dangers of computer tampering and inappropriate politicking in every aspect of our lives from the stock market to the election box to healthcare are self-evident.


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No Fault

 By Anna Von Reitz

I took a whole day off for Thanksgiving and the world endeavored to end.  All the powers of evil tried to clamber on board and people all over this world and especially in this country attempted to spin out of control and into the realm of the absurd.

No, America is not at fault for what has befallen it at the hands of greedy, selfish, and traitorous men, dishonest and immoral “relativist” trustees, and people who have fallen victim to crime. 

I am here to bear witness that the victim is not to blame.

There is no way for a Territorial U.S. Citizen to at the same time be a Municipal citizen of the United States—- unless you are a Territorial U.S. Citizen operating a Municipal Corporation for profit.

Let that sink in.

So all the Municipal Corporations created as “US CORPORATIONS” that should not exist are in terror for their corporate “lives” because their existence is unlawful. And all the disloyal military-industrial-banking interests who are the de facto owners of these US CORPORATIONS are right at the front of the pack, howling.

But why do they exist, if not to create profit for their shareholders?  And who are their shareholders if not Territorial U.S. Citizens?

Oh, wait— you mean the fake U.S. Territorial Citizens that never actually existed?  The American babies that were “misidentified” accidentally-on-purpose and registered as British Commonwealth citizenry?


It all belongs to Americans and Aussies and Canadians and Germans and Italians and Japanese.... to all the people worldwide who have been defrauded and impersonated and made to pay the taxes and war reparations and mortgages of these real life monsters.

They can’t believe it has come to this. They can’t fathom that they have been discovered after 160 years of this most profitable scam.

They are losing their stranglehold.  In the end, people are not corporations and everyone can see that. 

That’s why the desperation to find any means, fair or foul, to justify a claim that these corporations own you.  That’s why they are trying to inject you with patented messenger RNA—- to turn you into just another “GMO Product”.  It’s all about ownership “interest”—- and slavery.

If you never had a spine before, it’s time to grow one.  Grit your teeth and smile and say, “My body, my choice.”

Feed back the very poison they have used to justify the deaths of millions of babies.  Let them now eat the fruits of their silent Holocaust.

It is time to put the kibosh on all these Doomsayers who pretend that any of this is “Justice” being meted out to “America” by God.

This is nothing but the fruits of crimes committed against us by criminals acting under color of law and in Gross Breach of Trust.

Ours is a just and knowing God, a God that is not confused by the lies and tricks and verbiage.  He will not hold America accountable for what “the US” has done.

Next time someone tells you that “America is under judgement” — do me a favor and correct them for me.  America is the victim and this time around, the victims won’t be blamed. 

This time the ax is going to fall exactly where it belongs. 


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Situation Update – Nov. 26th – Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

Friday, November 27, 2020

For All State Coordinators

 By Anna Von Reitz

In a world of lies and liars, we are called upon to know and recognize the truth.  We are also called to be upright in the midst of a lot of turmoil caused by our erring and often misdirected employees, and by misguided patriots, too. 

The confusion is because people have been left ignorant.  They don't really know the history of their country, the organization of their government, or the importance of declaring their own political status and participating in the self-governance process of their own State and County Assemblies.  

They will, but in the meantime, it is a learning process taking place against a background of chaos.  

I have today sent out a two-page summary that I hope will, once and for all, make it clear what the political statuses are; that will allow people to see at a glance where they fit in --- or don't fit in --- our State and County Assemblies. 

Many of those who have stepped forward to join our Assemblies, are actually people who belong in District Assemblies.  The new two-page summary will help them-- and you-- sort it out. 

Another problem that we face is that there are people joining our Assemblies because they have gotten into trouble with Territorial and Municipal law enforcement, and they are belatedly trying to enforce their correct political status and come under the constitutional protections. 

Both they and you all need to know that political status correction is not, generally speaking, retroactive.  If it were, we would have a constant hopscotch game in which criminals flipped from one jurisdiction to the other to evade the consequences of their acts.  

I realize that many of our people have been misinformed and presumed upon, and that jurisdiction is an important aspect of that paradigm, but for those who have already run afoul of Territorial and/or Municipal Law Enforcement prior to adopting their birthright political status, defense must be on the basis of the fraud and the details of the misadministration, not political status per se. 

Any idea that you can just change your political status and thumb your nose at the law enforcement authorities or escape crimes committed while in their jurisdiction needs to be squelched.  

I recommend that everyone read the Thick Red Line Sheriff's Starter Pack to gain a better understanding of the issues, rights, freedoms, and yes, responsibilities involved. 

Just as people have been illegally trafficked into the foreign jurisdiction of the Territorial State of State and Municipal Government corporations, people can also "traffick themselves" into similar and even worse conditions by joining other corporations sponsored by other foreign governments. 

Though it hasn't quite hit home yet for many people, incorporated organizations like LIFE FORCE, the Reign of the Heavens Society, the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Republik, the United States of North America, the Unity States of America (Russell Gould's operation) and similar efforts all represent foreign governments. 

And you cannot vote or act as State Citizens in our State Assemblies while you are adopting foreign citizenship obligations.  You can have a voice in your local county government about local issues only as a State National Dual Citizen.  

That can mean:  

State National/U.S.Citizen

State National/Municipal citizen

State National/Israeli

State National/Reign of the Heavens

State National/LIFE FORCE

State National/United States of North America

State National/Kingdom of Hawaii

All of these foreign "Dual Citizenship" obligations automatically knock you out of position to enjoy your American status and subject you to the foreign "law" of these incorporated entities.  

The take home message is that the evils perpetuated upon us by the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc., are not unique.  Other foreign incorporated entities can do the same thing to unsuspecting people and can subject them to foreign "private" law in exactly the same manner. 

That is in fact the aim of many of these organizations already identified and named: LIFE FORCE, the Republik, the United States of North America, the Unity States of America, the Reign of the Heavens Society, the Kingdom of Hawaii, all represent foreign allegiances contrary to the mission of our State Assemblies---- which is to self-govern. 

Any other corporation can impose its "private law" upon you as a condition of employment, receipt of benefits, or other conditions unique to that organization.  And if that organization is set up under foreign law, your membership in that organization subjects you to the foreign national law, too.  

For example, if the Reign of the Heavens Society is incorporated in Costa Rica (I believe that it is) you become liable for not only obeying all the private laws and canons of the corporation as a condition of your membership, you also become liable for obeying the laws of Costa Rica.  

It needs to be made clear to everyone in every State Assembly that this, their own State Assembly, is their official and traditional government, their means to self-govern, and each of our State Assemblies is properly organized and declared, and guaranteed to them under the Constitutions, so that it poses no danger or loss to them to join.  

It also needs to be made clear that participation in foreign governments including the "government" of foreign corporations, leads inexorably to conflicts of interest and enfranchisement to foreign interests, which is incompatible with   
our mission and our best interests as Americans and as State Governments. 

You can't be a Jew and a Muslim at the same time.  You can't be loyal to the government of Communist China and The State of Nevada at the same time.  

The rule that no man can serve two masters is very much a part of our law and our traditions, so that our State Assemblies are enabled and indeed, required, to remove would-be State Citizens that are compromised by forming relationships with foreign governments and foreign corporations.  

This is why we limit the participation of State Nationals to local government issues. 


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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election Today Nov. 25th

Important Situation Update reports for Nov. 24th, 23rd and 21st – plus a new interview with General Thomas McInerney

America’s Critical Point in Time

 The decades-long communist assault on America is reaching a climax

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

From its founding up to the present, the United States of America has represented a beacon of light that has shone forth, with religious freedom and freedom of speech not witnessed in other parts of the world.

What many have failed to realize, however, is that over the past several decades, this great nation has slowly been infiltrated by the communist specter.

Amid credible allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities, America is now on the brink of falling into the communist abyss.

Read the entire article here:

Trump legal advisor announces new election fraud litigation in Georgia

Group Files Emergency Petition in Wisconsin After Identifying 144,000 Potentially Fraudulent Ballots

President Trump pardons Michael Flynn

Communist China --- The Last Bastion of Freedom?

 By Anna Von Reitz

It sounds preposterous, I know. The whole concept seems impossibly converted, and yet, we are living in a world where black is white and up is down. I've learned something odd about this odd world, and it's time to share it on.
The Chinese never sold their people as "assets" to the central bankers.
FDR sold the Municipal citizens of the United States back in 1933. Hardly anyone knew this at the time. Except for a scant mention in his First Inaugural Speech, even the victims were given no notice.
And from there, by an unlawful, foreign, and undisclosed process of "assumption" the bankers and their minions wiggled forward year by year, kidnapping and conscripting more and more Americans under color of law, until there was hardly anyone (when we started) who was claiming their birthright political status anymore-- according to them.
And that meant they owned us. That meant they would loan the rats in Washington, DC, more credit based on the value of our labor and our private property holdings. And we would live our lives as slaves and never even know that our homes and farms and businesses were no longer our own. Our lives were no longer our own. Our labor was no longer our own.
Because our purported Masters in DC sold us as slaves to the central banks as the assets backing their debts.
But China never did that, China, poor as it was, turned away from this betrayal of their people and was not impressed by the banker's song and dance of money made out of thin air, backed, of course, by the labor and possessions of other people.
And that is why China is such a plum. And that is why, now that the birth certificate fraud has been discovered, the bankers and politicians are so anxious to find a new means to claim ownership of you and your assets --- by injecting patented mRNA into your genome and "converting" you into a "GMO product".
I want to retch. But more importantly, I want those bankers and the corporations supporting their bid to do this, recognized as international criminals. I want the audacity and criminality of what they are proposing to do to be recognized worldwide. And I want these criminals not only stopped dead in their tracks, I want them in jail. Now.
But it is up to you, too. It's up to all of you to wake up. It's up to the Chinese to realize that they have been targeted and why. It's up to Americans to wake up and realize what these rats are proposing to do under cover of a health emergency---- and why.
The death tolls from respiratory illness this last year are more or less the same as all other years. Look at the facts. Look at the numbers.

You have to shake these vermin off your shoulders. You have to wake up. We are already living in a world where Communist China is the last major free nation. And if we don't want to go down the drain with a flourish, it's time to change the patent laws and hold the corporations and the banks accountable.


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Was George Soros ARRESTED for election interference?

Pointless Slander and Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has recently been a rash of ugly, untrue, and pointless slander on the internet concerning me and my husband---- most of it being spread by the shadowy offshore "Reign of the Heavens Society"--- a group of quasi-religious nutcases who think they own this country because they bought some memorabilia at a Naval Yard Auction.
No, I am not a murderer. My husband is not a convicted rapist and human rights violator. These accusations smack of the same kind of drivel as the IRS Masterfile which has me down as running a rum distillery in Barbados and has him selling guns in South America.
And what's the point? Even if all the crap they spin were 100% true, my husband would still be the Hereditary Head of State for this country.
All the government officials and employees are "sailing" under his trademarks and under his Great Seals and they are still sailing in his paper ships called corporations in both international and global jurisdiction.
I have said it once and will say it again: to conduct official business in international and global business back in the 1700's you had to have sovereign standing.
The Belchers had sovereign standing because of the Norman Conquest. They agreed with the philosophy of the Founding Fathers and did two things for this fledgling country:
(1) They acted as the sovereign in international and global jurisdiction and issued the trademarks, patents, and Seals necessary.
(2) They did for this country what their ancestor, William the Conqueror, did for them: declared that every man who fought in the Continental Army, and everyone who would be born on our soil in the future, would be a "sovereign in their own right".
My husband's position as the Hereditary Head of State is a safeguard in the event, as has indeed happened, that the government of the people would be seduced and overcome by guile, and placed into such a position as it could not operate without our assistance.
It was with the greatest reluctance that he, an artist, ever stepped forward and issued the order to convene the State Assemblies. He has less than no interest in political matters or political power, and was well-aware that he might be risking his own life and the lives of his family in order to do it.
He is motivated by nothing more or less than love of freedom and love of country and love of his fellow man. He does not wish to see the world overcome by Corporate Feudalism and all that that entails.

Everyone reading this needs to check their own best interests and realize that literally being ruled over by nameless, faceless, inhuman business conglomerates is not a future worthy of mankind and not likely to be a life worth living.


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The Brits Again -- Monotonous, Isn't It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are over 200 known and separate strains of coronavirus, which is associated with influenza, otherwise known as a common cold.
The specific variety from which the still-unidentifiable and un-isolated Covid-19 virus purportedly derives is patented by the British Pirbright Institute and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Oh, go figure. Again.
Meantime, many Americans are just now waking up to the following facts:
1. The CDC and NIH are not government institutions. Both are private entities that are in the business of producing and profiting from vaccines. Both compete for government contracts to carry out research and do statistical analysis, but they are not part of the government.
2. There is no provision in any Federal or State-of-State Constitution authorizing any government official to mandate anything at all about our health or medical options. Their only power is over their own employees and dependents as a condition of employment or of receiving benefits.
3. Forced vaccination is banned under the Nuremberg Code, Article 6, Sections 1 and 3, and anyone involved in a forced vaccination program is liable.
4. There is nobody responsible for harm caused by a vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies have been off the hook since the 1980's and the governmental services corporations that accepted the liability for them are bankrupt. There remains an industry-funded "Vaccine Court" but it has a reputation for protecting the industry.
5. Pushing any form of mask mandate or forced vaccination program on the General Public under color of law is a crime of constructive fraud.
6. Any publicly organized corporation (holding a charter or articles of incorporation from the United States Government or from any State-of-State franchise) is obligated to obey the Public Law, including the Constitutions, and cannot assume rights or authorities depriving any member of the General Public of any right guaranteed by the Constitutions or Public Laws -- including the right of privacy, religious freedom, and self-determination.
7. "My body, my choice." applies to more than just abortions.

8. If someone doesn't have the right to make you brush your teeth, they don't have the right to make you stay home and wear a mask. Contrary to what some people and corporations have been assuming, we don't live in a Nanny State.


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Sidney Powell promises “Biblical” lawsuit coming in vote fraud cases as she accused Georgia governor of corrupt deal with Dominion

An Explanation for the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have to deal with the corporations because that is how the Pope and the Queen decided to structure their business operations in this country back in the 1860-70's.
The Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor are our Subcontractors. They set up the corporations as THEIR Subcontractors. And their corporations then hired subcontractors of their own --- all the departments and agencies and their subcontractors, too.
That means that when they, the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor all bankrupt THEIR subcontracting corporations and cause all this turmoil, we have to sort through THEIR mess and deal with THEIR corporate personnel.
There are two giant governmental services corporations involved. The UNITED STATES, INC. and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. The UNITED STATES, INC. has been liquidated in involuntary bankruptcy, with the result that there is no longer an office of "President of the United States". They have tried to reboot a new municipal corporation to replace the UNITED STATES, INC. and act as a Successor to the contract established by The Constitution of the United States, but we have declined the option to accept that Successor to Contract.
If the Pope wants to continue to do business here there has to be a meeting of the minds and a renegotiation with us, The United States of America [Unincorporated]. The Municipal Subcontractors have gone wildly astray from their constitutional limitations and duties and have been running roughshod over their Employers. That has to end and all the Municipal Corporations that have been created and allowed to operate unlawfully have to be restructured and redirected.
Biden is a money-launderer and racketeer on a very large scale and he never keeps his word about anything. It's impossible to work with someone like that, because they are constantly changing tracks, altering plans, and seeking some advantage for themselves or their cronies instead of attending to the actual business at hand.
He may or may not have been elected to the office of "President of the United States" but that is a moot point, because as I pointed out, the office no longer exists because the UNITED STATES, INC. no longer exists, and there is equally no point in trying to front some new Municipal Corporation to act as Successor and try to say that Biden is "President" of that new would-be Successor organization, because that Successor doesn't have a contract with us and we are not assuming any contract with it.
This is just business.
Imagine that you have a contract with XYZ Snow Removal Company, Inc. and they go bankrupt. When they go bankrupt, another corporation that owns XYZ's debts, call it--- Big Snow Removal, Inc., comes in and takes over the materials and equipment and personnel of XYZ, and shows up at your door and starts shoveling.
At that point, you have the right to say, "Hey, who are you? I don't have a contract with Big Snow Removal, Inc. and I am not assuming a Successor contract."
That's what we just did. We very clearly stood in our proper capacity as The United States of America and said, "Hey, we don't have a contract with this new Successor organization and we aren't assuming any contract with it."
There has to be a renegotiation with us to continue. The municipal corporations can't just "roll it over" and keep on skating.
We particularly object to all attempts by all Parties to inject anyone with patented mRNA and thereby claim that they have created a new GMO "product" subject to their claims of ownership. We will liquidate any corporation caught in any such scheme, jail their Board of Directors, and hold their corporation officers accountable, too.
We are going to stop now and review the way this whole operation has been running and who is running it. We have a right to pull the other Principals -- the Pope, in this case, back to the table, and force the discussion, just as you would have the right to contact Big Snow Removal, Inc. and decide whether or not you wanted to contract with them for snow removal services, or find some other vendor to replace XYZ Snow Removal Company, Inc.
Meanwhile, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc., is in Chapter 11 Reorganization, and we are their Primary Creditors. We, not the Bankruptcy Trustees, hold the key to their fate. Accordingly, we, their Priority Creditors, have directed the Bankruptcy Trustees to set aside enough of the debt of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to pull it out of bankruptcy and enable Mr. Trump to resume command as the President of the United States of America, obligated to operate under The Constitution of the United States of America. We did this to maintain defensive capability and to provide a familiar service interface for the American People while we sort this Mess out.
Again, this is just business. We can't have both subcontractors up for grabs at the same time, and while we are very disappointed with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and the puerile vote tampering he and his cohorts at MI6 and in the CIA have engaged in, we are confident that we can work with the Trump Administration to make the necessary changes in policy and administration, including liquidation of the offending agencies, re-tasking various other subcontractors like the Internal Revenue Service, and thereby accomplishing a long-overdue house-cleaning of the Territorial Government and its functions, too.
As I observed, Mr. Trump did "declare war" --- commercial war --- and within the structure of the Territorial Government, it takes three Army Officers to form a Tribunal competent to jail or execute traitors to this country. We are not as short of judicial capability as it might at first appear. And our Army is capable of operating as a voluntary force, in the event of any foot-dragging on the part of the Trustees.
The League of Nations and the United Nations organizations are both called upon to put an end to the madness that has been caused by misadministration of these various governmental services corporations, including the UN CORP which has been among the most corrupt offenders. George Soros has been a particular nuisance.
We are well-aware of the Vichy French origins of the UN CORP and disapprove of its unlawful operations around the world and the again, dishonest and irresponsible activities of its members and officers seeking to set up a phony "Communist" threat in order to justify its own ambitions advancing a Fascist form of Corporate Feudalism to overtake free society in the Western World.
It is blindingly apparent that British Corporations and European banks have been using China as a means of money laundering and extortion and kickbacks to politicians like Biden and Gavin Newsom. It is also apparent that the so-called "US Trade Deficit" with China is a chimera caused by money laundering and embezzlement on both ends of the commodity pipeline involved, supplemented and "greased" by counterfeiting operations master-minded by British and Canadian Ops set up in British Columbia.
We are not amused.
All the corporation bosses worldwide need to take note that the actual Government of this country is now in Session. The actual Governments of all your countries will be in Session soon. It is time to get back in your boxes, shut down these criminal usurpations against your employers, and straighten up the Money Mess, including the counterfeiting of Federal Reserve Notes and the MERS/BEAST mortgage system.

Mr. Trump may not be the poster boy everyone wants, but at least he does keep his word.


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