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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Michael Flynn Says Coup Against Trump Still in Progress in First Public Remarks Since Pardon


  1. Jimstone

    This is by far the most important video ever done. Spend an hour and watch it. WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn's First Interview Since President Trump's Pardon.

    In the video: General Flynn and General Mcinerney are interviewed. Flynn confirms quite a bit, but Mcinerney blows it all open. And The Kraken is the 305th Military Intelligence division. Confirmed by Mcinerney: China, Russia, and Iran were involved in the steal. The CIA is operating as an enemy and was running a server farm in Frankfurt which did get raided by special forces. The CIA killed five special forces. The election was rigged wholesale. This is a coup. And they are doing everything they can to stop this by the 14th of December, because if they do not, it is "going to get very dirty".
    If you are bandwidth limited you can drop it down to 180P and basically just use the bandwidth of the audio. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Generals do not blow B.S. - this is as legit as it gets, and they have identified the MSM and big tech as enemies of the United States. They are doing everything they can to stop the steal "before it has to get ugly"

    EX-CIA OFFICER ROBERT STEELE SAYS THEY HAVE IT ALL - they have everything needed to bring down the deep state.
    WE HAVE IT ALL. Make the deal mother F***ER, OR YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

    Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    "It would be beneficial for @JoeBiden to concede the race before he incriminates himself for widespread election fraud that could put him behind bars for the rest of his life." Sydney Powell

    1. Since Joe Biden is fading fast and has some form of dementia. This message is for his caretaker Jill Biden.
      Joe Biden's wife, children, family members and his running mate will be charged as treasonous coconspirators and will join him in prison. How is the thought of spending the rest of your life in a black hole sound Jill?

    2. "VERY IMPORTANT: Generals do not blow B.S." Oh, what do you call what Mattis has been blowing?

    3. Enki, that's "Jim Stones" comment, I forgot to put the quotation mark at the top. Yes I agree, Mattis is a real piece of work - I hear he likes little boys. I'd provide an interesting web site about Mattis but I'm sure it would be

  2. Recognize the sign of time (of change). Their Justice Center deserves a total demolution. As the world demanding true justice.


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