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Friday, November 18, 2011

Corruption in Washington District of Criminals

A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street

A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street from on Vimeo.

THE MATRIX - Federal Reserve and your Strawman account.

This is one of the best and easiest to understand exposes about the shadow government I have ever read. United States of America VS UNITED STATES the corporation, the Matrix.

Which to Choose; TRUTH or FICTION?

It seems that the movie "The Matrix" should go down in history as one of the very best metaphoric works of fiction ever written. Why would I say that? I will explain.

In the movie "The Matrix" people are held in captivity and serve as batteries for the machines who rule the world. In other words, the productivity of human life forms has been reduced to solely the electrical energy they radiate which is then captured to power the virtual reality world created by the machines and the electrical power needed by the machines themselves. Humans are produced, managed, controlled, and harvested for this one purpose.

Their brains are then manipulated by electrical stimulus to create in their minds a virtual world and hide from them their real world. They world they see is a world which exists in their mind exactly like the real world we all think we live in, but is an artificial construct. It is a world which exists only in their minds and is a false construct which does not exist in the "real" world at all. It is a manufactured fiction created by the machines to keep the humans "content and pacified."

Let us start with some commonly known basics. We all know that a "corporation" is a legal construct designed to give owners or stockholders limited liability. The corporation exists as a "fictional person." It exists as a "fiction" in the real world and is separate and distinct from its owners so that they have no personal liability for it. It is a "make believe person."

The governments of our country are now all corporate fictions. They create corporate policies they call "law" which comprise a "legal system." The legal system is not the same as the "lawful system." A lawful system is based upon natural God given rights of the people which were to be protected by the Bill of Rights and our Constitution as well as other preceding documents and is the "common law."

But to create a fictional world for the corporations to operate within, a system of fictional laws had to be created to allow more complete control over their herd. These 1000's of rules are essentially corporate policy in which "persons" have "privileges" rather than rights. Enter the "legal system." The legal system is composed of statutes, codes, and public policy created by said corporations for corporate subjects living in their fictional world to provide absolute control over all aspects of life for their producers. (either as employees or under contract to them in some way)

But a fictional society with fictional laws cannot act upon or deal with "real people" or "real money" because they exist outside the "matrix" of their fictional creation. (a Zion which is under attack by these machines) A fictional virtual world of governments with virtual laws needs virtual money. Enter fiat currency backed by nothing, no substance, which is a fiction and whose value exists only in a computer ledger database but not in the real world. It is useable only in their fictional virtual reality because in the real world it has no value. Just as monopoly money is not good outside the game of monopoly.

So, what we have is a country with governments which are all now corporations operating as fictional persons with fictitious laws and fictitious money. But in this fictional world how can you act upon the "real people?" The answer is that fictions have no real affect on real people nor can they actually act upon real people because fictions do not really exist! A fiction, after all, is but make believe.

So, enter the fictional virtual reality "person." Your name on all documents is in all capital letters which is improper grammar for the proper name of a real human being. It IS proper grammar for a corporate title or trade name. So, a virtual "you" was created with whom this fictional world could act upon and interact with. You, the "real human being", are then held as surety for this created virtual reality corporate fictional you. Operating in virtual reality you need no real money, so monopoly money is sufficient. And of course since you are operating in a virtual reality using fictitious money, you cannot really expect to own any "real" property. So, the rules of entry into this game of virtual reality is that all title to all real property is held by "the I mean state...uh government corporation.

To enforce corporate revenue collecting policies they could not use constitutional common law courts because those require remittance in real money and real substance. In constitutional courts "of law" a jury must be instructed on their powers to judge both the "facts" and the "law". Hence the Article III constitutional courts had to be replaced with Article I and II executive branch (corporate president CEO) fictional courts to apply fictional laws (violations of corporate policies using virtual contracts with your "implied" consent), collect punishment revenues/fines, and mete out corporate punishments to their fictional characters to better control their flock. That is why today's juries are instructed that they can only consider the "facts" of the case and NOT the law because they do not operate under real law but under "color of law."

(Added by Paul

Now, the sum total is that we have a completely fictional corporate system of government writing fictional laws "under color of law," issuing fictional money, acting upon a fictional you using their fictional courts. The fictional government is the banker, and holds all "real title" to all "real property" against which they borrow into existence their monopoly money from the FED. Lovely construct, is it not? Are you enjoying this game yet?

What this fictional "you" really is is the siphon tube, the umbilical cord, and the conduit through which those who actually created this fictional system siphon off all the human productivity, the resources, the real property, the real money, and the real wealth of our entire well as others. These people are the "machines" who manage the humans on their fictional farm to maximize their confiscation of all that exists in our real world via their artificial construct of reality. To play their virtual reality game and use their fictional money, you must surrender all claim to any "real money or real property." So, they simply devised a system to confiscate it all.

The states agreed with the federal corporation to play this game of robber barons and created our fictional corporate personages upon birth and submitted our birth certificates to the federal corporation as the debtors liable to repay the interest on the national borrowings from the fed. Those are then used as collateral for more borrowing. The birth certificates give them a way to record the number in their herd, identify them, and manage them. (Birth certificates are held by the department of commerce in DC)(Everyone has a "strawman account" to be used as collateral for these "loans" based on that birth certificate against which the real you is the collateral)
There is a state sovereignty problem because the states agreed to the scheme (contracted with the mother/master corporation) and are the ones creating the fiction persons, transferring the titles and resources, and are the frontline soldiers of the mother fictional federal corporation. There is no power vested in the people in their fictional system as it was all transferred to the controllers. This is why the states cede land to the master and it is why they allow the master jurisdiction in our states. All of which is unlawful and outside the constitution EXCEPT, they contracted to do so. The states sold us out for what they perceived as massive handouts of the monopoly money from master. He who creates the monopoly money makes the rules of the game.

Further, they have all operated as corporations because according to their corporate law they can walk away from their liabilities by creating simple plausible deniability and in a worse case a simple bankruptcy filing. The IRS codes states that all "corporations" are liable for income tax to the mother/master corporation, as they all become subsidiaries of the mother corporation, and must pay tribute for the limited liability protection they gain in the fictional system. After all, that was why they created the concept of a corporation in the first place. NO PERSONAL LIABILITY. The only "losers" in this shell game are the "real people", acting as the surety and guarantors who provide the productivity and energy to drive the machines and their fictional construct.



To be in their corporate system as a business or a person you must be a corporate entity (fictional creation). As a business filing it is openly acknowledged with a charter which confirms entry into the fictional system. The benefit is the limited liability and the price is incomes tax, federal and state regulation, and giving over control to the parent corporation (the creator of the system).

The people are entered without their knowledge at birth and the reason for all their required applications and licenses is to create covert adhesion contracts by which they claim you volunteered into their construct and promise to obey and be subservient to their rules. This system is a creation of man not God. It is a system using man's law not God's law. It is a false God the system worships (federal government) worships government as the God and puts man and man's laws above God and God's law. It is why they teach us to worship the judges, the courts, the governments and look to them for all the answers. Faith is to be in government as the God, the creator, and the all powerful. Since they control the monopoly money and make all the rules, they have set themselves as they are the creator and all powerful. If you opt to play or remain in their fictional construct, the price you pay is compliance and submission to their demands...whatever those ay be...and for however long they may actually benefit you or last.

Take the "Red" pill and smell the fresh air.

End from Neo

There are a few more things I will add to Neo's well written article.
All of this was done by FRAUD, DECEPTION, THREAT DURESS AND COERCION. Before God it is all NULL AND VOID.
Before the Divine and Postive Law, The Ten Commandments, it is all NULL AND VOID.
Before the Natural Law it is all NULL AND VOID.
Before the Supreme Law, the US Constitution it is all NULL AND VOID. (Marbury v Madison)

God will not be Mocked forever. These people and their ilk are coming down, and soon.
They are no different than Satan who was kicked out of heaven because he wanted to replace God with himself.
Their phoney money is in the process of collapsing. Their wealth will be confiscated and given back to the people.
The fictitious debt to their corporate matrix, the Federal Reserve, will be abolished and erased.
Get ready. Prepare to go to survival mode for a while.
Get ready for the restoration of the Rule of true Law.
But most of all get prepared spiritually because this battle is not a material one. It's a battle with evil and Satan's minions on this planet.
I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that many of these monsters are physically possesed by devils.
We can't beat Satan and his minions with political action. We have to beat him with spiritual fidelity to God's TRUTH, and His Truth personified, in the person of Jesus Christ, and nothing less will work.

Paul Stramer

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