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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The real wealth picture in Amerika

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

This is what having central banks like the Fed controlling the currency gets you.


Why they say you have "No Standing" in the courts.

Why you have no rights as the courts in the whole country see it now!

As I understand the law and what has been done in this country, there is a pretty clear reason why the American people have "no standing" in the courts and why Obama's eligibility and other issues people have attempted to bring into suit have been rejected by the courts.

First, there are two nationalities in this country that you might call political "status". One is the U.S. citizen and one is what I will refer to as the American national, which formerly was a Citizen on one of the Sovereign States of the union. Since the states have become agencies of the federal corporation in D.C. the sovereign state is currently non-existent. Hence we are of the nationality of our previously sovereign state but can no longer claim to be a citizen of the STATE OF. Hence the term American National.

The U.S. citizen has NO RIGHTS. They now have only privileges granted by the corporation which are called civil rights ( a deceptive term indeed) instead of natural rights or God given rights. The U.S. corporation and its agencies are the creator of this fictional entity called a U.S. citizen. They created that fictional status to act upon and they also have lawful control of it (as its creator). They can grant a privilege or they can take it away. The maxim in law is that "he who partakes of the benefit must endure the penalty". The Supreme Court has held the same thing several times.

Because the system has been set up in such a way that virtually everything is considered a "benefit" of being in their system most people have unwittingly volunteered into the status of being a U.S. citizen and indeed claim the title quite proudly! In truth they are proud to be Americans, but they do not know the difference and cannot distinguish between the two. U.S. citizens were proclaimed to be "enemies of the state" back in 1934 during the Roosevelt administration. What we see today from Washington makes it obvious and in your face that such is the case.

The current Constitution of THE UNITED STATES is the corporate charter for the municipal government of Washington D.C. The truth is that it is a bankrupt entity that currently exists in name only and is merely a vehicle being used to fleece Americans and build an empire for the creditors using our military. As a bankrupt entity it has no lawful authority to function whatsoever. Those claiming to be the status of a U.S. citizen are claiming a political status created by the 14th amendment and they waive their God given rights in exchange for civil privileges. Unfortunately most people do not realize that the U.S. citizen cannot complain of being damaged personally by the corporation because they must endure the penalties of participation in the benefits of the corporate system. Hence the U.S. citizen has no standing to claim damage or violation of any rights; they do not have any.

Furthermore, the U.S. citizen is a fictional entity which is corporate in nature. It is a legal fiction created legislatively by congress. A fiction cannot actually be damaged. How can you damage the tooth fairy or Santa Claus? In the real world of substance they do not exist so they cannot actually be damaged. Again, the claim of damage has "no standing" for a U.S. citizen.

So, if the U.S. citizen has no standing to claim personal damage in the courts for constitutional violations, what about the American National who does not claim to be a U.S. citizen and does not partake of the benefits of the system? Well, basically all the courts have become legislative courts. They deal only with fictional corporate entities and the contracts between the fictions. An American national finds that neither the corporate system, their rules, or their courts have anything to do with them. An American is not "subject to" nor within the jurisdiction of these administrative courts which are administering corporate affairs; in this case the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES.

American nationals cannot claim personal damage by the corporate government because they are outside the corporate rules administered by the legislature. If the rules do not apply to you then you cannot be damaged by them. Hence the sovereign American has no standing in their courts either. Fictions (tooth fairy) cannot really damage a living man.

So, what is the purpose of the courts as they exist at present? It is simple. The U.S. government and all its agencies, which include all the state governments, counties, cities, and courts are now under the control of the creditor to the UNITED STATES INC., which went into bankruptcy in 1933. The congress serves as the trustee and the president is the chief administrator of the bankruptcy acting on behalf of the creditor, the FEDERAL RESERVE and/or it owners.

The courts and the police are revenue collectors extracting monies from the population of U.S. citizens as the penalty or charge for the participation in the limited liability scheme of plunder. The corporate scheme was merely a way to apply the national debt to the people of the country and a device to plunder our nation using operations of law. Some fees and charges go to building and supporting the collection mechanism itself and some go to the creditors as profits. It is about like the tables in Vegas. The house will always win in the end. You may enjoy a few winnings along the way in the form of perceived benefits, but in the end the house will clean you, and our nation, out. Any small winnings you might enjoy in the interim will be extracted from you in the end. How many end up broke in Vegas? How many of our elderly die broke? How broke have we become as a nation? 

If U.S. citizens have no standing in the courts to protect rights and the American national is outside the system and its courts, then their is no avenue available to protect God given rights or our natural rights within their existing system. You cannot argue Constitutional rights because, as the courts have said, the Constitution was a contract but the people were not a party to it. Our rights come from God not the Constitution. The Bill of Rights did not grant us those rights; it was restrictive in nature and was to restrict the government. The only protector of our God given rights is man, who inherited them, and God. There is no entity between man and the creator in the chain of command.

Regardless of how this was done we still have a constitution and the Supreme court has backed that up in the Mack/Printz decision.  It's up to us to defend that and enforce that.

Why Oath Keepers are Under Attack - Stewart Rhodes Oath Keepers

The concepts that Stewart talks about are critical for our freedom, and really have teeth. That is why the left has demonized everyone that stands up for freedom with the oath of office. They know instinctively that if we stand and keep our oath they are powerless to consolidate their totalitarian police state.


Disabled vet
Ex-firearms instructor
Former Ron Paul staff member
Yale Law grad/Research Scholar
Montana/Nevada lawyer. 

Stewart has written for Gerry Spence's The Warrior, for, writes the Enemy at the Gate column for S.W.A.T. Magazine, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people in the "war on terror." Stewart is NOT a liberal, unless you want to consider him a classical liberal.


It's a duty to disobey illegal orders. 

Toy soldiers or real men? At some point, we're going to find out.