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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Just One Bird

By Anna Von Reitz

Thought for the day for all of you who believe that gold is so valuable: 

I will give anyone on Earth (unaided by Extraterrestrials and Spirits) the whole horde, who can build a living bird from scratch elements.  

Just one bird.

I make this offer to demonstrate how stupid we have been and how misplaced our values still are.

Gold is not important.  The True God, our Creator, is important.

Yes, It's True

By Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Government does not have any life of its own. It functions on Delegated Powers with respect to us, and it has recently lost those Delegated Powers as a result of its own mismanagement.

The Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government are both in bankruptcy and receivership and the Federal Branch of the Federal Government has been moth-balled via fraud, deceit and treachery since 1868.
As a result, all branches of the Federal Government have failed and we, the Delegators of all the Delegated Powers, have stepped forward and received them back.

This situation is not hard to understand.

You hire someone to mow the lawn, but "whatever" happens and he can't do it. 
Is this the end of the world for you? Hardly.

You have to find someone else to mow the lawn or do it yourself.

The French-Belgian-Swiss cabal was running the municipal operations of the "Federal Government" via corporations including the FBI, US NAVY, USAF, FEMA, etc., etc., and they naturally thought they were going to just create another new corporation and continue skating, re-assume the service contract and do whatever they liked to their employers.

Instead, we declined their "services" as we were not well-served by them during their tenure. In response, they have thrown what can only be described as a temper tantrum and attacked our soil and our people with both the California Fires and the Big Lake Earthquake in Alaska and their attempt at causing a Tidal Wave.

As a result, they are no longer even in the running to get a service contract from us and we are not accepting their debts. We are calling for the immediate and permanent liquidation of their parent corporations and all their municipal subsidiaries as criminal organizations and criminal-linked organizations.

If they continue any of this crappola using weather weapons or other exotic means of retribution for our business decisions, we shall (1) reflect and return all such strikes directly to sender and (2) raise hell with the United Nations because they are abusing "non-domestic" targets. 
We and our States and our People are all non-domestic with respect to THEM.


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Modus Operandi

By Anna Von Reitz

A quick overview of some very common diabolical practices and truisms that we all need to know about the common Enemy of Mankind:

1. The Lies are always complex and convoluted and full of verbiage and detail. The Truth is always simple. 

Let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".  When it comes to any business agreements or legal communications or anything else of that sort, more is truly less. 

This is one of the flags that immediately concerned me about PARSE SYNTAX --- it is endlessly complex with all sorts of strict punctuation.

2. Whatever the Vermin are doing or trying to pull off themselves, is what they will accuse others of doing.  The English saying is: "The pot always calls the kettle black."

If they are lying, they will accuse their opponents of lying --- so "always carefully consider the source". 

3. The Vermin function according to duality --- by setting up two "sides" to everything, and then pitting the two sides against each other, while they sit on the sidelines and benefit themselves from the conflict they have created.

For example: the Civil War, the Israeli-Palestinian fight, and the current situation in which the US NAVY (municipal corporation) has attacked Alaska. The Vermin love to fool us into fighting ourselves and hurting each other--- and then sanctimoniously blaming us for the conflict they engineered.

4. The Vermin have also adopted the Hegelian Dialectic: they create a problem [like fiat money] and then they come forward with the solution to the problem they created [like gold-backed money] and everybody stupidly thanks them and keeps them in power and lets them profit like bandits from their guile.

5. They will sacrifice small fry and low-hanging fruit to save themselves and draw attention away from their own actions.  These distractions have allowed them to get away with horrendous crimes in the past, and we just keep on getting suckered into and distracted by the mini-dramas they create.

I have every reason to expect that there will indeed be a great many arrests of crooks in every state who are guilty of crimes ranging from pedophilia to Medicare Fraud to securities fraud to embezzlement. 

As outrageous as all this may be, keep your eyes on the ball.  All the kickback scandals you are about to see were only made possible by mismanaged federal programs and far larger federal kickbacks and pay-offs made to Territorial and Municipal States of State as bait to gain control of these organizations and enroll them as franchises of the parent federal corporations.

Remember when Wyoming refused to accept federal education funding grants because they knew that they would lose control of their schools and the curriculum being taught to their children?  Same thing all across the board. Buying into the Nanny State means that you give up all your wealth and control and self-determination in exchange for Federal kick-backs.  And where does all that "Federal Money" come from, but from your own assets that you have foolishly given to them? 

In other words, the source of all this misappropriated money at the local and State of State level is an even bigger "Kickback Program" hosted by the Federal Government.  Don't miss the forest for the trees.

6. Most of all, these creatures PRETEND TO BE THEIR ENEMIES. They insinuate themselves and infiltrate all the groups, especially religious groups, they wish to undermine.  They have done this to Judaism for Millenia.

For some reason people think that Jesus was being poetic or euphemistic when he called them "the Synagogue of Satan" and they misread the other Bible passages that speak of those "who appear to be Jews, but are not". This is literal.  This is accurate.

They pretend to be Jews, but are anything but.  In the same way, they pretend to be Catholic or pretend to be Muslim.  Often, they present themselves as being "More Jewish than Jewish" or "More Catholic than the Pope" or among the most passionate followers of Islam---- and it is all a big joke to them.

In fact, the easiest way to catch them out is by recognizing it when they go over the edge hamming it up.

If you are going to effectively combat the wiles and intrigues and poisonous, diabolical wit of these creatures, you must have your own head very firmly screwed on and your observational skills well-honed.  Be forewarned and aware of these things I am telling you and don't let yourselves be tricked into forming "sides" and fighting each other. Look carefully and you will see what I am telling you is so.


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