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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Just One Bird

By Anna Von Reitz

Thought for the day for all of you who believe that gold is so valuable: 

I will give anyone on Earth (unaided by Extraterrestrials and Spirits) the whole horde, who can build a living bird from scratch elements.  

Just one bird.

I make this offer to demonstrate how stupid we have been and how misplaced our values still are.

Gold is not important.  The True God, our Creator, is important.


  1. We are a blind and stiff-necked (proud and foolish) people, generally speaking. By our nature we do everything we can to further insulate ourselves from our "mother nature" when it is her that sustains us - even while we cause many imbalances and self sabotage her infinitely complex systems of support for us as we ignore the multitude of lessons nature has to teach. We're too busy with T.V. and the latest styles.

    One example: It is astonishing to realize from reading recent research into the importance for us to consume real (living) food - that our gut is like a second brain, with more nerve tissue along its outer walls than our spinal cord has in weight and volume. Those nerves communicate with our brain, relaying processing information that moves from the gut nerves to the brain and back again. Our gut is our primary immune system, housing billions of microbes which we absolutely depend upon to digest our food, receive nourishment,obtain energy, and maintain an effective immune system against things that would corrupt us and bring on disease. Yet most people have abandoned their responsibility to understand our indispensable relationship to nature in order to sustain and extend our fragile existence. Diseases are increasing among us because we spend so much time engaged with the artificial things of life, while we ignore the basics which sustain us by their essential functions to our survival and our stewardship over our body with its ability to thrive.

    This same kind of ignorance of our Creator continues as well. It is because of our ignorance, our ignoring what is important to pay attention to. People need to realize that when they read a scripture, it has been given to God's children, us, to help us prosper and thrive in living and in conducting all relationships. God's words when deeply considered with our innermost sensitive thinking bring us closer to being like him, and over time, as we continue careful consideration of God's words we can apply them to ourselves to try to master our weak and foolish ways and replace them with God's wisdom and counsel; and gradually applying this process we can gain more and more light as He has. "There is no darkness in him".

    All around us is darkness and confusion.(By comparison to God's perfect light) Think of what that implies for us if we can grasp how much there is to learn and enjoy be enlarged by following the greatest source of truth and light that exists. But do we even read his words, much less ponder their awesome importance to us, and do we try to reverence him by following his counsel? We reap far far less than we could when we do not reverence and follow God's patient, loving, wise, all knowing counsel. His word is more available than ever before on the earth, and when we search out his counsel on particular problems, our mind becomes filled with solutions to them, and great things begin to happen. We have a change of heart, and the days become full of purpose in pursuit of the clearer vision God's words places in our mind and heart.

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes Joel!!!! Awe-mazing Insights and Priceless Inner Wisdom shared, Thank you!!!! True Awakenings Within Now!!! So Grateful!!

      Much unconditional Love, Gratitude, True Awareness and Abundant Peace-Joy Be For All Now

  2. I ate more turkey earlier...that bird not resurrecting anytime soon💩

  3. Today it is well known that everything is composed of vibrations. There is no solid, only the vibration and the illusion of strength.
    That is why we can make birds out of the infinite energy surrounding us. Only knowledge is needed. From us, more advanced human species have this knowledge. They are the current Earth's wildlife and human creatures.

  4. Thank you Anna, for this short and simple clarification.
    It should also be noted that you do not have the power to give the horde to anyone.
    Also: Paper plates? i would be happy, and quite content to be eating 'anything' even on paper plates, most especially if i thought that both the U.S. Navy and Airforce were out to get me.
    The world and the heavens are satan's target, all of mankind.
    Another day above ground should be enough to be very grateful for?
    again thank you, we are in this together?

    1. Russia Warnings of Nuclear War, Power Blackouts, Food Shortages, Tornadoes

  5. Yes, but we cant buy things with GOD.We cant spend God.We cant devide God.Someone will not come cut our grass for a hour sermon.We need some form of money and if we do not get with it and get enough Gold we are going to be left in the dust because China and Russia are going to a Gold Standard.You better get with it sister because what ever form of money you think we should be left with the rest of the world might not agree & you going to hurt us.Gold and silver have been money for all of time and you want to try something new?

    1. Replace your grass with a garden. You won't have to have someone mow it nor give he sermon. Love is the art of giving without expecting something in return especially from the one to whom you give. Do this and the love will be returned from unexpected sources. You can't eat gold or silver.

  6. Gold & Silver were always just a medium of exchange used to make bartering easier and keep the ledger honest. Some day money will be eliminated, when we have arrived at heaven on earth.


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