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Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Real Pied Piper

By Anna Von Reitz

I know the Pied Piper. He's a Prince of the Devic Kingdoms who remembers the Old Music. Well, so do I, so I am not necessarily criticizing him for that. He honors the original contract for Earth Governance including the original Peace Treaty with the Devic Kingdoms, and like all the Devics I have ever known, he is faultlessly honest.
Truth is the only Law of the Devic Kingdoms. Whatever is true, however awful it may be, is true. And what is true must be honored. Period.
So, you are now advised to carefully regard the story of The Pied Piper of Hamblin with new eyes. What happens? He shows up in his (to us) peculiar outfit (something like a Court Jester but more elegant) and offers to help get rid of the rat infestation afflicting the city. Despite his odd appearance, the City Fathers agree.
You know, or should know, the rest of the story. He played his pipes and rid the city of the rats, but when he came to get paid for this service, the other rats--- the Mayor and Townspeople --- refused their part of the bargain, thinking that, well, we are rid of the rats, and what can this stranger do? He's just an odd beggar.... why should we pay him for anything?
So, he switched up his tune and led away all the children of Hamblin, never to be seen again.
That was 600 years ago according to the Church timeline, and 1700 years ago according to mine, but who is counting?
Let's be clear about the Devics --- they are not, strictly speaking, people --- though they appear to be. Instead, they are Elemental Beings, that may from time to time incarnate in the physical world.
The Pied Piper maintains the Devic Law.
Whatever is true is true, and whatever is owed, is owed.
If you make a deal with a Devic, you have to keep it and do your very best to honor it --- which they will know and judge --- or you will reliably end up on the bad end of retribution.
That said, if you make a deal with a Devic, you can also rely on them carrying through on their part of the deal. Their devotion to Truth as Law is invariable and absolute. They know no other Law.
Now, I am not particularly comfortable with the Pied Piper these days. He's rather bitter and very old. He likes to meet me in a certain moonlit garden adrift in white roses and water fountains when Midsummer comes around. We sit and talk, sitting back to back on a certain white marble bench, for reasons well-known to the True Wise.
We commiserate about the Old Days and the Old Music and Time Out of Time. It's always bittersweet, because so much of that True Magic has been lost or polluted or eroded away to something barely recognizable, like the Sphinx.
His bitterness makes him difficult to be with at times, and even somewhat dangerous, because he gets angry, too.
This I bear well-enough, because he has reason to be angry.
The Devics largely create this physical world as workers and artists and fine craftsmen, only to see it constantly and thoughtlessly destroyed. They build the environment only to see it polluted. They try to interact with men and have some honest commerce, only to be disappointed --- like the Pied Piper of Hamblin --- time after time after time.
And they are right. It is our fault that we are not devoted to Truth, when we have the ability to know the Truth. It is our fault that we don't honor agreements. It is our fault that we are grossly ungrateful. It is our fault that we are violent and constantly harming each other and the environment, too. It is our decision not to remember who we are.
Frankly, it's hard to say a word against his irritation with mankind.
Of all the many potent complaints held against us and our kind, the chief and most damning is our mistreatment of the animals.
Are we so deaf, dumb, blind, and willfully forgetful that we cannot see the kinship we share with the animals? Can we not recognize our eyes in their eyes? Do we not care about anything but ourselves?
Have we entirely forgotten our Sacred Duty as Caretakers of this planet and everything and everyone on it?
My meetings with the Pied Piper take place in June every year, around the height of Midsummer, when we--- those who can remember--- all drift into his villa for conferences.
I am happy that I can still enter his palace unannounced and that he welcomes me and that we sit in his garden and stare up at the dark vault of Heaven together, back to back, hands knotted like school kids on the white marble bench, neither one of us daring to look the other in the face.
From his standpoint, the world has only gotten worse and the people in it more disgusting and self-absorbed and insensitive and dishonest. From my standpoint, he has become polluted by his own bitterness, and that makes it harder to find the True Magic we all need.
I wish I could just say, well, let's begin again....let go our bitterness and the past and go forward into a new day....
But he knows-- and I know-- that in order to do that, the people in this world all need to make choices that they are largely unaware of.
They have to decide to honor the Truth. They have to choose to keep their words. They have to remember and cherish and honor their obligations as Caretakers. They have to stop their abuse of each other and of the animals and of the environment. Have to.
So I am telling you all to search your hearts and minds. There is more ---far more--- to this, than the fate of Homo sapiens. Remember who you are. Remember your place in Creation. Connect to what is True, and turn away from what is False.
Decisions are made by the act of not making decisions, and every day we wait and waver and fail to find the collective will to do what is right, the True Magic of Creation slips away from us and away from our world.


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Yamashita's Gold? And More....

By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent that many people, especially Europeans are playing with half a deck. 

The American Government is not and has never been "in abeyance" as a result of the "disappearance" of the States of America Confederation. 

The important part of our Government, that is, the sovereign and unincorporated Government, is the Federation of States, not the Confederation, which was merely a convenience serving as a Subcontractor for the Federation.  

Please note, to underscore this fact, the Union and the Federation conducted all business for this country from 1776 to 1781, a period of five (5) years, before the Confederation even existed.  

There is absolutely no reason to suppose that the Confederation operating was the States of America was ever any vital component of our Government.  As sovereign entities, our States are not obligated to operate as States of States.

The States and their Federation  can take care of their own business in any venue whatsoever, and much to the consternation of certain crooks, they are choosing to do so. 

Take a look at the One Pager organizational chart.  The States of America was an "instrumentality" --- a business organization.  It went bankrupt.  So what?  

Am I considered bankrupt because Fred's Handyman Service works for me and Fred's Handyman Service goes bankrupt?  

Where's the logic in that, please? 

Additionally, in view of the current criminality of the subcontracting "federal" corporations, the State Assemblies have been called to Assemble and conduct the actual business of this country for the first time in over 150 years.  Take note. We woke up.  The Giant is staggering to its feet and is about as grumpy as a hibernating bear in the springtime. 

What happened is this: 

The Confederation dba States of America split up and tanked.  The Southern States of States were dismembered and the Northern States of States were bankrupted in a commercial mercenary conflict known as The American Civil War. 

This left the various state-of-state organizations in each State of the Union up for grabs.  Without telling the actual populace of this country what was going on, our British Territorial Subcontractors insinuated themselves into the situation, and substituted British Territorial states-of-states for our American organizations.  They also fronted a Scottish Corporation that pretended to "represent" us and which commenced business in 1868 as "The United States of America ---- Incorporated".  

This is obviously not our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, which is and which has always been unincorporated. 

Nonetheless, this fraud artists convinced the rest of the world that they were doing business with us, and that their Scottish Corporation had valid access to our credit and our assets during a non-existent "national emergency".  

The Scottish Interloper did a number of things, most especially running our credit through the roof, and then stepping aside and seeking bankruptcy protection for itself, and in 1898, buying the Philippine Islands "for us", using our money, as part of the settlement of the Spanish American War. 

They then straight away began transporting every bit of American gold they could collect from bills due and from other means to the Philippines.  

Unknown to most people, our government and those misrepresenting themselves "as" our government, have always been obliged to use gold in international venues to settle debts with other countries, while silver is our American domestic asset currency.  

As a result of this set-up, payments in gold due our actual government, were sidelined to the Philippines and cashiered there beginning in 1890.  A small amount was kept for show in Fort Knox to impress the gullible. 

When the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America--Incorporated" went bankrupt 1906-1907, this set-up continued unabated, because obviously, our actual government, the Federation of States, was unimpaired. 

So all the gold owed to us and being collected "for" us by the US Bankruptcy Trustees continued to be funneled to and through the Philippines.  

When the second shoe dropped in 1933 and the Catholic Interloper, a Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc., went bankrupt, the Bankruptcy Trustees operating as the Territorial Congress shoved through legislation in 1934 to create an "Independent Government for the Philippines". 

This, then, allowed the Government of the Philippines -- the land of which is actually owned by us ever since 1898 -- to act as the Trustees for our gold and other assets stored in the Philippines. 

Everything was going along huckelty-buck until the Second World War when the Japanese invaded the Philippines, and General Tomoyuki Yamashita who led the Japanese Forces, "discovered" all this American gold cashiered the Philippines and claimed it as gold from "unknown sources" for the Imperial Japanese Government.

Yamashita began loading gold and transporting it all over the Japanese wartime theater and using it for the expenses of the Japanese Armed Forces, as well as enriching no small number of Japanese Generals and Admirals.  

Now you can appreciate the scope of the disaster that General Douglas MacArthur was actually overseeing in the Philippines and how it far outweighed the geographic strategic importance of the Philippines.  The Japanese had hold of the American Purse, and of course, the Japanese Government knew exactly where all that gold came from.  They just chose not to admit it. 

It came from us, Ma and Pa American, and from foreign payments of debts owed to us, to our States, and to our lawful Government.  

Following the Japanese defeat in WWII, MacArthur began the mop up operations which included tracking down as much of our gold as possible and returning it to the Philippines, where business resumed as usual, with all the money due and payable in gold to our Government continued to be "redirected" to the Philippines.  

Now, not all of the gold cashiered in the Philippines and in Indonesia in general is ours, but a large portion is.  And the rest of the world has been pretending that we no longer exist as a viable government and that we have "abandoned" all those actual, factual assets or have sold them off for paper certificates merely "representing" our actual and factual assets. 

Fat chance. 

No, we and our States and our Federation of States are still here, and we still know our butts from buttercups, a fact that the international bankers and other governments need to know. 

President Duerte has been notified, and he is known to be both a brave and at least relatively honest man. The Bank of International Settlements has been notified.  The Seven Grumpy Old Men have been notified.  President Trump and the Queen have been notified.  

It's not Yamashita's gold and it's not of "unknown provenance" and it is not "abandoned", either.  It's American gold owed to Americans since the 1890's. 

The Globalists have cooked up this idea that, well, since the gold is "abandoned" why divvy it up among all the various nations in the world and use it to fund humanitarian projects---- including humanitarian projects in America. 
That wouldn't be such a bad idea, except that the people promoting this are the very same crooks responsible for the situation in the first place. 

America is a generous and honest country.  Americans are a generous and honest people.  That's why we have been duped so shamelessly by our European Subcontractors.  We don't aim at world dominance.  We don't feel any particular driving need to micro-manage any other country, much less the entire world.  We generally despise control freaks of all sorts. 

And Liars, too.  

As this all makes clear, the Federation of States is alive and well, and that is our actual Government.  Yamashita's gold is in fact largely our gold.  We are the "presumed donors" of the American gold held in trust and being kept for us by President Duerte's government.  

We have reason to believe that this process of cashiering away gold stolen from other countries has been commonplace and that we are not the only victims of these sorts of "arrangements".  Most of the Governments of Europe had their gold "transported" by the Nazis and it was never repaid by the present German Government.  Where did all that gold go?  

To Switzerland, to the Philippines, to Turkey, to Indonesia.... to Spain.... to Portugal.... to Malta..... to places where prior civilizations carved out immense underground tunnel systems, where millions upon millions of metric tons of precious metals, jewels, and other "hard assets" could be conveniently smelted in an effort to obscure their origins, and stored away.  

Stored away for what?  

To reboot the money and currency markets after the vermin suck everything out of the fiat system they created and imposed upon everyone via "legal tender laws".  

They are attempting a repeat of 1929 in America, only on a worldwide basis. 

They plan to be the only ones with "gold in hand" ready to buy up all the corporations and farms and homes for pennies on the dollar.  They just aren't expecting the American Government to show up with their gold receipts in hand, or the Greek Government or the Australian Government or..... 

You get the point.  

They stole it all from you, and now, they propose to use your gold to buy all your other physical assets, including your bodies and your labor.  

Neat trick, from their standpoint.  

There's just one problem.  It's criminal by every standard under the sun. 


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From the Nazi-Communist-EU- Playbook

By Anna Von Reitz

My Father explained the difference between the Nazis and the Communists to me when I was just a little girl.
The Communists, he said, steal everything, and then take responsibility for running everything. The Nazi Fascists steal everything, and then make you responsible for running and for paying for everything.
The Fascists are obviously smarter, but there in a nutshell is the entire difference between the Communists and Fascists. And both are Socialists --- that is, they are delusional. They think that violating the Law of Free Will is an option, and that forcing people to accept the moral responsibility of helping unfortunate neighbors (while siphoning off large portions of the largess for Party Hacks) via racketeering is okay.
It's the "siphoning off large portions" part you need to pay attention to, because that is what motivates all this garbage.
I estimate that 98% of all foreign aid ever approved by the "US" Congress was siphoned off either by "Intelligence Organizations" or, in recent years, directly by members of the Congress or the Administration responsible for delivering these allocations.
The Clinton Foundation's theft of 90% of the aid meant to help Haiti comes to mind.
This is why both Communist and Fascist leaders sound and look so amazingly alike. Compare Nikita Khrushchev and Adolph Hitler? Hear the same overblown shouting rhetoric? See the same fist-banging? Now compare George Herbert Walker Bush and Nicholas Sarkozy? Much quieter, smoother, but still the same words, the same tone of voice, the same veiled menace.
They look alike and sound alike, because they are alike. They are engaged in peddling the same lawlessness and the same delusions for the same reasons.
And so it is with the European Union Commission and the DNC. Same thing. Same rhetoric. Same methods. Same "sound" coming out of both.
They are recognizable and recognizably the same bunch of hoodlums, using the same methods, so, in the same way that you can recognize "Disco Music" or "Country Western" no matter which band is playing, you can recognize the Perpetrators no matter which Party Hat they are wearing or which country they come from.
What they really have in common is that they are criminals---- sanctimonious criminals.
Adam Schiff comes to mind. Here's a guy who has pulled every dirty trick in the book more than once, lecturing us on morality, and spinning off (non-existent, as it happens) crime scenarios so effortlessly that we should all know that only a practiced criminal thinks this way off the top of his head.
He is accusing Trump of doing things he would do himself. And which Joe Biden, obviously, actually did. And which Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney all actually did, too. They peddled their influence to make billions with a "b" off of Ukraine paying them protection money, and now, they are scared because: (1) it's going to come out, and (2) they'll go to jail.
And estimated 80% of the "US" Congress is implicated. So get ready for "Martial Law" -- but hint, it won't be a big change, because we have been under "Martial Law" since March of 1863 --- and new elections.
These people all preach goodness and light and freebies to all, then use that as an excuse to strong-arm racketeer honest people out of their earnings and assets, then take 90% of it for themselves, and then, give 10% to the poor they were supposedly championing to begin with.
It's a simple, predictable Modus Operandi, and holds true for both Communists and Fascists.
Please note that central to the success of this scheme, the actual poor people have to be kept hungry and hopeful. The millions of desperate poor people who take the promises of these clowns seriously are needed to keep these criminals in office. So the poor must be kept poor, and the more downtrodden and angry, the better.
And this is why the Democratic Party has so often had complete control in Washington, DC, and why the Democratic Party so consistently fails to deliver on any substantial part of its promises to the poor--- despite having the majorities to do so, despite having the credit stolen from those same poor people's labor to deliver on everything they promise to do -- and never do.
So these consummate Hypocrites and Liars take the stage and whump up a good-sounding speech full of platitudes and illusory promises, and the poor vote for them, hoping for relief, not knowing that these vicious morons are only intent on using the poor as an excuse for their own predatory activities.
The candidates and Party Hacks know that 90% is theirs, so they are highly motivated to put on a good show.
How stupid are we that we don't see through this and call it for what it is?
The current sideshow with the impeachment "trial" is taken straight out of the Nazi-Communist- EU Playbook, too.
The EU Commission has a long-standing practice of instigating as many as four layers of ongoing "investigations" into the same or closely related topics, that stretch on and get rolled over just like the never-ending-should-be-dead "Russian Collusion" Hoax, and then magically disappear when a new Commission takes over every six years.
Poof! What Russian collusion? We are new here. Don't know a thing about it.
Not surprising the internal audit of the EU's books is one of those forever-ongoing-investigations that never gets signed off on by any auditor, not even their own internal auditors that are hired to do the books.
With hundreds of billions of British pounds being poured into the EU every year, British basic industries languishing (just like in America), and British taxpayers being taxed into the poor house --- literally losing their homes (just like in America), and British naval yards and fisheries emptied out after ten thousand years of dominating the seas (just like America, too, though with far more traditional standing in Britain) --- there's no wonder why Britain is choosing BREXIT.
The better question is why did Britain ever join the EU in the first place, considering that it was always the odd man out, and no definitive clear benefit for Britain was ever on offer?
Could it be that the British Government is just as corrupt as the US Government and the whole point of joining the EU was to trash Britain's economy for the benefit of Germany and France, which have been united under a single foreign policy since the Treaty of Elysee in 1963?
The question of which Government, British or American, is more corrupt or which one went bad first is rather academic.
The most recent round of deplorable criminality began during the reign of Queen Victoria and is contemporaneous with her alliance with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German Principality of Wettin, together with its close ties to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
It started going spectacularly South with the scheme to enfranchise British workers --- a form of impersonation and enslavement only allowed by the Roman Catholic Church in the modern world, and its Roman Municipal Pontifical Government -- that was engineered by Benjamin D'Israeli as a means to finance the Raj in India.
So we are treated to the spectacle of British (and in 1933, American) workers being enslaved to promote the enslavement of other people halfway around the world. All in the name of Christ.
If Jesus were in a grave, he'd roll over in it.
Anyway, whether you are a Brit or an American or an Aussie or a Frenchman or a German or a Swiss or an Italian or a Greek or an Irishman, or especially if you are Chinese and due to be the next menu item --- it's time we all woke up.
These Bilkers have been defrauding the whole world since Hector was a pup, and though we can cite chapter and verse for the last two hundred years and have access to records going much farther back into the Annals of Corruption, what we really need to focus on is right here and now.
Using the Proof is in the Pudding Test, we can observe that there was no good reason for Britain to join the EU in the first place. We can observe that America has been raped and pillaged, and Britain has been raped and pillaged, too, as if we were all in a conga line for the honor.
Just picture Europe as a glutton with two drinks and two straws.
We can observe that those benefiting from this were: Germany and France and Luxembourg and Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal and Switzerland and the Netherlands, Belgium, and, oh, yes, Israel---- and in terms of siphoning, that singular Vichy French and Nazi institution, Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland.
Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, is the CIA/DVD/KGB Dirty Ops Financier for the equally dirty Vichy French UN CORP, which is in charge of commercial mercenary operations for this same crime syndicate.
Deutsche AG, St. Gallens, Switzerland, was owned and operated for decades by: GHW Bush (actual family name: Scharf), Mikhail Gorbachev (actual family name: Orbach), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and Richard Ackermann--- also German. But who, in the end, were they working for?
The House of Wettin. The same German Royal House that Queen Victoria allied herself with back in February of 1840, but currently being run out of Scotland by the Queen's Cousin. And so, we come back to the unique role of Scotland.
It was a Scottish Commercial Corporation that crept in and started operating "as" The United States of America, Incorporated, in the wake of the Civil War--- and it's still trying to do the same thing, now, that is, impersonate us and pretend that it "represents" us, even though we have clearly told the world that it does not.
And it was the Bank of Scotland that was part of the scandalous three-party fake ACCOUNT scheme involving an unincorporated "Bank of Scotland" and Lloyd's Bank International, Ltd, and HBOS PLC, using offshore Jersey Island "trusts" in a clear-cut conspiracy to obligate thousands if not millions of Brits to pay taxes and mortgage fees they don't actually owe, and to at the same time, defraud millions of innocent investors who bought equally fake mortgage backed securities based on these bogus ACCOUNTS.
Wells Fargo did exactly the same thing in America at the same time, September 2007, when Wells Fargo was owned by The Office of the United States Attorney General.
People were led to believe that they were dealing with an actual bank: Wells Fargo Bank, but in fact, they were dealing with an unincorporated entity calling itself Wells Fargo, N.A., operated out of Arizona. Same exact schtick, only the fake ACCOUNTS and trusts were placed offshore in Puerto Rico.
Why all of this? To avoid taxation on their money laundering schemes and to saddle the "taxpayers" with more debt --- thereby offloading their own corporate debt and bank liabilities.
And why the involvement of the British Territorial Government's Department of Justice?
Obviously, it has to do with the "Re-Funding" of the "US Government" corporations and the USD currency, and ongoing efforts to offload the bank's obligations onto the American "taxpayers" using the DTCC (and its venal, foreign, and in all Common Law Countries --- grossly illegal ---) securitization schemes to do so.
While most American slept peacefully in their beds back in 2010, and the members of the Municipal UNITED STATES CONGRESS just as quietly ordered 30,000 guillotines intended for use on us and our children as part of their plan to simply kill off their Priority Creditors, the Deposit Trust and Clearing Corporation (yes, the same villain that originally issued all the "Clearinghouse Certificates" -- i.e., Birth Certificates issued against the Good Names and Assets of Municipal "citizens of the United States" by FDR back in 1933) announced that the Federal Reserve Board had approved its application to establish a DTCC subsidiary as a member of the Federal Reserve System, to operate a "Trade Information Warehouse" to track over-the-counter (OTC) credit derivatives and act as a global depository for over-the-counter credit derivatives transactions.
What this means in plain language is that the Federal Reserve (and all the good little presumed-to-exist American TAXPAYERS which don't actually exist) became the Guarantor of Last Resort for all the Credit Default Swaps that are underwriting (insuring) the bogus Jersey and Puerto Rican and Maltese and Cypress and Northern Mariana Island and etc., etc., offshore trusts and public transmitting utilities and public charitable trusts and LLCs these madmen have created "in our names".
Oh, and the DTCC? It operates this "Trade Information Warehouse" as a surveillance operation under the guise of what else? A trust. Always a trust operated by those who deserve none.
Under Timothy Geithner the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- alone -- acquired a portfolio of (admitted) $500 trillion of these derivative "assets" that don't exist. The DTCC's Obligation Warehouse (the debt side of the clearing operation) would then track defaults --- when the poor old "TAXPAYER" no longer pays for whatever reason, and reports this, so that the Federal Reserve can print more money out of thin air and further in-debt the remaining sops and further devalue the USD.
Which the FED has been doing all winter long, to prop up the Wall Street financiers.
And the point being? All of this is unlawful and ILLEGAL as sin. All of it.
Five American Presidents beginning with Jimmy Carter and ending with Obama were granted "immunity" from the World Court, acting in collusion with the World Bank, thereby admitting that they were (and are, including and most especially, the "cute" and now very elderly Jimmy Carter, who started the real crappola by transferring millions of American "Birth Certificates" to the IMF as fresh deposits in 1980) criminals seeking protection from their fellow racketeers and purported slave owners.
Let's make this clear for everyone: the Territorial Government never had any authority to presume anything about the political status of Americans born in the States or to claim that civilian hospitals are or ever were "federal enclaves" nor any right to conscript civilian doctors as "Uniformed Officers" within these United States. Even less have they enjoyed any right to presume that any American is or ever was a "ward" of their State of State organizations.
That first step is all nothing but extortionate racketeering and mis-characterization of political status under known False Presumptions, which is forbidden under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.
They followed this criminal action with Unconscionable Commercial Contracts being foisted off on millions of trusting American mothers who were mis-characterized as unwed mothers and as "Informants" and forced to sign undisclosed contracts surrendering "title" to their babies ---- are you all getting the despicable nature of this?---- to the tender mercies of the State of State organization, for example, "the" State of Wisconsin.
Let us all be clear, that this, too, is grossly unlawful, illegal, and immoral and is recognized as such by every international law and convention dealing with these subjects.
Finally, they capped it off, by selling their "presumed interest" in us and our Estates--- which was entirely bogus in the first place --- to the Papist Municipal Government, which is responsible for "impersonating" us and creating all sorts of Municipal Corporate franchises operated "in our names".
Think: money laundering on an unimaginable scale.
And this, my friends, is the source of all these "derivatives" that are the things being insured by "Credit Default Swaps" which are in turn insured by the what? By the labor and blood and bones of the American "TAXPAYERS" ---- SLAVES that the Federal Reserve claims to own.
Judging by the proliferation of these "derivatives" --- lies, big, fat, LIES --- and the non-existence of most of the SLAVES attached to them, and the counterfeiting being done by the "Bank of Scotland" and "Wells Fargo N.A." and all the fake ACCOUNTS adding to the basic problem of criminality and gross dishonesty and dis-service to the people of this country and the world at large, there is no way in Hell that this situation can last.
No matter what they do and no matter what they pretend.
Beginning with Jimmy Carter's Administration and ending with Obama's, five Presidents and more United States Attorney Generals have had the option to shut this carnival show down, close the Federal Reserve, close the DTCC, close down the bogus "Congresses" masquerading as our Congress in Washington, DC, and unsnarl this mess once and for all.
To a man, they all chose to join the crooks and benefit themselves instead.
Even Ronald Reagan, after a poorly executed assassination attempt.
All of which underscores the plain fact that we are dealing with criminals and criminal enterprises and crime syndicates run wild at the highest levels of government, but especially in the European Union.
A secretive collaboration between members of the Queen's Government and the House of Wettin and other prime actors on the Continent, have served to create a vast "sucking sound" as the scoundrels have siphoned the rest of the world --- including Britain dry --- and contrived to set up a totally lawless system of Corporate Feudalism, complete with an interlocking trust directorate involving over 700 of the world's largest corporations, all nicely hidden under illegal US PATENTS that are being protected for "National Security" reasons.
Right. One must always ask --- "Which nation?"
It's not our nation, not our States, not our Federation of States, not America doing any of this.
We have been victims along with the rank and file Brits, Scots, and Irishmen, along with the Aussies, the Canadians, the French, the German People, the Russians---- virtually everyone who isn't "in on the scheme" has been victimized, including the people of the Middle East and Africa and Japan, Mexico, China, Southeast Asia, and all of South America.
We have all been "impersonated" and defrauded and de facto enslaved by these criminals in nice suits, speaking in cultured accents, pretending to be our "representatives" and champions.
And now it's time to get our heads screwed on.
Everyone born in America, within the borders of our States of the Union, is advised to record your correct political status as an American --- a Minnesotan, Virginian, New Yorker, Californian..... not any kind of "US" citizen at all.
Your Federation of States is still standing. The Queen's Government is finally waking up. The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Municipal Government are being taken to task. And more is coming.
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