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Saturday, May 18, 2024

International Public Notice: Dangerous Impersonations

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have told everyone multiple times that we, the Federation of States, do not choose Coordinators, the people who volunteer to organize their State Assemblies.  This is the traditional and customary duty of the people living in each State of the Union. 

Our role as the Summoning Authority, is to guide this effort and make sure that the parts and pieces of each Assembly are present and correctly functioning before fully seating them.  

At this stage, all States have a functioning General Assembly and many have progressed to the point that County Assemblies are being raised, and active Assembly Militias and Jural Assemblies and International Business Assemblies are incipient or in place.  

Certain State Coordinator volunteers have proven to be District Personnel intent on commandeering, misleading, and misrepresenting our State Assemblies -- either misguiding them to function as District Assemblies instead of State Assemblies or trying to misguide the members into false beliefs and violence. 

This has been a repeated scenario in Michigan and Missouri, with other States suffering less obvious attacks from District Personnel interfering in our operations and trespassing against our lawful government. 

The obvious game plan now emerging is to promote violence, which as in Gaza, the Perpetrators would happily use as an excuse to unleash war in this country, too.  

We currently have rogue organizations in two States claiming to be "The Michigan Assembly" and "The Missouri Assembly" respectively, with the rogue Missouri Assembly under the leadership of one Dan Auxier, a former volunteer Coordinator, openly preaching violence against the Federal Government.  

This has nothing to do with us and any association we had with Dan Auxier, former Missouri Coordinator, and Paul Peterson, former Michigan Coordinator, has been severed. 

This is, however, exactly the kind of "excuse" being sought by the British Territorial Government to come in and unleash the same kind of violence against us as has been applied in Gaza.  

Just as they ginned up an excuse there, using Hamas, they hope to use rednecks misled by District Operatives to provide them with an excuse to attack us and misrepresent our peaceable Assemblies as terrorist organizations.  

Our State Assemblies are dedicated to peaceful restoration of our lawful government and peaceful settlement of the U.S. Debt. 

Any other course would not be to our advantage, as it would provide the British Territorial Government an excuse to murder us in the name of protecting us.  

We wish to explain to the world that this impersonation of our assemblies is being attempted; we wish for these manipulations and tactics to be fully exposed, so that everyone is forewarned: these people act as imposters, actors, who pretend to be us, even pretend to be our State Assemblies--- and are not. 

These Undeclared Foreign Agents have insinuated themselves by volunteering to act as State Coordinators. 

We are weeding them out with all reasonable speed and determination, but in the meantime, it is necessary to be aware that these rogue organizations and persons are not part of our government and not sanctioned by us.  

We also have a number of rogue free-standing "jural assemblies" presenting themselves as part of the Union State's government, but the 1776 Union States are not in play yet. 

There is, of course, no basis for a free-standing jural assembly to exist. These organizations must at best be regarded as misguided and at worst, deliberate misrepresentations.  

There is a logical and orderly progression being followed by our American Government -- unincorporated.  

We have "returned", step by step,  to our own International Land Jurisdiction and have repopulated our fraudulently vacated States of the Union.  In the process, each Assembly Member also populates their County within the State; as more County Assemblies fill their ranks, the1776 Union States occupying our national soil jurisdiction take shape. 

Within the logic of our traditional and customary government, the unincorporated County Government is the supreme authority within that County.  Joined together, all the Counties within the State borders form the Union State and rule our National Soil Jurisdiction.  Each unincorporated County Court functions as the Supreme Court within that County. 

The same people operating the unincorporated State of the Union are responsible for the international functions of the State on land and sea; in this capacity, they assume their Lawful and Legal Persons and are known as the People, as in, We, the People.  

These People are the Principals who created and adopted all three of the Federal Constitutions and their Successors are the only ones who have the power to enforce the Federal Constitutions. 

No wonder that they have been targeted and misrepresented and impersonated by the incorporated Federal Subcontractors seeking to evade their constitutional obligations and limitations.

And debts.

These impersonations of us and of our Assemblies by other unrelated groups, often formed by District Personnel, or under the influence of undeclared District Personnel, are a deliberate endangerment to the people of this country. 

There is only one legitimate State Assembly in each State of the Union.  No matter what they call themselves or what names they infringe upon, any organization preaching violence is too stupid to be one of ours. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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International Public Notice: Israel, Another Incorporated Phantasm

 By Anna Von Reitz

You all realize that Israel exists because of Britain's Balfour Declaration of a military protectorate over "Palestine".  

You should also know that any modern "Palestine" didn't actually exist then or now. The Brits just chose a historical name to make their own actions seem more legitimate. 

So modern "Palestine" and all that follows after it, is another corporate phantom created by the ever-meddling Brits, who were seeking both a toehold in the Middle East, and later, being prodded by Jacob Rothschild to provide a homeland for displaced Jews. 

Rothschild sweetened the pot by bankrolling World War II and giving the Perps payment on a 99-year lease on the land of "Israel", which, as the custodians and occupiers of the land of "Palestine", the Brits accepted.  Even though they didn't actually own a grain of sand.   

Another consequence of the Brits occupying  "Palestine" was the arbitrary creation of "Palestinians". 

This ersatz demonym was originally applied to everyone within the borders of "Palestine" -- Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian, everyone was suddenly a "Palestinian".  

Next, we get a huge migration of mostly Eastern European Jews flooding into "Palestine" and the Brits cross out "Palestine" and write "Israel" on the map instead, to accommodate Jacob Rothschild. 

So, now, the Jews were "Israelis" and everyone else was still a "Palestinian".  

This illegal British piracy and free-booting is what has spawned generations of racial and religious conflict, and ultimately led to the genocide in Gaza.  

They don't care how much havoc they are causing. They don't care who gets hurt or what's fair. Or even sane. 

So now we have mostly Muslim Arab people (with a grab bag of Arab and European Christians thrown in)  identifying as "Palestinians" and Jews identifying as "Israelis". 

Naturally, the fight is on. 

Britain has arbitrarily created these two entities known as "Palestine" and "Israel" and has separated the natural population from the immigrant population.

Of course, Rothschild starts heavily funding the "Israelis" and their government, which puts the native "Palestinians" at a great disadvantage. 

With Rothschild's money behind them and Britain's  collusion, Israel wins the 1948 "war"--- yet another illegal commercial mercenary conflict.  And the scripted miracle in the desert unrolls and the whole storyline of the Happy Kibbutzim is pushed through the mainstream media. 

Pretty soon, we are all sitting around listening to the theme song from "Exodus, the Movie" and people are dancing to Hava Nagila. 

Somehow, under this folksy crust of pro-Israeli media and sentiment, the world lost track of what actually went on in "Palestine" and the British role in it. 

It's not a matter of "Palestine was here first." because actually, it wasn't; "Palestine" was just as much of an arbitrary label as "Israel". 

There is no vote on record regarding what the people actually living in "Palestine" wanted to call their country.  The endlessly elitist British criminals just named the area "Palestine" and that was that. 

The heart of the matter is the pernicious and illegal meddling by the British Monarchy and British Crown in the affairs of other people in other parts of the world--- in two words, British Colonialism.  

And the meddling of billionaires in the affairs of entire countries -- in two words, Corporate Colonialism, which is even worse and prone to be more criminal. 

Finally, recently, the Balfour Declaration, the 99-year lease, and Jacob Rothschild all expired.  "Israel" expired too, like an abandoned housing complex with no owner and no landlord to pay for its maintenance.  

Enter Donald Trump, with an offer to create a new USA, Inc. franchise, the State of Israel, Inc. -- a move similar to renaming the Pope the Patriarch of the West. 

So Trump cut a deal to replace Jacob Rothschild as "Israel's" new landlord, and he recognized Jerusalem as the new capitol of this new "State of Israel, Inc." franchise being fronted by the USA, Inc. 

The folks back home in the real American don't have a clue what's going on or what all the shouting is about, because our media is gagged and commentary is limited to the same old BBC drivel being broadcast by Rothschild's "news service", aka, Reuter's.

At about the same time, lo, and behold, the new British Territorial Corporation partners now doing business as "the American Government, Inc." discover a huge new petroleum basin just offshore from the Gaza Strip. 

Of course, the oil companies knew about the "Eastern Mediterranean Oil Basin" decades ago, but their perceived need to compete with Russian-supplied energy in Europe was not an issue back then -- and placating their OPEC partners by limiting crude oil supplies, was. 

So they just let this huge petroleum cache sit idle, unexplored, and undeveloped, until now.  Just a few miles up the coast from all the suffering in Gaza, they are busy building a whole new port and refinery complex ostensibly belonging to the State of Israel, (Inc.). 

There was just one thing standing in the way of all this Happy-Happy between Trump, Israel, and British interests -- especially investor interests -- and that one thing was the Gaza Strip.  

Gaza and its entire population and infrastructure had to go, otherwise, it would be apparent to the rest of the world that the pesky "Palestinians" living there were the rightful owners of the oil.  

And that's why as of October 1st 2023, the officers of MI6 were authorized to begin providing large amounts of cash and military supplies and "assistance" to Hamas, a group otherwise labeled by the same miscreants as "a dangerous Terrorist Organization" --- one that they, in fact, created. 

Just like they created Isis out of thin air and our tax money.  

Netanyahu played his part by bullying everyone in the Israeli Intelligence Service and laying down the Israeli "defense" perimeter around Gaza, to expedite the attack.  

Hamas, acting as a hired mercenary force, went in and murdered 1,500 civilians.  

That gave the Bully Boys and Netanyahu the phony excuse they needed to go in and murder 70,000 "Palestinians" and raze their homes and businesses--- and clear out the Gaza Strip.  

They are looking for an excuse to kill us, too, because we are their preferential creditors. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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International Public Notice: Lawful Conversion

 By Anna Von Reitz

We spent some time this past week exposing the crime of conversion -- a form of theft, and especially, the more serious crime of Unlawful Conversion. 

Following the Maxim of Law -- "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound." -- anything bound by Unlawful Conversion can be unbound by Lawful Conversion. 

There are multiple Unlawful Conversions involved in the schemes that brought us to this juncture.  

There is the entire "dead baby scam" that defrauded and impersonated babies while they were still in their cradles.  

There is the British Land Title system being imposed in America -- as a result of the first scam. 

There is the embezzlement against the American Public using the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE as a means to unjust enrichment. 

All of this criminality is enforced by foreign "government services" corporations acting in breach of trust and violation of their service contracts and all under color of law. 

Most of the corporations involved have been Unlawfully Converted, too; they started out on the Land Jurisdiction living under the constraints of the Public and International Law, but then, were either "substituted for" or dragged out into the Jurisdiction of the Sea, where they have acted as war-mongering and unaccountable profit-making machines, ruled by nothing more than how much they could plunder. 

In case anyone missed the point of our recent Public Notice "Grey Hats and Nails", the military has been in charge of this country since 1863 and has a great deal to answer for-- including but not limited to the Unlawful Conversion of our corporations. 

So does the foreign "National Security Council" have a lot to answer for, which as we pointed out many months ago, is composed almost exclusively of foreigners.  Not Americans. 

Ask yourselves-- how is it that "our" military is paid by a British Crown Corporation, SERCO?  And our "National Security Council" is composed of foreigners?  

The obvious answer is that the cheap mercenaries are being paid by SERCO because SERCO hired them. And the "National Security Council" was put in place by the United Nations. That's why it's not staffed by Americans. 

For those who are in shock or just slow on the uptake, America has been commandeered and occupied by what appears to be its own military for a long, long time.  

Our military was unlawfully converted into a Mercenary Service by Abraham Lincoln and then left in charge of our money and the safety of our country. 
Britain hired said Mercenary Service and has sat in the cat-bird seat ever since.

The Navies, British and American, are especially culpable, as are the Lords of the Admiralty, as the majority of the crimes committed have occurred in their jurisdiction, on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways.  

Knowing that, let's look at the other major player: 

The Holy Roman Empire was one of the original Federal Services Subcontractors. It did business under The Constitution of the United States. 

When the Holy Roman Empire III closed shop, the service contract was assumed by the Roman Catholic Church itself.  And then, circa 1960, things got too hot in the kitchen, and they passed the potato to the City of Rome.  Next, the City of Rome passed it on to the United Nations.  

All the former contracts of the Holy Roman Empire have been shuffled in this fashion. 

And yet, the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) still exists, so why all this administrative changeover? 

The short answer is that they have been involved in asset stripping and embezzlement and unlawful conversion and war-for-profit schemes and all sorts of other criminal nastiness for the past 1500 years. That's why the "Holy Roman Empire" has been dissolved so many times in the past. 

So they use the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront and they use the City of Rome as a storefront and they use the United Nations as a storefront.... and it's really all the same gig and the same evil and the same players behind all of it. 

That's why they have had to keep dancing and shuffling. 

Nobody wanted to get caught, but everyone wanted the payola. So they kept passing the Hot Potato. 

They finally hit upon the idea -- what if all our incorporated "government" franchises acting as "the United Nations, Incorporated" ---accept responsibility for abusing America?  

Then everyone can feel safe from reprisals, if we all stand against the Great Whore....the same Great Whore that they created, hired and misdirected, misinformed and abused.  

That's what we've had going on here, behind the scenes, where the public couldn't see it.  

The picture is not only grim, it's ludicrous.   

The Roman Catholic administrative apparatus cut a deal, and in 1937, these two erstwhile Federal Service Contractors colluded together under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States --- to secretly commandeer our resources and fleece their unfortunate employers blind.  

It all started as a British Crown operation in the 1840's.  The substitution of Abraham Lincoln to run for election as "a" President instead of The President was not a mistake. 

For all the billions and billions and billions of dollars that we have spent on Military Intelligence -- Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of Naval Intelligence, etc.,  and the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the US Marshals Service and the Department of Homeland Security and Interpol and about a dozen more, not counting all the State-of-State Departments of Public Safety and local Police Departments -- not one of them could figure this out?  Not one?  

Just like they can't analyze the meaning of what is on Hunter Biden's laptop. 

The reek of corruption oozing out of all these corporations masquerading as governments is worse than a rotting salmon carcass, and it's a corruption that impacts the whole world, not just America. 

Even if you live in a country that isn't built on this illegal and hidden "corporate model", meaning that your actual government hasn't (yet) been usurped and "privatized" by a foreign British Crown or United Nations "governmental services corporation"---- your lawful government still has to deal with these criminals, thugs, and bullies, all organized as layers of enfranchised interlocking trust directorates---- which are also illegal.

Inevitably, both these criminal corporate infrastructures must come to blows and fight it out for the whole enchilada ---  so its a grudge match featuring both sets of corporate criminals, and both are currently claiming victory.  

The trigger for the current conflict was the public awakening that is now happening, and the need to blame each other for all the wrong-doing and crime. Otherwise, the UN, INC. and the USA, Inc. would still be cozily in bed together. In many respects, they still are. 

We must point out ---none of these "entities" have any natural right to exist. They are all operating in violation of the Public Law, International Law, and Merchant Law. 

All of these corporations need to be liquidated in favor of the people-- worldwide-- who have suffered because of them. 

Normally, it would be the Pope's job to do this, but now we don't have a Pope.  We have a "Patriarch of the West" instead.  

It would be very inconvenient for Francis to have to liquidate his own Team and forego this opportunity to literally rule the world, so he and his new partners in the Eastern Orthodox Church are hanging in there, clinging to their stock shares. 

Everyone concerned is firmly convinced that their opponents are the personification of evil. Nobody is admitting that they are evil themselves. 

Yet, look at their combined "fruits".  Begin by counting the number of wars, worldwide, since 1700.

Look at the national identity theft scheme and embezzlement by the incorporated "Federal Reserve" and it's non-negotiable "NOTES". 

See the self-interested commodity and currency and stock market rigging by the incorporated Central Banks. 

Observe the illegal securitization of living flesh created by the impersonation of babies in their cradles and all expedited by the DTTC/DTC, Incorporated, and the SEC -- Securities and Exchange Commission.    

Then look at the conditions we are all living under: 

The justice system and courts corrupted and used for purposes of unjust enrichment, the medical system perverted to promote disease-for-profit, the honorable national militaries reduced to functioning as cheap mercenaries fighting in endless wars-for-profit, the monetary system reduced to a venal joke. 

There can be no doubt that both sets of corporations are evil and that they promote and cause evil consequences for the whole world. 

So instead of killing each other, and running the risk of destroying the whole planet, why not kill the corporations instead? 

It's much more humane. They won't feel a thing. They are made of paper and don't know if they are on the land or at sea.

If the former Pope can't or won't do his duty, let's do it for him.  All the United Nations Corporations and all the British Crown Corporations have to go, because they have been colluding and engaging in crimes under color of law. 

They can either be liquidated or be lawfully converted and come back under the limitations of the actual Law.  

If they can be unlawfully converted, they can be lawfully converted, too. 

This must be done, and this is the choice these corporations and their Principals must be given: liquidation or lawful conversion. 

No more "narratives" and shimmy-shuffle dances. 

 Also, it must be recognized that the unincorporated governments are present and are the actual owners of all the assets and credit that these corporations have been abusing.  

The United States of America is not accepting representation in these matters by any Foreign Agent and neither is our Fiduciary, Anna Maria Riezinger. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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International Public Notice: It's Not Just History

 By Anna Von Reitz

Not to be monotonous in our observation that the Brits are always at the bottom of every dogpile, but.... 

This video is worth watching, if only as a reprise to what we have already noted about the "legacy" of the still-present and not reformed British Empire.  

The Raj in India. 
The rape of the Ottoman Empire. 
The brutal suppression of Ireland. 
The Balfour Declaration. 
Israel created by an illegal British land lease.  
Territorial rule of the former Commonwealth. 
Betrayal of The United States. 
Apartheid and Segregation.
Invention of Concentration Camps.
Immoral horrific experiments on Dutch prisoners.
Mass genocide of German prisoners of war. 
Illegal mercenary occupations of other countries. 
Counterfeiting and commodity rigging. 
Identity and credit theft of entire countries. 
Institutionalized personage and barratry. 
Unlawful conversion of nationality and political status.
Corporatism substituted for Colonialism.
National Governments usurped.  
Securitization of living flesh -- peonage and slavery. 
Deliberate, pre-planned war-for-profit. 
False Flags and pre-planned Fall Guys.
Theft of natural resources and asset stripping. 
Shameless propaganda campaigns.
Violent suppression of dissent. 
Use of social caste systems to divide and conquer. 
Privateering, racketeering, and inland piracy. 
Deliberate creation of divisions by religion and race. 
Elitism -- apparently based on criminal success. 
Collusion against both Catholics and Protestants.
Immoral trade in Baptismal Certificate securities. 
Destroying and distorting history.
Evasion of Treaties and Contracts. 
Immoral trade in Birth Certificates. 
Illegal drug trade, smuggling, and sex trafficking. 
The Boxer Rebellion. 
Deliberate betrayal of the Philippines.
Assassinations of Four U.S. Presidents.
Forced conscriptions and press-ganging.
Bank, securities, and currency rigging. 
Undisclosed and unconscionable contracting. 
Stock market manipulation and insider trading. 
Suppression of natural resource development. 
Obstruction of trade, e.g., the Nordstream Pipelines.
Interlocking trust directorates.
National-level breaches of trust. 
Entrapment and blackmail. 
Psychological warfare and brain-washing. 
Illegal biowarfare and weather modification. 
Deliberate release of nuclear waste: Iran,Iraq,Yemen
Crimes of State: Libya, Benghazi
Forced enrollments and enlistments. 
Forced accessions: Kingdom of Hawaii. 
The English Civil War and Seven Year War.
The American and French Revolutions. 
Napoleon and Central Banks.
The War of 1812, Crimea, American Civil War. 
WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Mali. 
Dozens of unreported African campaigns. 
And of course, there's more....
When you finally understand that so much of what we listed here was engineered by the British Crown for mercenary profit and coercive control--- history sucks in its breath.  

This tiny little island has been at the bottom of all this list and far, far more; the even smaller bastion of the Inner City of London in collusion with the City of Rome and City of Washington, DC, has ruled a hidden and criminal Empire of the City that has spanned and threatened the existence of the entire Earth.  

The Americans who were used to finance and provide the muscle for all this didn't even know that they were acting as mercenaries and being set up as the Fall Guys. 

There is no country called Great Britain; there never was. Great Britain is an international business structure cemented together by four National Trusts which have all been breached. 

Yet, strangely, the British Empire, a derivative of Great Britain, existing in the Jurisdiction of the Air, continues to have a life of its own nearly a century (1926) after its purported renunciation of Colonialism, peonage and slavery. 

Just as the Brits substituted themselves and their State of State organizations for our American State of State organizations after the so-called Civil War, and just as they are still trying to sneak into our Federal Republic and substitute their version of "a" Federal Republic for ours, they lied and never gave up Colonialism, peonage, or slavery.  

They simply changed jurisdictions, rebranded themselves as the UK, incorporated their business enterprises, and sailed right on, substituting Corporatism for Colonialism. They continued their practices of indentured servitude and enslavement, only now, they used paper instead of chains. 

They replaced their military with another kind of "Uniformed Officers" instead, and coined another oxymoron, "civilian military" to describe the weaponized Bar Attorneys, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, University Professors, and other Licensed and Regulated Professionals that they unleashed on the unsuspecting world.  

The vast majority of these people were conscripted under force of illegal licensure and were never even made aware of all the "professional obligations" to be imposed on them by the British Guild system and such innocuous-sounding organizations as the American Bar Association and American Medical Association and the National Banking Association and the National Education Association and so on, which have been used to coerce the members of these professions to commit crimes and accept payola for doing so. 

Business as usual for the British Crown. 

The clueless Americans accepted all these "Associations" and bought the excuse that they were necessary to "discipline the professions" and "uphold professional standards" and "protect the public from quackery" --- when their actual aim was to create an embedded "civilian military" dependent on licenses  and required to do whatever these Associations demanded of them. 

Like falsifying scientific studies and data to promote a belief in human-caused global warming, which would then be used to justify Draconian new taxes on a worldwide basis. 

Like murdering a billion people (and more) using "vaccines" as a weapon injected by Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses. 

Like having the same Medical Doctors sign off on paperwork registering American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

Like using PhD. Educators to dumb down three generations of American students to make us more compliant and too stupid to see through their lies. 

Like using other Juris Doctors to undermine our Law Schools to teach nothing but Codes and Court Rules instead of actual Law. 

Like using Certified Public Accountants to juggle two sets of books and rig the budgets of every "government" department and agency.    

Like using the same licensed CPAs and Insurance Agents and Brokers to siphon off massive Slush Funds and hide it from the American Public. 

On the morning of September 11th 2001, we heard Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mumble something about losing "six trillion dollars".... just mislaid it somewhere.  

The list goes on and on.  They've been leading all these "professionals" around like bulls with nose-rings formed of nothing more than paper.  

The British Empire, which is nothing but a crime syndicate, never went away; it just changed suits. 
And like it or not, it's time for the Rest of Us to sink it once and for all.   

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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