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Saturday, May 18, 2024

International Public Notice: Dangerous Impersonations

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have told everyone multiple times that we, the Federation of States, do not choose Coordinators, the people who volunteer to organize their State Assemblies.  This is the traditional and customary duty of the people living in each State of the Union. 

Our role as the Summoning Authority, is to guide this effort and make sure that the parts and pieces of each Assembly are present and correctly functioning before fully seating them.  

At this stage, all States have a functioning General Assembly and many have progressed to the point that County Assemblies are being raised, and active Assembly Militias and Jural Assemblies and International Business Assemblies are incipient or in place.  

Certain State Coordinator volunteers have proven to be District Personnel intent on commandeering, misleading, and misrepresenting our State Assemblies -- either misguiding them to function as District Assemblies instead of State Assemblies or trying to misguide the members into false beliefs and violence. 

This has been a repeated scenario in Michigan and Missouri, with other States suffering less obvious attacks from District Personnel interfering in our operations and trespassing against our lawful government. 

The obvious game plan now emerging is to promote violence, which as in Gaza, the Perpetrators would happily use as an excuse to unleash war in this country, too.  

We currently have rogue organizations in two States claiming to be "The Michigan Assembly" and "The Missouri Assembly" respectively, with the rogue Missouri Assembly under the leadership of one Dan Auxier, a former volunteer Coordinator, openly preaching violence against the Federal Government.  

This has nothing to do with us and any association we had with Dan Auxier, former Missouri Coordinator, and Paul Peterson, former Michigan Coordinator, has been severed. 

This is, however, exactly the kind of "excuse" being sought by the British Territorial Government to come in and unleash the same kind of violence against us as has been applied in Gaza.  

Just as they ginned up an excuse there, using Hamas, they hope to use rednecks misled by District Operatives to provide them with an excuse to attack us and misrepresent our peaceable Assemblies as terrorist organizations.  

Our State Assemblies are dedicated to peaceful restoration of our lawful government and peaceful settlement of the U.S. Debt. 

Any other course would not be to our advantage, as it would provide the British Territorial Government an excuse to murder us in the name of protecting us.  

We wish to explain to the world that this impersonation of our assemblies is being attempted; we wish for these manipulations and tactics to be fully exposed, so that everyone is forewarned: these people act as imposters, actors, who pretend to be us, even pretend to be our State Assemblies--- and are not. 

These Undeclared Foreign Agents have insinuated themselves by volunteering to act as State Coordinators. 

We are weeding them out with all reasonable speed and determination, but in the meantime, it is necessary to be aware that these rogue organizations and persons are not part of our government and not sanctioned by us.  

We also have a number of rogue free-standing "jural assemblies" presenting themselves as part of the Union State's government, but the 1776 Union States are not in play yet. 

There is, of course, no basis for a free-standing jural assembly to exist. These organizations must at best be regarded as misguided and at worst, deliberate misrepresentations.  

There is a logical and orderly progression being followed by our American Government -- unincorporated.  

We have "returned", step by step,  to our own International Land Jurisdiction and have repopulated our fraudulently vacated States of the Union.  In the process, each Assembly Member also populates their County within the State; as more County Assemblies fill their ranks, the1776 Union States occupying our national soil jurisdiction take shape. 

Within the logic of our traditional and customary government, the unincorporated County Government is the supreme authority within that County.  Joined together, all the Counties within the State borders form the Union State and rule our National Soil Jurisdiction.  Each unincorporated County Court functions as the Supreme Court within that County. 

The same people operating the unincorporated State of the Union are responsible for the international functions of the State on land and sea; in this capacity, they assume their Lawful and Legal Persons and are known as the People, as in, We, the People.  

These People are the Principals who created and adopted all three of the Federal Constitutions and their Successors are the only ones who have the power to enforce the Federal Constitutions. 

No wonder that they have been targeted and misrepresented and impersonated by the incorporated Federal Subcontractors seeking to evade their constitutional obligations and limitations.

And debts.

These impersonations of us and of our Assemblies by other unrelated groups, often formed by District Personnel, or under the influence of undeclared District Personnel, are a deliberate endangerment to the people of this country. 

There is only one legitimate State Assembly in each State of the Union.  No matter what they call themselves or what names they infringe upon, any organization preaching violence is too stupid to be one of ours. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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