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Saturday, May 18, 2024

International Public Notice: Israel, Another Incorporated Phantasm

 By Anna Von Reitz

You all realize that Israel exists because of Britain's Balfour Declaration of a military protectorate over "Palestine".  

You should also know that any modern "Palestine" didn't actually exist then or now. The Brits just chose a historical name to make their own actions seem more legitimate. 

So modern "Palestine" and all that follows after it, is another corporate phantom created by the ever-meddling Brits, who were seeking both a toehold in the Middle East, and later, being prodded by Jacob Rothschild to provide a homeland for displaced Jews. 

Rothschild sweetened the pot by bankrolling World War II and giving the Perps payment on a 99-year lease on the land of "Israel", which, as the custodians and occupiers of the land of "Palestine", the Brits accepted.  Even though they didn't actually own a grain of sand.   

Another consequence of the Brits occupying  "Palestine" was the arbitrary creation of "Palestinians". 

This ersatz demonym was originally applied to everyone within the borders of "Palestine" -- Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian, everyone was suddenly a "Palestinian".  

Next, we get a huge migration of mostly Eastern European Jews flooding into "Palestine" and the Brits cross out "Palestine" and write "Israel" on the map instead, to accommodate Jacob Rothschild. 

So, now, the Jews were "Israelis" and everyone else was still a "Palestinian".  

This illegal British piracy and free-booting is what has spawned generations of racial and religious conflict, and ultimately led to the genocide in Gaza.  

They don't care how much havoc they are causing. They don't care who gets hurt or what's fair. Or even sane. 

So now we have mostly Muslim Arab people (with a grab bag of Arab and European Christians thrown in)  identifying as "Palestinians" and Jews identifying as "Israelis". 

Naturally, the fight is on. 

Britain has arbitrarily created these two entities known as "Palestine" and "Israel" and has separated the natural population from the immigrant population.

Of course, Rothschild starts heavily funding the "Israelis" and their government, which puts the native "Palestinians" at a great disadvantage. 

With Rothschild's money behind them and Britain's  collusion, Israel wins the 1948 "war"--- yet another illegal commercial mercenary conflict.  And the scripted miracle in the desert unrolls and the whole storyline of the Happy Kibbutzim is pushed through the mainstream media. 

Pretty soon, we are all sitting around listening to the theme song from "Exodus, the Movie" and people are dancing to Hava Nagila. 

Somehow, under this folksy crust of pro-Israeli media and sentiment, the world lost track of what actually went on in "Palestine" and the British role in it. 

It's not a matter of "Palestine was here first." because actually, it wasn't; "Palestine" was just as much of an arbitrary label as "Israel". 

There is no vote on record regarding what the people actually living in "Palestine" wanted to call their country.  The endlessly elitist British criminals just named the area "Palestine" and that was that. 

The heart of the matter is the pernicious and illegal meddling by the British Monarchy and British Crown in the affairs of other people in other parts of the world--- in two words, British Colonialism.  

And the meddling of billionaires in the affairs of entire countries -- in two words, Corporate Colonialism, which is even worse and prone to be more criminal. 

Finally, recently, the Balfour Declaration, the 99-year lease, and Jacob Rothschild all expired.  "Israel" expired too, like an abandoned housing complex with no owner and no landlord to pay for its maintenance.  

Enter Donald Trump, with an offer to create a new USA, Inc. franchise, the State of Israel, Inc. -- a move similar to renaming the Pope the Patriarch of the West. 

So Trump cut a deal to replace Jacob Rothschild as "Israel's" new landlord, and he recognized Jerusalem as the new capitol of this new "State of Israel, Inc." franchise being fronted by the USA, Inc. 

The folks back home in the real American don't have a clue what's going on or what all the shouting is about, because our media is gagged and commentary is limited to the same old BBC drivel being broadcast by Rothschild's "news service", aka, Reuter's.

At about the same time, lo, and behold, the new British Territorial Corporation partners now doing business as "the American Government, Inc." discover a huge new petroleum basin just offshore from the Gaza Strip. 

Of course, the oil companies knew about the "Eastern Mediterranean Oil Basin" decades ago, but their perceived need to compete with Russian-supplied energy in Europe was not an issue back then -- and placating their OPEC partners by limiting crude oil supplies, was. 

So they just let this huge petroleum cache sit idle, unexplored, and undeveloped, until now.  Just a few miles up the coast from all the suffering in Gaza, they are busy building a whole new port and refinery complex ostensibly belonging to the State of Israel, (Inc.). 

There was just one thing standing in the way of all this Happy-Happy between Trump, Israel, and British interests -- especially investor interests -- and that one thing was the Gaza Strip.  

Gaza and its entire population and infrastructure had to go, otherwise, it would be apparent to the rest of the world that the pesky "Palestinians" living there were the rightful owners of the oil.  

And that's why as of October 1st 2023, the officers of MI6 were authorized to begin providing large amounts of cash and military supplies and "assistance" to Hamas, a group otherwise labeled by the same miscreants as "a dangerous Terrorist Organization" --- one that they, in fact, created. 

Just like they created Isis out of thin air and our tax money.  

Netanyahu played his part by bullying everyone in the Israeli Intelligence Service and laying down the Israeli "defense" perimeter around Gaza, to expedite the attack.  

Hamas, acting as a hired mercenary force, went in and murdered 1,500 civilians.  

That gave the Bully Boys and Netanyahu the phony excuse they needed to go in and murder 70,000 "Palestinians" and raze their homes and businesses--- and clear out the Gaza Strip.  

They are looking for an excuse to kill us, too, because we are their preferential creditors. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2024


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