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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Living Law Firm Banned in Boston

 By Anna Von Reitz

The irony of it, right?  The State most renowned for its resistance to tyranny, is now one of the most afflicted by it.  Like Montezuma's Revenge, the Brits and the Papists have reduced it to functioning as a Commonwealth, being milked and bilked for the profit of both the Pope and the King. And let's not forget, the UN,CORP.  

Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia ---other States of the Union that have played crucial roles in claiming and exercising our country's independence, have all been reduced to functioning as Commonwealths. 

This form of "Christian Communism" is especially noisome, as it pretends to be for the good of all and to be charitable and beneficial, without actually naming names or publishing results of all this "charity".  

When the actual deal is examined, it shows up as a fraud scheme similar to "home loans".  You think that this means they are loaning you money to buy a home, but in actuality, they are asking you to loan them your home as collateral so that they can access 7 to 10 times as much credit based on your asset. 

That's what a "home loan" really is. 

They mortgage the asset and steal your credit--- "pay" you a small part of the credit you raised by mortgaging your home, and keep the rest. 

So, if you want to buy a home that costs $250,000.00, they set up a mortgage contract on that asset.  That nets between $1,750,000.00 and $2,500,000.00 for their bank as credit, that is, "money of account".  They give you the $250,000.00 to pay off your house, take their cut, then loan out the balance to other suckers. 

The same process repeats.  

This is how the whole banking system gets "over-extended" and how people get enslaved and how homes and businesses get stolen.  

The truth is, they didn't actually loan you anything.  You loaned them everything.  And all they did was broker an enslavement contract that left you as a tenant in what should have been your own house.  

Even after you pay off the mortgage, you don't own your house.  You are just a tenant in residence until you die.  The land is still purportedly owned by the Queen (who gives you a Title like "Sir Stupid Idiot")  and managed as a custodial interest by the Pope (as in Evil Uncle Ernie), so that the Probate Court (which is entirely illegal and not ever created by any American constitution or legislative act) can swoop in and steal the property from your heirs and resell it for the benefit of the Queen and the Pope, again. 

They do the same thing with your children and your marriages, which are only considered to be "Joint Business Ventures" that produce "Products" --- aka, children --- and they assume an undisclosed Third Party Silent Partner majority interest in your Joint Venture and your Products.  LOL. 

By the same deceitful and immoral and criminal legal presumptions, they have attempted to reduce men and women to being "humans" and when the "humans" fought for the rights, they gave them only "civil rights", and now that that schtick is wearing thin, they are trying to turn everyone into "Transhumans" and deny them any rights at all.  

How about we just find them and brand them as what they are?  Criminals and outlaws?  White collar scum that comes in all colors. Traitors to mankind. Traitors to this country and to all countries.  Worshipers of Mammon.  

Anyway, folks, it is a tenant of all that we have researched that a very large percentage of the Americans who have been misaddressed by courts in this country since 1865, should never have been approached, much less spoken to, by these foreign courts--- "foreign" both literally and jurisdictionally.  

Isn't it a strange thing that they finally agree with The Living Law Firm? -- Once their profits are in the tank and they are consistently losing every case, they agree that we don't belong in their courts?  Isn't that convenient?  LOL. 

So, The Living Law Firm is not disbanding.  It's concentrating full force on education and on enabling every living American to go on teaching these courts where the highwater mark really is, as long as the foreign court systems exist.   

Just the same, it's a funny feeling to stand here and reflect upon how the Tories and the Papists have schemed to undermine us and all the other living people, and to see how close they've come to gaining their objective --- to rule the world or destroy it.  

Now they are rushing forward the Basel III contracts, intent on destruction.  No cash will be available.  Gold and silver will be sucked into the vaults and stock exchanges, too.  

Millions of people will starve and perish if BIS gets its way, so we should hold BIS and all those who are partners in BIS accountable for that, right down to their toenails. 

We are proud to be banned in Boston and the illegal Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which has no custodial interest here. 


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Shout Out to North Dakota -- Want to End the Civil War???

 By Anna Von Reitz

Strange as it may be, there was never any Peace Treaty to end the Civil War. 

So, unofficially, this mercenary conflict simply continued on, and our country remained in a perpetual state of war and emergency from 1861 to today. 

The Reconstruction of our lawful government was never finished. This left our six cylinder engine clunking along on four. 

And it created a situation by which foreign governments could "legally" pillage and plunder us, impersonate us and subject us to crimes of personage and barratry, and create all sorts of unjust enrichment opportunities for themselves while pretending to be our protectors and trustees. 

That situation is rapidly coming to an end.  

Now, we have Big News to share with the people of North Dakota.  All forty-nine of your Sister States of the Union have taken action to sign off on a Peace Treaty which unilaterally ends the Civil War and puts an end to slavery as well.  

You are the last State in the Nation that needs to declare your position on this issue. Everyone else in this country has spoken loud and clear --- end the war, declare the peace, and end the institution of slavery once and for all time anywhere on our shores.  

North Dakota is the only State left still dragging its feet. 

That's why if you live in North Dakota or know anyone who lives in North Dakota, you need to be on the phone --- either to declare and join your State Assembly so you can vote on this key issue, or to alert friends and family in North Dakota that their State is in danger. 


Yes, because if North Dakota doesn't vote on this and declare in favor of the Peace Treaty, it will be the only State in the Union still allowing slavery --- and all the slavers will flock to North Dakota.  All the criminals that have been benefiting themselves at our expense, will be taking up residence in North Dakota and plying their awful trade from bases in North Dakota.  

Is that what you want for your State? 

Get moving, North Dakota!  Do it today!  

Go to: to get in touch with your Coordinator and your State Assembly today!  


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Good Interview with Moi, Miss Piggy of the Airwaves

 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately it seems I have been gobbling up more than my fair share of the airwaves.  And it might not be my place to say that my interview with Doctor B was "good" or "bad", either --- but once in a while, it feels like something clicked, that the information was sharp and clean, that the rapport was right, and then, a simple interview flags in your memory as being somehow better than others you've done. 

This interview was one of those.  

We just hit it off and he kept directing me to the kind of questions that matter. 

So, if you have felt uncertain about basic things or are wondering about current affairs, you might want to tune in to this particular broadcast.  We covered a lot of ground and covered it from a slightly different angle: 

I have been deep in conferences and discussions this week with some of the Grand Old Men of the Patriot Movement in this country --- people who, like me, have slogged through the law and the history for decades.  

It was a great pleasure and honor to be able to talk at length about our common knowledge and not have to stop and explain anything at all, and to freely brainstorm about ways that we can help people better defend themselves from "legal" attacks, means of delivering such assistance, and how to best bring forward and distribute economic and social relief through our new banking system.  

Suffice it to say that it has been an exhausting but inspiring couple weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. 

My Fiduciary duties for the country as a whole have meant that bank treaties have been established and are being established at a rapid rate and bank charters for all the various nations worldwide are being completed.  Fifty Accounts for the Fifty States are being established, along with up to 535 Accounts for each of the Indian Tribes. This is just the basic Chart of Accounts for this country.  Now multiply that worldwide, as each country comes online and each political subdivision of the land in all those countries are set up..... 

It's a vast undertaking. 

As we go forward people all over the world are waking up and the banks are high-tailing it, as the consequences of all the wrong-doing and crime become self-evident and resources get reallocated.  

Many people have been dismayed by headlines about Mr. Trump's recent speech saying, "The military isn't coming to save you.  No "coup" is being planned."  ---- and again, this is partially true.  

You are coming to save yourselves, and that is far better than any military coup. 
The military has been standing around since 1863 without the ability and authority to act for you, but now that you are all stepping up to the table and presenting yourselves, it makes it possible for them to act lawfully and with full confidence in what they are doing. 

It also makes it possible for law enforcement personnel all over the globe to take action, which before was impossible, because nobody with standing was making the complaints necessary to go after the vermin.  Now, we are. 

I have said from the start that this is not a matter of politics or race or religion or anything else of the sort.  I have said that it is a matter of crime, pure and simple.  

We have had crime syndicates running our banks and our corporations and using illegal interlocking trust directorates to do it.  They were running these operations behind "storefronts" including the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, the United Nations, the United States, Inc., and many more organizations that knowingly or unknowingly became complicit in crimes against humanity on a worldwide basis in the name of profit. 

How, you might ask, is this possible?  How could all these organizations be run amok like this?  

Two fundamental reasons -- 

(1) The commercial banks "slipped the leash" of the Public Law, which was originally imposed indirectly, because the commercial banks were owned by International Trade Banks; 

(2) We forgot -- for a time -- who we were, thanks to dumbing down in our Public Schools and destruction and hiding of public records and law books.  Just like the Brits burned the records during the War of 1812, trying to destroy the evidence of their debt to us, members of the Bar Associations have been hard at work trying to destroy the evidence of our courts and common law.  

It's not going to do them any good.  

Be of good cheer and don't be afraid.  The Evil Ones are failing in their aims and will continue to fail as people continue to wake up on a worldwide basis. 


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"I Was Told Not To Talk About This” | Edward Snowden

 And they call this guy a traitor???  Who are the real traitors?