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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Shout Out to North Dakota -- Want to End the Civil War???

 By Anna Von Reitz

Strange as it may be, there was never any Peace Treaty to end the Civil War. 

So, unofficially, this mercenary conflict simply continued on, and our country remained in a perpetual state of war and emergency from 1861 to today. 

The Reconstruction of our lawful government was never finished. This left our six cylinder engine clunking along on four. 

And it created a situation by which foreign governments could "legally" pillage and plunder us, impersonate us and subject us to crimes of personage and barratry, and create all sorts of unjust enrichment opportunities for themselves while pretending to be our protectors and trustees. 

That situation is rapidly coming to an end.  

Now, we have Big News to share with the people of North Dakota.  All forty-nine of your Sister States of the Union have taken action to sign off on a Peace Treaty which unilaterally ends the Civil War and puts an end to slavery as well.  

You are the last State in the Nation that needs to declare your position on this issue. Everyone else in this country has spoken loud and clear --- end the war, declare the peace, and end the institution of slavery once and for all time anywhere on our shores.  

North Dakota is the only State left still dragging its feet. 

That's why if you live in North Dakota or know anyone who lives in North Dakota, you need to be on the phone --- either to declare and join your State Assembly so you can vote on this key issue, or to alert friends and family in North Dakota that their State is in danger. 


Yes, because if North Dakota doesn't vote on this and declare in favor of the Peace Treaty, it will be the only State in the Union still allowing slavery --- and all the slavers will flock to North Dakota.  All the criminals that have been benefiting themselves at our expense, will be taking up residence in North Dakota and plying their awful trade from bases in North Dakota.  

Is that what you want for your State? 

Get moving, North Dakota!  Do it today!  

Go to: to get in touch with your Coordinator and your State Assembly today!  


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  1. Frankly Jefferson outlawed the import of African slaves so did Governor Of Virginia Patrick Henry.
    The robber barons of north treated thair poor child laborers horriably. Same in England St Mary’s 90 % of children died of lack of nutrition.
    Don’t forget the civil war actually began in 1859 with the robber Barron funded John Brown .
    All the actual((( slave traders ))) couldn’t make a buck selling staves now became abolishinist .
    Make a buck selling war and the thieft through carpetbaggers.
    Even stole the militia Hebrew for people
    Out continental congress.

    1. geez, this is unbelievable that this article would be printed.

      how many times has "anna" "herself" printed something to the effect that there was not Treaty ending the so-called "Civil War" because
      1. it wasnt a War [it was a mercenary attack like the corrupt part of the USInc has been doing over in the Middle East/other]
      2. so that War was ever Declared
      3. therfore, there would never be a Treaty to end a War that never happened in the first place.

      is anyone besides me feeling like all/most of the so-called "Patriot Group Leaders" are simply a bunch of flunky disinformation Agents at their core?

    2. is the "game"-- being run from both sides so they can never lose-- NOW unceremoniously DUMPing its former assets that are now nothing but liabilities to them?

      those people/assets apparently took the bait?: the promise that they were going to be included in sharing what was gained by "removing others"?

      oh but now, it didnt go so well? just asking cause it seems the dice were rolled for a 100% perfect result, but it looks/senses to me like theyre only coming up with about a 65% intended result at best.
      in school, that was a F.
      Not passing.
      Repeat the grade.

      are they throwing their now not-useful-anymore assets overboard.....? those same former assets who agreed to be used in anyway that furthered the agreed upon plan?

      so, now what?... what furthers the plan is: to ditch them?

      i believe we may be seeing the beginnings of this with the Cities tryin ta get shed of the Corps-es POLICy Enforcers...

      my bet is:
      their retirement accounts have already been bankrupted/ wiped out a couple or more years ago, they just dont know it yet.
      just a guess.

      i ask for protection over the good honorable ones who were actually trying to protect people. creator surely will cover them.

    3. also:
      i watched a few 1st amendment audits on yt last night and how the sneering harassers who were violating the peoples rights slunk away within seconds of being told they were being recorded/ live streamed or that the auditor knew his rights and WAS NOT backing down.

      these people are not Acting as Peace Officers.
      they are Hired Man Acting as Revenue Gatherer for the Foreign Corp-se and they now know it.

      even some of the auditors are telling/ asking them: "im holding you to your oath, im holding you to your oath, didnt you take an oath to uphold the Constitution? did you swear to uphold the Constitution? im holding you to your oath. do you know the 1st amendment? No!? how do you know what you were swearing an oath to uphold?

      people are referring to them as Road Pirates more and more often.

    4. just guessing:

      since it is my present speculation that if the Municipal Corp-se was actually bankrupted and dissolved on Nov 5, 2020, then the Corp-se would (typically) want to figure out a way to git shed of their liabilities without creating liabilities upon them/it self.

      so, if they have bankrupted, then the officers pension fund has been taken in that business model known as bankruptcy.

      but the Corp-se likely would not relish telling hundreds of thousands of Men they Hired to trick and harm people that those Men were not going to have the pension they were promised (in exchange for following orders that take innocent peoples' god given rights away... if that actually happened.)

      just speculating here...

      so, what would be a plan to get around that, if any was actually necessary?

      maybe it would work to allow Hired Mans who agreed to Act unlawfully on innocent people to Act unlawfully to the point that the people call for the removal of that group of Hired Man... like is being done now either organically or through contrivance.

      the Hired Mans could be fired for known unlawful Acts. Their pensions could be removed from them.

      its the peoples doing because they insisted the Hired Mans be removed.

      now the Corp-ses liabilities have been removed.
      and the people consented.

      their job is complete.

      just creating a short-story here.

    5. if you can, watch some of these 1st Amendment Auditor yts.

      its nerve-wracking, even sickening, but is one of the best ways to observe what is being done to people.

      watch how they violate laws.
      make things up that didnt happen and threaten innocent people with those false accusations, that they slink away from the accused when their accused tells them its all been recorded.
      say they "got a call" and "have to investigate" and the man/wo has to ID themselves since "its an investigation"... but people are pointing out:
      did they investigate the supposed CALL? did they get the CALLER to furnish their name and make a statement? or are they just lying so they can justify on their paperwork that they are harassing an innocent man/wo?

      were all seeing now that their election, medical, law enforcement other DOCK-u-ments are full of intentional lies.

      hey, its alright, right? its all fiction. theyre making up the story as they go. and you volunteered to be part of it.

      you knew that.
      theres no agreement/ contract.
      and you were only three weeks old, but YOU AGREED! -- YOU GOT THAT?

    6. hegelian dialectic:

      determine what they want the people to demand then create a problem that would make the people demand the predetermined solution that they wanted to impliment from the start.

      example: underwear bommer/ tsa machines; michael chertoff announced the TSA machines were ready for roll-out within DAYS of the underwear bommer incident/ false flag/ operationgladiostyle.

      create the problem
      that causes the people to react, usually in fear
      so they call for the pre-determined "solution"

      usually involves trading rights for "safety".

      hey, its all a game, right?
      its all fiction you knew that, you volunteered. smh.

    7. I've been telling folks all along this is what they are doing

      Self Government BULLSHIT all over these documents

      They have to kill the old to bring in the new and they using all these fine folk as the volunteers to get the job done
      Your in home re-education camps to assist the thieves in walking away with it all

      The public pension ponzi scheme (THE REAL PPP)

      The 13 beneficiaries to the Arizona Land Trust

      FDR was played by Fred Astaire
      NIXON was Warren Beatty - this is the so called schmuck who removed the gold standard


      Harold Heinze = HH = 88
      Anna's partner in crime, most likely her husband and not James Belcher
      Harold Heinze is former CEO of Arco Alaska and Arco Transportation Company, former Commissioner of Natural Resources, and former CEO of the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority. He has over 45 years of Alaska experiences in pipelines, mega-projects, and the North Slope.
      He was directly involved in the theft of nearly all of Alaska's natural resources to be put in trust for the families of HOLLYWOOD

      HOLLYWOOD IS THE HIDDEN HAND = 88 = total control of your friggin mind
      Kabbala or the cabal whichever you prefer same clans same thieves
      From the Queen to the Pope ALL OF THEM ARE ACTORS




      Notice how they named this inititative RAhs?
      Page 8
      How RAhs can make networked government a reality
      I give you the
      And they are using all the data they collect from every device on the plan(it)

      You will notcie she provides no resources what so ever to her claims in any of what she writes about

    8. try to find the yts where the auditor who knows his rights refuses to be intimidated and the Officer says the same thing over and over, some, over fifteen times... and the auditor gives the same answer over and over fifteen times and finally the Corps-es Officer whose been threatening the innocent man minding his own business with arrest, other violence walks off because he knew he didnt have the right to demand that from the man in the first place.

      some of them dont walk off tho.
      some of them break the window out/other.
      they are self-policing.
      they think they can continue to harm their neighbors without consequence.
      rumor has it their training comes from "israel" but idk.

      its going to take the people to do our part to stand up peacefully and lawfully and not be goaded into violence which is what they need to justify the violence that they themselves have perpetrated on the people.

      we have to hold the whole lot of them accountable.
      *we* have to do it.
      no one is going to do it for us.

      we have to agree on the minimum acceptable standards pertaining performance of duties and then, from Corps-e CEO, to the entry-level, they have to know whats expected of them; that were watching them, checking up on them, checking the books, so forth because WE CAN; that were together on it, and that we stand ready to remove them from receiving their agreed upon pay if they do not, peacefully and lawfully, provide the services they agreed to provide us and our families and neighbors and even neighboring communities, where applicable.

      the Corpse has made us all think we dont have the right to do that, but we do, and we have to set aside a portion of time in our lives to devote to the management of our own home neighborhoods, and so forth.

      if we dont take up that responsibility, we are going to have the worst running the best, instead of the other way around as it should be and can be.

    9. Shelby, THANK YOU TONS for all of the great information you have provided over the last six or seven months!! Nothing short of awesome!! :)

  2. Very Interesting bubbapatric; I grew up about a mile away from the old John Brown home, and we were taught that he was an abolitionist that fought, and died trying to free slaves. What always struck me as odd is that Perkins' Mansion is directly across the street and makes John Brown's home look like a shack.
    A good friend of mine told me that while doing title searches that many of the old deeds stated that the land was never to be sold to anyone of African descent. Surely makes one wonder what was truly going on in this fertile area that was one of the biggest oats producers in the country. Then became one of the largest tire producers in the country. The "topsoil" down the road "muck Farms" in places is over ten feet deep. To be able to feed such a huge workforce a stable urban farming community would definitely be needed, along with fresh water in which there are many artesian veins. Sure seems like by what you have brought forth, that his-story has been fabricated. Thanks.

    1. Those who created the fabricated story get all the royalties produced from the fraud

      Today the same family members and their decendants are working to secure these places of 'historic' and steal the properties

      Go watch the bullshit now about the
      American Battlefield Trust

      You will notice that the pictures they show from books printed decades ago and the landscape of today and they are identical
      In one of the videos the guy exclaims that the parks service has done a marvelous job of restoring the original tree lines that existed back in the day 150 years ago that match exactly to what he shows in the book
      Yep mother nature works that way you can replant a field of tress that looks identical to what existed there 150 years ago

      Notice how he says that the soldiers are all placed on the ground in a V for some reason all the time
      This is how they are declaring land to be 'historic' and claiming estates and such

      The wise men
      In this link see the following information about Chris Angle real name Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos a Greek Orthodox faith (jew)

      AND these wise men or WEISSMAN - how about this book here that I just ran in to from comments on a video made just a few days ago

      You see that FREEDUMB school shit in the link??

      This is their endgame and you are being led right to the fucking IoT and total control while being told you will be set free

    2. Taking a chance of having my reply deleted by attaching it to your comment, it doesn't matter however, I copy as much as I can before these comments are deleted for my own research at later dates, and for prosperity sake.
      The Chris Angle/Greek Orthodox Church doesn't surprise me one bit, years ago I tried to get access to my original Baptismal Record from the Arch diocese in Pennsylvania, just to be stonewalled, and then be told that those records were in the basement, and were lost due to water damage. If any Orthodox Parishioner believes the narrative that the Orthodox Church isn't part of the Catholic Church because of the schism that happened a thousand years ago, is sorely mistaken. Just as all these Churches here are as being 501C3's. This is/was another one their Magician's tricks. And these so called Christian Churches allow their parishioners to be Masons as well? Attorneys too? Who's got the Rites?

  3. And Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota folks where they just happen to be holding a Freedom Fest rally right now in RAPID CITY

    Funny South Dakota the only state to not sign something at this very moment and time
    Kind of like her holy grail STORY from the other day they can live a 1000 years BULLSHIT
    This is about securing the entire plan(it) through INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THESE FUCKING COMPUTERS for themselves and their families and the living 1000 years translates to they will secure the slaves for their 1000 YEAR REIGN under 24 hour suveillance living on universal income bearing their mark as they continue to egg up their family members and produce your future lying ass presidents

    Meet the Astaire (aka ASTOR who wasn't killed in the Titanic) Criminal Crime Cartel

    So while ole BING was playing the role of Hitler his daddy Fred Astaire was playing the role of FDR who signed this NEW DEAL bullshit in to 'law' MY ASS

    The rat pack
    4) Frank Sinatra aka Telly Savalas aka John Cassavetes aka Robert Loggia aka Cesar Romero aka John Epstein aka Peter Lawford aka Robert Kennedy aka Ronald Reagan.
    His hidden sons are Jack Nicholson aka John Voight, Tom Cruise, Lenardo DeCrapio and Ed Harris just to name a few, of his cloned banking escapades.
    Ed Harris played the role of LaVoy Finnicum in the Bundy Ranch BULLSHIT


    Founding Fathers = FF = 66
    Freedom Fest = FF = 66
    Historic Route 66

    And how about that right in the path of South Dakota

    The Alaska MontANNA Connection


    1. Their very own HISTORY channel is telling you they plan to burn down Vegas which is why they put everyone on lockdown to secure the scenes of the crimes to come

      The Allegiant Stadium in Vegas nicknamed the Death Star folks completed during lockdown
      Uniforms of the team include a pirate eye patch and skull and bones
      They also looted the entire town of any and all valuables

      She no doubt is of the family members and they know exactly what they are doing

      I'd say this building here has been wired for just such events in Vegas

      And the billions they stole for these high speed rail lines to nowhere are also key to their plans

      They secured these lands under these trust and then they set their crews to work to lay the foundation to blow this continent all to hell
      And they did it with our tax dollars and our labor

      The end times they've been working to create since God only knows when

      By displacing water they create massive destruction while the ground work is put in place by the stupid army corp of engineers
      Just like Katrina they blew those dams up and flooded that region killing God only knows how many and Rockefeller aka Astaire Getty Oil moves in to the Gulf

      And I found this of some interest as well
      Exxon versus Harold Heinze

    2. Her shout out to South Dakota is a signal folks has nothing to do with signing any papers to end the so called civil war

      Just like her article the other day about the holy grail - BULLSHIT
      They are signaling one another is what they are doing using the disguise (MASK) of a freedumb blog

      Did I mention that there are all kinds of nifty hollywood stars and speakers at the freedumb fest in South Dakota going on right now

      The objective is to make the people think they saved this nation while marching them right smack dab in to the UN AGENDA

      Funny too there is already a 150 million dollar payout in the works for the now COLLAPSED SURFSIDE building in Florida?
      Pretty fast working on the part of the settlement judges and lawyers wouldn't you say
      And I wonder who owned that real estate and who is raking in that cash?
      Like lucky larry aka Jerry Stiller

  4. From the following document

    It reads as follows
    We are not the words (vital statistics) printed on these birth certificates, for words are form without substance, existing nowhere in Nature, purely the artful creations of man. Of course, no man of flesh and blood is born from a birth certificate, only a digital copy to be operated commercially in the legal, commercial matrix.

    Agent for the lie
    Make note of when he talks about a CORPORATE CHARTER

    Now why would someone claim to be rechartering these same corporations and under what autority could they be rechartered?

    Only document I've come across that pertains to serving notice as it pertains to the surname

  5. Read what he writes

    And remember now that L LINCOLN Woods is who represented the Atlanta Olympic
    b o m b e r and the RAMseys in the case of Jon Benet

    And let us not forget that ole L Lincoln Woods here burst on the scenes along with their other brother in arms Mike Lindel the pillow guy and somehow they have clout of whatever sort to be in the SPOTLIGHT and bring charges or whatever the hell they are really doing in regards to the fake ass election BULLSHIT

    If you have not figured this shit out yet I do not know what to tell you

    Like Prathers Priorities (they love their PP dick jokes) who was spun off which I pointed out that the man behind that mask was none other than Gene Hackman from the movie
    Enemy of the State
    Did I forget to mention he also plays the role of Uncle Sal in the hit televison series Duck Dynasty

    This shit is no different on the internet than it is on television
    They can produce and put shit out all over the place and they can use the same techniques they using on television on these computers
    Santos Bonnaci is not some new age guru he is a member of the band Santana and he was at the launch of WINDOWS XP that took place in Vegas at the MGM Grand 2 months after 9 1 1
    He was part of the launching of the first ever produced CD
    He's one of the first I watched about the birth certificate and the vatican owns your soul
    Look at how many subscribers he has do you realize how much money he is raking in with this new age bullshit?
    And do you realize that he ask for donations to assist him in doing things for his syncritism bullshit school all the time
    One time he said hey friends we need $4500 right away to launch something and guess what the dumb ass sheep fed him the loot

    What better way to do away with the churches than to claim that the church is behind this major theft of everything on the plan(it)
    In fact the first time I heard the name Medici was from Santos and tada Medici Land Governance is born
    Guess where you entered your land records in tha LRS system provided here by Miss Anna? Thats right into the Medici Land Governance database

    All of this shit is a product of Hollywood

    And you best believe their intent is to steal it all folks right down to your social security and the pensions and all the hidden monopoly money in those CAFR reports CAFR kind of sounds like a calf like in a cow doesn't it
    Like James Caan here aka George Carlin said
    Funny thing too they killed off ole Larry King and the fake ass Rush Limbaugh shortly after these videos came out

    UPS is known as the CASH COW in the shipping industry because UPS stands for UNIVERSAL POSTAL SERVICE not United Postal Service and they are linked to the SWISSY land UPU UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION

    NAC codes are 'natural area codes' supposedly being assigned by the TROH show to individually free the slaves from the residence clause but in reality it is another way to track the residence using latitude and longitude and it is not independent at all as they claim

    They're all in it together and these machines will destroy us if we do not use them to our advantage and expose their plots

    As in the movie WAR GAMES
    Shall we Play a Game

    Let's see are we going to RECHARTER IBM to enslave us or what
    IBM is INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES the outfit from WWII who helped mark the jews remember tattooing a number on their wrist
    And Ann Franks diary, hmm I wonder who wrote that and is still collecting royalties on that book to this very day

    Videos being taken down for copyright claim by whom?
    Fake copyright claims is what they are and they put their very own laws on the books to do just that keep the goy from revealing the truth

    Some sights are even claiming coyright for communications mediums that don't even exist yet - now how about that

    Copyright claims to protect the guilty blocking content from entire geographical areas