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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Living Law Firm Banned in Boston

 By Anna Von Reitz

The irony of it, right?  The State most renowned for its resistance to tyranny, is now one of the most afflicted by it.  Like Montezuma's Revenge, the Brits and the Papists have reduced it to functioning as a Commonwealth, being milked and bilked for the profit of both the Pope and the King. And let's not forget, the UN,CORP.  

Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia ---other States of the Union that have played crucial roles in claiming and exercising our country's independence, have all been reduced to functioning as Commonwealths. 

This form of "Christian Communism" is especially noisome, as it pretends to be for the good of all and to be charitable and beneficial, without actually naming names or publishing results of all this "charity".  

When the actual deal is examined, it shows up as a fraud scheme similar to "home loans".  You think that this means they are loaning you money to buy a home, but in actuality, they are asking you to loan them your home as collateral so that they can access 7 to 10 times as much credit based on your asset. 

That's what a "home loan" really is. 

They mortgage the asset and steal your credit--- "pay" you a small part of the credit you raised by mortgaging your home, and keep the rest. 

So, if you want to buy a home that costs $250,000.00, they set up a mortgage contract on that asset.  That nets between $1,750,000.00 and $2,500,000.00 for their bank as credit, that is, "money of account".  They give you the $250,000.00 to pay off your house, take their cut, then loan out the balance to other suckers. 

The same process repeats.  

This is how the whole banking system gets "over-extended" and how people get enslaved and how homes and businesses get stolen.  

The truth is, they didn't actually loan you anything.  You loaned them everything.  And all they did was broker an enslavement contract that left you as a tenant in what should have been your own house.  

Even after you pay off the mortgage, you don't own your house.  You are just a tenant in residence until you die.  The land is still purportedly owned by the Queen (who gives you a Title like "Sir Stupid Idiot")  and managed as a custodial interest by the Pope (as in Evil Uncle Ernie), so that the Probate Court (which is entirely illegal and not ever created by any American constitution or legislative act) can swoop in and steal the property from your heirs and resell it for the benefit of the Queen and the Pope, again. 

They do the same thing with your children and your marriages, which are only considered to be "Joint Business Ventures" that produce "Products" --- aka, children --- and they assume an undisclosed Third Party Silent Partner majority interest in your Joint Venture and your Products.  LOL. 

By the same deceitful and immoral and criminal legal presumptions, they have attempted to reduce men and women to being "humans" and when the "humans" fought for the rights, they gave them only "civil rights", and now that that schtick is wearing thin, they are trying to turn everyone into "Transhumans" and deny them any rights at all.  

How about we just find them and brand them as what they are?  Criminals and outlaws?  White collar scum that comes in all colors. Traitors to mankind. Traitors to this country and to all countries.  Worshipers of Mammon.  

Anyway, folks, it is a tenant of all that we have researched that a very large percentage of the Americans who have been misaddressed by courts in this country since 1865, should never have been approached, much less spoken to, by these foreign courts--- "foreign" both literally and jurisdictionally.  

Isn't it a strange thing that they finally agree with The Living Law Firm? -- Once their profits are in the tank and they are consistently losing every case, they agree that we don't belong in their courts?  Isn't that convenient?  LOL. 

So, The Living Law Firm is not disbanding.  It's concentrating full force on education and on enabling every living American to go on teaching these courts where the highwater mark really is, as long as the foreign court systems exist.   

Just the same, it's a funny feeling to stand here and reflect upon how the Tories and the Papists have schemed to undermine us and all the other living people, and to see how close they've come to gaining their objective --- to rule the world or destroy it.  

Now they are rushing forward the Basel III contracts, intent on destruction.  No cash will be available.  Gold and silver will be sucked into the vaults and stock exchanges, too.  

Millions of people will starve and perish if BIS gets its way, so we should hold BIS and all those who are partners in BIS accountable for that, right down to their toenails. 

We are proud to be banned in Boston and the illegal Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which has no custodial interest here. 


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  1. Gary@GaryJac34303792

    U.S. Farmers Are Receiving Letters From The Department Of Agriculture Offering Them Cash To Dispose Of Their Crops

    "Why are there UN Troops in Utah and Ohio?
    The Democrats have invited them in to investigate systemic racism! But we know that's a cover for what they're really up to. Prepare"

  2. Happy for your information and Wishing you more progress. To me, Anything good, legal, for the Progress and happiness is ok. Thanks
    Not implicating but right

  3. Patrick Henry “give me liberty or give me death “speech had also said “unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing force “.
    We have outlaw tyrants hideing behind color of law
    The history is clear the false flag on sixth Jan, 9/11
    The rigged civil war not because didn’t meet definition of civil war only wanted to leave peacefully.
    It’s allwsys a false flag event the Spanish American war remember the Main ,gulf of Tonkin,
    Weapons of mass destruction.
    But they need the color of law to hide behind.,

  4. Its becoming clear that the only solution is to eradicate the problem...the ones creating and enforcing it. Just as I have said from day one. Choose your method and do it now because the last resort is brutal and unpleasant.

  5. I appreciate all the info but it gives We The People no direction on how to act upon it. So, it’s futile!

    1. .
      No its not ask anna about the B.C. and the decedent - cake -afterbirth

    2. Jules4Liberty- Anna HAS given "direction on actions to take" ,, repeatedly, almost daily, and at the bottom of nearly EVERY Post.. goto annavonreitz. com and theamericanstatesassembly. net ,, and READ. then DO ..its not at all difficult...

  6. .
    Belief is not Reality

    Why would you thing that attorney that belong to the BAR Guild will not be punished from the BAR Guild for bringing the truth into court?

    In 1871 did the "BAR Guild - Government" not create and enact the law of necessity?

    What a way to mislead people and give them false hopes with two dimensional paper work and trying to claim a status and or claim something you don’t own and of course being a United States citizen ............

    People and Ann should know by now that what their doing has not worked and gotten us back our CONstitutional III courts and government (years of no remedy-suolition-action that has helped)
    Is that correct ? If not then why not?

    1. MAXI-- you are really good at what you do.. tear down, obscure, introduce doubt, mix truth with half truth, constantly point out flaws in processes in flux,,..
      IF you were an American you would be celebrating our successes not looking for levers to upset the applecart and sow discontent..

      Therefore.. if it looks like a duck and quacks... which makes you imao an undeclared foreign agent, working for the brits, or pope,, a Tori or a Papist Shill ,,, ..

  7. Your following is my following and your decision is mine too the same your part shall I follow also your satisfaction is my satisfaction. Shalom

  8. I promised to support you on anything.
    Thanks for the information.

  9. I have before me an original (dusty!) - THE REVISED STATUTES OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS PASSED NOVEMBER 4, 1835 . . .

    Interestingly, examining the index, each and every chapter (106 Chapters total!) are titled beginning with the word "Of."

    Interesting reading.


    1. interested - Ohhhhh that sounds juicy. Sweet. A couple of us have gone over our state constitutions & found the Inc.'s usurping upon land jurisdictions. Unless we can see the original documents, not an interpreted copy, we 're not solidly sure how the 'State of's' are originally written.
      To have an original... Man oh man... am salivating ok. Hope you're able to produce an exact replica of it all, including cover to cover, blank pages & all. Priceless! thanks & stay sane

    2. Hi Wink Wink, their are 1007 pages!!!

      Here is my transcription of the first page including only the first Title, of the index:


      PART 1.
      TITLE 1.
      CHAPTER 1. Of the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth, and of the concurrent jurisdiction of the United States over places ceded by the Commonwealth.............56
      CHAPTER 2. Of statutes and legislative proceedings......58

      That's a start!!! Only one other, and bigger, paragraph on this index page plus 1006 more pages to go.

      So many "Of"s

      When I was 6 I spelled "of" as "ov" and it took me another 20 years to even begin to usefully grasp, defend, and offend with that penny-anti bambozzle word.

      more to come,

  10. So, does that affect a American State National or someone trying to become one?

  11. An insider

    1. Great interview thanks for the link. It sure seems that Astrid has the inside scoop, and is truly blowing the whistle on the "WHO/CDC/GAVI". As with everything however especially with those that exude an altruistic air about themselves we must not forget about controlled opposition. The one red flag that popped up for me was at the end when she divulged that she was employed by a group of lawyers now. They also made the case on numerous occasions in this interview how certain facets to what all of US are going through now is perpetuated because of what was implemented years ago. There definitely has to be a generational playbook that is being utilized that only a few are privy too, which has the majority playing/acting out all sorts of parts for "their" amusement, and to move the procession along to next chapter/act. History seems to have been too well orchestrated for this not to be the case for what is transpiring during this present era.

  12. From the following document

    Start of the quote within the link above
    Did you actually think the Star Wars saga was a good thing?
    Star Wars you get it they are all stars and they are waring against the rest of us for total control of all of our faculties
    Better read between the lines to see the real agenda…


    “…We stand on the threshold of a new beginning. In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for ten thousand years. An Empire that will continue to be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life. An Empire ruled by the majority, ruled by a new constitution!

    “By bringing the entire galaxy under one law, one language, and the enlightened guidance of one individual, the corruption that plagued the Republic in its later years will never take root. Regional governors will eliminate the bureaucracy that allowed the Separatist movement to grow unchecked. A strong and growing military will ensure the rule of law.

    “Under the Empire’s New Order, our most cherished beliefs will be safeguarded. We will defend our ideals by force of arms. We will give no ground to our enemies and will stand together against attacks from within or without. Let the enemies of the Empire take heed: those who challenge Imperial resolve will be crushed…”

    —The Declaration of a New Order,
    a proclamation by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    as an Extraordinary Session of the Galactic Senate
    and then to the general populace,
    proclaiming himself Emperor of the galaxy:
    from the science fiction movie series ‘Star Wars’

    Very familiar indeed. Agenda 2030 as an organized world government within the United Nations is expressed here in its bitter totality. Be it a galaxy of planets or a world of nations, the goal is the same. UN Peacekeeping forces will and certainly are enforcing international law even as we speak. But just does it work?

    You think the asshole schwab dressed like Darth Vader at the world economic forum is an accident
    Continue reading the article linked above

    1. Continued from above

      And I'm here to tell ya that the man behind this is their Grand Master and the star of those very star wars movies

      Patrick Stewart (real name: Alexander Adolf Hitler ASTAIRE, oldest son of William Patrick Stewart Hitler ASTAIRE): Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus, the man who released not only the script for actor playing "billionaire Trump" but also for EVERYONE else in world politics.

      After they fake their alien invasion they will launch their


      The Galactic Council my ass - I believe I have heard Miss Anna here speak a time or two about her conversations with the galactic council and it works in nicely with the

      Thats why she exclaims over and over and over again about the FEDERATION the FEDERATION the FEDERATION

      She's in on it folks, IMHO

      And IBM Q for Quantum is the brain of AI which is CERN folks

      Space X and Bozo the clown and their freak show at this point and time is to keep the star wars idiots and the comicCON morons entranced in the concept of a Galactic Supreme Ruler

      This is all a mind control freak show and the countless trillions upon trillions stolen from all nations around the world and our labor that has gotten them to this point

      It's all linked together folks

      They however do not have all the infrastruture in place to pull it off they are working at breakneck speed to get it all in place

      As the writer above has said many times they are working to create the end times and launch their BRICS New World Order and the Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth Constitution

      The climate change disasters are following the holy book to a T
      They are withholding hoarding the food supplies on purpose
      They are creating the droughts, fires all of it on purpose to fit the end times script

      Rewriting history is part of the plan so devulging this stuff when they did and telling the sheep this shit was to keep them busy while they completed their other plans

      Come out of her my people means to come out of the fucking trance

      The Alaska Montana connection

      We either wake the fucking military to the total mind fuck of all this and they intervene for the people of all nations or they continue to slaughter all for this bunch of psychopaths

    2. And I argue that none of this shit is artificial or fiction they just wanting us to think it is after all they write the definitions to the words right
      It is a way for the thieves who made it all up to get away with the crimes they've commited after of course they loot the entire world of all assets which are supposed to be fiction but somehow they can claim them all even though they are fiction themselves including the fake ass governments themselves

      The fictions in the military don't know their fiction and are payed to kill at will - this is what money does they are only doing their jobs and they get paid that fake ass money to do them

      When the public subjects (contracted, money-driven agents) can be convinced to militarily force-govern themselves to follow a foreign international law, the law of nations and declarations of the United Nations (global governance), and actually believe that this false offering from the legal gods of “peace and security” is a good thing, then any scrap of private sovereignty and freedom is lost. The national military of the United States (a de facto standing army in peacetime) now contracts and works for an outside force, which was the biggest complaint within the Declaration of Independence.

      I've said it before and I will say it again

      Very long article but as I said they come up with the words and definitions doesn't make them true

      Corporation as a person falling under their same fiction law DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE
      And the fact that NOAH Websters DICKtionary is part of this whole scheme should not be overlooked

    3. The judiciary act of 1789: Read article 34. This called the rules of decision act. Erie v Tomkins overturned it not an act of congress. This is federal preemption.

      Under article 34 the judiciary would follow the state common law on a subject matter. Take income tax. Your state does not have a law requiring you to file any federal income tax and never will. This is why the supreme court will no longer here this as a constitutional matter.

      According to Senator Harkin, the only way to the constitution prior to 1933 is through the foreign Sovereign immunities act 1602-1611. This basically takes away the DOJ or your States executive prosecuting branch.

      This and the rule of decisions act and demand for lawful money is the triple crown of not being treated like a indentured servant the federally preempted registration.

      All government bonds are regisistered state and federal. Anything registered is federally preempted. This is chattal conversion on a commercial scale and the sherman anti-trust act states your labor is not commercial. This is commercial slavery.

  13. Interesting points...I do want to remind people...Your rights come from Creator...not assembly, not USA, not U.N. etc etc etc