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Monday, January 31, 2022

A Time of Miracles

 By Anna Von Reitz

All the scars on my body are disappearing. Several terrible marks are already gone, as if they never were.  When I think of them or visualize what they used to look or feel like, it is as if these were someone else’s scars.  

I cannot explain this, except in terms of physics and quantum entanglement theory.  

Even the very worst scars are vanishing day by day until they are perhaps a twentieth of their former size and form; thick, sinuous ugly scars reduced to fading pencil-thin lines.  

Now, I am no stranger to miracles.  My broken hunched back was restored by a miracle, and I have been told since then that I have the back of a thirty year-old.  

But that was a particular event caused by a particular Healer coming into my life and addressing the pain.  This is something different.  This is happening spontaneously. 

All by itself, my body is rewriting the physical traumas I have suffered and is deleting the scars.  

And if the scars are going, are the underlying experiences and traumas going too? 

All I can tell you is that scars I have carried for decades are disappearing and all that is left behind is firm unblemished skin. 

Welcome to a time of miracles.  If this is happening spontaneously for me without me even asking, imagine how much more can now be done for those who ask?  And who truly need healing of wounds?  

All who are broken in body, mind, and spirit, ask for healing now.  


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Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Truckers Are Coming: World Record Caravan Heads to Mandate-Imposing Tyrants

Friday, January 28, 2022

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America


CIA Cells Within CIA Cells

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please Note "United States Patent" Rota et al. Patent Number US 7,220852 B1, dated May 22, 2007, which created a US Patent on Coronavirus Isolated from Humans. The Assignee was "The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington, DC (US)."
Please understand that this Assignee is a "representative" of the British United States presuming to act for us, the unincorporated United States of America, without any authority to do so.
Beneficiaries included:
Twentieth Century-Fox
Pirnie, Lee & Company
Hua Nan Motors
China Factors
Swan, Culbertson, & Fritz
National Aniline and Chemical Company
American Engineering Corporation
Gallop & Company
American Asiatic Underwriters
Wallace Harper and Company
Cathay Oil Company
Anker B. Henningsen
William Hunt and Company
Hongkong Bottlers
All Federal Incorporations circe 1947-49.
Please also understand that, as this patent makes clear, China was the ultimate assignee.
Perhaps it would help to know in the midst of this whirling madness, that LBJ transferred 234,000 metric tons of our gold to Barclays Bank in Singapore, shortly after JFK was murdered.
And that would make sense out of the $1,200,,000,000 loan (and Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated June 30, 2021 to Pacificorp and the Initial Lenders JPMORGAN CHASE N.A. as Administrative Agent and LC Issuing Banks:
That is: Citibank, N.A, U.S. Bank National Association, Barclays Bank PLC, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation as Joint Lead Arrangers and Joint Bookrunners.
And Wells Fargo, N.A., MUFG Union Bank, N.A., Mizuho Bank. Ltd., Citibank, N.A., U.S. Bank National Association. Barclays Bank, PLC, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Bank of Montreal as Syndication Agents....
And Royal Bank of Canada and The Bank of Nova Scotia, TD Bank N.A., PNC Bank National Association, and Bank of America, N.A. as the Documentation Agents.
This establishes the provenance, the motivations, the roles, the actors, and the beneficiaries.

Now all we need to do is find out who gave the order?


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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Another Mega Prune the Mainstream Media Failed to Deliver

 By Anna Von Reitz

I thought that I was losing my edge.  

When I talked about the schism between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism during my Monday webinar, I assumed that everyone else knew already.   Wrong! 

Turns out that I was one of the first turnips under the tarp to filter this out of the international news --- and at that, I was three weeks late:

For those shaky on Church History, after the Visigoths trounced Rome in the West, the headquarters of the remaining Church moved to Constantinople, otherwise known as Istanbul, and thus, two churches gradually emerged out of what had originally been the Roman Catholic Church--- East and West.  

They always had their differences and they continued to diverge for the better part of two thousand years, becoming the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchy in the East and the Roman Catholic Church in the West.  

Since the 1950's a gradual growing ecumenical movement helped to heal over some of the more awkward social and doctrinal issues and ease tensions between these two early branches of the faith, but now, all of that progress has been undermined by Pope Francis and his support of the vaccine mandates, to that point that a violent schism is again appearing between East and West, as this no-holds-barred critique makes clear. 

The Eastern Orthodox Church has already claimed the High Ground and what can Francis say?  He has training as an organic chemist.  He cannot claim to be ignorant of science, yet he is promoting such absurdities as a carbon dioxide surplus and a "vaccine" made out of poisons, mRNA, and aborted fetal cells.  

The Patriarch described this injection as the mark of the beast, and an anti-baptism.  There can be no doubt that he is broadly implying that Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ.  

Whatever friendship and respect had developed between the two churches in recent decades, has been lost.  The Patriarch also called out the Archbishops for their failure to take a stand and defend their diocese.  To date, the tradition-bound Roman Catholic Church hierarchy has been slow to engage in any public dissent, except for a few rare individuals, like Cardinal Vigano. 

This, despite the noxious nature of the ingredients of these injections, and their known terrible risks for pregnant women, babies, small children, and young people in general, as well as family elders.  

We join the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch in wondering how and why millions of Roman Catholics are putting up with this and, when it really counts, are doing nothing to protect themselves and their families?  

The warning against the mark of the Beast has stood for thousands of years, and now the Eastern Orthodox Church is calling it for what it is--- and it is, indeed, a mark that the proposers of this madness would require for people to buy and sell, travel, go to school, or much of anything else. 


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Ah, Another Reason to Blow Up the Ukraine

 By Anna Von Reitz

At least, that is, if you are Joe Biden. 

Remember Viktor Shokin, the mild-mannered Ukrainian prosecutor who had the audacity to investigate Hunter Biden and the Burisma oil venture?  Shokin was fired and the investigation into Hunter/Burisma was buried in exchange for one billion dollars in loan guarantees --- guaranteed by Joe Biden, that is.  

And Joe admitted it. 

And then, nothing happened?  

A billion dollars in payola just slid under the rug like a buttered potato chip, and nobody said nuthin'.  Daddy got elected "President" though nobody knows how or who voted for him.  

It's just one magic trick after another.  Get back, David Copperfield.  This looks more like David Coppertone.  

And just in the past day or two, those pesky Ukrainians finally got around to naming the "unknown American" in their ongoing legal battle, trying to get to the bottom of this Burisma deal --- and it's Joe!   Who knew? 

Yes, they had the bare-naked temerity to name a sitting US President as a Defendant in a criminal case, at the same time as he is turning the Atlantic Fleet over to NATO to bomb them to smithereens. 

This is starting to sound like a Greek tragedy.  

OAN is the only American news source that reported on this circumstance-- that and The David J. Harris, Jr. Show, which is where I caught it.  

Folks, you really do need to consider getting OAN if you can get cable news service, and The Epoch Times newspaper, both, if possible.  These, and some alternative news sources like Jon Rappoport's and G. Edward Griffin's and David J. Harris, and of course, the dauntless O'Keefes,  are all that's left of American Journalism.  

The rest is just mutt-muddled European multi-verse mockingbird babble. 

Do what I did.  Get a couple old pals together and buy a group subscription and pass the paper around.  Share the cost, share the news, share the vibes, share the paper.  Someone will have a bird or a cat or a fireplace, right? 

We all may get squashed like bugs, flash freeze dried, or God knows what, because we get blamed for somebody else's crimes, but at least we will have a chance at knowing why.  


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Your Bread Basket or Mine?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Things started going South in the 1980's when trade with China got ramped up. A pipeline was established with products and goods flowing from China to "the US". What happened with the "pipeline" is what is causing the problems now. 

I have explained this before.  The pipeline connecting Chinese production with US consumption was rigged, and it was rigged to cheat the people on both ends. 

On the Chinese side, people were struggling along on slave wages, barely able to live.  On the American side, we were paying probably ten times at the check out what the Chinese laborers were expecting to get back.  In between stood the Middlemen, U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Officers on one side, and Chinese Generals on the other. 

Guess what? 

Both military establishments got real greedy. 

They cut their own quid pro quos and agreed to let each other steal as much as they could, and they did. 

At the end of the day, the Chinese workers were left with nothing and the Americans are left wondering what's going on, and the guilty military generals and admirals are all chasing around trying to cover their butts. 

And that is the current problem.  Trillions upon trillions have been siphoned off, and those of us who already paid for the Chinese goods once, are not inclined to pay again.  

The Chinese are hopping mad, thinking that "the Americans" cheated them, when in fact we already paid in good faith.  The Americans actually have nothing to do with any of this, of course, because it was "the U.S." --- the British Territorial Government responsible for all this crap. 

Meanwhile, the Generals and Admirals responsible are sweating, thinking, uh-oh, if anyone catches on.... hey, guys!  We gotta kick up one helluva dust storm to cover this! 

Now, image, Chinese and U.S. Generals putting their flat little heads together and trying to come up with something to distract attention from the elephant they created?  

Covid 19?  

That bought them some time. 

Now, they are actually going for the gold.  Literally.  They are planning to take out 32 world heritage sites, including the White House (the reason for the 10 foot concrete wall is to contain the blast) and blame this on "terrorists". 

Next they plan a little limited "nuclear" war in the Ukraine.  Call it Crimea 2.0. 
In which they poison the farmland responsible for feeding a quarter of the world's population.   

And last, but not least, they are trying to fund and operate all this by funneling all the world's banking records to UBS in Switzerland and "dumping" the records into the "Quantum Financial System" which is just more BS.  

Let me explain something in very simple terms. 

Most of the world's finances rested on the resources of one man, Severino Sta. Romano.  Ferdinand Marcus was his attorney-for-hire.   That's all Ferdinand Marcos ever was and he and his children have no more claim to Severino Sta. Romano's estate than the man in the moon.  

It would be like your Father's attorney claiming your Father's estate, by pretending that you, his lawful heir, don't exist. 

That's what these idiots are doing, at the cost of millions of lives and trillions of dollars. They think that nobody will know.  They'll pull this big worldwide emergency, order a worldwide "lockdown" and ride it out.  

But they won't. 

For forty plus years, their excuse for not stopping the corruption was that they were "flushing the rats out".  Fine enough.  Well, the rats have been flushed. And now comes the turn of the rats flushing the rats.  The brown shirts get eaten by the black shirts and the black shirts get eaten by..... 

On the 18th of December 2021, a False Claim in Commerce was entered in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, a UCC-1 Filing in the name of H.E. HRM ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS, #U210111393126.  The man making this claim also claims to be a son of Ferdinand Marcos, Angel Marcos, who, the Government of the Philippines, assures me, they have in jail on weapons charges. 

Funny how he could appear and file a UCC form in San Jose, California. 

San Jose is also the home of the mysterious Everton Rochas, who claimed himself in 2011. 

But in any event, we know for sure that what the Marcos family wants done with the money has no importance, because the family of Severino Sta Romano are the heirs. 

Okay, that's the way it is.  

Always remember what Joshua said when asked about his family?  --"He who does the will of my Father in Heaven." 

And if you want to know some more of the story, look no further than the fact that China needs (or thinks it needs) farmland to feed its people.  In truth, we have means to provide more than enough food for everyone, we just need to rethink our farming methods. 

But for now, realize that China has a legitimate beef and need, and is looking for room to expand. It can't bomb us and ruin the farmland it wants to benefit from. 
So now what?  Depopulate the country so they can move in? 

Okay, so now, here comes Uncle Joe, bringing the big guns of the Atlantic Fleet into the Mediterranean under NATO ready to bomb the ever-living out of Ukraine. But wait a minute, I thought Ukraine was our friend?  Wanting to be a member of NATO but being prevented from that by the big, bad Russians?  

Oh, what tangled webs.... 

No, its a matter of the Chinese want to take our bread basket, so we are threatening the Russian's bread basket, which then opens up the opportunity for the Chinese to attack the Russians from behind and take their bread basket instead. 

Boy, we've really got some geniuses running this rodeo, don't we?  About the only thing they are good at is theater and lying. 

All those years while they were ever-so-slowly "flushing out the rats" -- that is, figuring out the fall guys, did it really never occur to them that they were being watched by Higher Powers that were also flushing out the rats?  

All the rats?  

And the queer thing is, even as the sword hovers over their throats, they won't accept the amnesty that is freely offered to them.  They simply don't believe in it. They assume that they will be killed if they tell the truth.  So they are all in this Death Cult together. 

They have carved up the world and named Seven Kings for Seven Continents. 
I wish Steven Spielberg was still alive, he could have given them a better script. 

The whole thing is so bizarre, so banal, so disgusting. Worse than a peanut butter pizza, and they've got to know that.  This is their Grand Finale, what they've been promising you all these years --- get the popcorn, boy, you are really going to enjoy this, but only if you've got straw between both ears. 

And a tin heart. 


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Monday, January 24, 2022



Biden Bans Unvaxed Truckers From US, Exacerbating Supply Chain Carnage.

The Red-Letter Bible

 By Anna Von Reitz

Thomas Jefferson left us many precious gifts— The Declaration of Independence and his Red-Letter Bible among them.

Jefferson, a lawyer, was familiar with the use and meaning of “Black Letter Law”  and also the use and meaning of “Red Letter Law”, so it is not surprising that he went to the trouble and expense of having his own Bible printed with the words of Joshua in red and all other words in black.

When you read the Red-Letter Bible and the words pop off the page so that you see them apart from all the surrounding text, something strange happens.  Your attention is drawn into his words, even the form and the cadence of his words.

All the familiar parables emerge as if set free from a cage.

Those of you who have been following my long pilgrimage up hill and down valley know that certain ugly discoveries have changed my understanding of the very word “Christianity” and left me stymied as to what I believe and why I believe it.

Re-reading the Red-Letter Bible, which is the Red Letter Law, renewed my sense of Joshua, who he was and who he still is. And although I think that even some of his words and teachings were tampered with, enough of his mind and heart shines through for us to know him, even now.

So even though evil men have done their worst, and as servants of Satan have set their snares and abused his name to claim authority never given to them, he remains.

And he is still beloved.

If you, like me, are feeling a bit shell-shocked after discovering Baal Worship alive and well and hiding behind the “Christian” label long after that sort of thing was supposed to be eradicated—- cut to the chase.  Find a copy of Thomas Jefferson’s Red-Letter Bible.  

Let Joshua speak to you and grant you the same peace and wisdom that has been gifted to me.  

We are presently at war in the jurisdiction of the air, with all of mankind poised for battle— but no matter how much some parties yearn for an actual physical war, this is a war of a different kind, where the enemies exist largely in our minds and imaginations, in the form of fear and lies and half-truths and prejudices and petty self-interest.

Yet, he who is within you is greater than he who is in the world.

Be blessed and be girded with all your wits about you; for, especially in the realm of spirit and energy and thought, it’s dangerous and destructive to blindly accept the word of any secondhand authority.  

Go straight to the source of all that is and ask for the answers you need.  Knock, and keep knocking, for all the mysteries will be shouted from the housetops. 


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Historic Peaceful Rally To Defeat Mandates And Medical Tyranny

The High Wire’s coverage

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s speech

Dr. Peter McCullough’s speech

Dr. Robert Malone’s speech

Steve Kirsch’s speech

Del Bigtree’s closing speech

Dr. Pierre Kory’s speech

One protestor posted a four hour video

Feds Hunt for Extremists

Reports by six protestors

Schaeffer Cox on Favorite Things, Christmas 2017

Good Morning,
Someone recently asked me "what are your favorite things." Ha ha ha! There is no answer to this question that would do it justice. I love the first few minutes after sunrise when the air is still, the sun golden, and the fog lifts off the trees. I love the feeling of a jet lifting off the runway to take you to a place you've never been before. I love the feeling of a job well done, or a business deal that went off without a hitch. I love sitting naked in a hot springs in the wilderness under a billion stars. I love pulling a hot pan of brownies out of the oven. I love the rotor wash of a helicopter when it sets down right next to you. I love a down sleeping bag, a full oxygen bottle, and a thermos of hot Tang. I love a friend you can trust with your life! I love the last few steps of a month long ascent to a majestic summit. Not the last few steps where you are still climbing, but the very very last ones, where you are turning to look back at how far you've come and the sky just falls away below you.
I love the way a sailboat rides on anchor in a windless cove. I love the hum and grind of the cables on a ski lift. I love the smell of freshly excavated earth when you are digging a foundation for a new home. I love the rush of cliff diving. I love sex so wild and free that it makes you stop to laugh out loud in astonishment. I love campfires. I love music that tells the truth. I love old maps and new sails. I love woodpiles, haystacks, and gold coins set aside for a rainy day or a long winter. I love warm gun barrels. I love alpenglow, and the sound of a mountain stream at night.
I love a sharp pocket knife. I love a chainsaw that starts on the first pull. I love a house I built with my own hands. I love the first smell of frost in the air. I love the feeling when you crawl out of a plane crash and realize you've only got minor cuts and scrapes. I love the sound of a coffee pot percolating. Love watching children play with no worries in the world. I love fearless and kind people. I love the look in someone's eye when you rescue them from danger, and I love the look in the rescuer's eyes when they rescue you from danger. I love the way a jib sail pops when it catches the wind. I love the smell of teak wood. I love secrets whispered in the night. I love the way the wind whistles in pine trees, but flitters in aspen trees.
In the space of only a few quick seconds you can deeply and thoughtfully take in the things you love. You don't have to plan it out, or change your schedule. All you have to do is give those things that you love a place of sacredness in your mind. Then when they find you, you will always stop what you're doing, grant them an audience, and soak up that moment. This is where the life well lived is found.
We don't have any memories that are longer than about 3 seconds. Think about it. Recall your most precious memories. They are not lengthy narratives. They are just short 3 second clips, and that's all. They aren't even strung together into something bigger. Each cherished moment from your past is just that -- one single moment. And it's all alone in its own file in your mind.
Some people become distraught when they realize that these 3 second mental clips are all they have saved from their lives. But this is not a reason to fret. It is a reason to celebrate. Our conscious minds need to accept what our subconscious has known all along -- that the good life happens in the 3 seconds you take to honor the beauty of life wherever it finds you.
I've been tortured. I watched them torture my codefendant until he slit his own wrists. I've spent years in isolation units. It's like being buried alive in a tomb. In fact, my seven foot by nine foot windowless solid concrete cell, with it's solid concrete bed that looks like a coffin, feels eerily similar to a mausoleum. Once when I was a boy, I peered through the key hole into a mausoleum and saw the concrete casket, there in the center of a seven foot by nine foot solid concrete room. It was like it was removed from time. It gave me chills. All I could think about was what it would be like to be stuck in that little tomb, sitting on that concrete bed, watching the world go on without me.
Now I know.
Perhaps my little 9 year old spirit sensed what my future held for me. This experience is the most extreme form of loss on Earth. The only thing I haven't lost is my integrity, and those 3 second memories of a life well lived. Knowing that I still have my honor keeps me strong. And all those 3 second clips of joyful memories keep me happy. Without that, I could never have survived being locked in this tomb alone with myself for all these long years. My honor is immensely precious to me now. And those fleeting 3 second memories have become little golden treasures hidden away in my chest.
The pages of history hold many legends of kings and pharos who were buried deep in stone tombs with their precious treasures. Who would have thought I would be buried with my treasure, and in such a way as this? As you pass through time, the sacred beauty of life will approach you along the way. And when it does, you should stop and pick that moment up like you just fond a little golden coin. Put that little 3 second treasure coin in your chest and keep it there forever. One day -- when it's all you have -- it will sustain you.
--Schaeffer Cox
Christmas 2017

European security forces unite to defeat scamdemic

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Cold Turkey the Bogey Man

 By Anna Von Reitz

As you've noticed, nothing makes sense.  Directly contradictory information is being delivered to your mind's mailbox everyday, along with a lot of fear-mongering. 

As the Invisible Critic shared in his wonderful rant, "Bogey-Man", these propaganda agents are in the business of scaring--- you.  

Let's take a little stroll down Memory Lane, as he did, and think about all the Bogey Men we've been sold over the years, beginning in 1898 with the Spanish American War, and more or less in order --- The Bogey Man List: 

The Spanish
Kaiser Wilhelm
Huns (in general)
Nazis (in particular) 
Fifth Column
Atomic Bomb
Viet Cong 
Acid Rain
OPEC - fuel shortages
Hydrogen Bomb
Hole in the Ozone Layer
Overpopulation "Bomb" 
The American Militias
The Iron Curtain
Chernobyl Disaster
Cancer, Cancer, Cancer! 
Global Warming
Communists (Again)
Eggs - Salmonella
Energy Crisis (again)
Saddam Hussein
Isis (Johnny in Drag) 
Neutron Bomb
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Gaddafi - Libya
Dairy Foods
Osama Bin Laden 
Global Cooling
Bashir in Syria
Domestic Terrorists
John Birch Society
Kim Jong Un - North Korea
Bee Die-Off
Carbon Dioxide
Zika Virus
Putin (Again) 
Global Warming (Again) 
Bird Flu
Pedophile priests
Economic Collapse
New Madrid Fault Rupture
H1N1 Swine Flu
Death of the Dollar
Corona Virus
Las Palmas Volcano Tsunami
Food Shortages

Now that you see it laid out like this, isn't it apparent that they are playing to the crowd?  There are even apparent groupings of Bogey-Man subject matter.  We've got nuclear everything, bugs of all kinds, climate variations of all kinds --cold and hot, anyone who doesn't agree with "our" status quo, scientific quackery, natural disasters, and all sorts of uncertainties and unknowns. 

All these things captured our "national attention" and inspired no end of craziness, from backyard bomb shelters to fad diets.  Sadly, these propaganda campaigns have generated more than fear and Silly Chicken reactions. 

They've been used to demonize and label innocent people. 

They've been used to justify genocide.

They've been used to promote political agendas, economic collapses, pandemics and wars, wars, wars.  

We've been played like guitars. 

Fear of this, that, and the other thing, has been engendered deliberately and used like a goad to drive public opinion (and spending) hither, thither, and yon.  Most of the Bogeys function like a half-truth.  

There is certainly good, solid, scientific reason to be concerned about air pollution, for example, but that valid concern doesn't justify worldwide "climate taxes" administered under the Law of the Spanish Inquisition, does it? 

If we let the Liars have their way, we'd soon be paying for "Cow Emissions" and considering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  

People do queer things when they are scared.  They accept things that they would otherwise never accept.  They commit shameful acts of violence and oppression that they would otherwise never commit.  So fear is a great tool for manipulating people, especially when you want them to do things that are unreasonable and unjust.  

Fear is not your friend.  Fear is not part of your higher calling. 

This underlines my findings about the Mainstream Media thirty-plus years ago, when I analyzed their news stories for a couple weeks back in 1987 and confirmed that they were feeding me a steady diet of adrenalin-pumping Sex and/or Death stories, most of which I could do nothing about and could take no useful action against. 

So?  I was being played, left simmering in my own little pot of adrenal exhaustion for no good reason.  All the Evening News was doing for me was titillating my adrenalin response, making it hard to sleep, and making me feel hungry and horney and helpless. 

Worst of all, it was distorting my "plane of reference" --- my focus, away from my life, my home, my family, my community, and, yes, my world.  

It was creating a frightening unreal dystopian world of violence and uncertainty and fear ---invoked in my mind --- using anecdotal scraps of information culled from all the bad things that sometimes happen, all over the world. 

To make it all worse, because the adrenalin rush is pleasurable, I was unconsciously addicted to this madness.  Like millions of other Americans, I was lining up like a cow to be milked every night at six o'clock, listening to Walter Cronkite or one of his heirs.

But that ended for me in 1987.  I quit. Cold turkey.  

People often ask me, "What's the first step?"  

The first step is to disconnect from their ugly Mind Map.  Let your own mind come back home and deal with your actual life and the world you are living in right now.  Turn the knob.  Click the switch. Mainstream Media --ditch, ditch, ditch!

Do what I did, and say ---wait a minute!  This is my mind!  I get to create my world and dictate my concerns!  And I don't like weird, off color, dystopian melodramas!  Bah!  Pffttth!  Enough of this nastiness!  

Before you know it, you will recognize your world again, and it will again make sense. 


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Objection to Evil

 By Anna Von Reitz

Evil only survives on our own failure to object to it.
It only thrives, when we ignore it and acquiesce to its existence.
And then it comes out to play and it gets worse, and worse, and worse--- until people wake up and take action against it.
So far we have discovered that a lot of what we have been told about history is wrong, that our government has been usurped upon in gross breach of trust by our supposed Allies, and that a group of madman elitists want to kill off the vast majority of mankind, enslave the rest, and rule "forever" as kings over the rest of us.
As if that wasn't all bad enough, we find that the same Source has corrupted religion, too, and misrepresented and tweaked the narrative of Christianity into Baal Worship, instead.
The word "apocalypse" basically means "revealing" --- when a bright light is shown in the dark corners and the curtains used to hide these things are thrown back. Having been one of those who has done the job of digging up the past and smelling out the bones, I have to say, even I am aghast.
Faced with the sheer mass of such manifest and abundant evil let loose to rampage all over the world, the indoctrination into evil of our young people by fraternities and other secret "societies" and cults, the impulse is to shake one's head and think: "How could we ever let it come to this?"
But we've let it "come to this" and worse, before. This is a cyclic phenomenon. Can we learn from our mistakes?
The core value, the only imperative, is that we must learn to recognize evil for what it is, and we must object to it with all our might and determination.
As we pause a moment to take in the world that our negligence has created, take a deep breath and say, "I am responsible. It all comes down to me."

Say it and mean it, and carry through. If you don't object, you are an accomplice to it.


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How Can This Be?

 By Anna Von Reitz

You hear all these "crazy" things, like Trump never left office..... and the military is in control, don't worry.... and I know that this is confusing to millions of people all across this country.
Okay, so, begin with the fact that the U.S. Military, specifically the U.S. Army, has been in control of the country since 1863. This is what Lincoln did when he issued the very first "Executive Order" as Commander-in-Chief, which is otherwise called "General Order 100" or the "Lieber Code".
The military nabobs have never relinquished control ever since. So, this is nothing new. This is the way it has been in living memory. The military has been running everything and the rest is just for show.
No doubt that is alarming to many people, but, tough, that's the way it is and the way it has been for 160 years.
As for Trump not leaving office, you have to ask yourself what office of "the President" he was in?
As Commander-in-Chief he can continue on indefinitely.
Imagine that, for their own reasons, Ford Motor Company and General Motors get together and run things under one heading, functioning as the United States Motor Company.
That's what happened here in 1937.
The U.S. Military and the Federal Civil Service cut a deal. They each continue to be separate and have their own spheres, but they agreed to present a united front to the public and have one elected President.
This solution bumbled along pretty well, until 2020, when the Military decided not to be an accommodation party any more.
Now you have Trump as the held-over (there are mechanisms for this) Commander-in-Chief. So, he's not "President" of the Joint Venture per se, but he doesn't need to be, to remain in control of his own sphere.
But, but, but....isn't the President always the Commander-in-Chief?
Go back to our Ford-GM Joint Venture project. Just because they decide to front the United States Motor Company doesn't mean that the President of Ford Motor Company and President of General Motors positions disappear. They are still there and they are still "Presidents" in their own right.
In this case, the "President" of the USA, Inc., has the additional Office of Commander-in-Chief. Even if he is (in this analogy) no longer "President" of the United States Motor Company Joint Venture, Mr. Trump is still President of the USA, Inc., and that means he is still Commander-in-Chief.
That's what people are talking about when they say that Trump never left office and also the reason they claim that the military is in control of the present situation.
It's all true, it's just completely foreign and unlike anything that Joe Average American could ever expect, given the fuzzy pablum he has been fed about American History.
The USA, Inc. and the US, INC. (operating under however many names and through however many franchises) are two immense, foreign, for-profit commercial corporations. Instead of selling cars and trucks, they sell government services.
As President of the USA, Inc., Mr. Trump inherited the Office of Commander-in-Chief---- and that "Presidency" continues no matter what happens to the 1937 Joint Venture with the US, INC.
And if you feel an odd polarization in the air, and think that something isn't right about Joe Biden and think that what the Biden Administration is doing makes no sense, it's probably because you are not seeing all this in the context of being in the middle of the largest and longest-running civil war in history.

Mr. Trump told you that this is a war and that he is a wartime President. Believe it.


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