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Monday, January 31, 2022

A Time of Miracles

 By Anna Von Reitz

All the scars on my body are disappearing. Several terrible marks are already gone, as if they never were.  When I think of them or visualize what they used to look or feel like, it is as if these were someone else’s scars.  

I cannot explain this, except in terms of physics and quantum entanglement theory.  

Even the very worst scars are vanishing day by day until they are perhaps a twentieth of their former size and form; thick, sinuous ugly scars reduced to fading pencil-thin lines.  

Now, I am no stranger to miracles.  My broken hunched back was restored by a miracle, and I have been told since then that I have the back of a thirty year-old.  

But that was a particular event caused by a particular Healer coming into my life and addressing the pain.  This is something different.  This is happening spontaneously. 

All by itself, my body is rewriting the physical traumas I have suffered and is deleting the scars.  

And if the scars are going, are the underlying experiences and traumas going too? 

All I can tell you is that scars I have carried for decades are disappearing and all that is left behind is firm unblemished skin. 

Welcome to a time of miracles.  If this is happening spontaneously for me without me even asking, imagine how much more can now be done for those who ask?  And who truly need healing of wounds?  

All who are broken in body, mind, and spirit, ask for healing now.  


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  1. Good to see the comment section open for "Anna's" articles...

  2. 1. supposedly a tweet by some "Ezra Levant" says that he left ottawa and that masses of police are lining up on the streets across Ontario.
    he says there are ottawa police and rcmp, plus toronto and durham regional police. he said they told him they were "shipped in as back-up".
    ---he asks readers: backup for what?

    in the picture the three "police" shown look asian/chinese oddly enough.

    2. ottawa officials are supposedly asking courts to give them the 10$million thats been raised for the truckers, to pay for the citys "expenses".

    3. supposed interview with convoy leaders who say they can stay in ottawa for two years. what???

    4. people are youtubing that the police are "corraling" the rigs into sections and blocking them so they cant move in, out, or around.

    so hmmm, what?... have all these truckers bring their rigs to one place in sub+zero weather; block 'em in and lock 'em down so they cant refuel to keep warm; have the courts hand over the funds raised by the people for the truckers food and fuel and use it to pay chinese police??? ...just speculating here.
    gee, if PhaseTwo would actually be planned to be stravation, that might sound like A Plan.
    meanwhile reports that DeSantis in Florida has not stopped FOUR "dumps" of 18-25 yrolds from the boarder, with fully loaded credit cards, from coming into just one florida town today.

    1. off topic i know...
      but wanted to make sure people were aware of these rumors.
      hopefully thats all they are.

    2. Here’s Ezra Levant from “Rebel News” that just happens to be “Live” on the scene to be Broadcasted on the Alex Jones Show who just happens to have a direct connection with, and recorded on this video at Minute Marker 1:13:00…
      Dig a Little Deeper In God [E]

    3. foscolos00 wow -- the aussieman telling the police/ military they should disobey unlawful orders and should refuse to genocide the Australian people!!
      can you even BELIEVE we are hearing such things? its like a nightmare but were awake.

  3. now it looks like the brave Canadian farmers have got their John Deere tractors fired up and are rollin toward ottawa too!! they are powerful!!! they can go just about anywhere! there'll be no "stuck trucks" with the farmers around!!!

    its reported that the Canadian govt is telling the people they cant be a'Wavin' at the truckers as they go by anymore!!! they cant stand on the overpasses and wave!!! haha! well see how that works out!
    they said people are getting in their cars and trucks and just driving around their towns and cities in caravans, just to show support for the Canadians!! i think one was juneau alaska -- had a car.truck caravan 3-4 miles long! justa honkin and a'drivin an a'drivin an a'honkin. :):):)

    heres a ((( HonkHonk!))) from bluebird acre on kansasland for Trudey. :):):)

    1. shelby,
      will you share your ideas about how to get people moving AWAY from all these dangers youre uncovering?

    2. ex: what do you, who've been doing DeepDiggs into this crap, what do YOU see as our possible solution, or at least a potential starting point? that will cause the least amount of harm?

    3. I am actually near Toronto, which is about a 5 hour drive from Ottawa. I see reports that they are going to execute the mother of all false flags which could explain the police build-up. They are pulling in police from a wide area, including my actual area. It felt powerful in the build-up to the protest on the weekend, but come Monday the local media is saying "look you made your point, now go home" which is is to be expected. And there are a lot of signs in the spirit of Let's Go Brandon, or in this case Let's Go Brandeau. The signage on the street needs to be more directed with regard to the fraud, including the PCR test which the CDC sidelined as of Dec 31st which is what many of the law suits that Shelby mentioned have seized upon as the weak link, and on its face is insanely fraudulent. The WHO said on their website that multiple vax boosters is not the way to control this.

      This is all damage control and plausible deniability on the part of these criminal organizations, and this information does NOT make it to the media, although it is hinted at. What had to happen is that the public needs to start learning about the real truth and when the children and babies start dying en-masse the liability will be clear to see and governments everywhere will be public enemy number one.

      It's a start, but there are WAY too many stupid people. There are reports of insurance companies denying payouts to policy holders and the insurers are saying the public essentially committed suicide by taking the vaccine. Their argument is that everyone knows what is happening, it's all on the internet if you look for it. They're right, nobody has any reason to plead ignorance, we know from the internet media what is happening in glory detail.

      This is not going to end well, but justice will have to be dispensed for all the dead and injured. They all, including Brandeau, need to be wearing orange jump suits before too long.

    4. wonderful will, so: (potential)
      1. police build-up pulled in from 300 mile radius + Chinese police officers "shipped in" (ezra levant tweet)
      1.5. conspicuous absence of anti fawhh
      2. rumors: moa falseflags pending
      3. aussieman on videos telling Aussie police and military NOT to follow unlawful orders and DO NOT GENOCIDE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE!
      4. has moved from protest about Canadian vaxx mandate to protest about govt overreach, worldwide.
      5. farmers joining truckers
      6. media saying Go Home (and do what youre told?).
      6.5 and vacxxx those babies
      7. WHO says theres fraud/ harm
      8. lawsuits filed in courts created and controlled by the criminals so theyre likely a waste of time
      9. media blackouts on all TruthFronts
      10. disconnected lowIQ acting people
      11. insurance companies deny coverage: say its a suicide.
      12. trials will have to take place.


      what is this going to be then: go home and do as you're told or what!!?? wont be going home all??????? surely not!

      kinda looks like the truckers dont have plans for movin' any too soon. kinda looks like the farmers are ready to stay put for awhile too.

      wonder how much room is left. enough for the mechanics and autoworkers?
      room for the construction workers? road crews?
      how bout the carpenters? plumbers? HVAC? drywall guys? painters? carpetlayers and electricians? dock workers?
      roofers, gardners and lawn service crews? roughin crews??
      how about the linemen? railroad crews? lumberjacks, oilmen? miners? cooks? restaurant workers? bartenders? sanitation workers? delivery guys?
      hey how about the salesmen? shopkeepers? grocerymen? gas station attendants? baggage handlers?

      tha's alotta men. did i miss anybody? :):) dang, they could bring their grills and coolers, a few dart boards and a few thousand decks of cards, and just party and sip suds until the spring thaw!

    5. but no really, it sounds the men and women who work for the Foreign Corporation that pretends to be our governments are thinking about maybe being nasty.
      hope thats not so.

    6. Hey there Jan Marie, good to see you here again. Hope you are well, or at least as good as it gets!

      OK you make many interesting and thoughtful suggestions, but there is lots of liability to pass around on this. I realized a long time ago that we would have to wait until enough people got hurt enough for there to be any meaningful pushback. One of the rumors is that they would try to starve everyone out. This is war on mankind. I try not to use the word humanity due to the obvious color of law and color of man implications. I think this was part of the plan was to reduce available food supplies by any means including truck deliveries. Look at the ports in California they have reduced the efficiency by the imposition of retarded rules on truckers and their vehicles regarding age of the truck etc.

      All of the border crossing truckers have been injured by the rule which was imposed during the "dark winter" that Biden and company used to talk about. The psychopaths running this operation assumed that truckers would just roll over and that people would not brave a Canadian winter to complain. For whatever it's worth the northern part of the USA gets the same kind of winter that we do here in the frozen tundra. Ottawa is more northerly so they even get a bit more cold than the Toronto area, but the brain-trust running this black-op probably predicted a low probability that anyone would lift a finger to protest given that a great many Canadians have been passive bystanders doing their part as they saw it. The difference here is that the truckers were "injured or harmed" using the lawful sense of that term, and that was enough to spill the balance.

      I saw recently that Fauci may be keen to inoculate the under 5 years group as many as 3 times. Now on a basic level that is just greedy commerce rearing its head. Pension funds are big into big pharma and so they needed to hit a home run to juice profits, which surely have. It's not the first time they have milked the "superbug" sacred cow to boost the bottom line. OK, fine.

      But why the toxic, poisonous contents? This is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, and indeed conspiracy fact. The reality is that when grieving parents of lost children get a whiff of which way the wind is blowing, every government will severely regret kicking the beehive.

      It was recklessly arrogant of them to think that this was even a little bit worth killing the world for. Considering that at even a basic level, that the perpetrators did it...just for kicks. That is the everyday psychopath at work.

      Pierre Jr., here in the north is showing signs of needing to spend some time in a rubber room for a very long time. He is coming unhinged at this point, having made some very dodgy comments both now and recently. The reality is that he is likely a victim of MK-Ultra style mind control as well.

      Specifically, it is my belief that we need to start to wake the zombies all over the world, and in this country as well. Now is a good time to start that, but the narrative needs to start changing towards the criminality in a meaningful way. Ottawa is the place and time, but the organizers of this rally need to realize that the slogans need to turn more reflective of the truth about the conditions that we find ourselves in. The cleanup on this affair, including Nuremburg 2.0 trials will take decades. Some will flee, in fact our fearless leader who "isn't afraid of the truckers" came down with Covid 2 days before the fun started, in spite of being thrice inoculated apparently. He wants us to know he is doing fine, but isn't going to address those pesky truckers anytime soon. In legal parlance, that is called taking the 5th which have a version of here, but it means keeping his mouth shut to limit his liability in this now messy shindig. Ouch...

    7. And another thing...

      If you look at what has been done and is being done everywhere to pull the plug on this generation and destroy everything. What they are doing is what you would do to accomplish that. Just when you think there is not another hoary ass thing they could do to destroy the world and try to bring us to ruin, they come up with something even more ridiculous in pursuit of that ambition. This is what you would do.

      This is an interesting time to be around to see what is being done, and when you think of all the tyrants and the "strong-men" that have harmed and injured people. And then you look at the response that says it all. I saw a photo of a sign on a bus shelter somewhere, and it simply said "your obedience is just prolonging this shit" and that just about says it all.

      The lesson here is not about the tyrants and dictators, which are always a dime a dozen. The story here is about stupid, uninformed people who take pride in exercising compliance with their captors. It's like they all have Stockholm Syndrome for heavens sake. I resisted the temptation to use some "salty" language to keep this thing PG.

      We can see that all the dictators in the world have no power over a society of people capable of critical thinking and who are informed with regard to what goes on both in the world, and around them.

      That is the lesson of this tawdry affair we have been agreeing to participate in for two years.

      I almost cringe to say this, but as the late Nancy Reagan would have said "Just Say No", it's as simple as that.

    8. so good to read your points of view will.

      my conclusions:
      1. we need to separate.
      our forefathers did.
      Free men and men who want to live their lives as another mans property, just do not experience life the same way.
      neither is going to change and neither should have to. one desires security and the other requires independence... neither one is wrong.
      2. the going to be getting the Regimenters to let go. its against their nature.
      3. yes: cowardice, psychopathy, harming people for fun, and mkultra damaged people are operating in the open, and all of that strangeness is terr if ying to normal people.
      4. "...narrative needs to start changing towards the criminality in a meaningful way...."
      yes. heres the Biggie tho' imo:
      people still do not grasp that "in" the man-made Commercial/ Maritime/ Admiralty/ Ecclesiastical "juris-dictions":
      they were genocided. on paper. such ghoulish, ignorant, and untrue claims are repulsive and sacreligious, and unthinkable to the normal man.

      and i feel like as long as people keep being dragged back into anything "Legal" as their solution, they will just continue to be harmed. how can they not be?

      to me thats the first point we need to hammer home: that:
      yes, these ghouls *DIED* your beebee on paper; claimed for their own benefit, use, and enjoyment your beebees life, freedom, energy, inventions, talents, production, sons and daughters, home, work, increase; Without ever telling YOU about it; and is all geared up to go as far as they have to go to keep your beebee from EVER having control over the gifts that your beebees creator gave your little beebee to be lifetime blessings.

      they stole them will.

      the ones who act like the know it alls of the world are actually soul-perverted enough that they are fine with stealing blessings from little beebee's' lives as the hand of god is bestowing them.

      this is pretty unfathomable to me still.
      but until people understand these basics, theyre just going to continue to stay confused and clueless-seeming.

      im so happy you shared your ideas. you really have a good mind. clear. logical. w/heart.

    9. This is super frustrating, I was composing a reply and I went to a new tab to get this link and it was gone. Will update with the reason for this link later tonight.

    10. Jan Marie, thanks for your kind regards, I am grateful for support and I appreciate your thoughts. I remember you to be fiercely determined to explore the truth in whatever form it becomes.

      I have a few links to discuss and I will explain what I think is happening after that.

      The first is our infamous State Communism Channel, the CBC which you can think of as quite similar to the BBC in the UK.

      The CBC never met an opportunity to gaslight the public that it didn't fully embrace. Along the way, they drop bread crumbs that anybody who is paying attention can use to piece together a strategy that the government uses to dictate future policy.

      Here is another link from from last year.

      If you go to the last paragraph it might be confusing, if you don't know where this story is leading. It is from a famous local Toronto Media house that has been around forever.

      This is more direct

      Here is the website belonging the author of the above paper.

      OK that's enough. Here is what I think is happening.

      In September 2019 the shadow banking system collapsed and interbank overnight lending rates spiked to about 10% from a prior target rate of about 2% with good collateral, which usually means Treasury Bills / Bonds.

      The Federal Reserve had to print and lend out billions of dollars over a period leading up to March 2020 when the scam was ready and the plug was pulled on the Covid nightmare.

      Covid is cover for an energy supply system that is faltering, it is past Peak Oil. This is a term that geologists use to determine when extraction rates for oil have started to fall past the best before date, and less oil is being found over time.

      Peak Oil was predicted to be 1971 by a Shell Oil geologist who delivered a paper as such. They tried to dissuade him from delivering his speech but he pressed on.

      Today by contrast he would have had an "inconvenient accident" and silenced that way.

      Oil is necessary for the energy needs of an economy and when it starts to falter then all the financial promises that were made start to falter as well, including private and government promises. The Federal government can print as much money as it wants, the only restriction being inflation. Have you heard anything about inflation being mentioned lately?

      Yes you have. So Covid was identified by the WEF, i.e, Klaus Schwab and Company, as being a great way to foist austerity via government lockdowns to reduce economic activity so as to temper the demands placed on energy consumption. Build Back Better is a means to ride down the bumpy hill of energy depletion in such a way that people actually look forward to the ride. Have you heard the "You will own nothing and be happy" spin coming from the Davos crowd.

      By killing off a large percentage of the planet, the evil WEF and friends hope to help themselves to your property and become infinitely richer as they steal all that YOU own and transfer it to them. We have all heard the statistic that the richest group of bastards on earth all got insanely richer over the last two years, while the little people can feel free to eat cake. No wait, that actual reference from the WEF is that we can eat bugs and insects in the future and they will feast on everything they stole from all of us.

      Do the math and think it over...

    11. So Jan Marie, I was reading your post again now and you made a good point.

      "people still do not grasp that "in" the man-made Commercial/ Maritime/ Admiralty/ Ecclesiastical "juris-dictions":
      they were genocided. on paper. such ghoulish, ignorant, and untrue claims are repulsive and sacreligious, and unthinkable to the normal man.

      and i feel like as long as people keep being dragged back into anything "Legal" as their solution, they will just continue to be harmed. how can they not be?"

      You mentioned that as long as litigation is directed towards their "foreign" courts little will result, and that is true.

      We have heard Anna say umpteen times that just like your Civil War was not declared nor terminated with a treaty, they have declared war on us. They can only declare war on the all caps name legal fiction, they can't presume to operate on the natural man the way they have been. We are just agreeing to be slaves and this is why your Jan 6th aftermath is so corrupt.

      The bystanders that have been imprisoned with no due respect or rights. They are literally Prisoners of War in an undeclared war by a foreign entity which in this case is the City of London, and ultimately the Vatican through the Pope. They are all considered Enemy Combatants with the same status as terrorists. When the war is considered "over" they will be released presumably. Their only way out is to rebut the presumption that they are NOT operating in the capacity of the all caps name, but rather the natural man.

      Bar lawyers are not going to have the status to "re-present" them because a mistake was made as Anna likes to say. The devil is always in the details, and salvation may lie there as well.

      Americans in general have shown remarkable restraint in my opinion but when the truth comes out, so are the 450 Million odd firearms also going to come out, such is the magnitude of the fraud. The fraud just needs a little help finding its way into the light which is happening now but could happen a whole lot faster.

      We live in hope.

    12. At the start of this thread, you said...

      "so hmmm, what?... have all these truckers bring their rigs to one place in sub+zero weather; block 'em in and lock 'em down so they cant refuel to keep warm; have the courts hand over the funds raised by the people for the truckers food and fuel and use it to pay chinese police??? ...just speculating here.
      gee, if PhaseTwo would actually be planned to be stravation, that might sound like A Plan. "

      Nice work, you go girl!

      Disclaimer, for the record. I have good reason to believe that you are not in fact in an age category that would readily identify you semantically as a "girl". I was simply using a cultural metaphor that is commonly available vernacular, and was not intended to convey race, creed or financial status. For entertainment purposes only.

      By the way, back in the days when the G20 conference was held in Toronto when Harper was PM (don't remember when, maybe 2012), some cops were harassing some bystanders who said to the cops that this was not some hick, backwoods country, this is Canada.

      The cop smugly said to him "look this is not Canada anymore, it doesn't exist now" actually that cop was from the region where I am at now. It was on Youtube, I saw it myself.

      The kids themselves were just trying to poke the bear a bit to see what would happen, but weren't expecting this.

      So how the hell did the cop know to say that? Where did a Grade 12 flunkie learn that little gem?

      They all know more than they want to admit, so again there is no plausible deniability when the day of reckoning arrives.

    13. agree, your last paragraph is definitely what it looks like we are actually dealing with.
      people cant see it or hear it because they do not know how to "read their codes/ symbolism".
      i know i dont. and theres no law that requires that i:woman do know it either.
      what we have to "fight" with 99.9% of the time seems ridiculously inadequate but i dont believe it is.
      even if we could "read their code" the two viewpoints are irreconcilable if their only solution is to have it all Gods gifts for themselves.
      i think theyre about done "testing the waters", something tells me theyre about out of "time".

    14. i just skim-read your last two comments and im just jumping up and down inside.... like a *girl* :):):).
      it really almost makes me dizzy when someone "gets ahold" of an underlying concept and takes off running with it like you did! its so great to have company in this mental, emotional, and spiritual Goblin's FunHouse with its Hall of Mirrors.

      im going to go back and read your comments word for word.

    15. im henpecking on a dumbphone so going to abbreviate alot.
      your 5:14 pm.: paragraph 5.
      (hang on for this one.
      its easy to miss. finding it is like looking for a snake hiding in the grass):

      A. "...just like your Civil War was not declared nor terminated with a treaty, they have declared war on us.
      B. They can only declare war
      C. on the all caps name legal fiction, they can't presume to operate on the natural man the way they have been.
      D. We are just agreeing to be slaves and
      E. this is why your Jan 6th aftermath is so corrupt.
      there is so much here: im going to be abrupt in order to be brief(er haha).

      A. no.
      listen to this:
      (1)War is Commerce. Commercial. yes! it is.
      its a FICTION. its Man-Made.
      (2) a Sovereign is also Commerce.
      Sovereigns are Fiction. Man-Made.

      B. ONLY a SOVEREIGN, a COMMERCIAL FICTION, can declare a COMMERCIAL WAR, a COMMERCIAL FICTION. Corporations are not Sovereign and cannot declare War. its a dead entity. cant speak. their FictionAct the Actor Acting as the Sovereign Fiction is the only Actor in the PlayAct who still retains (dually) his status: man.
      And its necessary for one man to do so because that mans intent is what holds the whole PlayAct together:... on earth, all things originate only from mans will. so a man has to be intending. and that man is the Poopster.

      C. they are not even operating on the PERSON, (THE ALL CAPS NAME), NONONO! They are operating on the Trustee/"co"-Trustee of the ALL CAPS NAME.

      D. We are not agreeing to be ANYTHING. Screw em, we dont even know what the hell is going on and they make damm sure we never find out.
      im being annoying because i want you to absorb this:
      there has to be a "CLEAR. OFFER. AND. ACCEPTANCE" you get this? its soo important. its the key. for even a LEGAL contract to be formed.
      then an added protection for both "PartiesActors" is that once A CLEAR OFFER is made and that CLEAR OFFER has been ACCEPTED, then the next hoop they both are held to successfully jumping through is: MEETING OF THE MINDS.
      such that:
      unless theres a CLEAR OFFER
      and resulting ACCEPTANCE of that very same OFFER with no changes,
      borne from a MEETING OF THE MINDS
      (with no THREAT DURESS OR COERSION,) and more, then NO CONTRACT IS FORMED!


      there isnt one.

      never has been one.
      what had been done to mankind is far worse than we even know yet.

      E. for the J/6ers to be literal POW's there would have to have been a War declared by a Sovereign.
      what they are is *POLITICAL* PRISONERS*, held on "Foreign land".
      everything they do is WRONG!!
      thats just one measley paragraph.
      one can take anything these nincompoops claim and SHRED it.
      its all lies.
      its all fantasy.
      none of it "stands".
      hence, all the undue violence they perp on Americans in order to en-FORCE it just like they did with the magnificent First Nations peoples.
      theyve done the same damm thing to all of us, or so it seems?
      this is just from my studying and always subject to corrections based on new "finds"/other.

    16. Well actually my assessment of the status of the J/6ers is a theory I guess based on what we know. Anna has surely been a huge part of understanding the predicament we are all facing. I have read reports that the J/6 detainees have been thrown in a black hole essentially, with no access to any remedies. That is what prompted me to believe that they are caught in an undeclared war dragnet, and that they are defacto POWs. That is just the conclusion that I came to from the facts and behavior that we can observe. Looks like the water is quite muddy since there are no sovereigns as you said, it's all commerce.

    17. im being abrupt again for emphasis:
      my searches turn up that:

      annavoninc puts out 97% truth.

      1. j6ers are "status'ed" (commercialfictionword) "Political"(commerfictionword) "Prisoners" (commerfictionword)
      because they are "deemed" (commercialfictionword) to be "terr errr ists" (commfictwrd) and terr eerss are not covered under Nuerm, GeneConvs.

      POWs are covered.

      2. there is no such thing as an undeclared War.
      what they are trying to get us mkuktra'd into calling it an undeclared war when it is, in fact and law: an unprovoked attack.
      (they screw us with our vocabulary).

      3. the ONLY time a Sovereign can declare War is when the people are being unpeaceful. canadians are NOT being unpeaceful! we, the world are the witnesses.

      4.not defacto POWS. that gives the PERPS too much honor.
      they are:
      men and women who have been falsely accused by men and women ACTORS ACTING in Corporate Fiction Fantasy.

      Here it is:
      j6: it was a staged non-military ForeignCoup generated from Italy partly; under authority of the Sovereign: the Poopster.

      the *PRETENDING* US Govt. is just a Foreign Corporation Maskerading *AS* our true American govt. -- our true Amer govt is in fact: the people/ in Canada: the people together with HRMQ. --- Not the Foreign Corps(ses), RMCP, Can. Military, other Corp. fictions.
      You Canadians KNOW this!!!!:):):)
      so do we Americans!!!!

      we ALL know *they* are to serve us, not the other way around.

      GO CANADIANS!!!!!

      ITS ALL A.L.L. just
      UNPROVOKED ATTACKS. all of it.

      Look at what was done to the First Nations.
      that verifies that these cretins habitually operate using:
      1. unprovoked attack
      2. flip the narrative
      3. lie to the world, saying that their victims are unpeaceful!
      now us?
      for you;
      o canada your home and native land!
      with glowing hearts the world sees thee rise
      from far and wide o canada
      we stand on guard with thee!! ((hugs)) :):)

      god keep your land!

  4. I see references that this is a war on the world all the time. It is easy to come to that conclusion given their actions which are unprecedented in history, with all governments acting in unison that is only possible with access to the kind of communications we have today. There isn't anything happens anywhere that isn't sent to the other side of world in millseconds.

    The Jan 6 plot was devastatingly brilliant strategy as a prelude to the actual coup on Jan 20. It's going to get them all hanged ultimately but it was brilliant nonetheless.

    1. yes, best if we change our vocabulary.

      still looks too similar to the ottawa "logistics".
      also look how theyre handling alberta/ montana.
      foreign police shipped in?
      trudy considering using can. milit now?

      Im praying ALL DAY.

  5. yeh, well i just lost my comment here!

    i was apologizing if i seemed to be correcting your expressions:
    "...your corrections when you yourself would express certain things differently."
    intent for me is, as you also said: getting the details right.

    thats where they hide the devil.

  6. youve prob seen this by now
    but just in case you havent:

  7. "That is political "code" meaning that they ARE planning to bring in the military but... public support for a military crackdown."

    yes im seeing those patterns too... they did the same thing all through divoc.... say they wont do masks in schools, then do it. only for a week. then another two months and so on.

    isnt that part of their religion to lluci? "invert" everything?yes means no:no means yes?

    guessing they had planned to do to the ottawa Truckers what they are doing out in Alberta but ottawa convoy got too big so they moved that operation out to the countryside?

    have noticed also how they have decided to treat the Convoy similar to dealing with those who are holding someone Hostage. ...ex: negotiate to quit honking during certain hours (thats ok, being considerate of others); open the blocked road, one lane (ok to, safety) im waiting to hear what they tell the Truckers they have to do next before the Govt will talk to them... go home??!!
    but i feel like they are holding the Canadians' Charter of Rights and Freedoms Hostage!

    oh, and be watching for a rollout of questions concerning elon musk. could be drivel but who knows at this point. i will try to find the video. it actually wasnt very flattering for him.

    scuttlebutt also coming out that michael flynn was involved with that Pegasus Project... could just be a smear.

    and the Can. Police leaders told truedough there is no "policing" solution. .... to Canadians peacefully assembling and lawfully protesting?
    no. there isnt. why should there be? :)

  8. Breaking news...

    Pierre Jr., says just today that they ARE considering a military solution hoping that the public is too stupid to know there is a dividing line and so far no shots have been fired and apparently no arrests. Doesn't sound like an emergency that civilian law enforcement cant deal with.

    I did see another report that the military told him to sit on it and rotate, this is not a military issue unless someone is dropping bombs or invading from land or sea borders.

    Like everything that has happened over the past two years the political class hopes that people are too stupid to do the math and call them out over it. The government here is running on the assumption that the public thinks they can do anything and get away with it.

    The convoy is ultimately then the mother of all pushback. I think I like it!

  9. "isnt that part of their religion to lluci? "invert" everything?yes means no:no means yes?"

    Yes and it is also part of the notion of legalese where everything is backwards.

    "Do you understand" is inverted to mean "Do you stand under" a cheap trick that I guess is from Babylonian Word Magik. Failure to disclose is fraud. We have to address the obvious fraud. CDC edited their website and said that the PCR test is not reliable, and that has been the basis of their zillions of "cases" for two years. There is no viable diagnostic test for any virus thus the fraud sits right there. That is the kind of information that should be propagating to bring this down.

    And NOW is the time to do that.

  10. "and the Can. Police leaders told truedough there is no "policing" solution. .... to Canadians peacefully assembling and lawfully protesting?
    no. there isnt. why should there be? :)"

    Little Pierre is panicking right about now because the optics are very bad on this for him. It's the first time since the start of this fraud that somebody has managed to pull any government into the spotlight.

    They know they are all complicit in the deaths and injury and they are doubling down calling for more. He knows this kind of public exposure is going to get him a spanking by his masters if he doesn't make this problem go away, they are too conspicuous now and vulnerable. So he is going to scream at everybody to make it go away. Then he will retreat to his special protected space where he will remind himself that mankind IS still the enemy and the world will be a protected place for him and his elite friends if they could just get rid of all the little slave people.

  11. "Yes and it is also part of the notion of legalese where everything is backwards."

    imo: thats an easy-to-remember BulletPoint we can share with newcomers to help them understand whats been being done to us all.

    and, correct! *hoping* the people are too stupid...
    heres whats true:
    they know they have to work against the people secretively, not because were STUPID but because we are the VERY OPPOSITE OF STUPID.

    we are smart and intuitive and alert and if they dont work secretively, we will quickly and easily figure out what theyre up to and tell them NO!!!!!

    like were doing now.

  12. yes will, toooooo many of us fine people now know what theyve been doing. many of us have been their victims perhaps but they werent allowed (by our/my God) to take us all the way down.

    many of us have collected paper-trails of proofs that are SEVERAL YEARS long. many many great and upstanding people also are our witnesses to the attacks, if any, on us; and our witnesses were possibly also made to feel afraid.

    so that, flail and kick and spit as the perps, if any, might: they will somehow be standing before us as men, and women, for the choices they made, if any, that harmed another man or woman and the people will decide what to do.

    as for me, i join the one who once said:
    "God help 'em, 'cause I'm not going to."

  13. Is anyone out there still?...haha!

    Well if there is anyone on this thread there was a lot going on today. We've got convoys and truckers in Toronto now, I am about 45 mins from the downtown core actually. I saw the tractors in a photo.

    The government is pushing back in a tangible way now. They brought counter-protestors in with their own little signs professing their love for his Royal Highness and their love of involuntary servitude.

    The King has put the screws to GoFundMe and forced them to steal the remaining $9 Million that they haven't disbursed to the convoy. They seem to think it is appropriate to donate the rest of the money to a Soros approved charity like BLM. Even Musk called it outright theft, but they might be backpedalling and returning the money to the donors.

    I am just guessing but I think some of that money will still not find its way and will disappear in "chargeback fees". Hmmmm...

    The Ottawa police chief has made a series of remarks that have been interpreted by the convoy's lawyer as a serious transgression against the country.

    I think that instead of a mother of all false flags in physical form like a shooting, it is possible that they might dust off the "War Measures Act" WMA, which is meant to allow the government to claim sweeping powers with military oversight during the threat of "terrorism" which is why they have been calling this terrorism the whole time.

    Bizarrely, Pierre Trudeau DID invoke the WMA in 1969, or maybe 1970 for a problem with a group of Quebec terrorists calling themselves the FLQ who did kill two government officials, and was a far left Quebec separatist movement. I am old enough to remember that on television at the time. I also remember the killing of JFK even though I was only 5 years old at the time.

    With the WMA in place that will allow them to put military guns on the street. This basically is martial law on steroids. But let's keep this one thing in perspective.

    The government is guilty of war crimes and genocide as are all governments that participated, which apparently is every one.

    This is a bit like Trudeau's last stand, he will live or die on this hill. And so will anybody else that was complicit in this thing. And there is plenty of liability to go around.

    If they push the WMA button, even the dimmest bulb in society should be capable of wondering what the heck is going on with the military with guns on the streets for a "vaccine shot". So disproportionate is the overreach for a vaccine for a supposed virus that they say many people may not even know they have.

    The fact that Trudeau ran away has nothing to do with being afraid of the truckers, they have security for that. What is not being said is that the government is saying nothing publicly to avoid incriminating themselves. This is about as life altering on many levels as it gets.

    We can pray for divine providence, because this is poised to get super ugly if I am right about the WMA. What is extraordinary is that Pierre Jr., is at the crossroads of the same thing as his father over 50 years ago albeit for different reasons. The young Trudeau has unleashed forces in the universe that ought not to be tampered with.

    1. Yes Will, there are many that are definitely out there in more ways than one.

      Thanks for the updates, goodE probably didn't get back because Paul deleted at least 10 comments, and if she checks Paul's Postings in like manner as I, then it would show less comments, and that is usually a sign that the comment board has been shut down.

      the dialogue between you and goodE has been left intact, which makes the cohesiveness very nice for Us readers.

      It's been 2+days since your last post, if possible bring Us up to date if there has been any developments since. Thanks

    2. Foscolos00, thank you for your interest, I didn't update because I got the impression that there wasn't much movement with the truckers in the last couple of days. For whatever it's worth I have been using the media sources for THEIR headlines because you can see how "for rent journalism" tries to spin and gaslight the public. It seems like all the gaslighting is intended to build public support for a certain position.

      I will give you an example, the mayor of Ottawa came out yesterday and declared a state of emergency, partly for the leverage it gives them in escalating the perception of a position that doesn't need to be escalated based on the behaviour of the organizers and truckers. That's another gaslighting attempt to plant a specific idea in the mind of the public that they are a bunch of rebels.

      The police have been ordered to do things to make it harder for them to exist, like block fuel deliveries to the truckers that are embedded in a long block of trucks.

      The truckers are doing so far what they said they would do which is to stay there until Trudeau resigns and they reverse all the vaccine related mandates. Everybody wanted them gone on the following Monday morning after the first weekend they rolled into town.

      There is a panic to try to paint this as a J/6 style sedition and insurrection and terrorism. So far nobody has taken that bait to their credit. They knew that it would be positioned that way right from the start. You only get one chance to stage a Jan 6, and that chance has come and gone. Next time you try it people see it coming from thousands of miles away.

      This is feeling like a standoff, but the real issue is that the government, indeed every government including the Biden regime,is now culpable for the very real war crime of genocide. Officially nobody is ready to fold, but there is more strategy being played by the media and the government now. Gaslighting is still job one everywhere.

      They are desperate to make this go away, or at least go away from the headlines in the media. There are still many of the "great unwashed" which could be referred to as the ignorant, stupid ones that don't have a clue. Or even worse, the ones that DO have a clue and still prefer to stick their heads in their past. Like January 2020 when none of this was on anyone's radar.

      There is no going back at this point, the bad actors have to be called out. Klaus Schwab needs to hear the word NO.

      Justin Trudeau needs to hear the words you're fired and because of what your government has done it's going to be a lot worse than that. And he can be cell mates with Let's Go Brandon.

      The are plenty of bar laywers that are being engaged everywhere, but especially in Ottawa for various sides. Maybe they don't know what is really happening but this is an earth resetting condition that will be a great reset, just not the one that Schwab and company have in mind.

      This is an extinction level event for governments and those assorted hangers-on and sycophants that aided and abetted this colossal failure of judgement.

      When the magnitude of this whole scheme unfolds, governments will be radioactive, toxic waste for a very long time. It will trigger an end to the notion of government as we know it, in favour of different arrangements that have yet to be defined.

      I think we will have a better idea what will unfold this week. Trudeau is in hiding because he can't incriminate the government, which is why the official radio silence. They can't address the people from where they are now legally speaking. Other parties in Ottawa are weighing in. We have a broader pallet of political parties than you have in America.

      Some of them are small and fringe parties. Some of them are a recent incarnation, having been ejected from either of the two main parties from policy disputes or just simple whistleblowers.

    3. im still here too. i just felt like i was monopolizing wills time and wanted to step back and let others have the floor.
      grrrrreat summary of different "factions'(?)" interactions.

      will, keep us posted as often you can. two or three times a day will be fine. :):):):):)


  14. Hi janmarie nice to see you. This appears to be an American website, so good on them for running this article and helping to shed some light.

    I saw this video on the weekend, there is another similar one. So when Pierre and Margaret divorced she married an Ottawa businessman. That was around the time it came out that she was diagnosed with bipolar.

    Really, do ya think? What a surprise given her life, but let's not mock the afflicted.

    So she had I think 2 more children with Mr. Kemper, the video features Justin's half brother Kyle Kemper who seems like a decent enough fellow.

    From the same website, this story does not surprise me, but who knows these day. I wonder if what they are describing is Morgellens.

    I am seeing a lot more references to American interests trying to help bust the government up here. There have been American trucker runs doing what they can in solidarity. Now that the genie is out of the bottle it is going to take everybody together doing what we can. The WEF and WHO made this a world wide problem so a world wide response is not a bad idea at all. Other provinces in Canada are starting to backtrack, there is just too much light being shed on this.

    Our Premier (basically a Governor in your terms) of Ontario has an election coming this June so if he doesn't reverse course it is political suicide. I would just get the hell out and run the other way from politics if I was him and never look back. I don't think he signed up for this. His own daughter was seen with the truckers, she has been trying to out him for months haha!

    I don't think any of political leaders saw this coming a few years ago but they were all drafted into the service. Some with carrots, and some with sticks I am sure.

    I think the next couple of days are going to be more active from the government side, working through the police and there is still some talk in media of a military escalation. That is martial law and ONLY Justin Trudeau can push that button. The media would try to keep that on the down-low. It makes our fearless leader look more like a feckless leader for refusing to talk about it but then siccing the army on them.

    1. howdy pardner :)
      thanks for these super updates and your insights.
      ive been watching every toronto video that looks informative.

      now theyre saying all(?) roadways between Can. and Amer. are blocked from both sides and nobodys budging.
      saska's moe says that on feb 13 the vaxx mandate will be dropped, .....but i noticed he leaves intact the CORPORATIONS authority to do it again!! iow he does not condemn doing it in the first place,... and only says its okay to remove mandates now since omicron isnt wreaking havoc. now. ... well what about next week moe/joe?

      the maple leaf fans finished our national anthem at a hockey game when the audio went out... such gracious people the Canadians are.

      im focusing on pulling my years worth of notes on American common law together while trying to extract the main concept for summaries, like "Cliffs Notes" for people as we go forward, so im ears-deep in notebooks, scraps of paper w/ scribblenotes, printouts! its a mess!
      but am now checking for updates from you, as you have time.

      ps. i heard some Canadians talking about that the Privy Council could step in.

      also, Aussies seem to be stepping up their get-togethers, giving credit to the Canadians for showing the world the peaceful, respectful, lawful way to say no to overreaches.

      all you Canadians who are peacefully standing are the backbone of freedom right now: great respect to you all. you certainly deserve it .


  15. Good info "Will Smith". Great writing structure(Prose). Very refreshing to read relevant content that isn't in one or two segmented blurbs(burps). Hope all continues to be well with everyone that is making this endeavor become a reality.
    This epoch that all of Us whirled wide seem to be woven into has a very striking resemblance to Daniel Chapter 10; 10&version=KJV
    And if one so desires move onto Chapter 11…

    Here’s a short synopsis for a partial explanation of Daniel 10:12,13;

    And here is a quorum with many insightful explanations;

    When one stands back, and reviews the whole tapestry that is before Us, the similarities become more pronounced, and undeniable of what has been transpiring is “Biblical”.

    1. Thanks Foscolos00 for you kind regards, and thanks too for the links I will review them. Truth is wherever you find it and wherever someone had the good sense to record faithfully what is happening at the time. Journalism at its core it about people opening their doors and looking outside and reporting accurately what they see. Very simple concept.

      I have a bad feeling that my prediction with regard to invoking martial law is coming closer to reality. This is what caused the senior Trudeau in 1970 to invoke the War Measures Act.

      Today I see a number of media stories starting to escalate. One in particular is a statement that the Ottawa city council is using big words that they don't understand like "terrorism" and "insurrection" so aside from a non-existent attack on the Parliament buildings there are many echos of Jan 6 being heard now as a precursor to triggering martial law.

      I read a story this afternoon comparing the current situation to the October Crisis which is what historians have come to refer to the FLQ terrorism episode (which was real) to the situation with the trucker protest. I saw a video last night by a young guy who was very eloquent and referred to it as a peaceful resistance movement rather than a protest. If you look up the Youtube channel "What Bitcoin Did" it was a very good summary, probably published yesterday. Definitely worth the time.

      The truckers have said that they want the Covid mandate measures all rolled back and for Trudeau to resign. Certain groups are trying to re-present this as mutiny on the high seas. The government is under no obligation to stop what they are doing unless a court orders them to cease and desist, or Justin Trudeau is indicted or somehow charged by police with a criminal offense.

      The reason why governments are getting away with literally murder is because they are not obligated to respond to the dictates of citizens. It's interesting that Paul posted some interesting links today one of which is a video from a group of lawyers internationally, and fronted by a German/American lawyer named Reiner Fullmich. He has been leading the charge and they realized that the key to this is to focus on the fraud of the PCR test.

      Even the inventor of the PCR test who won a Nobel prize and actually died in 2019, said that the PCR is not a diagnostic, at least the way the WHO and CDC claim.

      This fraud has allowed them to claim the ability to turn the world off due to fictional "cases" as a result of the fraud of not only PCR tests, but also the fact that no government will admit to having isolated anything called a Covid virus, or an Omicron virus, or anything between or what they may claim comes next. The CDC discontinued its support for the PCR test as of Jan 1, 2022 which is last month. This is an admission of liability in this matter if everything they said about the various claims of different virus strains is not true. Everybody knew that 2 years ago.

      I am going to check out the many fine links that Paul posted today, he is spot on with the goods.

    2. my 2¢:

      "...mutiny on the high seas. The government is under no obligation to stop what they are doing unless a court orders them to cease and desist, or Justin Trudeau is indicted or somehow charged by police with a criminal offense."

      1. Canada isnt on the High Seas are they?
      2. the Canadian people have long-held *English* Common Law rights within their Charter of Rights and Freedoms THAT SUPERCEDE THE LEGAL CODES BELONGING TO CANADAINC. dont they?

      3. no man living in a common law land is required to get a Court Order from COUNTRYINCS Private Incorporated Courts to call for their [English] common law rights to be observed are they?
      "The reason why governments are getting away with literally murder is because they are not obligated to respond to the dictates of citizens."

      They do have to respond to *man* though, dont they?... since they only exist by man's inherent authority.

      just a few thoughts/ questions for "Them".

    3. Greetings, hopefully all is well wherever you happen to be located in the world.

      Heavens no there is no common law here, it's all corporate fiction. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are all Commonwealth countries, including the UK of course. I read somewhere that Australia has a defect in the charter that allows the zombies to do what they have been doing to them. Same thing in New Zealand they are both nuts. Canada had an amendment to the charter in 1982 when Pierre Sr., was Prime Minister!

      The Trudeau dynasty does live on! I think that may be why we have not had the boots put to us quite as bad as Australia. Because they are all corporate fictions instead of real people, they say that they volunteered to be slaves via the Birth Certificate and that is what traps us in the all-caps name I believe. It's the same story, they are only operating on the fictional entity, that is why they think they can mandate inoculation, they think they are operating on the slave. Which they also lump into the terrorist, enemy combatant camp.

      North Korea and Iran were not part of the club which is why those countries are always bad, bad terrorists. The axis of evil.

      I will update again tonight with what I can synthesize from the media reports. I did see that the police are planning to break them up forcibly this week. We will see.

    4. quickly skim-read through the Can Charter of R&F while eating dinner and have no idea what definitions they are using for words but wow, there does seem to be a pattern of *give* and then turn around and *take away* going on.
      Commonwealth, House of Commons, connection with UK are signs to me, an outsider, concerning the legacy of your peoples' law being rooted in common law. the question is what happened to it? what was the progression of the removal of it? by whom; and using what authority? and so forth.
      their biggest problem, imo, is going to be trying to explain the whole BirthCert fraud; it is so ghoulish, and has harmed so many people irreparably, its truly unforgivable in my book.
      have gotten to view a few English protest videos and many of the people are reminding the Bobbies of their common law rights, so it seems that the Commoners are still invoking/claiming them. a couple people also reminded the Bobbies "We are NOT *BRITS*, we are *Englishmen*!" :):):) great!

      your paras 3 and 4: agree.

      yes will, please keep us updated as you can. it cant be too often either. just anytime you have a spare few seconds and feel like it. i would love to hear whats going on, ...pretty sure others would too.

  16. janmarie, regarding your para 4, agree that it is encouraging that the Englishmen know who they are, even though the UK is the same as virtually every other country.

    Re: your paragraph 2. I read that the transition to Admiralty was started in 1933 with Roosevelt when the bankers took over with the bankruptcy of America and Canada, several Western Counties. The final nail was the quiet shift in 1938 which was a result of Tompkin vs Erie Railroad Company. That is the landmark case that was considered the end of common law, at least as far as all our foreign courts are concerned. Anna has mentioned it I am sure, and I have tried to read about it but it isn't covered very well in the legal sources that have acknowledged that it happened. I have yet to dig into more of a layman's coverage of it.

    I think ultimately the key is to unravel the fraud of the Birth Certificate. I think they are all pissed that people figured it out, it's another devious scheme. But I think when the Covid fraud is advanced enough and all the governments are looking big time liable for it all, the whole ugly truth about everything can come out. It will just be one more bag coming down the garbage chute one by one.

    They are big time vulnerable now, and Trudeau is trying to act tough and confrontational but he is an idiot if he can't figure out what is going to happen to him and a whole list of people. All these other actors like Gates, Schwab, Soros, will be public enemies when the deaths accelerate but the stupid ones like Trudeau and Biden who are disposable will be the first to experience the wrath of the people they wronged. Paul has a video with Clif High I will watch it a bit later.

    So it's really stunning how much can change in one day. Trudeau went back to the floor of the house legislature on Monday briefly. He was jeered and heckled by the house members! Canadian parliamentary decorum has always been a bit lacking, it really is like the inmates are running the asylum. It is a tradition inherited from the UK which is even more nuts, it's often like verbal brawling.

    Here's what happened to Trudeau, this is from another site I just read.
    The article mentions a Ms. Bergen she is the interim Conservative Party Leader after they booted Erin O'Toole last week in a non-confidence vote within the ranks of the party.

    Roughly speaking the Conservative party is similar to the Republicans and the Trudeau Liberal party can be thought of as a Democrat similarity, so we have that left-right two party dominance as you do. We have many more federal parties, one of which is a social-democratic party that could be thought of as a progressive wing of the Democrats. Since we are wildly different countries, our political parties can be thought of that too.

    There is some unrest in the Liberal party with more representatives calling for some relaxation of the whole mandate measures. Meanwhile Trudeau stands there stoically looking like a political version of the soup nazi from Seinfeld. Justin made promises to his overlords and he knows they will spank him if he gives any ground to the peasant class truckers as he thinks of them. He just seethes with disgust when he describes them now. There is really something quite wrong with him that electro-shock therapy might be required to determine if there is a brain with two functioning neurons inside that head of his.

  17. I wrote too much so here is the rest, I had split it up:

    "Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced jeers and insults in Parliament on Tuesday as he once again faced questions regarding his derision towards citizens who oppose civil rights violations tied to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

    Trudeau had a contentious week in Parliament after vanishing from the public eye to an undisclosed site in late January, allegedly to recover from a Chinese coronavirus infection himself. He returned on Monday to an emergency session discussing the “Freedom Convoy,” a series of protests led by truckers demanding an end to vaccine and mask mandates, business lockdowns, and travel restrictions that the Trudeau government has imposed in an attempt to contain the pandemic.

    The largest iteration of the convoy is currently in downtown Ottawa, not far from Parliament. The city has been flooded by trucks for nearly two weeks and attracted thousands of protesters – most of whom, according to police, have been peaceful. Reports on the ground have revealed the development of a community among the protesters including distribution of free food, drinks, and other supplies and a generally positive party atmosphere, save for instances of police brutality.

    Trudeau has repeatedly insisted he would not listen to any calls for lifting the mandates and restoring normal life to Canada. He has accused the protesters of racism and misogyny and equated them with Nazis in his statements in Parliament on Monday.

    The next day, he once again faced calls to meet with opposition leaders and bring an end to the onerous mandate regime currently in place. The interim leader of the Conservative Party, Candice Bergen, asked Trudeau if he would consider ending restrictions once again.

    “This cannot be a slow and dragged out process simply because of the prime minister’s ego, pride, or denial,” Bergen said. “Canadians are too tired. Canadians need hope. So will the prime minister follow the science, follow the evidence, end the restrictions, end the mandates?”

    But there is some ugliness on the part of the police in Ottawa. There have been reports that the police were going to swoop in flash-bang style and scoop up all the truckers and send them to an encampment where they would presumably be processed and re-educated.

    This sounds very much like the same dragnet that picked up many protesters on Jan 6, which is why I mentioned the similarity to being virtual POW's in an earlier post.

    The truckers have a lot of their children with them and there is another report that the police were reluctant to move in with so many children present.

    Their solution which is about as sickening as it gets is for the police to send the Children's Aid services to assess the situation and forcibly remove the children before the dragnet starts. I know from reading American websites that you have an equivalent Child Protection agency. They both are just as corrupt on either side of the border. The truckers run the risk of their children being kidnapped basically by these creeps and never see them again, that is the gruesome part of this whole shoddy affair.

  18. Oops, even more:

    It was quiet today. Oh yeah, in another development that could be described as "karma really is a bitch", it seems that the various police services guys who decided against getting the shot and were then dismissed (that is code for "fired beyond belief"), have crossed the floor to OUR side. So various professional police services types have been advising the good guys, the truckers etc., on how to foil the police on the OTHER side.

    Gosh, you just can't make this up haha! Since they were all trained by the same government they know tactically what it will take to defeat the moves by the police. It's almost poetic justice personified!

    There is lots more that is happening but I need to be able to summarize so I have to read my various sources to let everyone know, but it is getting ugly in that the bad guys are not going to give up without a real dogfight. I mean the psychopaths and misfits that sit up there as the overlord class. They are weeping in their brandy that they were beaten by what they think of as the peasant, lowly classes that they are trying to dominate.

    That class does not go down easily, they would rather see the whole damn thing go kaboom than admit that they could fail to bring home the bacon. We need to be vigilant for signs of that kind of thing. The more people that get hurt by all this, the more will cross over to the side of sanity. It's happening now!

  19. OK one more thing. I am starting to get the feeling that now that the truckers have opened up this Pandora's box, that there is some tactical and strategic support being pulled in to advise with regard to how to proceed. Other voices are starting to take up the opening that was created by catching the government off-guard and on the defensive. It was never safe to open up the dialog because of the threat of recrimination by the "authorities". Normally this might be a difficult position to take but there is one difference.

    The government SHOULD be caught off-guard and having to scramble for strategy because surely this is the first time in history that all world governments have colluded to commit genocide against the entire planet at once. This can not be what the creator God imagined happening to creation. Satanic forces ARE at work here, how can this not be a spiritual battle? We have a very slim margin of time here to shake off the bonds of slavery by spilling the truth from on high.

    Didn't Martin Luther King say "Let Freedom Ring"? It proves that history repeats itself, there is no reason why we can not have a beautiful, glorious world that works for everyone. For those that can't see the future, this IS a great reset, just not the one they imagined.

    1. hi will, im not usually a worrywart type, but this has been going on for two or three days now, im concerned about you and your sons safety. are you two alright? are you far enough outside the city that you would not be affected if worse came to worst?
      you and your son have been on my mind all day off and on as i worked around here for two days. then this morning when i woke up but before i opened my eyes, i realized id been dreaming about you and your son and Toronto. i could see the buildings tops sticking up thru a cloudy-looking haze (Toronto City was still standing). you and your son were to the west of the city and a bit north, in the same type of much smaller cloudyhaze "puffball", but it was not as dark in color. the bottom of you guys' cloudyhazepuff did not intermingle with the Toronto "puffball" but the eastern part of you guys' puffball sat slightly over the western edge of Toronto's but was sitting above it (higher up than) Torontos and i could tell they did not actually touch, but were almost touching.
      i think im worrying because our news, including the "citizen journalists'" utub vids, seem to be being interfered with and there seems to be more and more goading being done by the FOREIGN AGENT PROVOCATEURS(sp?) and we down south here, we just dont know whats actually going on up there.

      you are on my mind and in my prayers. all updates MOST welcome, so yeh, just check in as you can until this is over.
      most of all stay safe. prayers for you. janmarie.

    2. thinking of you and your son and praying. janmarie

    3. going with:
      "no news is good news" :).

    4. janmarie, thank you so very kindly for your concern, that is very thoughtful of you. Well I think I am good, no interference that I can see.

      We are fine here actually, life goes on for now at least until they up the ante and then perhaps it could get to be more of a war.

      It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall sort of, in Ottawa out on the streets. Just to see what kind of signs and messages the people are expressing and what kind of knowledge of how things really work do they know.

      I am not active on any other sort of site. I have been here for many years now, it's funny that I picked up the torch on an American based blog, but there isn't any equivalent platform in this country that I have found yet. I spent quite awhile lurking before I actually started posting, although I try to visit here every day. The reality is that it seems most of our world problems go up the pyramid to the same bunch of psychopaths so we all have a vested interest in supporting each other however we can. You and I seem to have pretty good "shinola sensors" as Anna would say, so not giving the other side even the benefit of the doubt seems to be good policy. I have been saying this all along but the messaging needs to be more targeted than it is. There are lots of lawyers trying to extract value in a selfish kind of way, but how much can a bar lawyer really contribute? The are obligated to pitch for the Empire anyway, unless they finally develop some conscience. Some will and some won't.

      I will update later I have to do some more reading to see what has changed. In the beginning there wasn't much of a tangible response from Ottawa police, but that is changing.

      Ontario has declared a state of emergency but that is mainly due to the protesters blocking the bridge over the river between Detroit and Windsor. They are blocking commerce and it is affecting a lot of the supply chain to the auto manufacturers in America in Michigan. Actually the media is reporting that it was Biden who offered his troops to remove the trucks, I suspect that it might be a joint effort between the two sides. That is just starting to get underway any time now.

      Ontario froze the fundraising money from the second company, I forget the name. I suspect that there will be a Canadian bank on the other end of that transaction. The Ontario superior court has no jurisdiction on what an American company does, but it eventually has to end up in a Canadian bank and that is where the rubber hits the road. They raised over $8 Million, I think it is fair to expect that the donors that got their refund from GoFundMe probably just routed that money to the new fundraiser.

      It's just all so cloak and dagger now, all the strategy back and forth. This is how we know it is a war, everyone is drawn into a mess that they didn't want to have to be.

      The government has everything to lose ultimately so they are extremely motivated to spin this so they can win.

      I will see what is going on now and write again later. Take care.

    5. glad to hear back from you.
      got my worrying under control, i think! now the few shortclip type videos we can get are showing aggression by police at the bridge though; forming up in lines, pushing the people; then looks like a "backup line", a second line in military fatigues???
      getting shortclips of violence against the people in France. beatdowns, then kicking then protestor in the ribs with steal toed boots while hes on the ground. breaking out windows of cars with people still sitting in them and more.
      looks to me like The Plan, if any, may be to harm the peaceful, unarmed Canadian people so the americans cross the birder????

    6. looks like the Aussies and Kiwis are being physically attacked too??-- its hard to know what is true and what is just propaganda sent out to inflame.

    7. thanks for the updates.
      as long as you and your son are okay im going to stop checking here every two hours, for now anyway!

  20. This video is well worth 20 minutes to watch, I have seen many by Dr. David Martin, and Stew Peters is a really good source for info.

    1. shelby pointed out illuminati symbolism in martin's organization's logo/ decor.
      going to give the video a quick listen anyway at your recommendation.

    2. im still awake so will write while thoughts are fresh. paul had this vid up too i think.
      martin does use illuminati symbolism ...that imo does not make this vid unimportant tho.

      • being a woman, just sensing these two men before they even talk:
      1. i get a "stay away" vibe looking at stew peters. imo.
      2. martin looks like he would find women to be a nuisance.
      in short, i would figure they are both "weinies" and wouldnt even look at either one of them if standing in the same room with them. and i dont think theyd be looking at me either...
      that said, illuminati symbolism in mind, imo:
      • theyre just doing damage control
      • the EL-ites are notorious for controlling both sides of a conflict they start and these two are the controlled opposition portion in the constructed conflict.
      • theyre playing "good cop", protector, discloser to trudys bad cop character.
      • theyre also doing what, in their world they would want to pass off as "disclosure": when martin basically says the British Temple BAR Attorneys pretending to be judges can, do, and will rule (over the people) anyway they chose, with no restrictions and no recourse.
      • martin also said something about that he was speaking for the people or something like that... well who authorized him to do that? i dont think the people did. and there is no agreement, even in their world, without a **CLEAR** offer and acceptance. they LOVE to overlook that part.
      • To me, they are all bragging about damaging people without being held accountable. all of these years and years and years worth of catching each other, parading each other around, exposing each others crimes, and letting each other go seems like it is an Awards-type Pageant for them to display their lawbreaking for their Master Luci. imo. thats what it looks like since they almost never PROSECUTE THEMSELVES!!! instead it seems like theyre bragging about who did the worst things and got away with it and who stole the most from the people, ....and probably did worse? imo. i could very well be wrong and hope i am.

      i do think this whole convoy was definately planned, staged, and controlled; including the spreading of it to the other countries.
      what it seems they werent planning on though is for the gracious Canadian people, now including the vakkxd, to step forward; and certainly not to the point of lovingly creating an on-going fun, festival-type atmosphere in 30 degrees below zero January/February weather with minus 50 degree windchills: bundling up and bringing gramma and grampa, the dog, the toddlers in strollers, kindergartners bouncing around on bouncy castles, the teenagers rocking out dancing in the streets, while their little brothers play ice hockey: as they all share their food with Ottawas homeless, pickup trash, shovel snow, and furnish plenty of customers for the Ottawa businesses!! i mean miigaaaaawddd!!!! what a disaster!!!!!!:):):):):) teehee.
      oh, looolololoolol noooow, *NOW* theyre going to go ARREST those same genuinely lovely people the whole world just witnessed behaving in such an almost saintly manner??!!! what a PR nightmare theyve created for themselves.
      imo theyre would need to do alot more damage control than what those two illuminati weiniewursts could pull off!!! (pun intended!:):):) ).
      now g'night :) janmarie.


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