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Monday, November 9, 2020


Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

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For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 3

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now, people are having a hard time understanding what I wrote in Part 1 and Part 2, because this is all radically different from anything they learned in school.  

Yet, millions of American men and women have cause to know that what they are experiencing every day --- having their paychecks forcibly docked and being afraid of what should be their own police forces, and being harassed and being ordered around by people who are, in fact, their employees---- doesn't make sense. 

The idea of being free and living in a free country doesn't stack up with the actual facts, does it?  

But stop a moment and think---- all you veterans out there.  You HAVE experienced something like this before, haven't you?  In the service.  

And there is a reason for that.  

When an American joins the U.S. Military they adopt a foreign political status as a Territorial U.S. Citizen.  For the duration of their Tour of Duty, they have no Constitutional rights or guarantees.  Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is to take orders, because they have "signed on" as an indentured servant of the British Crown Corporation.  They don't stand under our Public Law anymore.  Instead, they stand under the Code of Military Justice.  

Every single American veteran in this country -- millions and millions of people --have directly experienced this process for themselves and know exactly what I am talking about.  

All our veterans were trafficked into a foreign political status and a foreign jurisdiction and subjected to foreign law, so when I say that we, Americans, have been involuntarily and unconscionably trafficked into a foreign jurisdiction and subjected to foreign law, it should ring a bell.  

We didn't choose to join the U.S. Military and have no reason to do so.  We are civilians. Landsmen. We are free, sovereign, and independent people who are being mischaracterized as U.S. Citizens and subjected to the foreign laws that pertain to U.S. Citizens in violation of The Constitution of the United States of America and in violation of the Geneva and Hague Conventions --- both.  

And this is being done to us by our own misdirected employees in the U.S. Military and Civil Service.   

They are acting under a number of False Presumptions --- chiefly: (1) that the American Civil War is still ongoing via a continuing stream of illegal mercenary conflicts promoted by the "Presidents" of two governmental services corporations--- the US, INC. and the USA, Inc; (2) and that we, Americans, were ever involved in their mercenary conflict; (3) and finally, that the Employers are dependents of the Employees -----and all our American babies were just "abandoned" on the "battlefield" ----- a whole bunch of fraud and self-interested bunko, in other words.  

What these people have done here is an international capital crime. It is, in effect, genocide on paper.  It's a plot to remove Americans from our natural position of sovereignty and to traffic us into a foreign political status and to subject us to foreign law without our knowledge or consent.  

It's treason.  It's a hanging offense. 

This scheme involves crimes that have been outlawed for over 200 years.  

Inland piracy.  Unlawful conversion. Enslavement of civilians.  Peonage of civilians.  Uncompensated confiscation of private assets. Identity theft. Mischaracterization of nationality.  Impersonation.  Barratry.  Press-ganging.  Extortion.  Racketeering.  Conspiracy against the Constitutions.  Conspiracy to evade constitutional obligations.  Human trafficking.  Breach of Oath.  Breach of Office.  Breach of Trust.  Public trust fraud and public bankruptcy fraud.  Credit fraud. Credit theft.  Malfeasance. Grand felony theft.  Embezzlement. Counterfeiting. Conspiracy to defraud.  Coercion.  Unconscionable contracting. 

Make no mistake, our Employees, "our own military" has been employed to attack us as if we were the Enemy and they have used lawfare to do it.  

They have been misdirected to do this by foreign subcontractors, the Queen, the Popes, and the Lord Mayor, using and abusing our own Delegated Authority to do this to us---- and all while ultimately collecting their paychecks from us.  

The U.S. Military has been aided and abetted in this by various Agencies and misdirected Federal Civil Servants as well, including Hired Jurists, who have come in here and raped and pillaged our innocent populace under the False Presumption that our actual Government no longer stands and that we are all Dependents of the Crown, and subject to King's Equity Law.. 

Well, our sovereign and unincorporated Government does stand.  We are Parties to the Constitutions.  We are owed every jot.  And as the purported "Donors" of all these public trusts, we have the final word on their administration, liquidation and disgorgement --- that is not left to the discretion of the Perpetrators of this vast criminal fraud scheme. 

We have unraveled all the lies these cretins have told about us and all the falsified paperwork they have created including false Birth Registrations and bonds issued as Clearinghouse Certificates held against our Good Names. 

We have declared our natural birthright political status and assembled our Assemblies and now, fellas, it's time you all got your wake up call and got your heads wrapped around this and joined us.  

There are fifty (50) States of the Union, all properly defined and officially enrolled as such, all owed your loyalty and service, and fifty State Assemblies that have nothing to do with any District Assemblies run by and for our foreign Employees--- who have been knowingly or unknowingly usurping upon and trafficking us during our purported "absence". 

We are home and we have always been home.  

The "Delegated Powers" have returned to the Delegators and we are telling our military to wake up and fall out.  Your job is to protect us and our assets, and to enforce the Constitutions.  Period. 

All veterans, please notify your former Branch of Service that you have left their jurisdiction and returned home.  Do that for your own safety, so that they can't claim that you are still voluntarily "residing" in their jurisdiction and therefore owe any allegiance to them.  

And everyone who really is an American, declare your correct birthright political status, record it, and join your actual State Assembly.  Don't be fooled about this any longer. 

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net.  

All the other organizations out there are either: (1) District Assemblies run for and by our erstwhile employees and their dependents, or (2) numbnutz who don't know what they are doing, or (3) decoys designed to trap the unwary into some new scheme. 

Stay safe, stay smart, stay in your lane, and pass the word. 


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Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation of Voting Machine Software

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said in an interview that aired Nov. 8 that he believes an investigation should be launched into software used to count ballots amid concerns of election irregularities.

BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden

GSA Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer

The Take Home Message

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, you are being "presumed" to be a Donor of everything you are and everything you think you own to a Public Charitable Trust.  How quaint.  

If this isn't true, it's high time that you stood up and kicked your employees to the curb and explained that no, you didn't ever leave or go anywhere, and you certainly didn't abandon your assets and property interests, didn't adopt any foreign political status, and didn't ask them to form any trusts -- public or private -- in your name(s).  

Their presumptions about your political status choices are all wrong, too. 
If you are an average American, you didn't choose to be a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, nor did you knowingly and willingly and voluntarily sign up to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, either.  

In fact, those suppositions about your political status choices are irrational, because you would have no reason to accept such decidedly inferior status, absent a "Federal" corporation paycheck and a fat benefits package.  

Now, there are some Americans who willingly adopt such foreign Territorial and Municipal political statuses.  

People who join the U.S. Military work as indentured servants for a period of years known as a 'Tour of Duty' and while engaged in military service, they voluntarily adopt Territorial U.S. Citizenship. 

And those who choose to work for the Federal Civil Service adopt the status of a public slave and act as "citizens of the United States" for the duration of their employment, too. 

But if you are Joe Average American, you aren't any such species of Federal Employee or Dependent, and probably are stunned to learn that you were ever "mistaken" for anyone or anything but an American.  

Well, here's your wake up call.  Your Federal Employees have conspired to rob you blind, and the foreign Principals responsible for misdirecting them, have acted in Gross Breach of Trust.  

So here we are, having this little discussion about capital-level war crimes taking place on our shores at the hands of our Employees and purported Allies. 

You, Americans, are the Employers and they, Federal Citizens of both species, are the Employees, but they have been working a bizarre double-ended impersonation scheme against you.  

If you are Joe Average, you are the victim of a complex institutionalized con job designed to steal your identity and your credit and your assets, and this constructive, self-serving fraud was done while these people were on your payroll, taking their checks out of your pockets, and while they owed you their oaths and Good Faith Service, too.    

To be fair, most of them had no idea that they were doing any such thing.  They were just "following orders" like the guards in the Nazi Concentration Camps. 

The Perpetrators also sought to evade their obligations owed to you under both The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial Employees) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipal Employees).  That is, they colluded and conspired to evade their obligations and so undermined both Constitutions after swearing to uphold them against "all enemies, both foreign and domestic".  

You see, by denying and falsifying your identity and mischaracterizing you as a U.S. Citizen and/or citizen of the United States, they deprived you of your Constitutional Guarantees and evaded their constitutional duties in one easy step.  

U.S. Citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees. Neither do Municipal citizens of the United States.  

So long as you are mistaken for either one, neither do you have any Constitutional rights or guarantees. 

In fact, as long as you let them pretend that your name is a public trust property,  they can send their lawyers to your house and take anything they want, including taking you to jail and prosecuting you under their private corporation's law and at their judge's "discretion".   

As many of you have learned the hard way.  

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have been operating as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services for the better part of a century and a half.  

So when they hold an election for their offices of "President" of their respective corporations, that's all the frou-frou and Democrat v. Republican nonsense is all about ---- a private corporation election where our Employees and Dependents choose their leadership for the next four years.  

Oh.  But you say you aren't a Federal Employee or Dependent?  Right. So, you aren't a shareholder in those corporations and not an official or appointed officer or employee of those corporations, either, so you shouldn't be voting in those elections.  

You should be casting ballots in your own elections and acting as Electors, not Voters.  You should be populating your own State Assembly, not attending your Employee's District Assemblies. 

And you should be telling your Employees --- as the purported Donor of the fraudulent constructed Trust they are sucking dry --- where to get off.  

Oh, and about the idea of Joe Biden and Ms. Harris being President and Vice-President of any Municipal Corporation having a contract with you?  No, not.  

You see, you are the Employers.  They are the Employees.  

And whether or not they cheated themselves blind and broke their own laws and acted as common criminals (which is really nothing new for them) to steal an election, that election itself is meaningless in the face of the actual States and People, present and accounted for. 

We aren't bound by employee popularity contests--- whether crooked or honest. 

We just told the other Principals that we, the Employers, don't accept their offer of Biden as the President of anything but a prison cell block.  Absent getting this straightened out, they don't have a service contract, either. 

Go to: and get a grip.  Remember who you are and get started down the road home.  


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What the Democrats want you to believe

 D. Sun. 8 Nov. What the Democrats Want You to Believe, Bonnie: (Reader)

 What the Democrats Want you to Believe || Bonnie (Reader)

A friend sent me this with no author to it: What The Democrats Want You To Believe:

That the Man who proclaims “America First” is bad for our country.

The Man who fights against The Swamp, is the corrupt one.

The Man who says we should stand for the National Anthem, is a tyrant and a dictator.

The Man recently nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes is an existential threat to the World.

The Man bringing US troops home, doesn’t care about our Military.

The Man who fixed the VA thinks people wounded or killed in battle, are "losers and suckers."

The Man who increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is a Racist.

The Man who created Opportunity Zones to revitalize distressed inner-city communities, hates minorities.

The Man who champions School Choice, hates the poor.

The Man who presided over the largest increase in low and middle-income workers’ earnings in decades, only cares about the rich.

The Man whose policies helped lift millions of minorities out of poverty is, yes, a Racist.

The Man who created millions of low- and middle-income jobs, (prior to C0VID), does not care about working people.

That the Man who saw his net worth go down while in Office – the first in history to do so - only took the job to enrich himself and his Family.

The Man who doesn't take a salary as President, only cares about himself.

The Man who instituted prison reform and criminal justice reform is a Racist.

The Man who had a record number of small donations to his Campaign is owned by Wall Street and the Billionaire Elite.

The Man who began closing the Wealth Gap is only in it for his own financial gain.

The Man who became the first President to appoint an openly gay person to his Cabinet, is homophobic.

The Man who held Communist China to account, was wrong to do so.

The Man that created more favorable Trade Deals, to help the US Worker, is dumb.

The Man who attempts to enforce existing laws, is a dictator.

The Man that banned travel to-and-from China in Jan, 2020, was a “Racist and Xenophobe” for doing so.

The Man who followed the Constitution and allowed the States to create their own Corona|virus Policies – and then provided them everything they needed – is to blame for all Corona|virus deaths.

The Man who created the strongest US economy in history – and now has the economy back to just 6.9% unemployment - is not capable of leading us out of the C0VID Recession.

The Man who told his supporters to “vote in person”, to avoid possible cheating, is trying to steal the election.

The Man that has been investigated more than any other President in history, is a crook.

The Man who has been the most transparent President in history, has not been straight with the American people.