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Monday, February 24, 2020

The Problem of Money and Issue of Capacity

By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, I've had lots of people writing to me trying to fix the money problem. 

I assure you and the rest of the world that some of the most brilliant minds on the planet have engaged the problem and some of the most creative thinkers, too. And not just for a few weeks or months, but years.  Decades.  Centuries.

The fundamental problem with money is that it is by all definitions an idol.  

It is a representation of something that is as intangible as God ---- "value".  

And like our belief in God, our belief in value, is just that --- a belief. 

Value can't be judged or seen or quantified; it only exists within the heart and mind of each individual and circumstance.  

So it is a Fool's Errand to try to "put a meter on value" in any actual sense. 

Even though we can all agree that desire and value are both experiential realities that exist ----if only because we experience desire and feel that things around us are valuable for our sustenance, our comfort, our sense of beauty, or the betterment of our health or the furtherance of our work.  

Since "value" can't be quantified or measured, or set on any permanent scale, neither can what "stands for value" ---- money---- be properly nailed down.  What are you going to use for a standard?  

Gold?  Potato chips?  A loaf of bread?   An hour of labor?  You could choose any such "commodity standard" you liked, and all you do is shift the focus of small-minded men toward controlling and limiting access to that commodity.  
And it doesn't matter what it is. Whatever you use as the "standard commodity" is going to be hoarded and supplies of it are going to be manipulated. 

And all of this is just a completely childish mind game in which we perpetually $$%@^ ourselves and our planet.  Now the madmen among us are ruining the air and water resources because they realize that on a scale of need, and therefore, value, what God gave us for free is most valuable. 

We have to shut down the Vatican chem-trails program and the CIA organizations that are making it possible, for example, or we will have complete deforestation of this planet and be prey to uncontrolled explosive wildfires and won't be able to live on the surface of the planet for lack of oxygen. 

This is how crazy people who are deluded by money become. 

This is where seeking after money leads--- insanity and immoral acts and self-destruction and destruction of others.  People who can't see through the illusion of money and who think that it is actually and factually valuable in and of itself, are the bane of this world. 

The Bible could not tell us this in any clearer or more certain terms.  What was Jesus sold for?  Thirty pieces of silver--- that were subsequently thrown away, when Judas realized just how stupid he had been. 

Don't wait to wake up.  Don't take the bait. 

Stop playing into the banker's game and look beyond it to a real solution, which is what I have already suggested: create a form of money that is based on the value of all traded commodities and all labor resources, worldwide, so that every commodity is precious and every labor pool is honored and valued. 

This is the only kind of money that can ever be honest, free of commodity rigging and manipulation.  When everything has value and that is simply reflected by total trading indices, there is no "standard commodity" to rig and hoard, nothing for the bankers to manipulate and corral. 

This is the only kind of money that can be a positive influence on the world, because it is the only form of money that is pegged against absolute value --- meaning, that as we improve our labor force, the value of the money increases, as we improve the value and quality of our environment and our products and our natural resources, the value of our money increases. 

So we are all motivated, worldwide, to do better, to live cleaner, to improve our world, and to work cooperatively toward that end --- instead of being motivated to acts of selfish insanity and mindless hoarding and manipulation. 

Money will still be an illusion.  It would still merely stand for value.  Value will remain as mysterious and variable as ever.  But at least we will be at peace with this set of circumstances and everyone will understand the nature of money and how they interact with it will change. 

Sharing money like sharing labor will become more common.  

Whole communities will be able to work together in common cause to improve the value of their properties and preserve their resources --- why?  Because instead of running headlong after the little symbols representing value, people will have their attention focused on what creates value and is value.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (the true value) and all else will be added unto you (all the man-made goods and trinkets). 

So there is the solution to the "money problem" and it need not be any big deal or upset.  Simply set up a form of money that has its value indexed against the value of all traded commodities and all labor, and guess what?  It will shortly claim a large market share of all currencies traded.  

Why?  Because it will be honestly indexed against all commodities traded and the value of all labor pools.  

All the national currencies can continue to be traded as is normal now, but gradually, over time, the new money standard will gain ground and people will wake up and see ---- oh, is that what money is?  Is that what money should be? 

Right next to this problem, I have been getting mail about capacity. 

Some people are still confused about the fact that we can act in different capacities and that our rights and obligations change depending on the capacity in which we are acting.  

This is, apparently, hard to understand when it comes to the issue of citizenship. 

When we choose to act as citizens, we take on the obligation, right, and responsibility of forming and operating our own government.  That's change in capacity Number One.  We could just live as "nationals" and have no obligation to the government at all, beyond keeping the peace. 

Then, we have to decide what kind of citizen we are?  In this country, you can be a State Citizen or a Federal Citizen, and if a Federal Citizen, there are three options to choose from.  

A State Citizen is owed all the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions. 

Federal Citizens have no such guarantees or protections. 

That's the way it is, and the way it has always been. 

Many Americans have been deliberately misidentified as Federal Citizens without their knowledge or consent.  Public and private records concerning them have been created out of thin air to promote this fraud and identity theft and conversion of their political status, so as to deprive them of their Constitutional guarantees. 

They have a hard time understanding why the Courts they see around them don't honor Writs of Mandamus or suits under Habeas Corpus, but the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of the courts they see around them are not their courts.  They are courts that serve Federal Citizens.  Not American Nationals.  Not American State Citizens.  

This is all a matter of the capacity in which you choose to act.  If you want the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions to be honored, you have to act as American State Citizens and provide your own courts.  And stop "voluntarily" acting in any capacity as a Federal Citizen at all.  

After all, you are not under any obligation to serve them, but they are under many obligations to serve you. 


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