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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Torpedoes Away! --- And a Great Unseen Danger

By Anna Von Reitz

My Shinola Sensor has been driving me crazy the last few days as it has been reacting to the news coming out of China. I have been scanning through every published medical and news report I can lay hands on, and frankly, the results don't add up.
Certain reports are consistent with infectious disease symptoms and results, so, yes, there does seem to be an infectious disease component, but then, turn around, and the next ten reports make no sense at all if this "outbreak" is caused by a biological vector.
And I do mean "no correlation" -- none, zero, zip, nada.
What those aberrant findings indicate is a non-biological source of the malady, Electromagnetic Radiation Sickness, coupled with poor air quality in China and reduced atmospheric oxygen levels.
Those who have been following along with recent posts have become familiar with research going back more than a century compiled and published by Arther Firstenberg in his book, The Invisible Rainbow, and brought forward by Robert David Steele.
Put simply, the raw transmissions of our power plants, electrical grid, radio transmitters, and now, microwave towers, have known health problems associated with them.
Most particularly, they interfere with porphyrins, which are enzymes needed to build hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the molecule that carries oxygen in our bloodstream, so this whole metabolic system is impacted, and our cells and tissues are not able to access and use oxygen efficiently. There are other known effects, too, such as thinning of our blood --reducing its oxygen carrying capacity at the same time that it reduces our ability to coagulate blood.
Outrageously, these effects of unrestricted EM transmissions have been known in some circles for over a century, but have been pooh-poohed and obscured in favor of those benefiting financially by not having to modulate electrical outputs (power companies) and from treating the anoxia-caused diseases that predictably result from long term exposure to raw EM fields: coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer (Big Pharma, AMA, Medical Establishment).
The resulting interference with our ability to access and use oxygen, blood thinning effect, serious air pollution in China, and overall reduction in atmospheric oxygen can then create a domino effect resulting in symptoms that mirror hemorrhagic fever.
Viewed against that background, and in view of the 5G roll out in Wuhan just prior to this, South Korea's success with treating "corona virus" with simple oxygen therapy makes total sense. More oxygen offsets the effect of damaged hemoglobin and inefficient energy transfer metabolism.
There are still more lessons to be learned from the Spanish Influenza Epidemic that hit in 1918, too, that may be crucial to victims and would-be victims today --- one of our dauntless researchers uncovered otherwise buried information that involved Bayer, and it's most famous product, Bayer Aspirin.
Bayer Aspirin was Big News in 1918 and it was initially prescribed in literally lethal doses during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. I quote:
"In 1918, the Bayer Corp was pushing Aspirin, and in dosages far, far exceeding now known safe levels. Both the Army and Navy mandated these known toxic doses for their service members, and civilians were also encouraged to do the same. Aspirin in such high doses is a hemolytic toxin, similar to rat poison. [like Warfarin] In such lethal levels, death can occur in a matter of hours.
The two categories of death seen in the "pandemic" were: upper respiratory edema, consistent with bacterial pneumonia, and a hemorrhagic condition with rapid onset and nearly 95% mortality. The two categories could not have been more different, and would be consistent with both EMF-induced immune suppression and opportunistic bacterial infection, and a second cohort (mostly young, string, otherwise healthy men and women) showing classic signs and symptoms of salicylate-poisoning."
Bayer has just acquired Monsanto, the chief proponent and patent-holder for nano-assisted GMO Transfer Agent technology. Is history repeating itself?
I was recently horrified when a friend on blood thinners hurt his leg and innocently took Ibuprofen and turned a banged up shin into a near-crisis. None of his doctors ever told him to avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin and to restrict Acetaminophen-- and we forget that common pain-killers and fever reducers are blood thinners. Both Ibuprofen and Aspirin can cause hemorrhage and symptoms that look like hemorrhagic fever.
Taken in excess or in tandem with other unperceived blood thinning factors, these common, cheap, taken-for-granted, over-the-counter drugs have the potential to kill. During the Spanish Influenza they helped to kill millions.
Coupled with the unseen blood thinning effects of intense EM radiation fields provided by active 5G networks, these medicine cabinet standbys could easily become deadly in normal dosage ranges--- and what else would people suffering from high fever reach for?
Additionally, anyone who was on blood thinning medication for any chronic condition, including most heart patients, would be at greatly increased risk.
So -- how about this scenario, which neatly explains the entire gamut of information coming out of China?
A new 5G grid is rolled out in Wuhan, China----and unknown, unseen, begins to impact the blood of the Chinese people in range, thinning their blood to dangerous levels and crippling their ability to access and use oxygen at the cellular level ---oxygen that is already depleted in the atmosphere.
Then, a GMO-style nanobot Transfer Agent is used to introduce a virus known to cause high fever.
The victims and doctors reach for the common fever-reducing drugs and voila --the symptoms of a fatal hemorrhagic fever present themselves within hours.
Everyone thinks its a new super-deadly bio-tech weapon and that it is "carried" by a virus (which serves well-enough to tank China's exports and economy and the new China-Trump Trade Deal), but all the virus does is cause a relatively bad fever.
Technically, it's not deadly at all, which keeps the Perpetrators from being prosecuted for war crimes.
It's actually the other factors -- the unappreciated biological effects of 5G and the unthinking use of blood thinners as fever reducers that makes the corona virus deadly.
And that, my friends, is the only scenario in all this data that presents itself as being both likely and true.
Bayer has prior experience killing people via pandemic interactions. Bayer recently acquired Monsanto, the patent-holder for GMO Transfer Agent technology that could be used to implant the fever-causing virus. Bayer has been taking it in the shorts as Chinese companies have taken over increasingly larger and larger shares of pharmaceuticals production away from American and European manufacturers.
Time to look for dots, people. We have motive and we have means and it is pointing right at Bayer/Monsanto. Is there a DoD or NIH connection? A connection to Charles Lieber? Harvard?
It's no secret that there are certain elements embedded in all these communities that hate China for political and financial reasons, and no doubt whatsoever that some of those same parties hated the China-Trump Trade Deal and would wish to dismantle it by any means possible.
Getting the Chinese to -- in effect -- kill themselves, and convince everyone that its the result of a pandemic, would appeal to the sense of logic and humor, such as it is, common among such persons.
It's the same rationale that foists mortgages off onto unsuspecting people, disguised as "home loans". It's the same MO that foists U.S. Citizenship off onto Americans.


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Five Different Political Statuses -- One Country

By Anna Von Reitz

We recently released our "One Pager" chart showing the structure of the government we are supposed to have in skeletal form, so that everyone can see what is supposed to be present --- and the two parts that are obviously missing. 

Those two Missing Pieces show up most obviously in our daily lives as missing State and County Courts that have been usurped upon and substituted for by privately administered for-profit Territorial and Municipal Courts, and by the absence of the American-based Confederation of States of States that is supposed to be the primary Subcontractor of our Federal Government.  

So now that we have a clear picture of what is supposed to be here, and what is missing and therefore needs to be "reconstructed", we are prepared for another One Pager about the hitherto confusing subject of citizenship. 

As you will see (FB Friends go to my website for this information) there are five (5) different political statuses in this country. 

Two of these political statuses pertain to the actual government of this country and are populated by people acting as State Nationals (your basic birthright political status) or as People -- also known as Lawful Persons -- who are State Citizens involved in their State Government and occupying various Public Offices for the purposes of Self-Government.  

These are the people of the Union known as The United States and the People of the Federation of States known as The United States of America -- this is the "government of the people, for the people, and by the people" and the "People" who are owed the guarantees of the Federal Constitutions, both shown in the top portion of the One Pager.  These are the offices and Officers of our States.

Then we have three other Federal political statuses --- one of which is virtually extinct, because it has to be occupied by volunteers in the absence of the Confederation of States of States. 

That Missing Piece political status is that of a United States Citizen, or true Federal Citizen, as defined by the first Naturalization Act.  Here we find our Post Masters and our Coast Guard Admirals and our Postal District Courts. 

Additionally, we have Territorial United States Citizens known as U.S. Citizens. Here we find the District Courts and Postmasters and Coast Guard Commandants. 

Finally, we have Municipal "citizens of the United States" ---that includes the Federal Civil Service and Agency personnel and corporations formed under and chartered by the Municipal Government allowed by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. 

Now, as with the One Pager, you can see all five (5) choices arrayed, and can better understand why the absence of the actual American component of the Federal Government and the absence of United States Citizens has been both such a problem --- and such a rich feeding ground for crooks. 

You have the absolute right and responsibility to choose and to publish and to record your political status, and if you wish to function as a traditional American, you have the right to step forward, act as a State Citizen, and assemble your State Assembly --- by which you can Self-Govern.  

Please note that The United States of America -- our Federation of States -- never went away.  It has stayed semi-dormant, but still "alive" through all the changes and ruses.  And The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, can take over and do anything that the missing Confederation could do. 

This is because all "powers" of the Confederation were delegated to it by the Federation.  The delegated powers entrusted to the Confederation naturally revert to us and our Federation of States upon the Confederation's incapacity. 

So long as we populate and operate our States and our Federation of States the lack of an active Confederation is not crucial.  

To fully restore the government the Founders intended requires our State Assemblies to reconstruct their American States of States and restore the Confederation, but in the meantime, we can hobble along with properly constituted State Assemblies and our Federation of States. 

So, if you are an American born in this country or a Naturalized U.S. Citizen who wishes to obtain all the benefits of being an American, and you are not currently in the military or serving as Federal Civil Servant, you can come home, declare your proper political status and inherit the property assets and freedom you are owed. 

Go to: to get started on your road to Self-Governance and to see the One Pager and now, being published for the first time ---Citizenship Chart.  

Find out what your political status is and decide what it should be. 

Please note that we shall also be releasing a re-formatted version of the One Pager that makes it all a bit easier to read and reproduce. 

I am forwarding the two charts this afternoon so you can expect them to appear on my website: and at in the next few hours or so, if they are not attached to this communication. 

One Page Structure of American Government  


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Get the Picture -- Make It Viral

By Anna Von Reitz

Confucius says a picture is worth a thousand words.  So look---
Raw unmodulated electromagnetic radiation impacts your red blood cells in numerous ways, but principally by interfering with porphyrins that form hemoglobin, with cell connectivity, and with cell metabolism.  These changes make it harder for cells to use oxygen, which is already depleted in our atmosphere.  Take a look at these photos from the website:
I am asking Paul to post a "poster" with this information on my website, and hope that everyone who has a website will follow suit. 
Put simply, the raw electromagnetic radiation from our power plants and electrical grid and radio transmitters and now, microwave towers, have known health consequences that first appeared more than a century ago.
Now you can literally see the problem.
Vastly increased incidence of coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer arrived in tandem with the deployment of the electrical grid.  This was documented at the time, but Big Business --- the Utilities, Big Pharma, and AMA --- shoved the facts aside. Their cash cows were at stake.
So are your lives.
EM radiation can be modified and modulated to have beneficial effects instead of the harmful ones being produced today, but little or no effort is being made to provide systemic correction. There’s no profit incentive to the utility companies to protect their customers ---and both Big Pharma and the AMA make a large percentage of their profits off these EM-induced diseases. 
Go figure.  It will take mammoth public awareness and outcry to change this picture. 

Red Hot Highlights

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that Trump has 250,000 Troops deployed for reasons that nobody in the civilian world knows.  A quarter of a million men and women wearing "US" uniforms and flying our flag --- "in our names" --- while unwittingly working for a for-profit British Crown Corp franchise doing business as "the" UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  

And they don't even know they are operating as mercenaries. 

It has been suggested that the US troops are being deployed against us, the feckless Americans who have left our country on autopilot for 160 years.

So here we all sit, waiting for the shoes to drop.  Watch to see if they are red slippers, Florsheim loafers, hobnail boots, or Italian hand-made. 

Let's recap the other Red Hot Highlights that all thinking people need to know: 

Remember that carbon dioxide makes up about 1/300th of 1 percent of the atmosphere.  

Remember that the carbon-calcium cycle and photosynthesis both immediately remove carbon dioxide from circulation.  That's why carbon dioxide makes up such a tiny part of the atmosphere. The plants, algae, and corals gobble it up. 

Read that: we do not have and cannot develop an over-abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Remember that The Greenhouse Gas Theory was proposed in 1824 and discarded for the simple reason that it violates The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Read that --- The Greenhouse Gas Theory is pure bunk, and scientists have known that for two hundred years. 

Remember that in my lifetime the amount of atmospheric oxygen has dropped from around 21% to 16%.  

Remember that atmospheric oxygen has dropped from 28% over the course of the last 20,000 years.  

That is, we lost 7% over 20,000 years and another 5% in the last 60 years.  

Anyone see a problem here?   

The problem isn't too much carbon dioxide.  It's too little oxygen.  

We are being lied to for power and profit, so until we wake up ourselves and face facts, we have no chance to address the actual problem.  

What should we do to the Mindless Ones blathering day and night about the dangers of carbon dioxide and "emissions" on CNN and BBC and in corporate board rooms from here to Paris?  

Maybe we should observe the facts and give them the 200 year-old news? 

And now, the World Health Organization is mad at Robert David Steele, but I checked out what he brought forward and so should you.  Most of this is from a book called "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg ---- here's a quote to get you started: 

"In 1889, full-scale electrification was carried out in the USA and, shortly thereafter, in Europe. That same year, as if by chance, doctors were inundated with cases of flu, which had until then appeared only infrequently. The victims’ symptoms were far more neurological in nature, resembling neurasthenia, and did not include respiratory disorders. The pandemic lasted for four years and killed at least a million people.
In 2001, Canadian astronomer Ken Tapping showed that the influenza pandemics over the previous three centuries correlated with peaks in solar magnetic activity, on an 11-year cycle. It has also been found that some outbreaks of influenza spread over enormous areas in just a few days – a fact that is difficult to explain by contagion from one person to another. Also, numerous experiments seeking to prove direct contagion through close contact, droplets of mucus or other processes have proved fruitless.
From 1933 to the present day, virologists have been unable to present any experimental study proving that influenza spreads through normal contact between people. All attempts to do so have met with failure." 
Read that: it's time for a new theory.  

It comes down to this: there is no way that a physical germ vector could spread fast enough to account for the observed facts presented by any of the major contagions we know about, but there is an explanation that could account for all of it, along with solving a great many other modern medical and scientific mysteries.  

Here's something I happen to know about that corroborates Firstenberg's explanation of EM Radiation impacts on our biology---- 

People suffering from inherited Porphyria were long ago observed to worsen when exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields. 

Porphyria is caused by a genetic mutation that interferes with the enzymes that build "heme" --- part of the hemoglobin molecule and this results in light sensitivity, skin ailments, nerve problems, anxiety, depression, hemolysis (spontaneous bruising and bleeding) and can cause mental problems --- hallucinations --- as well. 

Porphyria is a serious and unpleasant condition and exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields makes it worse.  Why? 

Hemoglobin carries oxygen in our blood, and Porphria reduces the amount of viable hemoglobin, therefore, also the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. 

Combine that with decreasing atmospheric oxygen and what is today called "Electrical Sensitivity" and you get: headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, depression, muscle weakness, various kinds of blood disorders, internal bleeding and bruising, heart irregularities --- symptoms akin to a hemorrhagic fever, independent of any biological vector at all.  

The overall loss of oxygen in the atmosphere, the additional air pollution in China, and the deployment of 5G exposing people to much higher levels of EM radiation can very neatly account for the widespread symptoms of hemorrhagic fever. 

It also explains the fact that people thought to be suffering from the corona virus are recovering with simple oxygen therapy in South Korea:

There's more.  When radio transmitters were established on the Isle of Wight back in 1904, the native bees began to die off.  

And where else have we had a major league problem with bees conking over for no known reason?  America's farm belt, right where and when microwave transmitters were being installed and wi-fi was being jammed into every kitchen cabinet. 

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 sheds more light --- I quote Firstenberg again: 

"[The Spanish Flu Epidemic] which actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed. What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them. Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or brain. 

In fact, it was the composition of the blood that had been altered, as the measured coagulation time was more than twice as long as normal. 

These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating effects of electricity. Another incongruity was that two-thirds of the victims were healthy young people. A further atypical flu symptom was that the pulse slowed to rates of between 36 and 48, whereas this is a common result of exposure to electromagnetic fields."

There's more.  You may have heard that heart disease and cancer were comparatively unknown a century ago and that diabetes was rare, too---- all these new disease statistics have been blamed on diet and environmental pollution, but they in fact appeared and escalated at the same time as the electrical grid and high-power radio transmitters.  So --- ?  

Here's another quote from The Invisible Rainbow: 

"Graphs showing the statistics for death rates from heart disease broken down by the degree of electrification of the American states in 1931 and 1940 are also very explicit and leave no doubt as to the toxicity of electromagnetic fields for the heart, thus exonerating cholesterol and diets deemed too high in fat."

And another Fun Fact --- both Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell developed diabetes, which was very rare at the time. 

There's a lot more, but it culminates in this gem: 

"In 1997, there was a 31% increase in the number of cases of diabetes in the United States in a single year, which  precisely correlated with the mass introduction of cell phones in the country."

Firstenberg builds a convincing historical development that is consistent with observed facts and explains things that are otherwise inexplicable.  

Spanish Influenza, dead bees, wild increases in heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and the reason that oxygen therapy is needed and why it helps people recover from the symptoms of the "corona virus".  All in one swoop. 

What remains to be seen is what we can do about it.  

Here's a start: 

What the Omnia Radiation Balancer can do for you and your health


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Corporate Crime -- Third Tier

By Anna Von Reitz

We blew off the top of the candle back in 1998 when we discovered and disclosed that our actual national governments have been usurped upon by incorporated subcontractors -- "governmental services corporations" -- in the business of providing governmental services and doing business in the name of actual countries and lawful national governments. 

The United States of America is the actual unincorporated holding company created to hold and exercise the International Powers of Government for America; "the" United States of America is a British Territorial Commercial Corporation franchise doing business "in our Name" and usurping upon the People and the actual States---- and exercising our Delegated Powers against us.   

In the same way, The United States is the actual unincorporated Union of soil jurisdiction states, while "the" United States is a Municipal (City State) Subcontractor doing business in our names, usurping upon us, and exercising our Delegated Powers against us. 

That is a big enough shock.  

Then we blew things up again in 2008 and brought forward the mechanisms of the fraud and the interlocking trust directorate in back of it all, exposed the Babylonian Slave System that has been secretively imposed by all these "governmental services corporations", and the ancient and venal religious practices and beliefs that are the ultimate source of this horrific and corrupting system. 

A bit earlier today we carried the ball forward and showed you how very, very profitable war has been for these same "governmental services corporations" regardless of the cost of war in terms of blood, suffering, privation, waste, and misery for everyone else. 

With profits like that on the table, it's easy to see why these "governmental services corporations" are war-mongering maniacs.  And why not?   It's all gravy for them.  It's our lives, our sons and daughters, our natural resources, our homes and businesses that are at risk.  

We also briefly discussed how the Pope is supposed to be liquidating all these insane corporations that are criminally trespassing against us and promoting all these wars and destruction---- but isn't, presumably because the kickbacks in terms of money and political power are too juicy. 

The picture that emerges is of the Church merrily fornicating with the Kings of the world and participating in the misery and enslavement of this planet, and of faceless, nameless, immoral "governmental services corporations" making up the top two tiers of a reeking and corrupt pyramid scheme designed to defraud and deprive us of our most basic prerogatives in life, including life itself. 

And now we come briefly to the Third Tier of corruption underlying and underpinning the government services corporations and the "Secular" Church--- the major corporations that go to "confession" in courts around the world and pay huge fines for their crimes, but keep right on committing the same crimes, because the penance is so petty compared to the rewards. 

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.....and though we both know I mean to continue right on sinning and doing the same thing next week, too.....cut to the chase--- how much are you going to take off the top to "forgive" me?"  

Please notice that the bulk of the crimes are crimes against our mutually shared environment, and crimes of monopoly and market manipulation lumped together under the subheading of "Anti-Trust Crimes".  

Our thanks to The Corporate Crime Reporter, and we say, yes, it is more than past time for the Department of Justice to start living up to its name and compiling these crime statistics and for us to put them under the noses of Judges and Legislatures from sea to shining sea:  


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The Brits -- Incredibly -- Again?

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember my observation that the Brits are always, always, always at the bottom of every dog pile.  Always.  Without exception.  Wind your watch by it and take it to the bank: 

But, occasionally, in their zeal to "maximize impacts" and get as many strikes in with one blow as possible, they overthink themselves.

Remember that the rats have attempted to relocate their operations to China?

The parasites decided to leave the US two decades ago and have been steadily relocating to China ever since, investing in China, corrupting the Chinese Government with bribes --- like the outrageous offer to pay a gold head tax for voluntarily reducing the population --- and beginning the frog boiling process on the Chinese Government, just as they did in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Carthage, Rome.... and of course, the US. 

Not too long ago, HSBC was well on its way to becoming the most powerful bank on Earth.  

The venerable HSBC Holdings PLC is a British multinational investment bank  holding company that got its start in Hong Kong in 1865. Not coincidentally the same year that the Civil War ended, and Confederate Gold seized by British Privateers had to find a new home. The initials stand for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.  

Stock down 33%.  All because of a virus that MI6 and Company unleashed. 
Really makes you wonder which side they are on.  The Exodus to China has been halted, but at a terrific cost. 

In the days to come this kind of profit and loss analysis will reveal who gains and who loses by the Corona Virus, and together with the patents, will tell us exactly who to blame and also, will suggest what motivated them. 

The losses of some Brits through HSBC are, you can count on it, being offset by gains for other Brits and persons sitting on the mainland of Europe. No doubt there will be "US" beneficiaries of this atrocity, too.  We will be able to see with pinpoint accuracy who was in on the scheme, and which Master they serve. 

For right now, take a look at this amazing statistic about the effect of war on the United States economy, taken from Prolegemena to Current Martial Law, cited from: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993, page 127.  

This shows the Average Annual Increase in Federal Receipts following upon each war: 

After the Colonial War (Revolution): $869,000.00 per year
After the War of 1812:  371% increase.
After the Civil War: 997% increase
After the Spanish-American War: 19% increase
After World War I: 1,226% increase
After World War II: 3,290% increase
After Korean War: 622% increase
After Vietnam War: 315% increase

What this translates to is unimaginable profits -- long term profits -- for "the" United States of America franchise of the British Crown, all funded on our blood and our resources, and the blood and resources of other innocent people.   

It is no longer any mystery why this country has been kept at war for the better part of two centuries, and why other countries have been made to suffer, too. 

Quite simply, with corporate profits of this magnitude to be made, the mindless, faceless, immoral governmental services corporations --- have every profit motivation to promote war and suffer no sure and certain reprisal for these activities, because the Pope/Pontiff has skirted his responsibility to revoke their charters and liquidate them. 

And why, absent any common sense or vestige of Christian morality, would he do that, when these same parasitic and evil corporations are kicking back vast amounts of payola and political power to him?  

Think about it.  997% increase in annual Federal Receipts following the Civil War..... 3,290% increase in annual Federal Receipts following World War II.... 

No wonder these "Crazy Pigs" have been so fond of war.  They aren't exactly crazy.  Just shameless and greedy and immoral and hypocritical and a whole bunch of other things I won't try to list. 

And now, we are about to find out exactly who they are, where they live, and what makes them tick.  That was hardly their expectation when they unleashed this scourge, but that is what will happen as an unforeseen result.  

It's a lot harder to kill innocent people when they are finally awake and watching what you are doing. 


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Practical Answers

By Anna Von Reitz

The idea behind vaccines is that if you inject dead bacteria or dead viruses (viruses are technically dead already, but in this case, we are talking about denatured virus) our bodies will produce antigens that recognize the proteins of the specific bacteria or virus as foreign and attack them accordingly.
This can work to pre-warn and prepare the body to fight a specific virus or bacteria.
As RFK, Jr. has proven in spades, vaccines today are not safe, not properly controlled, tested, composed of safe serum components, or --- generally speaking, effective.
This is because, again, the foxes have been left in control of the hen house.
Big Pharma has been allowed to do all sorts of crazy, irresponsible things like adding Mercury to vaccine serums --- apparently just to see what injecting known poisons would do to us. Uh-duh.
The idea, then, that we should willingly roll up our sleeves and subject ourselves as lab rats for Big Pharma and that Big Pharma should be held harmless for the results is ludicrous, but until we all stand up on our hind legs and push back, that's what we've got going on.
And the quasi-military government of "the" United States of America thinks it owns us and is entitled to force us to submit to "mandatory" vaccinations as long as we stupidly allow them to claim that we are U.S. Citizens [This is the political status equivalent of people in the active duty military and we all know how "free" they are while on tour, don't we?]
If you ever needed a good reason to drop the U.S. Citizen mask and reclaim your God-given freedom by declaring your birthright political status as an American --- having control of your health care is about as good as it gets.
Go to: and get started and get pushing today. Many hands devoted to both freedom and health make light work. Sit on your hands and you know what to expect.
Hand washing, surface cleaning, and fighting infections with ultrasonically distributed anti-virals, such as the essential oils [classic spice, citrus, tea tree, and oregano] proven to kill even Bubonic Plague, are far more effective in destroying all biologically active infections, whether or not these bugs are "weaponized".
But, what if it's not even a virus? What if we are seeing the effects of 5G?
Little known fact --- Wuhan was the location of the first Chinese roll out of 5G.
Another little known fact --- 5G produces radiation sickness with symptoms identical to serious influenza, or, corona virus.
Imagine that? Two for the price of one. And get the worldwide population reduced at the same time. Our nightmare, the Zionist dream.
If anyone out there was paying attention, the Democratic Party has entirely collapsed in on itself. The craziness that has dominated DC for a century and a half, as it turns out, is not superficial or even political in nature.
Recent studies have literally, factually, statistically proven that people who identify themselves as "Democrats" or as members of the Democratic Political Party, are far more likely to have been treated for mental illnesses ranging from "serious depression" to chronic anti-social conditions like "Borderline Syndrome" to Schizophrenia to outright episodic violent psychosis.
The picture of Nancy Pelosi's sullen face as President Trump read the new employment statistics for African and Hispanic Americans began to make sense. Her snarling over improved median household income, reduced crime statistics, and increased American longevity, came into focus, too.
I have already explained why the Democrats have to keep their constituents poor and uneducated and sick despite all the promises they make and despite entire generations of wielding the Big Stick in DC. Our ignorance and discontent is their Bread and Butter. It's what keeps them in power.
Our failure to check voting records and study history only exacerbates the situation and makes it less likely that we will find a solution to the common cold or much of anything else.
While you were sleeping Democrat-controlled Think Tanks quietly re-defined Old Age as a disease.
Time all the Baby Boomers woke up while they still have a leg to stand on and freedom from Politburo-style Health Commissions.
Old age is a disease? Who knew? Is it catching?
There are days when I want to track down every Democrat in America and have a few words, including a Logic Test, to check out their reasoning abilities.
Bloomberg and Company can obviously see the logic that keeping people discontent and miserable while feeding them lies as to what you are going to do about it, is an avenue to power.
I wonder if they can see the End Game -- what happens to them after all their constituents are gone? Murdered by biological and economic and media warfare? Killed by despair, drugs, poverty, and war --- none of which was ever necessary?
When all those consumers misidentified as "Useless Eaters" are gone, exactly who or what is going to stoke their economies and fund their billions? Their private Caribbean Islands--- like Joe Biden's little paradise away from home?
They are smart the same way criminals are smart. Quick on the uptake when it comes to any personal advantage, but really, really slow when it comes to seeing the Big Picture of Cause and Effect.
And now it's all catching up to them.
Just say no and say it in a big way. Say it consistently, with determination and fervor. Look them all in the eye and say, "No. Ain't happenin'. Bye."
And join me in laying in a supply of anti-septic wet wipes and bleach, vinegar and essential oils, ultrasonic diffusers, humidifiers, hydrogen peroxide, and soap.
I've been saying that we really need to clean house for years. Who knew it would entail actual mops, buckets, and bleach?
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