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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Practical Answers

By Anna Von Reitz

The idea behind vaccines is that if you inject dead bacteria or dead viruses (viruses are technically dead already, but in this case, we are talking about denatured virus) our bodies will produce antigens that recognize the proteins of the specific bacteria or virus as foreign and attack them accordingly.
This can work to pre-warn and prepare the body to fight a specific virus or bacteria.
As RFK, Jr. has proven in spades, vaccines today are not safe, not properly controlled, tested, composed of safe serum components, or --- generally speaking, effective.
This is because, again, the foxes have been left in control of the hen house.
Big Pharma has been allowed to do all sorts of crazy, irresponsible things like adding Mercury to vaccine serums --- apparently just to see what injecting known poisons would do to us. Uh-duh.
The idea, then, that we should willingly roll up our sleeves and subject ourselves as lab rats for Big Pharma and that Big Pharma should be held harmless for the results is ludicrous, but until we all stand up on our hind legs and push back, that's what we've got going on.
And the quasi-military government of "the" United States of America thinks it owns us and is entitled to force us to submit to "mandatory" vaccinations as long as we stupidly allow them to claim that we are U.S. Citizens [This is the political status equivalent of people in the active duty military and we all know how "free" they are while on tour, don't we?]
If you ever needed a good reason to drop the U.S. Citizen mask and reclaim your God-given freedom by declaring your birthright political status as an American --- having control of your health care is about as good as it gets.
Go to: and get started and get pushing today. Many hands devoted to both freedom and health make light work. Sit on your hands and you know what to expect.
Hand washing, surface cleaning, and fighting infections with ultrasonically distributed anti-virals, such as the essential oils [classic spice, citrus, tea tree, and oregano] proven to kill even Bubonic Plague, are far more effective in destroying all biologically active infections, whether or not these bugs are "weaponized".
But, what if it's not even a virus? What if we are seeing the effects of 5G?
Little known fact --- Wuhan was the location of the first Chinese roll out of 5G.
Another little known fact --- 5G produces radiation sickness with symptoms identical to serious influenza, or, corona virus.
Imagine that? Two for the price of one. And get the worldwide population reduced at the same time. Our nightmare, the Zionist dream.
If anyone out there was paying attention, the Democratic Party has entirely collapsed in on itself. The craziness that has dominated DC for a century and a half, as it turns out, is not superficial or even political in nature.
Recent studies have literally, factually, statistically proven that people who identify themselves as "Democrats" or as members of the Democratic Political Party, are far more likely to have been treated for mental illnesses ranging from "serious depression" to chronic anti-social conditions like "Borderline Syndrome" to Schizophrenia to outright episodic violent psychosis.
The picture of Nancy Pelosi's sullen face as President Trump read the new employment statistics for African and Hispanic Americans began to make sense. Her snarling over improved median household income, reduced crime statistics, and increased American longevity, came into focus, too.
I have already explained why the Democrats have to keep their constituents poor and uneducated and sick despite all the promises they make and despite entire generations of wielding the Big Stick in DC. Our ignorance and discontent is their Bread and Butter. It's what keeps them in power.
Our failure to check voting records and study history only exacerbates the situation and makes it less likely that we will find a solution to the common cold or much of anything else.
While you were sleeping Democrat-controlled Think Tanks quietly re-defined Old Age as a disease.
Time all the Baby Boomers woke up while they still have a leg to stand on and freedom from Politburo-style Health Commissions.
Old age is a disease? Who knew? Is it catching?
There are days when I want to track down every Democrat in America and have a few words, including a Logic Test, to check out their reasoning abilities.
Bloomberg and Company can obviously see the logic that keeping people discontent and miserable while feeding them lies as to what you are going to do about it, is an avenue to power.
I wonder if they can see the End Game -- what happens to them after all their constituents are gone? Murdered by biological and economic and media warfare? Killed by despair, drugs, poverty, and war --- none of which was ever necessary?
When all those consumers misidentified as "Useless Eaters" are gone, exactly who or what is going to stoke their economies and fund their billions? Their private Caribbean Islands--- like Joe Biden's little paradise away from home?
They are smart the same way criminals are smart. Quick on the uptake when it comes to any personal advantage, but really, really slow when it comes to seeing the Big Picture of Cause and Effect.
And now it's all catching up to them.
Just say no and say it in a big way. Say it consistently, with determination and fervor. Look them all in the eye and say, "No. Ain't happenin'. Bye."
And join me in laying in a supply of anti-septic wet wipes and bleach, vinegar and essential oils, ultrasonic diffusers, humidifiers, hydrogen peroxide, and soap.
I've been saying that we really need to clean house for years. Who knew it would entail actual mops, buckets, and bleach?
Go to: and jump start self-government today.


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  1. I am begining to see the need for a fund raiser for a Semi truck load or 2...maybe 3 of Depends for D.C...
    ..and LONDON..and THE VATICAN.

  2. Funny how there is property that goes way back in my moms family is now being stripped of it's mineral wealth and she is receiving checks written off THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON??

    Now you may not agree with TROH show but all along they have pegged this bank as front and center in all this fraud??

    This site has dissed them all along?

    1. A new article showing how they changed all the state consitutions and trafficed everyone in under the Declaration of Interdependence (world communism)

      May not like thme but they bring forth lots of information not being relayed here

    2. The above list is not complete but a sample of the ones I looked in to so far, see for yourself

      These private membership associations are everywhere and have plans on their web sites indicating their future planning all the way out to UN AGENDA 2050

      Illinois for example see their 2050 plan and the private stake holders and those who stand to make billions at the expense of the masses

      I have no doubt that these orgainzations are headed up my members of a certain sect of people,

    3. Here's the link for Illinois

    4. @Shelby

      TROH is an incorporated organization under the STATE they are located. They have posted all their documents on their site for all to see. I looked at this site long before finding Anna. There is good info posted but why would anyone wanting to separate themselves from a tyrannical government join an organization that is incorporated into a STATE OF STATE?

      Any organization bringing forth the truth that can be documented by further research is beneficial. Doesn't mean we should jump on board to join their organization.

      National Liberty Alliance brings forth a lot of truth also but in truth they are not correctly organized from the state national down as to be effective as an Assembly.

      It is not Anna's responsibility to bring forth the truth of all the fraud being perpetrated on the People. If we are to be self governing it is our responsibility to bring forth the truth as we find it as you do by posting links for people to read. I appreciate your effort, but condemning Anna for not bringing forth a particular instance of fraud is nonsense.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    5. Geez people I condemn noone I post things for people to look at

      I for one don't like TROH's 7 NOAHIDE shit on their page but they do offer some insight to some things

      Those hasidic NOAHIDE LAWS make it to the world they (the jews) will interpret whether you stay in heaven, which by the way is the earth, or whether you die

      Best wake up folks

      If you cannot see that they are acting as judge and jury as to whether you live or die then I don't know what to tell people
      They have no right to tell anyone anything so who the hell is giving it to them

      They get to interpret the books as they see fit and the goy have to abide by it, who the hell died and made these rabid animals who pratice the talmud our interpreters to what is and isn't acceptable on earth

  3. One of Pasture’s vaccine on and entire herd left onl a few cows. He told owner successful and that all would ha have died. They are huge on things that might happen or could happen yet often never do. Calling hep c and aids causal using same old symptoms nothing new like liver cancer that also has and does occur in non smoking non aids and no known or blamed disease of profit yet damages people previously OK





    1. Interesitng on your comment above have yet to watch the video

      Read the below article

      Another interesting link

      I read that the first case of this so called new virus was actually in Saudi Arabia a few years back??

      Also indication that it was also known in Iraq and Iran?

    2. This guy here has been saying all along they looking to create a global collapse

      Global Depression and DEPOPULATION by 2030
      MIT and Club of Rome

      East versus West

      BRICS deal is the green new deal

      Decades in the making

      I can't watch video Alex Jones is a dis info agent always has been

      Used to like Mike Adams but I have my doubts about him as well

    3. Shelby--You may not like Alex Jones, but he had a very interesting conversation with a professor about the coronavirus yesterday during the third hour of his broadcast. The professor read short excerpts from published studies and discussed their funding, etc. I found it riveting (which surprised me). Here's the link:

  5. If you want a front row seat as to what 5G can do , esspecially when a virus is activated by 5G, then watch the movie( a recent one) THE KINGSMEN, secret service...!! That movie tells it all and its a very good movie for sci- fi...its main character is Sammual L Jackson as the villian...and he plays a good villian, along with his sidekick, a woman with blades as legs that she uses with great use...cutting people in half with her specially designed blades!!! Watch will find it very intertaining...!!


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